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Thursday, December 01, 2005

FUQ Better Pal

Um, that would be Factual Ubiquitous Questionaire for Better Pals. I already emailed my better pal but who wants to give up an easy post. Not me. Besides, I've heard there are some of you out there that like to read these things.

What are your favorite fibers?
Wool wool and more wool. Maybe some more wool. And add a little bit of wool to that. nothing fancy. Just wool.

What fibers would end up sitting in your stash until you cleaned house and then be gifted to someone else?
Some acrylics and novelties. I'm not a glitz, glam, or frilly gal. Did I mention that I like plain ole wool?

Favorite brands?
I like Bartlets, Peace Fleece, Paton's Classic, Noro, Cascade 220. And just about any sock yarn. No, actually I love ALL sock yarns.

Brands you wouldn't touch if they were the last fibers on earth?
I'm not a fan of anything Red Heart while I can find some redeeming yarns in the Lionbrand line. I'm easy and I have the stash to prove it.

Name a brand or fiber that you've never tried but are dying to try.
I've never had any yarns from Phildar or Vittadini. I can't say that I'm dying to try them though. I'm patient and figure if I don't try them now I'll get to it eventually.

Favorite colors?
Green, deep red, black

Least favorite?
Purple and blue - but I don't mind them if they're in a variegated with some "acceptable" colors.

What range of yarn weights do you prefer?
I'm not a bulky gal - give me anything worsted or thinner.

What are your favorite needles?
Wooden or bamboo, more specifically Crystal palace Bamboos. I keep trying to find an excuse to buy some expensive Rosewoods or Ebonies to try.

Any yarn/fiber allergies? Any other allergies your pal should know about?
Nope, no allegies. I can have it all.

What's your favorite thing to knit?
Do I have to pick just one thing? Socks will always be a huge love of mine. I never go wrong with socks. Although, I do love making myself sweaters and lacy shawls.

What are you knitting now?
Wouldn't it be easier to ask what I'm not knitting now? There are a couple of sweaters, a shawl, a couple of pairs of socks, and some baby things on the needles.

Do you spin? yes yes yes If yes, do you use a spindle or a wheel? yes both Do you have the tools to process locks or do you only work with prepared fiber? I have a drum carder and combs. I pretty much have the full setup except for the wheel of my dreams. If you bought me that then you wouldn't be a "better pal" you'd be the BEST pal ever.

Are you involved in any other crafts?
Pottery is my business which is technically a craft although it's not a hobby. I don't really have any other craft type hobbies that I do now.

Do you celebrate any specific winter holidays?
We celebrate Christmas. I think that's about it. Is the SuperBowl considered a holiday? I skip Valentines.

Name your #1 style icon, dead or alive. What is it about him or her that attracts you?
It would have to be Joan Jett. She's hot, then and now. I admire her tough attitude and the fact that she's still around doing what she loves.

Name something that you want, but just can't get where you live.
Hhhhmmmm. I have no idea. I'll have to think on that.

What is your preferred knitting soundtrack?
I don't have one exactly, I just prefer to knit without screaming children or babies.

Who are your favorite knitting designers?
Nancy Bush, Adrienne Vittadini, Veronik Avery

Describe your vision of the perfect knitting publication -- the target audience, the cover, the type of designs featured, etc.
Nothing to trendy, nothing too plain. I like all kids of knits from stuff for kids to adults. Preferably no fun fur. It would be nice if it had a smattering of everything lace, fair isle, aran, and a few good modern stylish knits.

Do you have an Amazon Wish List (or other on-line gift registry)?
Not on Amazon but I made one on Knitpicks, although I'm not sure if that will help. I don't know of any other online yarn store that has a wish list thing-a-ma-jig

Favorite scents?
Juniper Breeze, Lavender, Citrus Scents that give you a headache?
Patchouli and Wet Dog but wet wool is somehow ok.

Do you enjoy candles?Yes Bath products? Yes, I love hand made soaps and Bath and Body Juniper Breeze Incense? I like it but the husbeast doesn't so I stick to candles these days.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Yes and No. While I like sweets I'm trying to give up sugar (again) for health reasons.

Coffee, tea or no caffeine, please?
Caffeine and more of it. I like coffee and tea. In fact I need to get up right now and get a cup.

Do you collect anything?
Yarn Fiber and dust bunnies. I don't want to collect the dust bunnies, I just do. The yarn however, is a welcome addiction collection.

Describe a perfect day, from the moment you wake up until you hit the sheets. I wake up and the house is miraculously clean, the sun is shining (but not hot), the kids are behaving, husbeast has made me coffee and his special italian omelet. I can go outside on the patio and knit, (my butt doesn't fall asleep from sitting on the wooden patio furniture). I can sit all day or play all day while I'm waited on. Yup, that about does it.

Are you open to having your Better Pal interpret your questionnaire answers or would having them stick to what you specifically mentioned make you happier? Interpret away!

Anything else your pal should know about you? Is there anything left? I think this questionaire was more thorough than my "99 things". If my pal needs more info then there is that little button up there at the top of the page or just ask.

Thank you all for your well wishes.
I'm healing slowly but surely.


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