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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Here I am with your Boogiefied holiday shopping guide. Maybe not the most comprehensive one but I just can't help myself. I love passing on good info.

**edited section due to new info**
I've removed the Salvation Army stuff because of all the issues and this is a knitting blog. I think they still do some good in the community. While many stores seemed selfish in banning SA. The holidays to many are about giving and peace. Make peace with those you need to and give from your heart.

I would never say where you can or cannot shop. What I've got for you are alternatives for your holiday shopping pleasures if you want them. I love to shop with local people or look for special handmade gifts and smaller stores. I have a few links on my link page. But I'll put them all here for you too. I hope it helps you to find some good people to shop with.

Lets start with my stuff (sorry couldn't help but pimp myself a bit)
Pottery and Yarn, Rovings, Knit Bags and Hats and of course My ebay store. And I just created a new bag, a back pack, that is at an introductory price until the end of the year. If you put "Boogie" in the comments I'll upgrade you shipping to Priority at no extra cost. Ok, so I pimped my stuff a lot.

This gal makes fabulous yarns, check out Pippi Knee socks Her colors really are to dye for.

Amazing soaps and lotions with terrific service. Botanical Soaps
of Maine

Laura's stuff kicks butt. All organic catnip and more. She also has fabulous stuff for the pooches in the family. I've known Laura for years and she loves animals and it shows in her products. Kennebec river Company

If you are looking for quilts and wall hangings I'll have some fabulous stuff from my mom and aunt soon. I'll be taking their stuff to The SPA knit and spin with me and I'll be working on their website soon. If anyone is intersted you can email me and I'll get you some more information about what is available.

My SIL and BIL also do stuff. They make pet feeders and Doggie treats that Min and Kayla (my 2 beasts) will attest to their goodness. They also make yummy candles, lotions, balms, chapsticks and soaps. Petworks of Maine

Ikebanaware Mark makes the most amazing pieces. His stuff is so pretty. Really unusual and worth checking out.

Doug cracks me up whenever I am at a show with him. New England Twists Jewelry is some really pretty stuff. He does great work and he's a fun guy.

Go see what Roxie has going. She has great orginal patterns, catnip toys, and handspun yarns not to mention a fully stocked yarn store. Plus she keeps up a blog.

I can't forget Goose Pond She's the one that makes those cool sheep gauges. But Susan also makes jewelry, ornaments, frames and more. All kinds of themes but has great knitting and spinning stuff for all your fiber friends.

The knitting bag lady on Ebay makes some really nice bags. She's a sweet lady to boot.

For fantastic Jams and such go see Gyspy wind. Great products. They have the best sugarless jams I've ever had.

Normally I might avoid too many specialty condiments but Mother's Mountain is unavoidable. They have recipes that have been passed down for generations and the stuff is soooo good. I made the most amazing pasta salad the other day with their Honey Mustard. Another plus is that many of their products are gluten, wheat, and sugar free.

Did your Mom or Gram ever put up canned goods for the winter? Stanchfield farms has canned goods just like Gram's stuff. But it's not just homemade canned goods, they have a barbeque sauce that you could use on cardboard and have it come it out good. Yummy stuff.

Susan has the most fun clothes ever. Zaz and Moe clothing for adults, babies and kids is so funky and cool. Definitely worth a look for something special.

Grampa's Garden has great herbal hot packs and they even make a teddy that you warm a belly pack and it's soothing for babes and adults. This is my favorite item of theirs. My next favorite item has to be their fleecy slippers that you can warm the soles too sooth tired cold feet.

Mountain Mama of Maine. More herbal stuff but different from the rest. She has a lip balm that will cure your cold sores over night or if you use it regularly you won't get any. No kidding, I got some for Husbeast and he was cured instantly. Her stuff kicks ass.

I showed you the cute little sheep that I got from Mudpuddles and Pudding. Terri went and got one. You know you want one too. Or maybe you know a very desrving person.

I just found Glamscience over the weekend. Fun stuff! You need to check it out. I'll definitely be getting some notecards from her.

Ok, is this shopping overload? I'll have this up on my Links page too so you will be able to access it. I hope it helps you to get some great and unique gifts for people. And speaking of gifts. I got a cute knitting ornament from Roxi.

Thank you for all the great comments yesterday. Some of you sound like you need to try and make nice with your sewing machines or maybe kick them into submission

Anyway, now that I've taken up your whole day with shopping I'll let you get to spending your money. If your boss catches you, it's ok to blame me. I'll take the heat.

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