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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's a long one

Actually I'm making 2 posts becuase it's so long. But first I want to thank you all for voting in the poll (you are entertaining me to no end and that's what really counts), if you missed it go to yesterdays post and vote.

This past holiday weekend started with cooking. It always seems like it does but we were having a BBQ with some friends so there was a bit more cooking than normal. Among other things I made BBQ'd squash rings. They were super easy and I really liked them. Of course no one else at the table liked squash so they were all mine.

Wash the acorn squash. Slice it into about 1/2-3/4 inch (2cm) slices. Scoop out the seeds and goop. Lay it in a pan for the marinade. The marinade (for 4 rings) is 2TB brown rice Miso, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp blk sesame seeds, 2 Tbs finely minced white onion, 1 tsp fresh parsley. Mix it all up and thin with water. You don't want it super soupy but the miso is a thick paste so you need some water to make it so you can spoon it all over your squash rings. I did this in the morning, let them sit. BBQ'd until they were soft but not falling apart and then placed back into the marinade pan and served. Yummy.

While cooking I noticed my neighbor mowing his lawn. It's a Memorial Day tradition, the battle of the mowers. But this lawn is different, it's the first mowing of the year. If we were left to mow our own lawn, it wouldn't be any different. I really get a kick out of watching the little old mower chug over fallen branches and try to make it's way through the foot tall lawn in front of his house. I swear I can hear the mower saying "I think I can, I think I can."

I'm not sure why it tickles me or why I had to have a picture this year but I did. Someday when my Dad gives up mowing lawns, the neighbors will be posting pictures of my lawn this way. Unless I just get some goats for the front lawn, then I'll have a neat lawn but they'll all want pictures of my goat-mowers.

So we had a really nice visit with friends and some fantastic food. My friend Jen is on her way to making her first pair of socks. YAY! But really the night isn't over until someone ends up with their head in a bucket.

Yes that would be my girl. At least she's wearing a handknit wool sweater.

For the fiber knit stuff. Is it cruel that I make you slog through all the non knit stuff to get to the yarny spinny things? I don't care if it's cruel. I bet some of you skip to the end anyway. Cheaters.
Check this out:

All are handcut not laswer cut. Amazing workmanship and detail. Are they not gorgeous? They'll be going to the Frolic with me and what comes home will be making it to the website. Except for mine, you can't have mine.

Do you know what this is?

That is sock yarn that I got because I knit socks. Yeah, that's right. I knit socks so I got more sock yarn for free! Thank you Rose By Any for the 2000 socks and to It Girl for sending along my prize.

The next post you get to see my gardens. I know you're dying for it. I've also got more sock talk and maybe I'll give up my Guacamole recipe.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday cleanup

Every Monday (until I run out of ideas or I get bored with it) will be a poll on cleaning. We all say we hate it. Please don't tell me you like it, unless you're offering to come to my house and clean. Most knitters I know will/and do give up cleaning for just one more hour of knitting. Some of these polls won't just be about cleaning but issues around that. It's nothing scientific and it's purely because it tickles me.

The beauty of these polls is that you can answer honestly because I can't track your IP or anything. Not that I would, that would take precious knitting time away. The thing you might find fun is that on the following Monday I'll fess up my answer!

How often do you clean the insides of your cabinets? All the way to the back.
There is a back to cabinets? I thought that's where Narnia is
Clean the cabinets? I just put clean stuff in, why do I need to clean them?
Cleaning the cabinets is only done when you move.
I only clean them when I can't find what I need or realize something evil is back there.
Every few years I have a desire to boil the shelves.
Cleaning the cabinets is part of the yearly spring cleaning. Everyone should know that.
All the other answers gross me out. I clean inside the cabinets regularly throughout the year.
Free polls from Pollhost.com

In the US, today is Memorial Day. Many people have today off from work and school, making it a three day weekend. This is a weekend many take time to start spring cleaning and neaten up the joint. It also signifies the beginning of summer and a time for celebration and BBQ's. We are also a country at war and it's a day of Rememberance for those that have fought in America's wars. Memorial Day began as a day to remember the Civil War. Without getting all longer winded and placing my opinion on more current wars, I am thankful to the people of America that have gone before us and made this place a better country.

I finished a pair of socks this past weekend for my favorite Veteran. He's going to have wait until Father's Day to get these though.

