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Saturday, January 31, 2004

I just pick my nose too often

Proof that nose picking runs in my family. That is an excerpt from a conversation I had with my gram.
Gram: (looking at my 2 nose rings) How do you blow your nose?
ME: same as you.
Gram: But I like to pick my nose, See (she demonstrates). Don't boogers get caught on the screws up there? I couldn't pierce my nose, I'd be afraid to pull on them as often as I pick my nose.
That is my Gram, is it any wonder why I love her so much. So candid and absolutely full of "it". Or as she might say "full of piss and vinegar".

I over loaded you with pics yesterday so nothing today. I did finish up plying some yarn this morning but I just want to move right on to the cardigan yarn. I hope to finish up at least one paid of socks too. Skully sweater is about 8 inches now. Woo.

Links for fun. Here is something my friend Anj sent me. Its really unsual stuff Helga So while I'm finishing up socks tomorrow and eating gross, snacky, salty, fatty foods, I'll be hollering



Friday, January 30, 2004

Busy Busy busy day.

I'm really enjoying this cardigan I've decided to make for M. So without further ado....

Here's the roving and you can see that I started with the blue/green as I filled one bobbin yesterday.

I got anxious and wanted to start to swatch for it. So I made up 50 yards this morning, about 20 of the orange/hotpink and 30 of the blue/green. I was rushing so its a little more "thick and thin" than I would like. The first blue/green bobbin is better.

And another view because I couldn't decide which one showed off the colors best.

I think the swatch looks spectacular and it matches what I had in my minds eye for this sweater. The problem I have now is that I planned on making this in the traditional fair isle way, circular with steeks and then picking up stitches, etc. etc. That's not the problem, the problem is that I don't think the colors will come out the same. I know they won't. I just hope I'm as plesed with the color shifts once I cast on for the full sweater. I may end up doing it in pieces if I think it will come out better. I have a few more days of making yarn and maybe I can cast on for the actual sweater the begining of next week.

While I was swatching I figured I would also swatch up the muppet puree. Its beautiful. I made 10 oz of it. Enough for 2 pairs of socks or now what I'm thinking is that it would be nice to make into a sweater for me. Maybe with a black front and back and muppet puree sleeves. I think that would show off the short color changes well. I need to try to make longer color chages.

And then I also finished one of the berry socks today and cast on for the second one. Rule is that if you finish one you must be able to immediately cast on for the second one or you will never start the second one. I can't remember where I heard it, but it seems to work for me so far.

Other than all that I mocked up a new bag. Its going to be a soft sided spinning fiber bag. Something big and roomy with soft sides and closeable top to carry my fiber around when I go spinning somewhere. I also spent a good part of my morning working in clay. My clay froze a couple of weekends ago, heat ran out in the shop and I hoped that the clay wouldn't actual freeze, but it did and it was awful to work with. Luckily I had some stored in a different area. I now have a flock of little sheep jars. Once they are done I'll make sure to post pics. I actually feel like I've accomplished something today. Yay me.


Thursday, January 29, 2004

Ta Rageldybop Dusto notatong, Liblyla addeythorp katonka tee

Nope. I haven't learned a new lagnguage. Although I wish I knew the language of frustration so maybe I could tell it to fork off. I'm feeling devalued at the moment. Not least of which, I've been told my pottery prices are too high to sell wholesale. There are many reasons that I don't agree with this. But, I've lowered my wholesale pricing in the hopes that I sell more and now I really I hope that I don't feel too bad about doing so. Over the past year I've come close to taking a hyatus from pottery. The frustrations have just been really getting to me. I'm not going to list them all. I'm stuborn though. That's why I wont quit and also why its hard. I hate to give in on the things that I've set as principals for myself. Such as show ethics. I hate playing the games. The games are part of the reason I really want to wholesale. I need to make money, it is a job afterall. I want to drop the shows that I have to play the most games to be there. I'm tough, I'll beat this.

To make myself feel better I figured I would take a couple of hours off and spin. Its not helping. I decided to do a roving that I didn't exactly care for the color of and I like the yarn even less. I didn't like it from the get-go so I think I was more careless and it felted a bit. So I had extra prep work to get to spin it and its just plain ugly.

I hope these rovings turn out better. The blue/green is one of the colors slated for M's spring sweater. The other is a superwash that I hope will turn out to be really interesting for socks. Yes, socks. Always socks. More and more socks. In fact right now, I'm going to work on a pair of socks for myself and ignore the spinning I need to do.


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Beaker, Gonzo, Kermit, Fozzy, Animal, Professor Honeydew......

