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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Just for Sweet Sue

Because Sue requested a raglan kids sweater like the little sister, I've got the big sister sweater. I posted a pic of "M is for Monster" in her new sweater a few weeks back - but never the pattern.

I'm giving up my notes here, it's not too exact but I think it will if you're looking for a sweater for a 4-6 year old. If you need further help just email me.

CO 32 - place marker and join in the round - work in k2,p2 ribbing for 2 inches.
Start working in stst - work 4 rounds even then start increases
Increase: PM, K1, Kfb, Knit to the last 2 sts, Kfb, K1 - repeat the increase every 6 rows until you have 54 stitches total. Work even in stst until the entire sleeve measures 12-14 inches (my girl is tall so I do her sleeves longer than most)
Put 10 sts on a holder for grafting and then the rest on a seperate holder to work into the rest of the sweater later.

If you didn't know - you have to do this twice. I don't know why I feel compelled to say this. I suppose it's the curse of the sleeve. If it doesn't say 2 maybe I actually don't have to make two!?!?

CO 140 - place marker and join in the round - work in k2,p2 ribbing for 2 inches.
Start working in stst - work until the entire piece measures 12-14 inches (again my girl is tall so I do her body longer too)

K60, put the next 10 sts on a holder for the underarm, pm, knit the 44 stitches from one of the sleeves,pm, K60, put the last 10 body sts on holder for the underarm, pm, knit the 44 stitches from one of the sleeves,pm.
Start chosen decreases with the next row and work them every other row. The rows you aren't decreasing you need to knit all.

Keep working in this manner until the neck looks almost right then I do a couple of short rows for the back (to make it taller) and I rib about an inch to an inch and a half for the neck. Loosely bind off.

If you haven't guessed yet, today is the last day of August and the last day to guess for the Baby contest. Get your guess in or I can't count it.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Screwing up my routine

A normal day for me starts with being woken up by a child telling me “it’s good morning mom”. It’s not usually said in the nicest of voices which leads to believe that it may in fact not be a “good morning”. Still, this is enough to get me to drag my tired butt out of bed.

Once up, I waddle into the kitchen to put the pot on for tea and get some juice for the Good Morning Girl. I then continue the waddle into the living room and sit down with my lap top. I check emails, orders and then write my blog post.

It’s my way of starting my day. Until yesterday I didn’t realize how much of an important weekday routine this was. I never thought I had a routine. I definitely have a routine. That was my routine. I liked my routine.

So what happens when I don’t have my routine?
I stare at the wall.

I literally have no idea what-so-ever as to what I’m going to do with myself when I can’t start my routine in the proper way. Sure I still get woken up and I get my tea and Good Morning Girl gets her juice. Then I sit down and if the internet isn’t working I sit there without knowing what to do.

I may have orders to fill. But I can’t get to them.
I may have emails to answer. But I can’t read them.
I always have something to blather on about. But I can’t load my inane writing and little pictures.

I look at my knitting and wonder if it’s ok to start out my day doing that. It’s a workday, but I wouldn’t be working. Is that acceptable? If I start my day knitting I know that I will finish my day knitting. I will also fill in the middle of my day with knitting. In other words, I might as well consider the day as an unscheduled “day off” because there won’t be any real work done.

I should have ignored Good Morning Girl and stayed in bed with my knitting. Of course the rumor was that Mr. Adelphia fixit man was coming between 1 and 3 in the afternoon so I had to get up at some point. It was worth it, as you can tell I got my internet back but not fully until Husbeast worked his magic when he got home and had good homecooked leftovers.

What did I accomplish?
I moved further out of Sleeve-town:

Oh yeah. The sleeves and 3+ inches of the body are done for the little Good Morning Girl. But that wasn't all:

Retro prep's sleeves are done and after casting on for the body 3 times I finally got it right and am starting on the bottom ribbing.