The heels aren't as pointy as they look. Chalk it up to another incident of bad phtography.
Dad's socks
Pattern: Winging it.
Yarn: Opal Dk weight
Needles: US2


Friday, May 26, 2006

The List

I was on a roll earlier this week. I accomplished:

  • 2 kiln loads of pottery (if you've been waiting, these are shipping today, the new batch of clay is good.)

  • The last of the May club ships today (I stagger shipments because I love my mailman)

  • I worked on cleaning and organizing my kitchen. Not just the visible stuff, but the cabinets. The back part of the cabinets.

  • I installed a hanging pot rack finding the studs all by myself. And the giantness of the rack hides the fact that it took me 5 hits to find the stud, ha.

  • I finished a knitting project for a commission

  • There's more but I won't bore you. My point is that somewhere over the hump, I ran out of steam. Seriously and sadly ran out of steam. I felt so accomplished that on Tuesday I made this lovely todo list and I only have one item crossed off.

    This posting was suppose to be me telling you that I couldn't possibly come up with a clever posting today because I had dogs to give baths to, gardens to plant, granola to make, and more pottery to paint. Now it's turned rather long. I do have something fun (at least fun for me) planned for Monday but you can't have it now.

    I have something else fun. It's a little crude for some sensibilities but for some reason it tickles me to no end. Lady Mad TV


    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    Another Lesson

    I do these things so you don't have to.
    What's this?
    Page 212 in the Boogie Lesson book of things not to with yarn and fiber.

    I've hit a new level in my dyeing experiences.

    I've melted yarn.
    I am all powerful melter of yarn.
    What kind of heat does it take to melt the hell out of yarn?
    The same kind of heat it takes to bind the dye.
    Only longer on the heat. Like 2 or 3 hours too long. You are right if you think heating yarn or wool should be measured in minutes not hours.

    I know, I'm brilliant.
    I make these mistakes so you don't have to.


    Monday, May 22, 2006

    Choosing from an Update

    Superwash merino

    Spunky Super with Nylon



    How does one choose?
    I love my colorways. Obviously or I wouldn't be doing them.
    How do I let some of them go?
    How do I choose which ones I need to knit/spin and which ones I can list all that I've dyed?

    This is a business first and foremost and I have to pay for the yarn that I use. If I stashed away one of each color I liked then we wouldn't be eating very much. I would lose weight.

    So really, how do I know what to buy from myself?

    First there are the colorways that speak to me. As I dye them, as I see them dry, as they are completed, I just know that I have to make them mine. This is one such colorway:

    I know the picture isn't a good representation of the colorway, stupid clouds
    Gotta love baby socks!
    Check out that garter short row heel. I love those for kid socks. I might actually need one on my next pair too. About 60 yards will make a pair of shorty (9-12mo) baby socks. Boogie Baby seems to always kick off the longer socks so they look like little flippers. I fashioned these after a pair of socks that seem to stay on her feet longer than most.

    Then there are the times a sock yarn is chosen for me.

    Click if you can't see what is going on.
    Yeah, that's right. Dog.
    It was the first sunny day in a while so I put the dogs out on the run and set myself up to take pictures out of reach of any dog. This picture shows just how far the dog run was able to stretch. This was as far as she could strain against the run. Sneaky thing picked an oportune time when I was framing up a picture to make her move. She's fast. I chased to the other end of the run limits. Oh it was great fun.

    Someone in the family will soon have "Diet Coke" socks.


    Friday, May 19, 2006

    And the winner is...

    (all that I have is an email so if there is a blog, I'll set up a link) Steph has been emailed at her yahoo account. If you think it's you, check your email!

    Now because I find it fascinating to talk about myself, I'll explain my answers...

    1. I love the wool blend above all else. It's versatile. It's great as a bulky single or lace weight 2 ply.I find it soft enough but it's wearability gets me to come back time and again. It makes great socks and winter accessories. It takes dye beautifully.

    2. As much as I love to knit everything, I love socks the best. Just look at my WIP's. They make great gifts, easy to knit, fast, and everyone likes them (don't tell me if you don't, please, I couldn't handle to have my theory squashed).

    3.I'm surprised how many people knew the hair question. I thought for sure that one would be hard except for those that have been reading since the beginning when I did have my mohawk still or that know me.

    4. While I like sheep and it's my favorite to spin and knit, there is something about llamas that I really like. Maybe it's the whhhhaaacccchhhhh *spit. Gotta love an animal with attitude.