All my favorite little muppets pureed into one pretty yarn. I was thinking this would make a great sweater for my daughter but now that I have a fresh batch of roving, I'm thinking of making a sort of fair isle thing with koolaid yarn. I'll explain more as the days go by. I'll get to dying it later and hopefully start spinning this weekend. Its nice to have a definite project to work towards. I'm getting excited. I've even set a sort of deadline for myself. This cardigan for my little miss will be her spring jacket, so it needs to be done by April. I can do it if I don't get too sidetracked.

I have had people lately call my pottery a hobby, and in the next breath ask if I'm going to be doing fiber as a business. Pottery is my job. It never was a hobby for me. It was an art form that I loved and ever since my first class in high school, I knew someday it would become my line of work. As in any job there are times I hate it, overall I do have to say that I love my job. I'm learning to take all the ups and downs in stride and accept the pitfalls along with the good times. Pottery is my job and while I enjoy it, I don't find it as calming as a hobby. I used to sew as a hobby, but when I started to sell that as a business on Ebay, that became less fun, but I love it none-the-less. Spinning and knitting is now my only real hobby. I may sell something here or there as time goes on and I make something worthy of selling, or sell some dyed roving to help with the cost of my fiber obsessed hobby, but I loath the idea of it ever becoming a job. I need a hobby and I hope this stays my hobby.

Berry fields never became mittens. The sock bug bit me. The heels and toes will be done in the pink barf that I used on M's mittens. I'm trying to use up the yarn and I'm not sure there is enough of the berry fields to make a full pair of socks. I'm still learning how much roving it will take to complete these items. I'm getting pretty even at coming up with worsted weight yarn. Sure I have thick and thin spots. I'm still learning and that is half the fun. If you want to see another fiber hound that has fabulous colored rovings and is great at spinning and coming up with patterns, go see The Yarn Junkie.


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Muppet Puree

Yes, Muppet Puree. This is the name my husband gave this roving. His actual words were something along the lines of, I knew you were running out of roving to dye and get your candy colors but did you have to pulverize little muppets for roving.

This is what I took with me to R&R Spinning today. I was so glad that I finally got to go. What a great group of ladies! So much knowledge. I feel like a sponge, just soaking up all the fiber knowledge. I have 2 other rovings I don't think I've shown off yet.

I plan on getting more Thursday. I'm thinking of selling roving sock kits. I've got a pattern I've written and I'm thinking of making it a kit with hand dyed roving. I need to support my fiber habits in some way. I need my regular money to pay for bills. This addiction is just getting expensive. But I'm sure all you fiber folk out there already know this.

I finished one opal sock last night and cast on for the second one. I didn't finish off the toe because mom still needs to try them on in case i need to add more to it. they seem small even though they fit my foot and we have similarly sized feet.

Lots of bad evil emails coming in. There are tons of worms floating around and I keep getting them popping up in my in box. So, watch out folks. If any of you have emailed me without a subject line, I'm erasing those emails without reading them.


Monday, January 26, 2004

Crack of Dawn

I can't seem to get going this morning and the little monkey is asleep so I'm here to bring you some early Monday morning procrastination fun Bubble Wrap. So don't jump right into Monday morning work. Procrastinate a bit.

This is one of the things I did over the weekend. Its hats for the The Ships Project Hats go so fast that I figured I would get out a bunch. I'm bringing them with me to NETA Spa Fiber Weekend. I have a goal to get 2-5 hats done. I've met the minimum, now lets see how many more I can turn out along with keeping up with my other projects over the next month. As I was finishing up the 2nd one last night, my husband started to look longly at it. I've been trying to figure out what he wants for a long time, everything I suggest he says he really doesnt need it. Finally he admits that he wants something. I think it helps that I just bought Buffalo Sabres patches. I'll start on his hat later today after I get some work done.

I did a little work on the opal socks but the most of the time this past weekend went into the hats and this yarn. This "berry fields" was a trip. I didn't rinse the dye out well enough, so as I was spinning the excess dye came off on my hands. I had pretty purple hands all day yesterday. I washed the yarn well, once it was complete and washed down all my bobbins and such to remove any residue. The yarn is gorgeous that purple hands are acceptable. I hope to be using it for mittens for me and maybe a hat. There is only 4 oz of worsted there so I'm not sure exactly what I will be able to eek out of it. I'm just starting to learn how many ounces will make what. I'm trying to keep my gauge at worsted and master the amounts needed and then move onto other sizes of yarn. Worsted I think is my general favorite though.

I never did get to Halcyon to buy my roving. Maybe I'll get a chance this week. I hope to get to the R&R Spinning group tomorrow. I think the orders I currently have are finishable (is that a word?). We'll see how work goes. I discovered an added bonus for Super bowl. My other LYS in Auburn, Quiltessentials is having a Super Bowl sale. I get to see the Pats in another super bowl and I get to buy my sock yarn on sale. The yarn I'm making now is great for my socks but my mom and dad aren't so 'into' hand washing, they need super wash.


