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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hot Sheep Thrills!

From Naked Buns to Hot sheep thrills. I bet some of those people doing weird google searches are loving my knit blog this week. I've never actually looked to see how people find me. I'm not sure I want to know. Not that I know how to do it anyway.

Today I've got a little of everything. I almost took a picture of the kitchen sink just to make sure you did get to see it all.

Spunky Eclectic Product:

Denise needles. Many of you love them and I've had requests for cases. I just got a set and realized the case they are in is wonderful for holding the needles and the original case I made to replace the Denise box isn't going to cut it (in my opinion, anyway). The case worked well for the old set that I had but I think the Denise case is efficient but u-g-l-y or F*ugly. My new solution is to make a book jacket and I solved the other problem that the case doesn't seem to like to stay shut.

I know the picture makes it look all weird but it fits well. I wouldn't sell them otherwise. I'm just really bad at taking pictures. But even wonky it looks better than the ucky blue plastic cover. Here's the link to the website page so you can see the inside detail if you want. It proves that it fits.

Barely Banff:
Melissa you were right. This is a super comfy sweater.
I'm glad I finally knit it. Thank you for inspiring me.

I didn't cut off my head, Bubba did. The picture isn't bad, having been taken by a 4 year old. I had her take a few others and this really was the best. I swear this child has a serious case of "ants in the pants". She couldn't possibly stand still for a moment. There is a stabilizer on the camera but you can only expect technology to do so much.

Pottery (hence the title of the post):

Sunday night the kiln looked like this:

By Tuesday night it looked like this:

Maybe Hot sheep isn't too accurate because by now they are pretty cold. My shop is only minimally heated.

You can see a few of the new products there but I'll give you a better look. Amie are you paying attention?

Sheepie Banks. Right now I just did them in normal colors. I've got more to do with a little more whimsie.

Wine glasses for all those that need a little more relaxation with their knits.

Tea Bowls. They may look funny but they are easier to hang on to with the little indents.

This still needs a backing and all, it will be a photo frame.

Back to Knitting:

Did you make it this far? Good for you that made it this far. Not that I have anything wonderful or a prize to share with you. You just have the satisfaction of reading the blog through. Really, it's an accomplishment.

The only final thing I have is that I cast on for Baltic. This will be the first sweater I knit for the Fishermen's Sweater KAL. Maybe I'll have a photo tomorrow, maybe I won't. It's suppose to snow today. Without sun, my craptacular photograhy is even worse.


Please, please tell me you are selling those wine glasses at SPA!! I will be searching you out cause I must have one!
Your pottery is beautiful. I love the sheep bank!
Barely Banff looks fantastic.You are so productive.
I would really love a couple of sheep banks - any chance of pre-ordering ?

Not just paying attention, but glued with glee!!!

The sheepy banks are ADORABLE! Do I officially become obnoxious if I ask if Alpaca banks are on the way???
Love love love Banff! it looks just awesome on you! I'm in the process of ripping mine right now *lol* it's just too bulky for me ... probably my choice of yarn.
The new pottery is just beautiful! love the tea cups.
Can't wait to see Baltic in the Paton's Merino :)
I'm still stroking and cuddling the yarn that you dyed and spun for me ... I just have to be 130% sure on what I want to make. I have to do the yarn justice!
Have a fun day today!
Banff looks great and I love your little sheepie banks! Makes me want to start saving my pennies (rather than spending them on yarn)! ;)

Love the Barely Banff! Looks really warm and comfy.
I'm sipping coffee out of my personal Sheep Thrills Mug right this second! I even took it out of the dishwasher and hand washed it so I could use it instead of one of the other less stylin' mugs.
You are inspiring me with all those cool needle cases. I may have to dig the sewing machine out of the closet!
fantastic banff and you pottery is amazing! very cool.
wow, you are one talented gal. i love your pottery - how gorgeous! your banff looks excellent - the color is perfect for your hair color, too. your little budding photographer did a great job!

have a great day!
your secret pal :)
The sweater looks great. Banff continues to be my favorite sweater. Will you be bringing sheep banks to Spa Knit and Spin? Melissa
I must have tea bowls. Those are absolutely amazing.

MOW Julis
Wow, have you been busy! I love the Denise needle cover.... must... have... one...

And your sheep pottery is amazing. I'd never been to the pottery area of your site, but I had to visit after seeing this post. Beautiful stuff. You are a multi-talented boogie. :)
OMG. I must must must have a sheepie bank! What a perfect way to save for fiber purchases. Please do let me know when they're available for sale. Gah!! Must have!!

Abby (knitlette)
abby at lemonmoonarts.com
wow it looks awesome!

I love the wine glass!!
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