    5. Those of you that guessed I was younger are really sweet. I suppose I haven't posted a picture in a while so you really had no clues on this one. I'll be 33 this year and I have no idea why my eyes are closed in the above picture, but that's what your getting for a photo today.

    6. Husbeast said this one wasn't fair. He thinks I'm weak when it comes to sweets and in a way I am. But I stalk apple pies. mmm Apple pie al amode.

    7. I usually mention them every year once they've bloomed. My hollyhocks. I love these things. They grow taller than husbeast and come back year after year. My favorites are the almost black ones. I'll take a picture when they're blooming but you can see they're the only thing growing in the garden as of yesterday.

    8. I'm too tired to party which might give a hint as to why I want to lay around in a hut. Someplace warm and scenic that I don't need to be in the sun. The only sound is the crashing waves and the sound of my needles clacking. Calgon where are you when a girl needs ya?

    9. The yarn that has my back. All are fine yarns but I have a great selection of Patons Classic and I'm always digging in it. When I come up with a new design, I grab Patons to see if it will work. At any given time I have at least one project going in this yarn. It's an irrational love but it's mine.

    10. Click Here for the declaration of the year.

    Doesn't it seem cruel to have a quiz about a blog? That must make me extra cruel because I cajoled you into taking the quiz by waving sock yarn under your nose. I never said I was nice.

    I'll be back on Monday when I update the shop. It will be the last update before I head off to the Frolic.


    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    Spunky Super Sock yarn and Contest!

    I forgot to mention that this stuff was new last week.
    Pretty nice stuff too if I do say so. I have some and Pippi has some as well. It's 80% soft superwash wool with 20% nylon. I've knit a swatch with it and it's a joy to knit with and my guess is that it will wear like iron.

    See what I'm working on now:

    It's coming out all stripey. I had a feeling a few of the colorways would stripe. Not that it was intentional. Oh, I mean, yes, I meant for it to do that. It's not a thick stripe. It comes out much like the Lorna's laces sock stripes.

    The other new thing is that I've stopped using vinegar. Cold turkey. Man I had the shakes, the shivers and the sweats. But you know what. The acid mordant works fabulous! No smell at all. But it does still sting like crazy if you get it in the eye. The dust will burn your nose hairs and if you taste it (I had to) you will still be wiping your tongue on the dog hours later just to get that feeling off of there.

    You'd think I'd learn not to do these things. I can't help it though. Like I said in my quiz, I act like I'm 12. Speaking of the quiz. I think I made it too hard. So go take it, no one has gotten over 70%. I'll give out a prize if you do take it. Not just to the highest winner. Go take the quiz and I'll send a skein of sock yarn to someone. I'll use the fabulous number generator, and at random I'll pick one person to get a skein of the brand new sock yarn. I'll even let the winner pick your own color. You'll get a sneak peak of the new ones before they're listed Monday the 22nd.

    The winner will be announced on Friday.
    Go take the quiz.


    Tuesday, May 16, 2006

    Cascade Spindles are here!

    I don't know if anyone has been waiting for them, but they're in. There are little differences to this batch. The tips have fine little details. Very cool and very pretty. I didn't think Cascade could make their spindles any better, but they did. Look HERE.

    If you're waiting to see them in person you only have about 3 more weeks to wait. I'll be at the Maine Fiber Frolic June 10-11 in Windsor, Maine. Miss Adrian will be there manning the booth with me and she'll have her own super yarny yarns to sell. I'll also have some of the amazing Pippikneesocks yarns.

    You'll be able to purchase stuff from all 3 of us. Now you know you need to make it to the Frolic if you can. Maine is lovely that time of year.

    Speaking of lovely time of year. Stinks that our simple mud season has become a flood season. The rain is yucky right now but the dogs and cats don't seem to mind. Ever at their vigil to make sure the yard is cat free...

    It's nice having the backyard cat free. Now, I like cats, but my neighbor's cat likes to use my garden for her litter box. I think this year the way the dogs have kept up their vigil, my spring planting will be 'surprise' free.


    Monday, May 15, 2006

    NHSW was wonderful

    I read the weather report that there were supposed to be showers for the Saturday of MDSW.

    That is not a shower. It's a freakin' downpour. This was the drive down, and the drive back. Amazingly, it was the least blurry of all my pictures. Let me say that it didn't change while we were there.