Today it's back to work as usual.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Sleeve-town USA

Population - 1 nuts-o knitter.

I'm that type of knitter that hates sleeves. If you love sleeves, I don't want to hear about. You're obviously crazier than I am. If you're crazier than me, I don't know who let you out of the padded room and gave you access to a computer. There are sharp edges and cords on that thing, don't they know you could hurt yourself?

I hate sleeves so much, I've had sweater bodies finished for a year or so with no sleeves. My theory is that there are evil stitches worked into every set of sleeves. I'm not sure how designers are able to do this but they do. Evil stitches.

Because of my loathing for every visit to sleeve town, I feel I must get it out of the way first. If I do the sleeves first then I'm more likely to finish the sweater within a year. It's like eating the lima beans as soon as the plate is set in front of you. That way you can wash the taste of them out of your mouth with cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. Sleeves are the lima beans of the knitting world.

For some reason (this is where I can be proved insane all by myself), I've decided to work on three, yes 3, sweaters at one time. Which means I've been in sleeve town for a very long time.

Retro Prep was the first to be cast on and then I cast on sleeves for M's Christmas sweater. M's sleeves are done and the Retro prep is a few inches shy:

Last but certainly not least I have Kepler. I've changed it into a raglan with long sleeves. You'd think that I enjoy making more work for myself.

And there is only one road out of sleeve town. There are several roads leading in but only one out and it feels crowded right now. Can you hear me honking my horn. Get the hell outta my way and let me leave sleeve town. I'm feverishly working at finishing up the sleeves and making my way down the road. If you see me on that road and you're passing me by, don't mind the "bird" I give you. It's just a sign of jealousy that you get to leave first.

Don't forget to email me with your contest guesses (there's some Noro in it for the winner) You have until the end of the month, which would be Wednesday if I'm correct and haven't completely lost my sanity in sleeve-town. You also need to join in on the Kepler KAL. There are some great sweaters being knit.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Camera - glorious camera

My pretty, shiny, new, little silvery camera came in Monday.
Ooooh ahhh.
I spent lots of time futzing with it and phtographing yarny things all over the place. I had no idea what a camera whore yarn can be! Every where I turned there was yarn just begging to be photographed.

Here's the party animal of the crew. It was found swinging off of a chandelier in it's bright hand dyed plumage (slated for a princess sweater):

Woolease butting into the shot of some newly dyed roving. Some yarns just want to be the center of attention no matter what. You'd think it'd be enough for the wool ease that it was going to be the feature of most of this years Christmas sweaters. Sheesh:

How trashy this sock yarn is! Showing you her petticoat like that!

Ahhh, the laid back bright colored wools didn't exactly beg to be photographed but they looked so content laying there all stretched just waiting for their trip to Knit Pixie:

These guys were found in my basket waiting to be wash set and blocked. They were bounding about like puppy dogs. Yipping and yapping getting all tangled and twirly:

Last but not least was the fluffy queen of the get together. Newly drafted Merino. She was so serenly sitting in her little box awaiting her chance to be twisted onto the bobbin:

It's barely tolerable to spin merino here. I have to do it early morning or at night still as the days are just too humid. I'm going to try freezing my merino and see if I'm able to spin it easier that way. I have a few orders and I appologize if I'm making people wait too long.


Monday, August 22, 2005


Miss Tanya mentioned something in her blog post on Friday and I thought - "duh". I meant to do that. A guess my due date contest. Thank you Tanya for waking me up.

Ok, so I'm supposed to have a scheduled c-section on October 4th. That whole idea of a scheduled birth made me think that a guessing game was foolish. But, as I've moved along in this pregnancy I think labor might hit earlier. I personally think I'll end up in labor before that. What do you think?

Send me an email HERE

Let me know if you think I'll be waltzing in for a relatively easy delivery on October 4th or will I be rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night with contractions from hell. Give it your best guess as to the date I'll be heading to the hospital. Who ever is right will get a yarny prize. I have an idea of what it will be but it's a surprise, trust me it's something good. If more than one person guesses the right day, I'll pick one winner at random. Of course it may take a week or so after Baby Booige is born before I send it out.