Saturday, January 24, 2004

Signs of the Fiber Addicted

Lets start with this Superman
But it only gets worse/better from there. Take a look at this Faux Nudity. And I know we all know that Elvis lives. What gave me the idea to post these unusual knitted items. It was suggested that because I shaved my legs and then attached fiber photos below it that I may be cultivating my hair for yarn. Now while the thought is intriguing I'm not sure I could bring myself to cultivate leg hair for yarn. I did think about it, but I'm sure it would just be too darn scratchy. I'll have to think of something else.

In the meantime I knitted up that pink barf yarn into cute little mittens. The new owner seems to really like them

While I did the mittens last night I had gotten some work done on the Baby cardigan the night before.

I have to work today to make up for having to take yesterday off to finish more craft show apps. I still haven't finished because I ran out of slides. I wish some of these people would return my slides when they are done with them. But I do hope to get to Halcyon later today. I need more wool roving (must have more to dye, yes I have become obsessed or maybe just inspired) and I want a couple of skeins of self striping sock yarn. My dad said he didn't care what the socks looked like so I figured I would make him a super funky pair.


Thursday, January 22, 2004

I shaved my legs!

Why does that deserve to be a title? I hadn't shaved my legs since this fall. In my warped mind I was sure it was going to keep my legs warmer. Why did I change my mind? I looked at my legs. I can go for days without looking at myself. I guess I avoided my legs. They are ALL the way down there, afterall. I couldn't handle how different. They looked like boy legs. So today they are sort of shaven. They are not clean shaven because I just didn't care that much, more like stripes of shaven offset by stripes of hairiness. haha so I guess its not really any better, but I'll be warm, right?

Here you can see I've been spinning. All day yesterday, ignoring my knitting WIPS, I was knitting. Today the wheel is sitting across the room, forlorn and alone so I can get some kntting done. I hate calling her "the wheel" I need to come up with a name for her. Suggestions?

So I provided a closeup not so you can see that I'm not perfect, but so you can see how pretty the colors are. The blue green is a roving I bought when I had no inspiration, the red orange is tequila sunrise dyed with koolaid. I have 2 more rovings that I dyed. Field of Berrries and Sunny Autumn.

I have another that I dyed but its hanging and drying at the moment. I ordered more dyes last night but I'm almost out of roving. And certainly running low on the fiber funds. Yet another reason to knit for a while. So here is that opal sock. The leg looks all screwy until you put a leg or an arm in it as I showed in my last post.

I've been working on the baby cardigan toobut you can't really see the progress. I'm close to putting the sleeves on holders and joining the sides up but my hands are aching when I knit this. I hate Red Heart. Its cheap and this one looks good but its so much harder to work with than wool or even a "good" acrylic. I'll persevere and I'll get it done if it ties my little fingers in knots.


Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Have you ever puked up foofy drinks like a pink poodle?

Well, for some reason the roving that I dyed, once spun, reminds me of that. Daquiris and pink poodles gone wrong.

I still like this color, and its the most even yarn I've spun yet. I just have no idea what to make with it now. Mittens for Moira? Maybe I'll sell it or give it away.

Here is the other roving that I dyed yesterday. i'm calling it tequila sunrise. The other day when I got roving I told my husband I got some that I thought he might like (the grey/brown coopworth). His response: oh yeah, is it soaked in Vodka? So now I keep thinking of my rovings in terms of alcoholic drinks.

I've been working on the opal socks inbetween spinning. Its an odd pattern. I only say odd because its turning out different than I expected but its still pretty interesting.


Monday, January 19, 2004

I have fiber coming out of my ears

Maybe that's why I can't hear anything my husband says?

Knitterly: I did finish that charcoal grey vest and now I'm thinking I don't want a vest but a sweater so I may be adding sleeves to it, such indecision I'm surprised I get anything done. I'll get photos soon. I have been working on the Opal socks. Very nice but the pattern I devised seems to be coming out differently than I had hoped. I'm still pluggin away at it hoping for the best. Worst scenario is; they're ugly, I wear them, and buy my mom a new skein. No, I'm not frogging them. I'm so tired of frogging. I never liked froggin anyway. No photos of those either. But I have a roving photo.

This is one of the rovings I dyed today. I've gotten a little inspiration in getting them colored. I realized that I need to go to Dharma and get some more dyes. The only dyes I have are koolaid and lighter girlie colors. I love the candy colors koolaid gives, and the other rovings that are drying were done with that. I'm not really a pastel person. I'm hoping this dying block is just a lack of desirable colors. This pastelly roving; I have half of it spun and will start the other half tomorrow so I can ply it. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. Socks come to mind (haha) If they ever leave my mind. What is this obsession anyway?

