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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Cheese Sandwich flies on the wing's of an emu at Midnight

That's code lingo for all of you not in the know.
Code lingo for what?
I'd have to kill you if I told you.

That's one of my personal superstitions. I swear if I told you what I was working on then it wouldn't follow through. There is always a chance that it will fall through. You never know. I best keep it a secret.

Why bother to even tell you anything?
I can't help it. If a friend were to tell me a secret I can keep it to my grave. If I have a secret of my own, I can't help it. I think I need to tell everyone. My silly superstitions keep me from blabbing it all over the world at this point. Yes, I've knocked on wood and thrown the spilled salt over my left shoulder. I don't walk under ladders but my favorite cat is all black. Indeed a watermelon did grow in my belly once when I ate a watermelon seed. It was a bitch to pass.

Did you know about these knitting superstitions
1.It's bad luck to leave a project unfinished. The intended recepient will get bad luck from the unfinished item. I have a few family members I might need to appologize to

2.Stabbing your needles though your yarn balls brings bad luck to anyone who wears something made from that yarn. I have almost everyone that has received a knit item from me that needs an appology

3.Don't knit a pair of socks for your boyfriend or he'll walk away from you. He'll walk away but will he walk back? It might be an effective way to rid yourself of a pest.

4.If you knit one of your own hairs into a garment, it will bind the recipient to you. What if I've knit dog hair into all my knit garments? Does that mean my dogs are attached to the recipients forever?

5.Knitting for children you may have in the future, but before you are pregnant, is bad luck (it may prevent one from getting pregnant, or bring ill health to the baby). This one I can say I'm not guilty of. I only knit baby gifts 3 days before a baby shower. Procrastinate? me?

6.Don't stop knitting when you are only on the cast-on row, or the project will never be finished. At least now I have something to blame all those UFO's on

7.Cast-on for your next project immediately after finishing one. It's bad luck for your needles to be empty. No problem there

8.When knitting a pair of socks, the second sock must be started immediately after casting off the first and finishing the first must be postponed until the knitter has time to cast-off, and cast-on the next sock at the same sitting. This one is so true! I only made the mistake once. If I ever lose one leg then I know what sock to wear on the other foot.

9.Knitting as a voodoo doll -- ripping out your knitting while picturing someone you don't like is a way to "hex" them. Ok, Fess up. Which one of you perpetual froggers got me sick?

10. Never HAND knitting needles to a friend, they can stab the friendship. Put them down and let the friend pick them up. How many of us are guilty of stabbing a friend? At least now we know.

I think my not talking about certain projects and #8 are the only superstitions I follow, but I'm thinking #9 might come in handy someday. I'm sure some of you have your own personal superstitions. Are there any that you want to add to the list?

I got a lovely card and some book plates from my SP. Thank you, you are such a doll!

I'm not back full strength yet, I have tons of work to catch up on so I'll be posting only a couple of times a week until I get it all sorted out. Weekends are suppose to be relaxing but I feel more worn out this morning than I did on Friday. I'm going to try and spin again today, we'll see if I can keep from falling out of my chair.


Thursday, February 24, 2005


Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover

Roxi passed this on to me. I'm not sure when as the note was in with the millions of other emails I had. Ok, I'm exagerating but there were a lot. I'm getting caught up and I've started to ship stuff. I tried to work on customs yesterday and I'm afraid I'll screw them up so I need a few more days from those of you with custom orders or yarn. Damn, that wheel spinning around is enough to make me fall right out of my chair! At least I'm up and walking around, I only spend a nap time in bed now instead of all day. It still took me 2 tries to write this but hey at least it's a post.

On to the questions:

1. How much space is left on your TiVo or Comcast box?
There's no TiVo in this house

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of a TV series and, if so, which one?
We have the whole Sopranos series and I think one of the Simpsons but technically I didn't buy any of them

3. What was the last TV show you watched before reading this message?
The News

4. List five TV shows you won't miss...
I could happily live without a TV and I used to when I was a single gal living in So.Cal. The TV is often on for background noise and sometimes if it sounds interesting and I'm not working I'll sit and watch as I knit but I rarely, if ever run to watch a program. When the NHL played I used to put some effort into catching the Bruins. Sometimes I think there are programs I'd like to see but since I don't put any effort into remembering when they are on I usually miss them.