Do you remember my post about Kepler from Friday? I've cast on and I keep hearing a great buzz around blogland for this sweater. We all want to knit it so I'm starting a knit along.
The Kepler Knit Along!
Come join in.


Friday, August 19, 2005


I now have water resistant fabric for my bags. I'm thinking specifically of using it on the Metro Bag as the bottom section. I'm also working on something new, mostly because I want a new bag but I think I'll be working on figuring it out for a few more weeks. I've only been working half days lately. M started homeschool and with my seriously decreased energy level I feel lucky to muster the energy for a half day.

Do you read Fathom Knits? I know more about the blogs I read. I wouldn't steer you wrong about the blogs to read. Emily is a great knitter and she makes some fabulous projects. Yesterday Emily posted a fabulous pattern for a new sweater. Here's the link to Kepler then you can Go here and tell Emily how fab her pattern is.

There has been a lot of theft of patterns lately. I'm not talking about copying and sharing a pattern with a friend. People are scanning patterns that belong to individuals or to larger companies and placing them available on the net. There are 5 yahoo groups specifically that are known to be doing this. If you see this kind of copyright theft please notify the pattern creator. Really it hurts us all when someone is stealing so blatantly.

THIS CAMERA should be here sometime next week. Of course, I have yet to receive any type of confirmation what-so-ever. It better be here next week. I have serious digi-cam withdrawals. Not to mention I have FO's to show and new spindles, yarn and bags to list on the website. It's sheer torture I tell you.

6 weeks and 3 days - yes the countdown continues. Of course I have a feeling, maybe its a secret wish, that I'll be 2 weeks early like I was with Miss M. And 2 weeks early would be right about a full moon. It seems appropriate.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Special stuff

I read lots and lots of blogs. I have a list on Bloglines and in my link area. I'll admit it that I'm adicted to them. I read while I eat my lunch or breakfast. I read when I have a moment and if I'm not eating I knit while I read. Which is possibly why I'm not a great commenter, my hands are always busy with something.

One such blog I've been reading for a while. It's the blog of Emma If you don't read it, I'm telling you that you should. But if you aren't interested in adding another blog to your list of reads I'm asking sweetly that you go read the last few entries over there.

She has a sweet little boy named Oliver who needs specialized equipment to live fully and without borders. If you have it in your heart to help out or just to write a sweet note to them, I think it would be appreciated. Kerrie has also set up a couple of auctions to help out - one for Silk and another for Cashmere. Both are well worth the look.

Someone even made a button and everything for this sweet boy:

You can click it to go straight to the donation page.

I have one more thing for you. I've heard the drop stitch cardi from the Fall 2005 IK is a little hard to "read" in variegated. You're right. I did one in a solid and while it obviously doesn't fit the "model" it's on - you'll have an idea of how it looks in a solid.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cramming 10lbs of shit into a 2lb bag

Have you ever heard of that saying?
Maybe it's a local farmer saying. If you're from around here you probably should be saying it with a bit of Mainah' accent.

"I reckon it's like crammin' ten pounds of shit inta two pound bag"
You could also add an "ayuh" in there if you want to pretend you're a downeast farmer.

So what is this 10 pounds of shit that I keep talking about. It's all this stuff that used to be my office and fiber room. It's the smallest room in the house but it sure held alot of stuff. I still have no idea where to put my giant maple desk. Sadly I think it's going to have to live in the garage.

I would show you a pic of the mess. Well, maybe I wouldn't. I think it maybe more of a mess than some are able to take with weak hearts and all. I know my Mom doesn't want to see. I tried to get her to take a look but with her heart condition, she declined. I imagine even a person with a good heart might need a trip to the ER after a peak. I wonder if that's what happened to me last week????