By now you may be asking why I am stuffed with roving. My stash may not be as great as other fiber ho's but its big for me. On top of the purchased I showed down below. I'll wait while you scroll to check it out .................... I have 4 superwash coming in colors)blues, purple, and red). I have a black and a chocolate brown coopworth coming. I have this coming. And then the last purchase was for Wild Oak and Red mix. I really like the dying that I did today, if only it were darker colors. The wool I used was the domestic wool from Halcyon The pink blue is spinning like a dream and the colors are much better once spun. They are blending nicely. I'll get a photo once its plied. And through all this I'm working too. My husband had the day off, but I didn't. For some reason I schedule myself to have a longer day on Monday, but it means I usually have a shorter Friday. I'll have something good to show by the end of the week.


Sunday, January 18, 2004

Early Sunday morning porn

Fiber porn that is

I went to Halcyon and got some fiber. As I was making my purchases I was thinking this should hold me for a while, along with all the stuff I already have. Um, sure it will. (sarcasm) I came home and got some more superwash roving in colors and am now looking at some pretty multicolored rovings. They spin up so fast and then they are done, I can't be left with nothing to do. This is what I got 3.5 lbs total

Top left I have no idea what I want to do with it, White coopworth, it was just so creamy white and sitting there asking to go home. The top right, white domestic, will be dyed pretty colors and made into socks. The bottom is beautiful Coopworth in grey browns, that I got the most of so I can make a cabled sweater, I hope. If I ever get the other things done. I got a gorgeous grabbag last week and I had planned to make one big garment out of it, but yesterday I started to put colors together and came up with an interesting mix that I think I will make into socks. I spun up and plied there is 150 yds. Here it is hanging, drying next to some golden copper superwash merino that is slated for mittens or maybe a hat. I appologize for the bad photo, once they are dry and no longer swinging on a rod I'll get a better one.

And this is a single that I did the first day I had the spinning wheel. I just need to get some brown to go with it and use the brown and this in stripes for some socks. Can you tell I like making socks? What am I going to do with it? Socks. And that? Socks. I need to be entered into a 12 step get off the socks self help program.

I have been doing a fair amount of knitting. I've gotten the most done on that vest. I have the back completed and about 10 inches on the front done. Here's the back

Exciting isn't it? Nothing like a charcoal grey plain vest back. Ooooooh. Ok that's enough sarcasm. I need to get back to it. I have tons of stuff to do today and I will probably spend most of it slacking off and playing with my wheel. I want to make another 100 yds or so of that variegated yarn so I can make the socks from it. Not like I need to start another project. I'm trying to finish my mom's socks (after the vest, I want that done today) and then I need to do Dad's socks and then I can start on another for me, gloves out of the rowanspun or more socks? I may need a break from making socks. Gotta keep these WIP's on a schedule lest they sneak in and steal the spot of another. No cutsies!!


Friday, January 16, 2004

Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?

Yes, yes, I do. I'm doing work that I like. I have good friends. I have a fabulous family and a most amazing husband. I would have told you at any time that he was pretty darn great but I have a special reason today. He bought me my spinning wheel. I had fully expected not to get it but there the UPS guy was delivering this box. At first he played coy and said he didn't get it. which freaked me out that someone else would buy such an expensive gift. Finally he admitted being wonderful. Here it is, she's pretty isn't she?

Another nice happening is that I've finally gotten back in touch with my friend Martin. I periodically lose track of people and then I get to talk to them again. I'm gonna try and hang onto Martin he was fun to work with and hang out with. I should put up some sort of billboard of all my lost and found friends, maybe I'd get better at making sure to keep track of them. Luz and Scott, where are you? Here's Martin

POTTERY: I opened the kiln and disaster. Good thing I didn't have it full. One sculptural piece fell over and onto 2 other pieces. So they are unusable but the sculptural piece was the only one that was a keeper anyway, the rest were tests. So I have nothing to show, but I think I know the direction I need to go to finish this design.

SPINNING: I've spun and plied this crappy brown stuff I had, spun up a pretty variegated wool to be made into socks, but there is only 2 oz of it so I'm going to work it in stripes with black unless I make a different variegated Hmmmmm. I've also started to spin up this SW golden brown. Its a nice color and I've got 2 bobbins full at the moment. I haven't decided if I want to ply it or not. I want to use it for socks. I need more roving. I'm going to get more SW and that way I can have some colorful socks. I'm also looking at this one ebay auction from The Yarn Junkie. I loved it when I saw it on her blog. I'm trying to curb the spending so its a wait and see type of thing.