5. Name three people -- pass the stick.
Nope, like I said before, I hardly ever pass this stuff on. Plus I haven't read blogs in a long time, I have no idea who did this or not.


Monday, February 21, 2005


Missing in "action" isn't exactly correct. More like severe inaction. This is my way of a mass email, I'll get back to you all, but it may take a while.

In short, antibiotics = bad.
When I went back to the docs the second time I was informed that some people do really well on this stuff, others get a little nauseous, and others react like me. If the first doctor had told me this stuff, I would have asked for a different med. So, I spent 3 days praying to the porcelain goddess and since then desperately trying not to.

On top of the bad antibiotics I have Labrynthitis again. It's a viral version of vertigo. Let me say that I haven't spent this much time in bed ever. Not even after the c-section. I'm so dizzy I haven't been able to read or knit. I've written this in 3 sittings. But hey, I've gotten to see a ton of TV. I've watched a ton of the food channel. I've even started to dream of food. I'm still eating noodles and soup out of fear of the porcelain goddess. I'm just thankful I cleaned the house a couple of days before I got sick.

OK, so now you know. If you email me I may not get to it for a while but know that I will as soon as I can. I'm taking them as they come. Husbeast is taking good care of me.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Saga

This is the story of the beginnings of a lovely Retro Prep cardi for my bud Anj.

This is the package I received. I love that skull fabric. I think I want a spindle bag from it. The Black roving is some Alpaca I’ll be spinning for Anj and the Noro is for Anj’s sweater. Now that you know what I have to work with, the story can begin.

I read through the pattern and marked up the size I needed and the stitches to cast on. I wasn’t feeling well enough to remove my butt from it’s indentation in my chair so I figured I may as well cast on right then.

I grabbed the new Denise needles, click the right size together and cast on. I cast on 170 stitches before I ran out of yarn. Fine, the stitches were sticking to the rubber part of the needles anyway. It’s an excuse to make another go and cast on looser.

This I do. I check and double check the amount of stitches. They were correct. They were loose but still sticking. Ok, slight annoyance but I’ll get over it. Knit the first row, ok, it’s getting better, less sticky. POP! Popped needle, stitches gone. Grrrr. Stupid needles. At this point I want to strangle the damn things but I can’t figure out how to throttle a set of circulars without doing more damage to myself.

Next to me sits brand new needles with super curly cords. They are the correct size but those cords are so curly. Maybe it was the sickness urging me on, or maybe the need to not be defeated by a set of stupid plastic needles.

I cast on for the third time. The cords are very curly but I stretch it out, count the stitches, and make sure the cast on isn’t twisted and I join. I knit the first row and check once again just to be sure it’s not twisted because geez it really does look twisted. Nope, not twisted, going good. Woohoo!

4 rows in the curl is getting to me still. I stretch it out once again. Lo and behold, they are twisted. Blasted thing! I pulled the stitches off and I slammed the needles in the drawer. No, not resting nicely in the drawer. I punished them by stretching them out and slamming the drawer on them. Yes, I know the nicer way to handle curly cords is immersing the cord in hot water. That would entail leaving my comfy chair, standing relatively upright over a hot pot of water, and being patient with the damn needles. All of those things were not desirable to me at that point.

Punished needles in hand, which are behaving better, I cast on again. There is the right amount of stitches, there is no extra twist and I'm 4 rows in.

Retro Prep will be traveling to SPA with me on Friday. I hope I find the time to get a bit done on it. I may be spending my free time taking naps.


