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Its all true, the boogie girl is real, and you've found her. She knits, sews, spins, does pottery and writes it all down in this blog.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Ahh, my most favorite of all holidays.

Cutie pies in costumes:

Thankfully she wanted to wear this one again and I didn't have to make a new costume this year. Next year I'm going to try and talk her into being a zombie.

Pumpkin guts:


Cool skully materials become available:

Why can't they have these all year round?

Goodies galore!:

These are no bake cookies that I made for my little ghoul last night and then took a picture under the cover of darkness. You have to be sneaky taking pictures of cookies, especially Halloween cookies. They might jump out at you and try to commit suicide by being eaten. I wasn't as stealthy as I thought because just after I had taken this picture one of the little cookies forced it's way into my mouth.
No Bake PB cookies
1.5 Cups Sugar
6 Tbs Butter
1 5 oz can of evaporated milk
--Bring these ingredients to a rolling boil and continue to boil for 3 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients:
1.25 Cups Peanut Butter (chunky or smooth)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 Cups rolled oats
--you can add nuts or food coloring if you like. Then drop spoonfulls of the mixture out onto a silpat or wax paper. Let them set up and cool. You can always put them into the fridge to make it faster. To add the chocolate chips - don't add it to the hot mixture. I just made faces or sprinkled them on top of the cooling cookies.

The next picture doesn't have much to do with Halloween other than this is what I woke up to this morning:

I think I need sock yarn in these colors.

I hope you all have a safe and scary Halloween.


Friday, October 28, 2005

No Pictures

A few of you just left at seeing that title. I think it's interesting how large a part pictures play in blogs. The pictures don't need to be great, but they need to be there. Is it more important to the blog reader or the blogger to have photos?

As a blog reader I like to see photos of projects. It's not ciritical, though. When I happen upon a new blog I read the first couple of entries regardless of photos. I won't say pictures aren't important, I do really like seeing them, it's just that some blogs are going to be interesting even without photos.

As a blogger I have to have photos. I feel naked without them and no one needs to be seeing me naked. I'll still post without them, obviously, but I'd rather have them.

This is a huge switch for me. I've never been a photobug. You might be able to tell because of the poor pictures that I do take. I have 8 rolls of film sitting in a baggie. 5 of them have been there 4 years or more. So even when I do take pictures, I don't bother with them much after that. I'm too busy living and enjoying the happenings to always remember to take pictures. Still, I take far more pictures now than I ever have.

Simply put, my kids are going to have very little evidence of their childhood but I'll have great pictures of the yarn and knitwear I made at that time!

Now that I've been blathering about photos I should let you know that I'm not getting "deep". Hell no, I'm still the same shallow Boogie gal. This post has been brought to you by my photo editing software deciding to go to hell. Or wherever else photo editing software goes to die.

I'm spending any spare time I have today, trying to figure out where to get free editing software or if I can make use with whatever came with the computer.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

HUGE Update - Part 2

Dying and Spinning

I've been doing my share of this. And at times, someone else's share too. I've been doing a little that I get to keep. Many rovings are up for sale HERE I'll also have many yarns heading out to Kpixie soon. What they don't get I'll put them up on Spunky Eclectic

Baby Boogie

She's gained over 2 pounds since she was born and is actually starting to fill out her clothing. I never thought she'd chunk up. The past three weeks feel like it's been a couple of months at least. Not in a bad way, just seems impossible to have crammed everything into 3 weeks.

I haven't mentioned much about our non-sick pup. This is our old lady naughty dog. Min dog has been trying really hard to adjust to another kid and having a gimpy dog around.

Vogue Knitting

I know some of you saw it. Someone has pottery in Vogue Knitting.

Knitting Bags

A totally new bag! The Downtown Bag. I know I mentioned it eons ago and never followed up. Believe it or not, I haven't had much time to design a new bag. Over the weekend I finished this prototpe. I then added a zipper yesterday. I thought it didn't need a closure but I've changed my mind. The nice thing about these bags is that each one will be a one of a kind custom bag.

I also have new fabrics for the collegiate bags. I didn't think I'd like these bags as much as I do. I made them to fill a niche, but I totally love the simplicity of them now. If I'm not careful I'll have too many bags. Oops, I may already have reached that point in some peoples eyes. I'll worry when my yarn stash is able to fit all in bags.

Ok, I think that about takes care of everything I could think of.
I need to get to work and then visit Gram later today. She's getting sprung tomorrow!


Monday, October 24, 2005

HUGE update - Part 1

I'm not always good at remembering to update things. Oh, I come to the blog and I prattle on and on but I leave you all hanging. There's always something new to prattle on about. Today, to answer a few questions and to update on things yet to be asked, I'll tell you all what's going on over here at the Boogie house.


She's doing good and still crocheting. That blanket is what she had done the end of last week, I think it's almost finished. She's still having sight and comprehension problems, but hopefully she'll be leaving the nursing/rehab home the end of this week.