KNITTING: I must be cruel to make all you knitters jump all the way to the bottom and then not give you pictures. Nope, no pics at the moment. I've been spending much of my time spinning. Soon it will be time to knit it all up my goodies. I'm trying to think of something to make my husband since he bought me the wheel, he deserves something nice made from it. He's a hard one to make stuff for. I finished the back of my vest and have gotten the ribbing done on the front. I'll continue with that once I figure out the cable I want to use on the front. The rest of the pattern is all set, I just need the right cable and I have a couple in mind. I frogged my mom's opal socks. The yarn is so stretchy and I felt that I had made it too big. It was supposed to be a toe up pattern, wouldn't i have been cheesed if I did it that way and had gotten most of it done and had to frog it. I started it with one les set of pattern stitches and now I may not have to put elastic in the top ribbing. Well, I'm looking forward to another butt freezing day hiding in my house next to the fireplace.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Help!Help! I've been trapped by my yarn!

Yesterday I went to my mailbox and I had a surprise. Now I just think it's really nice to get a card or something for my birthday, but what did my friend Anj do, on her vacation none-the-less? She bought me some Rowanspun 4ply tweed in one of my most favorite colors. Its gorgeous. See:

Immediately I try thinking of what am I going to do with this and I can't wait to cast on. I loved the idea of gloves suggested by Anj. So I was getting ready to start and what happened, the yarn attacked. It heard my plea from the other day (scroll down one entry) and said no more WIP's!!!! Then the other WIP's got up took a picture of me pleading to be released to remind me of how pitiful I am and that I need to really finish one of them.

So now I've decided that since I can't put this yarn down that I will wear them as earrings for a while. Big earrings are in right?

Onto current projects. I was going to go spinning with a great group of ladies yesterday but it started to snow really hard and I turned around (its an hour drive) figuring no one would show up in the snow. I went to look for yarn to finish up this vest i'm working on. I needed one or 2 more skeins. Nope. All out. I got some other yarn to make a sweater. When I got home, it was no longer snowing and I was kicking myself for not going to the spinning thing, I searched the net for 2 skeins to finish this vest. I was so bad. I got 4 skeins of yarn (I'll make my brother something out of the left over) and the Rebecca number 26. But I did work on the vest and am almost done with the back. No pics until its done. What's the point, its just a big pile of grey yarn. Not that it ever stopped me before from taking a picture. But I do have one more picture for today. Last night we heard a bang out in the garage. I looked, no one there, maybe the wood pile is falling, I go back in side where its warm. This morning, the same thing happened. Now its been severely cold here. 20 degrees below zero in the sun with no wind. When I looked this morning I saw the culprit of all the noise. Our soda had blown up. I've always stored it out there with no problems this time cans split and one blew its top off and out of the carboard package. I haven't foudn the top yet.

Its the stuff without caffeine so no real loss, at the cold didn't attack my root beer. The soda is now resting and thawing inside the house. Probably making a sticky mess on my kitchen tile.


Monday, January 12, 2004

Handcuff me, take me away, do Something!

Someone really needs to stop me. Why do I keep starting more projects? What is this strange compulsion? I eventually finish them all but I think I just love to start new things. What did I start this time? A baby cardigan. I had found this hat that I had done a ways back and the rest of the skein of yarn so I cast on for a little cardigan. Of course I had to change the pattern I found. I wanted it to have cables and I may add pockets as well. The size looks as though its coming out as a 9-12 month size. Which will be good. So many people give tiny baby clothes when Lisa will be happy to find this sweater once all the other gifts have been outgrown. I hope to make a bonnet/hood/hat to match since I really don’t like this hat. The pic was taken on a doll that wears the same size clothing as a 3 month old, its pretty handy to have around,but as you can see the doll is a bit smaller than the items I have here.

I’ve made some bloggy changes. I’ve added patterns that I’m working on. So if anyone wants them and gets it done before I do, please let me know how it turns out and if I need any changes. For the curious sorts out there, I’ve made a list of things about me that might help you get to know who I am. I hope to have a picture gallery of some of the clothing soon. So have a look around.


Sunday, January 11, 2004

Orange you glad its not Banana Yellow?