Monday, February 14, 2005

Surviving an Elephant Attack

1. Curl into a ball moaning and whimpering like a sissy until you fall asleep.
2. Fall asleep as much as you need to or as often as your child will let you.
3. Take copious amounts of medication
4. Go to the doctor to confirm that you DON't have pneumonia but that you DO have an ear infection
5. Take your meds like a good girl and go to bed.
6. Open prezzies

Repeat any of the steps as necessary.

Number 6 might need explaining.

Yay Secret pal - THANK YOU!

There was a candy thing and a little toy car powered by a balloon, which both quickly disappeared. I love that sock yarn, I think it will be tagging along to SPA with me, the stitch markers are great and will be put into a sweater I'm taking to SPA to work on, and the bath stuff came at the perfect time, I had no travel sizes to take to SPA with me. Yes, at this point it all comes down to SPA since it starts Friday.

Speaking of which, I have work to do. Lots of it since I missed a couple days last week. I won't have all I wanted but I will still have a lot.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Maryellen

1) The amount of music files on my computer. None

2)Last CD I purchased. Husbeast does most of the CD buying (we have almost the exact same tastes) so I suppose you could ask what's the last CD I stole (I think it was a Rollins CD which he promptly stole back). But since the question is purchased, I believe it was Babes in Toyland, Fontanelle that I bought a year or so ago to replace an old cassette. Yes, I still own some cassettes. I only replace them when they break, I'm that cheap.

3)What was the song you last listened to before being tagged. Something by Dropkick Murphy's, I wasn't paying too close attention and my ears are plugged (Lucky me, I have an ear infection). See how I make excuses.

4) My four favorite songs: Handsome And Gretel (Babes in Toyland), Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison), Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes), Buona Sera (Louis Prima), Strength, Courage and Wisdom (India Arie), Como Ves (Ozomatli) I couldn't choose just 4. In fact I could continue on but I'm still ill and I'm tired.

5) The three people I'm tagging - I'm not going to pass it on. I'm also not good with Pyramid schemes or those little emails that tell you your dreams will all come true if you pass it on to 5 people in the next 10 minutes.



Friday, February 11, 2005

No power, No post

The storm hit hard here. We didn't leave the house, driving was awful and I don't need to take unecessary risks. Then last night we had a Thunderstorm and lost power. Word is that there are pockets all over the state that have lost power and the power company can't figure out why. Nothing so simple as downed lines. We have a generator running at the moment, let's hope we don't need it any more than a few hours.

See you Monday, stay warm.


Thursday, February 10, 2005


Not so long ago Bubba was sick. As I was giving her a kiss she said, "not on the lips mama, you might get sick, only kisses on the cheek when I'm sick".

To which my response was "I'm mama, I don't get sick from little girl kisses".

To prove my point I stood up, hands on hips, cape billowing out in the wind from sneezes. There is an invisible bubble around me. A germ defeating bubble. It is impenetrable if you are a germ. Back off, germ! I'm mama.


Little did I know that the germs upon seeing this display would send out an elephant. The bubble cannot keep out an elephant that wants to sit on your chest. I should have asked for the germ AND elephant resistant bubble. I didn't think ahead and look where it's got me.


Mama has a cold. You don't think it was my cocky attitude that got me this cold do you? Naw. Couldn't be. Damn elephants.

Just so that you have some sort of knitting proof, here's Baltic. That is clay in those fingernails. I'll give you 2 guesses at what I've been doing lately and the first guess doesn't count.

That's all I've knit and that's where it will stay for a while.
That's a whole post worth of explaining in itself.....


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cleaning Lesson #1 - Don't Clean!

I had written great notes.
Wonderful ones in fact, so that I could tell you all my changes.
I made one fatal mistake though.
I cleaned.
Well, not a good thorough cleaning. Hell, a thorough burning might be in order at this point. I suppose what I did could more accurately be described as a "tidy".

I should know better. after I clean I can never find anything. You guessed it. I can't find the notes. Also in that little envelope was a brand new pattern and chart that I wrote.
I'll find it someday.

Let this be a lesson to you. I make mistakes so that you may learn. Don't clean! For the sake of your knitting, don't clean! If your family needs to know why you are no longer cleaning you can point this out and let them know what a true hazzard it would be to clean.

