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Friday, January 07, 2005

Hugs and Kisses

I put off buying the Hugs and Kisses pattern until yesterday. I'm suppose to finish one project before I start another. I'm a good girl, following my rule and all. Although more projects may be hitting the UFO pile. Really, lace work is impossible to do with a 4 year old that talks constantly. I'm not over exagerating. This child is always talking, always. Yes, even in her sleep she mumbles. Can you tell what she's doing right now as I type this? On the good side, she has an amazing imagination. Some of the stories are so incredible that it's had not to listen at times.

How can one do lacework when you are trying to pay attention to the mermaid that is so strong even though she is only 4 and she is very brave too because there is a curse that was put on her family by the tiny man that lives in the mountain, so she trudges up the mountain to vanquish the evil man using all her powers and saves the village to come home and be greeted by her love Derek (large Shrek doll), and they kiss but then they are tripped and fall because there are so many evil little sea horses swimming around them, so the little mermaid has to help Derek and then save all her little brothers and sisters...... There was no punctuation because the child tells stories like one huge run on sentence. Therefore, Charlotte may be put on the back burner until I have a few days of quiet time.

Oh, what was I talking about?
Ahh, yes, Hugs and Kisses Socks created by Susan and all proceeds given to Oxfam. So if you don't have yours yet, go get it and then join me for the knit along.

I waited to buy the pattern until I hit the sleeve cap of Manly which was 2 days ago. Then I told myself I had to spin the yarn to give me more time to finish Manly.

Manly isn't quite finished. Those are the sleeves, no they aren't on needles. Woohoo!

The yarn is done though.

I need to finish up Manly tonight because the sock yarn will be dry and I can cast on over the weekend.

If you want to help out great organizations, there are many ways:

There are great things happening in Harlotteville. Go check out this week's postings if you haven't already. Who wouldn't want a pair of mitts knit by Stephanie herself?

Susan's Hugs and Kisses Socks that I just talked about.

Eyelet Rib Wristers This is another pattern that will give proceeds to charity. The knit along for this is the same as the hugs and kisses socks one.

Many good Businesses will be giving a portion of profits to charity. Including me. A portion of all sales from either website will be given to charity. This doesn't count ebay sales, just from Spunky Eclectic or The King's Pottery. Husbeast made a donation already and I hope to be able to make another one after the sale is over. This is the best idea I could come up with. It's really heartwarming to see how many people are stepping up to help. I like to try and help even if there isn't a world wide disaster. Maybe this will bring to light all the people that need our help everywhere.

There, that's it. I know you may be sick of hearing about charitable stuff but I don't put it on here as often as I could. The charities are there for a reason. We are really lucky.


I enjoyed the story about the beautiful mermaid and her love Derek. Kids are amazing..... Love your vest, the cables are just a perfect touch. The gloves are incredible.
The yarn you spun is yummy.

Thank you for sharing the mermaid story. Your daughter rocks. (Well, you know that already, but still.) Thanks for sharing it. :)
I think I just figured it out , your the one who had the chick that does the loose ends knitting blog and you killed her?
For your info, this is a new service for sellers to find buyers on eBay: http://www.tobayornottobay.com Please feel free to delete this comment if you wish. Thanks!
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