My big baby came home last Wednesday. It's getting hard to get a picture of her that doesn't show some scar or other. Poor pup. She was really happy to be home, as you can imagine. She's moving around easier, eating better, and so much happier than she's been in the past couple of weeks. I didn't get to talk to the vet about specifics when I picked her up, he was in surgery. I'll get to talk to him next week and I'll try to remember to update then as well.


Retro Prep is doing well. I'm into the body increases. If only I could stay awake at night I'd get this done in no time.

I did just knit a new shawl for myself, so I figured I better put the Kepler on hold and concentrate on all the Holiday gifts I need to do. I still may pick up Kepler when I need some cabling. I really want this sweater for myself. It may end up winning out over the X-mas sweaters at some point. And how are those coming along?

That's the start to sleeve number one of Dad's sweater in the Denim Blue and the other stripey thing is the sweater for my cousin's baby that is due the end of January. Baby sweaters go fast so I have a good chance of finishing that one on time.


A couple people oohed and ahhed over my cables last week. I'm sorry to say, these aren't cables. I thought they were too when I first downloaded the pattern but they are really just a clever series of decreases with yarn overs. The pattern is River Rapids from The SockBug. If you haven't knit any of the Sockbug's patterns you need to go there now! Her patterns are easy to read and nice. If you're wondering what yarn I'm using, it's Fortisima Colori color 2417.

That's all I have today. Tomorrow I'll update on everything else that I can think of.


Friday, October 21, 2005

You all rock

So I'm giving you a big hug,

and a kiss

Well, I can't actually give you Kiss. But I would if I could. You all deserve to have Kiss for your very own.

Thank you for all your great comments about everything in the past couple of weeks. I haven't been able to respond to all of you but know that I appreciate all your wonderful thoughts sent my way. There are so many reasons that you all rock. Just know that I thank you. Even those of you that don't comment.

I've made you wait forever for this...
My Socktober sock:

I haven't had much time to work on it. Yes, it's a new one that I cast on for. You didn't think I'd finish up one of the 3 lonely sock WIP's did you?


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Poor Kayla dog is back at the vet.
She has a broken hip. I wish I had a picture of the actual xray because it's so obvious there is something really wrong, more than a broken bone. I found a pic of a normal hip on the net:

The pink line shows the break and the pink dot over the ball of the hip shows the part that looks like it was smashed. Yes smashed. As if that part of her hip was not bone but a sugar cube and it started to melt.

Yesterday was tough, they were talking about it being bone cancer where there is no surgery. So we took her to the best surgical vet in the state to be sure one way or the other. Dr Gauger called me about 8 this morning to let me know he doesn't think it's bone cancer but that she might have had a broken hip for a while and being broken the blood supply was cut off from the ball of the hip and caused the deterioration.

This happens to be the same hip that she had surgery on in July. I'm really wondering if there is something the vets could have and should have done that might have prevented this terrible break or at least could they have known about it. Was it already broken in July? Lots of ifs and I just want the poor baby to be without pain.

I'll get to bring her home tomorrow and then we'll have lots of therapy I'll have to work on with her. I feel like a bad dog mommy for not knowing about her pain earlier.

I need to try and get my work done now. I spent all day yesterday with the girls or carting Kayla around the state to one vet and then the other. I have new polar fleece hats that will be revealed soon. There is even a new sheep.

Since I don't have knitting for you today I recommend that you click:

Lolly is amazing. She is keeping up on all of the people in her socktoberfest. There are over 200 of us now!! Socks rock and so does Lolly!


Monday, October 17, 2005

I want my yarn

The sign of an addicted knitter or crocheter.
"I want my yarn"

No matter how ill or what's going on, we want our yarn and needles or hooks. It never fails. If our arms aren't strapped down, or if we can at least move one, we want to play with our yarn.

When I was in labor, I knit on my sock. It was the only thing that kept me half sane and calmed me down when I felt like hell. The end of last week, Grammy asked for her yarn.

Grammy can't read at the moment. She can't comprehend the words and she's a little confused at times. This is what the stroke has done but hopefully she will get it back at some point. She's in rehab so there is a good chance she'll be able to re-learn the things that she's lacking. I think she is happier, however, that she can at least still crochet. My mom brought her the project she was currently working on and she was to pick up where she left off.

Any one that sees Gram, can tell that being able to work with her yarn makes her happy. Any other person that is also fiber addicted knows how truely great she must feel knowing that the yarn will flow effortlessly through her fingers. Reading and remembering certain things may be a challenge, but at least she can crochet. As you can imagine, it's making her feel much calmer about being in the rehab home.

I don't have a picture of what she's working on but I do have my last little FO. And I do mean little.

This is the best picture I could get at this time of day. I'll see if I can convince the littlest Boogie to model them at some point. She's having a fussy morning, no one likes Mondays. Thank you all for the great comments about the socks and Baby Boogie from Friday.