    I also read that the fairgrounds are mostly sand so the ground is still easy to walk on even in the rain.
    Lies all lies I tell you.
    I kept forgetting to drag out the camera, and when I did, the pictures were awful. If you want to see how well the fairgrounds drain go see Cabin Cove. He got some good pictures of the puddles that were over my ankles on the edges. I probably would have been swallowed whole if I had walked through the middle. I'm not very tall you know.

    My eldest tagged along thinking of previous fun festivals we had been to. Standing in the sun watching the sheep and dogs. Petting the animals and having a good romp in the grass.

    I think she was so miserable I felt it radiating off of her. She was a really good girl the whole day. I think I'm going to treat her to a new raincoat that fits. Luckily Pippi has a brain (where mine had walked off) and she brought extra clothes that my girly borrowed.

    So what's up with the title of my post?

    I got to meet Pippi It made my day to meet her and her beautiful family. Really, if it hadn't been for getting to meet her in the flesh after being online friends for so long, I would have turned around and ran home while I was still dry. You're all calling me a wuss and I don't care. As I looked through my photos, I didn't get a single decent one of her and her family. Backs of heads and blurry faces. Well, and then there is this one unflattering shot as we're heading back under cover but I won't post that one.

    It was still nice to see many faces that we knew and a few new ones. I saw Jen of Spirit Trail Fiberworks and her gorgeous Booth Babes. I also saw Norma, (which I always seem to want to add an 'l' to the end of her name for some reason.) and I finally got to meet Sandy.

    I had taken a snapshot of Norma all bundled up and looking quite warm and stylish when she mentioned Sandy. Not Sandy of Sandyknits. Yes, that Sandy. Ooooh. I need to meet that Sandy. Of which the pictures once again are blurry and unflattering.

    But did I mention how awesome it was to finally meet Pippikneesocks and her family. I'm hoping we get to find time to get together more often.

    AS if this post wasn't long enough. I'm later that everyone else in making one of these (what's new?)....
    Take My Quiz. It's all fun and games people.


    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Oooh almost the weekend

    Normally I'm not fond of Satrudays. Yeah, you all hate Mondays, I hate Saturday. But this Saturday I get to go here with Pippi Knee Socks. Can you say excited? Sure you can, just give it a try.

    Are you going?
    If you are you need to stop me and say "hi". I'm really bad with faces, or maybe bad with names. You see, I'm sure that I know ALL of you. I see all the faces and I'm sure I've met you all or seen your faces on your blogs. But your name, it escapes me. Yes, just about all of you. I'm the same way withmy neighbors. I remember their dogs names but them or their kids, forget it.

    We are going to make an effort to go to The Potluck Picnic.

    I really have a bad case of CRS (Can't remember shit - haha I had original put CSR - see - I really can't remember shit) so you'll forgive me, right? Just trip me, slap me, or throw something at me (preferably luxury yarn or fiber) and say "HI"

    I have knitting and yarn to talk about but I'm all too excited for tomorrow and so tired from the hockey game last night that I just can't form words to post about anything else.

    I do however have a fabulous time suck for your Friday pleasure.
    The Evolution of Dance

    And to all the Mommas out there - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Batwing shawl

    Arian already made one of these. I've heard lots of others all over blogville talking about making one or wanting to. The second I saw it on Elann I knew that I wanted it too. But I didn't want to do it in their yarn. I didn't want to make it in stashed yarn. I needed something handspun.

    Enter a bunch of Coopworth dyed in my Mandy colorway.

    I've heard Coopworth maligned a few times. People thinks it too scratchy or hairy. I happen to like it. It has a beautiful sheen when dyed and makes for a really nice single. When it's a 2 ply it is a totally different yarn. It just goes to show how different a wool is when it's spun differently, but you all knew that already.

    This is the yarn:

    I have 3 hanks all done. I think I have about 3 more ounces that need spinning. Maybe by the time I finish spinning I'll have time to knit it.

    But right now I'm all atwitter. I get to go to the NH Sheep and Wool. I hadn't actually planned on going but when Pippi Knee Socks said that she was going, I said I'm there! Woohoo! Just 3 more days!


    Monday, May 08, 2006

    The Moody Foods

    Yeah, I named this yarn after my food struggles. The diet(lifestyle eating changes) I've been on hasn't done squat for me. The PCOS/insulin resistance hasn't changed. It seems to be more resistant to the diet since I've had little Miss BabyBoogie. I've decided to change more so I don't end up on meds. I'm going on the Macrobiotic diet to see if it helps. It's helped a friend so I'm giving it a shot.