Anyway - back to why I can't show you a pic, even with a warning. Ms Digital Camera decided to take some crazy leap from the kitchen table to the butcher block island. I don't know where it got the idea from. It may have been near the TV when we watched Spiderman or some other action flick. Either way it got the idea and it tried to complete this insane act.

Nobody in the house saw the incident. Although some short person did pick up the camera and place it back on the table where it started from. Really, if the camera was that much of a daredevil, it was bound to happen at some point. I suppose it wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. I don't know what made this little hunk of metal and stuff think that it could jump that 4 foot span, especially since it has no legs. I wonder if it was an act of suicide. Kids, suicide doesn't solve anything. It's not worth it. I'm sure any problems the camera and I might have had could have been worked out over time. I know things have been boring around here, but it's really sad to think it could have tried to commit suicide because of it.

Since nothing around here ever gets thrown away and there is always a use for something. I'm thinking of turning it into a toy for the baby. It has a nice rattle now. I would never buy an expensive silver rattle, but I suppose now I have one. It's significantly more expensive than any baby rattle I would have considered buying.

Maybe pictures will return if I can ever figure out how to use my cellphone or the camcorder. Well, I'm not that stupid. I can use both devises, I just can't get the pictures from the device to the computer. I suppose that makes me only slightly stupid or is it technology challenged? I'm pretty sure I need to get them into this computer somehow if I want to show them to you. Unless you all want to gather around the little viewers on either device and look that way. That's about the extent of my ability at the moment.

I did just have the ultimate brainfood for breakfast - cake! Although I don't feel any smarter, I'm sure it will kick in at any time now. So I should be able to come up with something at some point today. That "coming up with something" may just be a conversation with the highly technical husbeast.

Happy humpday - go eat cake.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Stash-o-rama Mama

I love my stash.
I probably love your stash too.
Yarn and fiber stashes are just beautiful.

The other day I decided to play with my sock yarn stash. Every now and then the yarn needs some love, some touch just to remind it that it's still loved. No one wants to have yarn with a complex. Sad yarn tangles, everyone knows that.

The sock yarn had outgrown it's small zippered case. So I got a much larger case. But what would I do with the old case? Why, fill it with yarn of course. Both containers are nicely filled with sock yarn. The small case got all my solid sock yarns and the big case got all the variegated or multi colored sock yarns.

And I've run out of space. Seriously. I would not say there is no more room for sock yarn but I will say I'll need to buy another case if I get much more. Although at the moment I don't feel the need to buy more. My sock yarn has happily been fondly and feels loved. Much more and I'm not sure it would get the attention and love it needs.

I'm not just teasing with a story here. I actually documented my play date with my yarn, HERE. But there were a few that escaped the hold and I've got to try and find some room for it. Here is that bunch:

At some point when I'll add them to the sock stash page. I think there are even a few balls that missed all the photos. I know this stash isn't as impressive as many but I love my sock stash. Happy pretty sock stash.

Speaking of socks I've finished one of the husbeast socks:

Thank you all for your well wishes from Friday's post. I may be a little erratic in my posting for a while. Like another 7 weeks or so. I'm going to add husbeast onto this account so that he can post any news that may "pop out".


Friday, August 12, 2005

10 things I've learned

1. Even when I feel like hell, I remember to bring my knitting.
2. It's not easy to knit when you feel like hell.
3. Knitting is almost (but not completely) impossible when you have a blood pressure cuff on one arm and an IV in the other.
4. Nurses will not let you knit while they draw your blood.
5. You cannot knit during a cat scan even if you're not using metal needles.
6. Knitting while waiting in the ER really doesn't pass the time as quickly as I thought.
7. Even when you think you've had enough water, drink another Liter or so.
8. Everytime you move the nurse will find some reason to make you pee in a cup.
9. When you're pregnant everyone assumes you are knitting for a baby even if you clearly have a giant sock.
10. It's a nice doctor that actually wants to see what you're working on even if she doesn't knit herself.