For now you get half-assed notes.
Patons' Shetland Chunky - 6 skeins - US 9 needles
I cast on for a woman's medium - 156 sts
I worked 4 inches in 2x2 rib, then stockinette for another 11 inches.
The arms I cast on 52 sts
I worked 6 inches in 2x2 rib, then stockinette until I used up the skein.

The rest was done in typical raglan fashion.
The neck is similar enough to the original pattern

The neck was done differently because the Paton's Shetland Chunky tends to stretch out and stay that way at the neck. So I did extra decreases at the neck when I picked up stitches and worked the 2x2 rib for 3 inches. You probably wouldn't need to do that if you were using a different yarn. It helps to "know" your yarn.

I think that's enough to get you on your way if you want to do your own Barely Banff. I'm taking tomorrow off from blogging so I can clean. HA! you got me. You know I'm not going to clean. I'd lose more stuff and I don't want that to happen. I'll really be working in the shop, it's so quiet early in the morning. I'll be back on Thursday.

Remember, don't clean!!


Monday, February 07, 2005

XOX Hugs and Kisses XOX

My socks are done. I almost forgot about them for a time. I certainly ignored them. The Barely Banff was easy, sitting on the couch with my honey, no need to pay attention knitting. When that was done I picked up the socks and finished them.

I enjoyed this pattern and I will love to wear these socks. I may eventually make another pair. At the moment I'm knitting on the February sock for the Six Sox KAL. I love this sock. No, wait, that isn't quite right. I LOOOOOOVE this sock.

Little stripes spirals with no jog!!!!

I worked all weekend and had a late hockey game Saturday (woohoo! Go Pirates!) and of course the Super Bowl was last night so I'm a bit dead on my feet. Or on my butt at the moment. I hope this post was coherent.



Friday, February 04, 2005

You're back!?!

After all the pictures and stuff I bombarded you with yesterday, and you still came back. I have more today, I guess that's what you were hoping for. I don't feel productive but it seems as though I have been. I think it's been one of those weeks. You know, where you don't have progress on anything for weeks on end and then BOOM all of a sudden you have a ton of stuff to show off. This week is that finishing, "look at all my productivity" week. If this is your first week reading. I hope you don't get disappointed next week because I'll be back to blathering on and seeming crazy.

The SPA knit and spin is only 2 weeks away!!!! I feel unprepared. I have 20 bags cut and waiting, 15 lg needle holders, 30 small cases, 30 circular cases. Not to mention the new material waiting to be cut into and pottery that needs to be finished. Eeeps! Now your thinking I should be working or at least cut to the chase. I haven't even had my coffee yet! All that pottery that I showed off yesterday will be at SPA. (Melissa I can't find your email addy, sorry I didn't respond yet)

Thank you all for compliments on Barely Banff and the pottery. Has anyone noticed that my awesome Secret pal has been leaving me little notes. I get the best secret pals. I don't know how I get so lucky. The Banff was quite easy and I absolutely recommend this to anyone that wants a fast "sweatshirt" type of a sweater. If anyone is interested, I'll post my mods.

Want to see some yarn?
Sure you do.

This is "Grape Leaves". I really like it. I had Mandy in mind when I dyed this but I think it has too much purple. Back to the crock pot.

This is "Bumpy Barber poles". It's another stab at novelty type yarn. I think this type of novelty I'd be happy to work with though. Notice the solid bump parts. It's a fun spin. I want to make more but I've been diligently working on other things. Things like that giant list above.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hot Sheep Thrills!

From Naked Buns to Hot sheep thrills. I bet some of those people doing weird google searches are loving my knit blog this week. I've never actually looked to see how people find me. I'm not sure I want to know. Not that I know how to do it anyway.

Today I've got a little of everything. I almost took a picture of the kitchen sink just to make sure you did get to see it all.