    Knitting blog - hello!
    I'm getting there. To make a long story longer....

    I'm giving up dairy and sugar and lowering my intake of coffee. I understand on this diet you're suppose to give up coffee too but really giving that up too at this point is just dangerous for the general public.

    So to continue, I've been thinking about food. NON STOP. In my dyeing escapades over the past week everything looks like some sort of food to me. Some sort of sugary thing. mmm pie I'm going to try not to associate all new yarn colors with food but this one just had to be "The Moody Foods" because with my obsession with food and how moody I am right now. Amazing how it affects us so.

    Aren't you glad I gave you that long drawn out explaination?
    You'll be glad you made it this far.
    I added more yarns to the shop this morning. Including the skeins of "The Moody Foods".


    Friday, May 05, 2006

    My duty to buy

    With MDSW less than 24 hours away.....

    At SPA in February a fellow spinner was telling me how she felt that it was her duty to buy from the vendors. I chuckled a bit because haven't we all said something similar. It's the way an addict speaks. I love yarn/fiber, nay I need it! Therefore, it's my duty to buy it.

    This was not the entire thought and what she said next made complete sense.

    Vendors and farmers do this job of creating fibers, caring for livestock, small mills processing the fibers, small businesses dying/spinning yarns, all out of a labor of love. Unless you get to be a large well known company, you will not be rich doing this. Most small businesses and farmers are lucky to break even each year and even luckier still if they pull in a profit. Therefore they need to sell stuff just to keep going, if they can't sustain then they will cease to exist.

    This is the idea that was put forth to me by this lovely lady. If you like a business and you want ensure it's survival then you need to purchase.

    YAY! Spending money on the things we like and helping out small farmers. Does it get any better?

    If you have a partner that balks at your fiber spending, you need to print this out and hand it to them on your way out the door to your favorite fiber festival. You aren't spending money and adding to your stash.

    You are subsidizing the farmers.
    It's all very simple really.

    I won't be with you this weekend at MDSW but I will be there in spirit. So when you buy from your favorite small business/farmer think of me and know that you're making it possible for them to stay in business. Show your local farmer some love. Go buy some wool. Get an extra pound for me too.


    Wednesday, May 03, 2006


    I'm workin on knitting something that needed a provisional cast on. So I crochet my pretty little chain and then I do the cast on, carefully counting the number as I go. I knit the first row and am about to start the second row when I realize I've cast on 2 extra stitches.

    Silly Boogie.

    I carefully rip back and start to pick up the stitches.
    No, I didn't bother to count before I ripped. I was sure it was wrong so I just ripped. This is when I realize that I did indeed cast on the right amount and I'm ripping it out for nothing.

    If you click you can see just how pretty my cast on really was.
    Feeling pretty dumb, I pick up the stiches and set the needles back down to work on later. I don't want to create an even bigger mistake. I went about the rest of my day only to have Girl-Beast snap an odd picture of the back of my head.

    I know you can't read that but it says:
    "on vacation. See you in 2 weeks. --Boogie Brain"
    My Brain also drew a fairly nice little airplane and cloud picture.

    That explains everything.
    My Brain is on vacation.
    Now what am I going to do until it comes home?


    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Stick Shakin'

    More yarns and fibers than you can shake a stick at.

    Although I'm not sure why you would want to just shake a stick at them instead knitting and spinning with them. But to each his/her own. If all you want to do is shake, then who am I to stop you.

    Brand new to the Spunky line:
    Superwash Merino!

    There is of course more BFL, Silk, and Wool blends too.

    Oh yes, sock sock sock...

    The next update won't be until May 15th

    Now, to celebrate the first day of Green Project Spectrum Miss Kola is getting a new Green Collar. Oh yes it's all about project spectrum and has nothing to do with the fact that she busted her orange yellow one yesterday. Snapped it with her over-enthusiastic behavior.

    But doesn't she look sweet?

    Sweet as she's dancing on the table, unable to get herself down. Big tough doggy can jump onto the table but is unable to get herself back down.


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    Sharing certainly doesn't mean you can Steal bandwidth. Hotlinking is very bad.

    Share nice and I'll be your buddy, be a troll and I'll torch all your needles.

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    the web Boogie Knits


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