So what happened?
I'm ok.
Princess K is ok.
I landed myself in the ER for a day. Of course, they don't know what was actually wrong with me. I would never expect anyone to know that. The doctor's best guess is that I was becoming dehydrated. So now I'm drinking twice as much water (which I didn't think was humanly possible, but apparantly it is) and only visiting places that I know have a public bathroom. Have I mentioned I only have 7 weeks and 4 days left of this pregnancy?

This is the sock that got to go sit with me in the ER:

Nice sock.
Round and round in stockinette.
No thinking involved. I think all this water is the end of my brain. It's fried. My memory is shot and all my grey matter has been turned to green Nickelodeon slime. I'm lucky I can do stockinette.
Round and round I go.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Merry Christmas

It's entirely possible the heat has finally fried my brain to a point where it will not return. The humidity has sopped around inside my skull and made the brain so floaty it's no longer attached to anything usefull. Yes, I may have been struck stupid. On the other hand I could be yarn obsessed and grasping for excuses.

The excuse (not that I need one) this time is Christmas presents and sales. I think I can actually blame my Mom for startig this. She saw one of my books and fell for a sweater. She even told me the color she prefered it in. Do you see how all these excuses and by displacing the blame, that no yarn purchases (immense yarn stash) are ever the fault of the yarn buyer?

While I searched for the yarn she wanted, I found sales and killer prices so you know what I had to do.... I had to get yarn for sweaters for everyone. Or at least plan for them. I did actually find suitable yarns in my stash for some.

Now I have a lofty list of sweaters and other items for Christmas. I even took pictures to keep reminding myself of what is on the list and what I want to do.

The sweater list:
Mom (who started it all) wants the Tutti Twist Sweater from "Knitting over the Edge" knit in Cranberry Wool ease.

Dad doesn't know what he wants but he'll be getting a Raglan sweater with cables of my design knit in Wool ease.

I'd like to knit something for the husbeast but the last sweater I made is really just too warm for my hot man. Since I seem to be on the wool ease kick for those that don't want 100% wool that's what I chose here. The pattern is from a Vogue Men's Issue in 2002.

Princess M will of course need a sweater for Christmas. I'm thinking some sort of snowflake raglan in the red and white stuff, or I may have to go with that wonderful fuschia. I'd rather do the red one but I'm not sure if the midget will go for something that isn't PINK!

Now that there will be a new member to the family this holiday I can't forget about Princess K. I'm thinking of making her a vest in this superwash sock yarn.

I know I'd like to do a complicated fair isle for her. There is just something so cute about fair isles on kids. I just haven't found anything I've wanted to do yet. This simple vest might just get changed into a much bigger project.

In case you don't know, Christmas presents around here are delivered anytime between December 24th and sometime in March. It's highly possible that it's stretched further than March this year but that's the goal. Who doesn't like 3 months of Christmas?

Of course I could be waylaid at any time by one of the other projects I dug (purchased) yarn out for...

I have a few new designs which are to be done in more woolease:

I have 4 to 8 of each color shown. I don't know what's wrong with me and the wool ease explosion going on here. I like this stuff and it was on sale so I guess I just couldn't help myself. I think most knitter/stashers can understand the "I couldn't help myself" defense. It's possible that one or 2 of the "designs" could be turned into gifts.

And then I have projects for me.....
Rogue in Paton's Classic Merino. I was thinking of doing it as the cardi but now I think I want to do it as a pull over. Maybe I'll so a second one at some point but I like pullovers as much as cardis.

Paton's has a cable hoodie that I've been wanting to make for a long time. It resembles a sweater that I've loved and have outgrown. I mean, I've outgrown it even if I wasn't 30 pounds heavier with a baby. There is no chance that I'll be getting back into it either, I happen to like food (celery is not food). I definitely need to replace it at some point with this:

Heather from Rowan's "A Season's Tale". I want to make it in Cascade 220. I keep telling myself it looks like a really quick knit. I could do this before I worked on everyone else's sweaters.