I took this pic for several reasons.
1.The scarf, look! Aint it pretty. I didn't have enough of the yarn to do anything larger than a vest so its settled on mittens and scarf because I don't think a vest will look good on me in that color. Can you say "crossing guard"? The pattern for the scarf isn't Wendy's afterall, I made up one based on an old sock pattern I had. So I'll post that pattern as soon as I get a little page built for it. the scarf is going to have giant tassles at the points. I should have enough left over to do part of a hat so I'm going to try and spin some matching yarn in other colors and do a stripey or fair isle hat. Mittens and scarf first, though.
2. I'm wearing my fav shirt although you really can't see it. I love the Ramones and its too bad I'll never see them again in concert. I also wanted to see how well that orange might look on me, the camera/flash shows a much truer look than the mirror.
3. I may be loosing my favorite knitting chair and I wanted a pic of it in all its glory with my little swatches pinned to it and bagged projects hanging from it. Why might I loose it. I was thinking/trying to turn a corner of my living room into knitting/spinning central. My husband wants to turn the living room into a media room. Right now it has his tv and sound system and all and a bunch of other stuff. its a regular chock full o crap living room. Since he has no other room in the house to himself I figured I'd let him have the living room and bigger tv. I usually resist any thought of more electronic crap but he absolutely deserves it. He deserves a room to feel comfortable in. I may loose my chair as there may no longer be any room for it in the set up that he wants. Hopefully we'll get some new furniture so that if my chair is gone there will be something I'm comfortable in. So today I'm bringing all my extra knitting spinning stuff downstairs to my workshop to try and makeway for the new "media room". I know it won't happen right off, but I want to show that he will get the room that he will be comfortable in sooner than later

I wanted to mention that yesterday I spent the day with a bunch of knitty/spinny fabulous ladies who I will see next month again for the Spa Knit and Spin if you live in the New England are you need to check it out. Also take a look at the afghan we were working on. Well, I shouldn't say we because I didn't do much or rather nothing that lasted. I was working on a strip that had a square that was put on wrong side up and didn't notice that until I had gotten it done. So my work and someone elses was ripped to correct that mistake and by that time I needed to leave. So the other ladies did a great job on it all and its really beautiful. If you want raffle tickets contact one of the other participants or myself. I volunteered to make some sort of web page or bloggy thing for this all so if that happens I'll make a post and link.


Friday, January 09, 2004

Its a bird. Its a plane. Noooo its SuperSonnet!!!

Yes she is complete captain I finished last night, well except for the buttons. I wore it all day without buttons while I was running my errands so I could find buttons. I did take pictures of me wearing it. I thought I would take one of those slick pictures in the bathroom mirror. Only to realize I need to clean the mirror and I chopped part of me off. So in the spirit of Rachael from a couple of days ago, although her pics were way funnier, Here is the bad pic and here it is in focus and without dots.

Phew, glad that is done. So I started a vest last night. Today I got some handspun in the mail. Its this beautiful orangey stuff with slubs of yellow, red and white. Very nice stuff from Ebay. I plan on starting on my very first scarf. I know I know, most people start with scarves, but I've never made one. I really liked one that Wendy made. There is enough here to make mittens and maybe a hat too. Sure orange may not be my color but its too pretty of a yarn to not use. I may just give it away once its done. Ya never know. But I'm going to cast on for that later tonight.

I spent this morning at Halcyon Yarn playing with spinning wheels. My husband and I were talking and I couldn't give him a definite of the one I wanted so I went to make up my mind. I have chosen the one that I didn't think I would want. Its nice to have my mind made up. The Ashford Traditional Double Drive


Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Its all about the knitting terrorists

I keep meaning to mention this book. The Knitter's Almanac Shhhhh keep it secret. I hear the terrorists are using Almanacs as a means to learn how to better strike the US.There was a big todo around here about the Farmers Almanac. I think the publisher made a statement like "the worst they could learn is how to make a mean apple pie". That's a Mainer response for ya. Ayuh. So lets keep the knitter's almanac between us. It's a good book and I really want to keep my Arans safe. Yes, yes, I know I'm silly. But I'm reading it as I would a normal book and its got patterns and information about knitting so its better than a normal book.

So I've talked to Ellen at the Spa Knit and Spin that will take place in Maine about selling my work there. I know I'm late, I get on an internet mind and I need to be drawn back out to remember that I do more sales at shows. So I'm on a waiting list but I plan to show up and if anyone wants something I can take an order. I spent some time playing with clay today. It felt good to be back in the mud. I should have some fun stuff to show off soon. I plan to do 3-4 shows strictly pottery and then another 3-4 with all knitting related items. I need to get going on slides and good photographs to get to mail out. I also have a ton of apps to fill out. blegh. People to contact about getting apps. argh. getting the taxes done for the year was just the begining of the paperwork I need to do.

Thank you to those that send the emails and make comments about my stuff. Its not just all about selling my work, its about being appreciated and having people like it. Thank you.

