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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More Maryland

I've seen great reports listed all over the place, but I need to add more of mine. If you read Purlewe then you've read about the same stuff.

Husbeast and I set out for Philly to go stay with Anj and Sue. They have a cute apartment and very comfy. They made us feel right at home and Anj makes yummy foods. We spent most of the night getting settled and talking a ton. Ok, so we talked a ton all weekend.

We did the fabulous tour of Philly. I can't believe how much we walked around that day. We got to see a good amount of Philly and it's definitely a great city that I wouldn't mind visiting again. Then at night we went out to a Drag King Contest. What a hoot! We all had such an amazing time and I got to meet Ella who was going to MDSW with us and Jay got to meet Tony (Ella's husband and Jay's "man-date" for Saturday)

Anj, Ella and I set out for Maryland while we left Tony and Jay asleep with the idea that they'd meet up later. The drive alone was fun. Giggles and chatting never stopped. The second we got through the gate the "spawn" started to groove. Can you say "fiber babe"? After marveling over the possessed looking belly, we started up slowly looking at the tents on the way, trying to make our way to the bathroom line (we figured why not get in line first thing, it can't be that bad that early). Almost immediately we were found by Rachael and Lala.

Can I just say that these 2 are way cuter and cooler than they seem on the net. And they already seem awesome on their blogs. Fabulous gals, we ran into them constantly over the next 2 days. In fact the last time we saw them for Saturday Rachel and Lala both were carrying large bags and Rachael was strapped to a wheel. They were definitely my heroes for the whole festival. I didn't see anyone else with such an impressive haul.

Then we found Norma and after a princeton hug with Anj

she whisked us into the Main building where this photo was taken:

Left to right is Ella, Anj, Me (with spawn) and Jen of Spirit Trail who is helping a customer. She needed to be in the picture but was just to busy (which is a good thing). The spirit trail stuff is awesome. I made my first MDSW purchase there.

At this point we checked on the boys who were going to raise hell in Philly and go see yucky things at the Mutter Museum. They seemed almost as giggly as we were. Well, boys don't get giggly of course but they were at least having a good time while all of us gals were getting wool high.

Then I met a million other people. Clara, Laura (who gave me an awesome little pink tail for miss M), the Philly Knitters, and so many others. I know I left names out and I'm sorry. I had people over load. My memory isn't exactly what it used to be (pregnant brain) and I'm not that good with names anyway. Sorry, you can always stab me with a comment and remind me. I should have taken more pictures. I'd be sure to remember then.

I was woefully informed (can you see the big pouty lip?) by Elisa that my secret pal was at MD but didn't see me. Even the tail didn't help. Next time I'll have to move slower and carry a large sign. Go see Elisa's site, there are links to most of the people I met as we were leaving the festival.

This is Ella and Anj petting the teddy bears with long legs, AKA Alpacas.

We walked around a ton more. Anj tried out everything that spun. Mostly I watched until we got to the Robin wheels. I'm drooling right now just thinking of them. I wanted to beg him to just let me stay in the booth for the rest of the day playing with the wheels. Anj and I didn't buy much, saving ourselves for Sunday, but we got to enable Ella in her purchases. Ella got some great things, of which I have no pictures of. I was in such a wool-drug haze that I kept forgetting I even had a camera.

I'm not going to keep blabbing, even though you know I could. I had so much fun with Ella and Anj. I hope to see Ella again sometime and I KNOW I'll be seeing Anj again. In fact we are thinking of Rhinebeck 2006. Now I'll stop babbling and give you 1 final picture.

Left to right is Stephanie, Lala, Rachael, and Anj. Can you see those ginormous bags in front of Rachael?!!?!
It was a pleasure meeting everyone, I'm sorry I don't have all your names and links here. Yarn Harlot, thank you for the good luck baby tap.

Tomorrow I'll show off the new stash and Friday I have a little contest.


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