I have to admit, this isn't even close to the amount of sweaters I have on my list or even sweaters that I have the yarn for. It's just what I've dug out and packaged up to be knit. That is the first step to switching yarn from "stash" to "WIP".

We'll see how far I get or if I get completely waylaid and I'm the only one that ends up with pretty new sweaters. I do love knitting for ME.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Because I have nothing else for you today and this is pretty cute...

Click HERE


Monday, August 08, 2005


Being pregnant everything seems to turn to babies. Especially once the kid makes itself known by turning your stomach into some sort of side show. Huge monster of a thing sticking way out in front, wriggling and writhing as if an alien is in there trying to get out.

It seems as though I forget exactly how big this belly is and I whack it into something all the time. M walks too close to me at times and inevitably will ask something, thereby making sure she gets knocked in the head with her sister when I turn to answer her. Ok, so that's kind of funny. Almost as funny as the time M put her head on the belly to see if she could hear Princess K and got kicked, HARD.

It's not just me thinking about babies though, my friends are too.

This cute little sweater was made using the Little Sister Sweater pattern and Brown Sheep worsted. The buttons (which I couldn't get a good photo of) are special glass buttons. It was made especially for Princess K by my friend Sue. Can you believe this is Sue's first sweater? Thank you Sue!!! You are awesome! Princess K will be warm all winter in this.

Not to be outdone on the gift thing, my Mom brought home the cutest onesie last week. Actually, Mom brings home lots of gifts but I thought this one really needed to be mentioned since it fits our family so well. This was the design on it:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream.
Looking at this, I now want some ice cream. I haven't even had breakfast yet. Ice cream could be breakfast right?

I also finished 2 baby sweaters over the weekend.
I can only show you one though. You'll just have to trust me that I did finish 2.

Pattern: Reynolds #82244
Yarn: Reynolds Blossom
Needles: US6
This sweater was a fun, easy knit. I will be making another one of these. It's knit all in one piece and then you seam the sides and underarms. This yarn easily hides any edges and it doesn't curl, so there really is very little finishing. If I used another yarn I would probably at least crochet around the edges.

Angie a fellow Mainer and pregnant lady, made the same sweater using a self striping yarn. HERE Isn't it cute? I think I need to pick up some of that stuff for the next one.

The baby gear continues.

Faith passed along some great info about baby slings and I'm passing them on to you.

Material: From my immense stash.
The rings: Nestmom, (shipped the same day and received within 2 days)
DIY how to:Jan Andrea.
Her directions are the best. I love how this sling came out! It was ridiculously fast too. I hated the sling I had with Princess M so I'm looking forward to having one that will be a lot more comfy and usable. I really wanted one in skull print but I have a limited amount of that stuff in my stash. I figured I'll make a second one as soon as I know if I need to change any design details on this one.


Friday, August 05, 2005


Wild Maine Blueberries
10 lbs of them
6 big muffins and I barely put a dent in the bowl.
Blueberry Jam will be made later today.

Knitting, a cup of coffee (yes it's decaf), and a giant blueberry muffin. I think there is a child running around here somewhere. She stole off with her very own giant muffin. I imagine that she's using some of the blueberries to paint pretty pictures on the walls or to torment the dogs in some way that only a youngster would figure out.

It's quiet, I know there is some naughty thing going on but I'm ignoring it. My computer, my knitting, my coffee and my giant wild blueberry muffin. *Lalalala* Nope, nothing else. It's a nice quiet morning. The walls will survive. The dogs will steal her muffin. Whatever naughty thing she's doing, I can punish her for later. It will give me a chance for more quiet time. More quiet time is more knitting time (if I finish my work). And isn't that what really counts?