Spunky Eclectic Product:

Denise needles. Many of you love them and I've had requests for cases. I just got a set and realized the case they are in is wonderful for holding the needles and the original case I made to replace the Denise box isn't going to cut it (in my opinion, anyway). The case worked well for the old set that I had but I think the Denise case is efficient but u-g-l-y or F*ugly. My new solution is to make a book jacket and I solved the other problem that the case doesn't seem to like to stay shut.

I know the picture makes it look all weird but it fits well. I wouldn't sell them otherwise. I'm just really bad at taking pictures. But even wonky it looks better than the ucky blue plastic cover. Here's the link to the website page so you can see the inside detail if you want. It proves that it fits.

Barely Banff:
Melissa you were right. This is a super comfy sweater.
I'm glad I finally knit it. Thank you for inspiring me.

I didn't cut off my head, Bubba did. The picture isn't bad, having been taken by a 4 year old. I had her take a few others and this really was the best. I swear this child has a serious case of "ants in the pants". She couldn't possibly stand still for a moment. There is a stabilizer on the camera but you can only expect technology to do so much.

Pottery (hence the title of the post):

Sunday night the kiln looked like this:

By Tuesday night it looked like this:

Maybe Hot sheep isn't too accurate because by now they are pretty cold. My shop is only minimally heated.

You can see a few of the new products there but I'll give you a better look. Amie are you paying attention?

Sheepie Banks. Right now I just did them in normal colors. I've got more to do with a little more whimsie.

Wine glasses for all those that need a little more relaxation with their knits.

Tea Bowls. They may look funny but they are easier to hang on to with the little indents.

This still needs a backing and all, it will be a photo frame.

Back to Knitting:

Did you make it this far? Good for you that made it this far. Not that I have anything wonderful or a prize to share with you. You just have the satisfaction of reading the blog through. Really, it's an accomplishment.

The only final thing I have is that I cast on for Baltic. This will be the first sweater I knit for the Fishermen's Sweater KAL. Maybe I'll have a photo tomorrow, maybe I won't. It's suppose to snow today. Without sun, my craptacular photograhy is even worse.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

All done but the Crying

Crying/Modeleded photos.
Screw the blocking.
I'm wearing this sucker today.

Happy groundhog day!
Go whack a Groundhog.
Be fast.
This guy is a sly one.
If you don't get him, he'll drink all your beer.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Button

I wanted a different button for Fishermen's Sweaters. We might as well have at least 2, I thought. I wanted something with fishermen on it. Yes, fishermen in yellow slickers would be great. I bet I can find something. This was all thought process here, at least I don't think I said it out loud, but you never know.

Google to the rescue!

I love doing a search for images because I almost always end up with something racy, naked, or disgusting. Ok, so those things aren't always something to celebrate. Sometimes it makes me scramble widly for the back button. Escape now, eject, eeeps! Other times it's downright entertaining. This time I thought I had found something racy and definitely naked.

Nude male bums.

It was an old black and white photo. Black and white as in the days when color photos were unheard of. Of course I had to click on it. Although, I wasn't sure what it had to do with "fishermen".
Check it out The fuzzy black and white of male bums is the most risque picture.

Such interesting things are found with such simple searches. It's kind of like the old adage "stop and smell the roses". Only in this day and age it might be changed to "stop and click the links". You never what you'll find.

Eventually when I was done "smelling roses" I came up with a new button.

I don't have to remind anyone about button etiquette, do I. You're all smart enough and no one wants me to set fire to their needles.

You need to go check out Martaschmarta. She's spinning yarn for her Fishermen Sweater and it's inspired her to sing.


A copyright is a copyright is a copyright. Don't copy copyrighted things without permission. You'll notice my stuff is all copyrighted. Its all for personal use and that's cool. That's sharing. Copying and selling my pattern is stealing. Same for all designers and their patterns. Play well and don't break copyright law. Share nice.

Sharing certainly doesn't mean you can Steal bandwidth. Hotlinking is very bad.

Share nice and I'll be your buddy, be a troll and I'll torch all your needles.

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