I've tried talking myself into finishing my Sonnet. Once that is done I can start Lisa's baby's sweater. I'm halfway done with the second sleeve. Maybe I can finish it before the weekend. I got in a beautiful bag of roving last night from ebay seller Homestead Weaver. I wanted to spin a yarn with multi colors and then I want to knit a sideways knit tank top/vest. Really loud and really colorful. This grabbag was a good start but I plan on dying some of my roving with koolaid to add a few more bright candy colors to the mix. I'm thinking of plying it with some silk? not sure yet. If it looks half as good as what is in my mind it will be beautiful.


Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Its not raining or pouring and the lady here wishes she was snoring

I’m exhausted. I could run through the list of why, but its boring. I’m tired but I feel as though I didn’t get much done. I had a ton of stuff on my sewing table that needed to be finished and I just didn’t have enough time to get the orders out and now I don’t have the energy to continue. Have I ever explained my theory of how kids get so much energy, no? They suck their energy from the adults around them, the more adults, the more energy they have. Although my girl seems to choose to cull her energy needs from me. Tomorrow is another day and I will hopefully get to work without too many interruptions. I spent a bit of time today with a neighbor who gave me some fab cloth

The green is going to be a little sundress for me, and the pink is going to be made into totes and other knitting accessories. The rest of the items have not gotten a purpose yet but I couldn’t pass it up, Pretty pretty fabric, must be mine, must come home with me….. I also talked to my brother today which was nice as I don’t get to talk to him much. My sales rep for my pottery also called. I think I was a little less than enthused because she emailed questioning if I wanted her to sell for me. Hell yeah! I was so tired I guess I came off as a little poopie, hey it happens. She is planning on pushing my stuff to some big customers. I’m hoping to be very busy this year. Its hard because I used to work knowing I was going to have a ton of business, so I’d plan the minimal amount of shows knowing I would be busy. Since 911 I’ve been planning more shows and barely keeping ahead of the bills. I’m hoping everyone’s enthusiasm means its going to swing back the other way. I want to be busy. Go see my pottery. And now go see my ebay. I actually only started ebay because pottery had slowed down, I've sewed all my life but never intended to sell my original creations, I always gave it away. I need to set some more time aside for pottery. I’ve been working so much on the ebay items and I have such great ideas to incorporate knitting into my pottery. I need to get going on it. So right here and now, yes just this second, I am making a new goal, by Feb1 I will have some new pottery to show off if not to sell.

And last night I felt so disenchanted with the Sonnet sweater I started a new one. Don’t get me wrong, Sonnet is a nice sweater and a good design, I’m just tired of working on it. I did get a couple of rows done and the new one is from stitch and bitch, the skull sweater. I don’t have much done on anything. I need to keep my eyes open long enough to work on them.

Give me time and I will love it, knit it into something beautiful. And then wear the hell out of it.

Ruthann it was nice to have you commenting. Thank you for the story, I know it helps my gram to crochet, I have so many blankets I will remember her for years after she is gone just by keeping myself warm. Good luck with your knitting adventures and I hope you get a chance to get back to the computer someday :)


Sunday, January 04, 2004

Feline Pie?? Why would I want to eat Feline pie? What's in it?

Um, Dad that's Key Lime pie. No felines were harmed in the baking of this pie.

My Dad gave me a huge compliment yesterday, he likes my hair. Ok, may not seem like much but from this traditional man to admit that he likes his 30 yr old daughter's mohawk is definitely one for the books. Of course now I'm wondering if he's just trying to butter me up for more socks. It worked. Here's what is going to be his socks

That is twinkletoe yarn from Over the Rainbow Yarns on Ebay I have a bunch of her sock yarn, it works up nice and the colors are fabulous. Of course I may decide to just make a quick pair out of woolease for dad and wait on the twinkletoes a bit longer. I'm not sure I can be happy working on 2 pairs of socks in size 1 toothpicks. I also cast on for mom's socks and since she paid for her material I feel obligation to get that done, but she hates my hair so maybe I'll set hers aside.

I put up the pattern to Moira's sock you can see it here or on the side over there.

I'm tired of working on Sonnet. I want it done but I feel like I'm at a block. Its an ok sweater but I really want my skull sweater. I'm not sure the sonnet is really "me". I am going to try and force myself to finish it this week. I have the yarn for the S&B skull sweater sitting in my new large yarn bag.

As far as getting stuff done. I had a hard time doing things when my daughter was little and wanted my attention. I cannot get anything done when I babysit either as then I have a child to play with. My daughter is at a point right now where she is stretching her independance and doesn't want to play with me. She wants me to talk to her but necessarily play with her. So I use that time to knit. I try to keep regular work/business hours for my business and I just give her busy work and make her feel like she is helping me. She grew up "working" so its not a big deal for her most of the time. I really think my key to getting anything done is that I carry it with me everywhere. Many times my knitting just sits patiently (sometimes quietly) next to me and other times I get quite a bit done. My family has gotten used to seeing my knitting bag attached to me at all times.