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Cotton Ease Craze

Have you seen this?

Are you one of the crazies?

It's been all over blogland. Bron has a ton of the stuff and she keeps getting more! She's my cotton ease hero or pusher or whatever. I think reading her blog is making want cotton ease more and more. This craze is infectious.

It's proof that reading blogs can be detrimental to your wallet. If you hadn't figured that out already then you've been really brainwashed by all of us bloggers and there is nothing we can do to help you know. Go buy more yarn. It's the only thing that will make you feel better.

Well, that's what I would do.

After making all these little kids sweaters I realize that I need one for me. I want one just like the kid sweaters. Baggy, raglan with a henley neckline. I want it to be a comfy wear anytime kind of a sweater. I started to think of what yarn I want it out of. Wool, too warm. Wool blend, still too warm for the middle of summer when I need a light sweater for a cool night. Cotton, the right thing for the temps but hard on my hands.

You've already figured out what took me a couple of days to decifer, haven't you?

The sweater must be done in Cotton ease. It didn't dawn on me until I saw a few pretty balls of the stuff on discount at Joann's. So I got some:

But I don't want to do it in red or yellow or orange. I want it in hot bubblegum pink or licorice black. I can't find either color. Now I'm stuck in my belief that this sweater can ONLY be done in this stupid discontinued yarn and in a color that I can't find 6 balls of. I can't even find one ball of them at a normal price.

This just shows my ignorance of yarn. When it was discontinued I though "eh, it doesn't affect me, I'll just use somthing else". Little did I know a few weeks later I'd be feeling like I had no choice and that I have to use this yarn. It's not a question of want, I have to. Even Midget M has gotten in on this. She too has decided that she needs something made in bubblegum pink cotton ease. It's a bad bad craze when it hops from knitters to the little people. Next thing you know the husbeast will want something.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another FO

Ok, so I actually do have a couple of finished items. I could cram them all into one entry but who really wants that? It's more suspensful to drag it out. At least it is for me.

Pattern: Boogie
Yarn: Plymouth Encore (2.5 balls)

Yesterday I talked about tying shoelaces together to make the kids slower. Last night I wanted to nail this childs feet to the floor just to get a simple photo. She kept giving me "model" poses. She'd twirl and give me her back and coyly look over her shoulder at me.

Hey Tyra! Stand still, I just want a simple picture of the sweater!

The next thing you know my sweet little munchkin will be asking me what her "motivation" is. "Your motivation is another sweater - stand still!"

Then she'll be "making love to the camera with her eyes" and pouting out her lips. Actually this one might be fun to see. I'm not sure how one would go about making love to a camera figuretively so I'd like to see a 5 year olds interpretation.

Thank you all for the compliments on the little baby sweater yesterday. My cousin loved it.


Monday, August 01, 2005

Week of FO's - Day 1

Since I gave you a week's worth of WIP's last week, I figured I should give you a week's worth of FO's this week.

Yeah right!

If you think I actually got 5 things done to show you then you might be more insane than me. Or do you think I'm that amazing? If that's the case, thank you. I hate to dash any hopes you might have of my amazing knit-ness. If you need me to, I'm sure I could fake it. I've never faked it before but I suppose there is a time in a woman's life when she might need to.

There was a huge family reunion over the weekend. Needless to say, as people started to arrive Thursday night, nothing got done but a lot of gabbing and chasing children. Kids run faster when there is more than one. I thought of tying their shoelaces together so they'd move a little slower. Sneaky things just take off their shoes and go barefoot! It's disheartening to be outrun and outsmarted by a couple of 5 year olds.

I do have one finishe item for you. I had been working on a little baby sweater for a few weeks. I wasn't sure who the gift would be for but as soon as I knew my cousins were having a boy, I knew it had to be for them. I finished this little knit up on Thursday before anyone arrived.

The buttons are my favorite part.

Pattern: Boogie
Yarn: Wool ease


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