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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Merry Christmas

It's entirely possible the heat has finally fried my brain to a point where it will not return. The humidity has sopped around inside my skull and made the brain so floaty it's no longer attached to anything usefull. Yes, I may have been struck stupid. On the other hand I could be yarn obsessed and grasping for excuses.

The excuse (not that I need one) this time is Christmas presents and sales. I think I can actually blame my Mom for startig this. She saw one of my books and fell for a sweater. She even told me the color she prefered it in. Do you see how all these excuses and by displacing the blame, that no yarn purchases (immense yarn stash) are ever the fault of the yarn buyer?

While I searched for the yarn she wanted, I found sales and killer prices so you know what I had to do.... I had to get yarn for sweaters for everyone. Or at least plan for them. I did actually find suitable yarns in my stash for some.

Now I have a lofty list of sweaters and other items for Christmas. I even took pictures to keep reminding myself of what is on the list and what I want to do.

The sweater list:
Mom (who started it all) wants the Tutti Twist Sweater from "Knitting over the Edge" knit in Cranberry Wool ease.

Dad doesn't know what he wants but he'll be getting a Raglan sweater with cables of my design knit in Wool ease.

I'd like to knit something for the husbeast but the last sweater I made is really just too warm for my hot man. Since I seem to be on the wool ease kick for those that don't want 100% wool that's what I chose here. The pattern is from a Vogue Men's Issue in 2002.

Princess M will of course need a sweater for Christmas. I'm thinking some sort of snowflake raglan in the red and white stuff, or I may have to go with that wonderful fuschia. I'd rather do the red one but I'm not sure if the midget will go for something that isn't PINK!

Now that there will be a new member to the family this holiday I can't forget about Princess K. I'm thinking of making her a vest in this superwash sock yarn.

I know I'd like to do a complicated fair isle for her. There is just something so cute about fair isles on kids. I just haven't found anything I've wanted to do yet. This simple vest might just get changed into a much bigger project.

In case you don't know, Christmas presents around here are delivered anytime between December 24th and sometime in March. It's highly possible that it's stretched further than March this year but that's the goal. Who doesn't like 3 months of Christmas?

Of course I could be waylaid at any time by one of the other projects I dug (purchased) yarn out for...

I have a few new designs which are to be done in more woolease:

I have 4 to 8 of each color shown. I don't know what's wrong with me and the wool ease explosion going on here. I like this stuff and it was on sale so I guess I just couldn't help myself. I think most knitter/stashers can understand the "I couldn't help myself" defense. It's possible that one or 2 of the "designs" could be turned into gifts.

And then I have projects for me.....
Rogue in Paton's Classic Merino. I was thinking of doing it as the cardi but now I think I want to do it as a pull over. Maybe I'll so a second one at some point but I like pullovers as much as cardis.

Paton's has a cable hoodie that I've been wanting to make for a long time. It resembles a sweater that I've loved and have outgrown. I mean, I've outgrown it even if I wasn't 30 pounds heavier with a baby. There is no chance that I'll be getting back into it either, I happen to like food (celery is not food). I definitely need to replace it at some point with this:

Heather from Rowan's "A Season's Tale". I want to make it in Cascade 220. I keep telling myself it looks like a really quick knit. I could do this before I worked on everyone else's sweaters.

I have to admit, this isn't even close to the amount of sweaters I have on my list or even sweaters that I have the yarn for. It's just what I've dug out and packaged up to be knit. That is the first step to switching yarn from "stash" to "WIP".

We'll see how far I get or if I get completely waylaid and I'm the only one that ends up with pretty new sweaters. I do love knitting for ME.


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