So now I'm off to tackle sonnet again. I hate loosing interest ina project.


Saturday, January 03, 2004

You wanna put that cheese doodle where?

Relatives are strange aren't they, Grams 90th b'day party went well. It wasn't as crazy and awful as it could have been, I think she was really happy. At least I finished Moira's socks and will cast on for my mom's socks as soon as I put this evil computer down. Why do I call my computer evil? To make a long story short. It ate one of my toothpicks. (5" US#1 needle) *sigh* I was able to finish Moira's sock with 4 needles, I really only use 5 around the heel. So I went to my LYS this am to get another set since it will be closed tomorrow. The smallest they had were 6" bamboos. No real replacement for my 5" Brittany needles. The amazing news, I was able to walk out of there without getting anything else!!!!!! I tried, I really tried to buy something else, but I didn't do it. They didn't have what I wanted and I didn't compromise. But, I came home and the mailman had delivered some yarn I had ordered online. I wrote out the pattern for Moira's socks, I just need a pic so I'll post that tomorrow or Monday.


Friday, January 02, 2004

Taxes Schmaxes
I feel accomplished today

Since I'm self employed and make my money at my own business, I have a lot of gathering and docmenting at the end of the year and 3 states to pay sales taxes to. Just thinking about it usually gives me a headache. This year I was so good. On December 31st - yes that's right, one day early, I spent until about 1pm getting my taxes in order. 2 states sales taxes are in their envelopes ready to mail, Maine sales tax is written out for my reference and ready to file online. The rest of the documentation is in order and almost ready to send off to my accountant. One nasty dreaded task done *marks check mark in the air*. So to reward myself I took the rest of the day off and spun yarn on my little drop spindle. Here are some finished little mini skeins. The green is mohair, the white is really cheep stuff but good to learn on. The tan-ish cone looking thing was just removed from the spindle and is waiting to be plied with the brown in the top right corner that I'm working on spinning (both are really nice) and the lower right shows another one that is waiting to be spun and I'm going to ply it with black, it is prettier in real life.

I'm new to this so all I have been working on is small samples that I have. I have a bit of Superwash roving and a bit more on the way. I ordered some stuff that should make a really gaudy yarn that I want to ply with something soft and silky, maybe tencel, and knit into a tank top/vest. Jay and I have been talking about my insane desire for a spinning wheel and he's almost convinced me to get one. I have a hard time spending that much money on myself when its not a business investment. Sure, maybe I could spin yarn for people but would I? At this moment its a pleasure item for me and If I save up enough money and quit buying yarn, I just might do it.
My shoulder started to ache a bit after a while of spinning so I switched to knitting and finished the first sock for Moira

I also completed another task that I procrastinate on. Cleaning and organizing. I had bought these things meant for shoes to hang in the closet and on the closet door thinking they might work good for just such an organizing task. So I spent about an hour playing with yarn stash (ok so organizing and playing with yarn really isn't that rough of a task). This is what I did.

The door shoe holder is only good for small bunches of yarn, the shelf like thing is good for projects but I've got roving all in the bottom sections and 2 projects in the top 2. The last 2 (one is almost unseen) holds sock yarn. I have a thing for sock yarn. Its irresistable and since I'm always knitting socks for someone its good to have. I think only 1 skein in there is yarn for me. My bigger bunches of stash (full sweaters) are in boxes and bins in groups waiting for some attention.
I picked out a pattern for mom's socks. Its a new free pattern on Elann here I plan on doing the ladies sock version for her. AND I HAVE EXCITING NEWS ok exciting for me. I found enough yarn to do one more slipper. So I don't have to make mom a whole new pair. I can make one to replace the eaten one. Yippeeeeee. I was pretty happy when I found it. I found it thanks to my organizing. All in all it was a good couple of days. Tomorrow my uncle is having a party/ open house for my grams 90th birthday at my grams house. Tons of people are invited and its gonna be a mob scene. I'll go but I know gram would rather just have her family and screw the rest of the pomp and circumstance. I hope she feels loved.

And on debt elimination. I think I need some sort of tazer device to shock me every time I try to buy yarn online. I'm much safer in a store but online I can definitely get myself into some trouble. Ok, no, I'm not safer in a store, I just don't go to my LYS all that often. I need to remember to take my tazer with me. I'm bidding on a few things at the moment and once that's done I will only buy yarn if its needed for a gift item and my little stash doesn't have anything that would work, yep, you heard me. Now where can I get a tazer from?


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