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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

FO and SP4

IMHO I just love SP's. AFAIK it should be fun. I want to do it ASAP. When I got the Email I thought NFW! It's time already. IAE I did sign up. The last 2 SP's I gave to fell off the earth. I'm trying to T+ that SP4 won't disappear. Oh, BTW I have a FO to show. It's not for my MIL, SIL, or DD but for Mom. I just want to say TIA.

Are you ROTFLAO? Or have you had enough of the abbreviations. Sometimes I feel bombarded with abbreviations when I read posts in certain forums. Using that many abbreviations doesn't come naturally to me. I looked up a set of them Here. I bookmarked it so I'd have some clue as to what people are talking about. Of course, I'm sure you don't need that guide. I'm sure you are all much younger and hipper than me.

Remember the vest I promised a modeled shot?

I suck so bad at taking photos of me. So you get a picture of Siouxsie wearing it. I wore it all day on New Year's Eve, until I was too hot in it. I love this new vest.
My design
Sirdar discontinued yarn
US 9 needles.

The gloves.

Stick 'em up!

They are now happily on the hands of my Momster. I love how the palms came out. I made great modifications to the pattern in the book, but they came out pretty close to their picture anyway. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to do Fair Isle mitts and gloves. It was a fairly quit knit when I actually worked on it.
Knitting Fair Isle Gloves and Mittens
Whalsay Vertical Star
Cervinia sock yarn
2.75mm needles.

I was afraid to sign up for another Secret Pal. The women that gifted me in the last 2 were awesome. I'm afraid for the people that I gift. All you out there better hope that you don't get me. I gift nicely and I really like to give, that's not the problem. Bad things happen to my SP's. SP2 disappeared at the beginning of the program and only resurfaced at the end. Through a series of unfortunate events, she was unavailable. I have talked to her since and she is ok. As for SP3, I know she got her first package and then she disappeared and I still haven't heard from her. I can only guess the earth had a hiccup and she fell off. Their blogs go without updates, emails were unanswered, and e-cards not picked up.

I'm afraid for my next SP. I like to gift things so I figured I'd give it one last try. If this SP disappears, I promise I'll quit signing up for these. If SP4 starts and bad joojoo comes your way, I bet you have me for your SP. Let me just applogize right now.


The gloves are gorgeous! I just pulled that same book out of my library to start using up some of my sock yarn. I'm glad to see that yours came out great. Good luck to your SP4!
It's all so wonderful! You are a knitting and finishing goddess.
I love the vest. It's so cold and ick here today, I really need one of those. NO, no, I must actually complete one of my current projects first!

Well I can't speak for the people you had, but I can say that it was wonderful being your secret pal. I'm looking forward to SP4 starting too. Good luck to you.

Beautiful vest!

Sweet Jeebus! Those abbreviations are maddening! Make it stop!!!

So being your secret pal is king of like being a drummer for Spinal Tap...?
Love the vest and gloves...although when I look at the palms too long I get dizzy ::lol::. Are you trying to hypnotize us???
Is that your Boogie Vest pattern, the one in Knitty? I think I'm gonna have to knit one for moi. It looks so flattering on Souixsie. Hey, that would be a great handspun yarn project! Hmmm...where's that crockpot?
Beauty eh? I love the gloves.

beth (big geek)
Oh Garsh. Younger and hipper than you? Is that what it takes? Because I have a MPP -- MAJOR PET PEEVE about those danged abbreviations. I thought of posting about it one day, but worried I'd hurt people's feelings. But if I see DH or DD one more time I think I'll barf!!! All I can think of each time is Designated Hitter and Diggity Dawg. So, you're making a sweater or a scarf or socks for your Designated Hitter? How nice. Yes, please make it stop! ;-) Now, that little vest is a cutie! and those gloves....I only hope I'll be good enough someday. You go, girl. Norma (yes, THAT Norma -- of Now Norma Knits)
I love how your vest came out...the yarn, the color...beautiful!

Amazing gloves I must say. You wear them well! :-)

It's the "Younger" "hipper" thing about the abbrviations that gets me. Like there's some funky club where everyone knows what's going on and I'm the girl sitting on the couch...nobody quite knows who invited me, or what I'm doing there, but I don't quite get all the inside jokes and it shows.
I deeply covet the gloves. Maybe I'll use that palm for the MSF.

Yarn harlot
mmmm. coveting that vest.

and i signed up for sp4. i have a job, so i can swing $50 over 3 months...i think. i hope.
hey, any chance you'll be posting the revamped vest? v-necks are MUCH more flattering on me :) and i've already almost-worn-out my original Boogie vest!
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