Friday, October 14, 2005


I don't own most of the socks I've knit. My parents like them so much that they have the majority of my hand knit socks. Each holiday that's what they get, socks. It's what they want and what they appreciate. Dad works outside on construction and he snowblows driveways in the winter. He really needs wool socks more than anyone. Especially since he does our drive for free. I hate shoveling that thing. I'm shivering at the impending winter shoveling.

Last year when he bought new work boots he made a point of telling me that he got boots one half size too big so that he would be able to wear thicker wool socks. He can wear one pair of my socks and his feet stay warm all day as opposed to those nasty store bought ones. When someone loves your socks that much, how can you not knit for them?

These will be Dad's birthday socks this year:

Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Needles: US3
Pattern: Simple toe up

I cast on for a new pair, of course. It's just too dark now to get a decent picture, not to mention pointless since all I've completed is the ribbing.

I know I promised everyone sweaters for the holidays but I'd also like to get them a pair of socks each too. I have just slightly over 2 months to accomplish this. I'm not throwing in the towel on the sweaters but I'm sure they'll be late. Socks might be a little more realistic. Stay tuned.

For those that are wanting some pics of the babe...

This is my view of sweetie resting in her sling as I work.


Thursday, October 13, 2005


Did you see the Socktoberfest Lolly's got going. You need to make more socks. You need to be a part of Socktoberfest. Because unlike most other Octoberfests, you won't have a hangover in the morning.

More about me and my socks tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Scarf Exchange

Thank you scarf exchange pal Amanda!!

The scarf is gorgeous and will surely keep me warm. I love that "My so-called scarf" pattern. The mug is perfect, I like huge mugs and those cards are gorgeous. Thank you for being so sweet.

Thank you all for well wishes about Grammy.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Milking the Cows

That sounds funny. As if my 91 year old Grammy is currently in labor. Ha. She's not in labor now but she had 6 kids, so she was in labor at one time. Out of all the 6 kids there is only one labor story she has told me. It's the one that proves how tough she is.

She was pregnant with her 3rd or 4th child and living on the farm that she still lives on with my parents. It was her second house with my grandfather. They both used to work in mills but when Grammy started having kids she quit the mill and just took care of the kids and the farm during the day. Gramps still went to the mill to work, as luck would have it though, he worked at a mill that was about a half mile down the road from the farm.

One day Gram wakes up in labor. Not heavy labor but after having had a couple kids, she knew about how much time she had. She got Gramps off to the mill and her eldest child off to school. Then she went out to the barn to feed the chickens and collect eggs. She tidied and got ready for the birth of her next child. When she was sufficiently ready she called the doctor to let him know.

Before lunch came around she gave birth to this child. Now she doesn't give anymore details until later in the day. The story continues when it's late afternoon and the cows need to be milked. Yes, this woman that jut gave birth goes out and milks the cows. I think there were only 2-4 cows at the time but really, isn't milking one cow after giving birth a little much?

People have wondered why I'm back to work so soon and I'll give the answer my Gram gave me when I questioned her about the milking of the cows, "Things just need to be done. The cows need to be milked and it was my job so I did it." There, that's why I'm working again so soon, the cows need to be milked folks.

I did take several days off. I'm not Grammy tough. What did I do on my days off?

While Grammy was in labor she took care of business.
I knit and whined:

After giving birth Grammy took care of business.
I knit and whined:

I'm still knitting and whining while Grammy is spending some time in the hospital. She had a minor stroke yesterday. We're hoping she has a full recovery like she did after the last one. She still has a roomful of yarn to play with and a million more stories to be told.


Friday, October 07, 2005


Just to be evil and make sure your addictions are still running strong...

If you live in the area of Maine or you just like to take drives, Halcyon is having it's annual open house. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it this year but it has been an amazing sale in the past. If you're able to go, think of me and then buy yourself a ton of stuff!

If you're in the Boston area and don't feel like driving all the way up to Maine (even if it is worth it), you have your own sale at Windsor Button. Thank you Anne for the heads up on that one.

Then there is Simply Sock Yarn. They still ahve sale yarns but they also have a few new ones. I'm drooling over the Opal 6 ply DK. I'm trying to resist typing in one of each please.

Of course there is always Elann and Knitpicks for everyday killer prices on their yarns.

I know there are other sales out there. Leave them in the comments. Everyone that comes by this holiday weekend needs to know where they can empty their wallet. It's our duty to let them know where they can do so.

Have a great holiday weekend. See you Tuesday.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Needles

Normally new knitting needles aren't something to talk about. I buy new needles as I need them without even thinking. They're utilitarian. They're tools. Wood and plastic and sometimes metal, needles are nothing special.

Sure we can amaze at how nicely they will work with a certain project. Wood for this yarn and metal works better with that yarn. Of course, we've all been awed by our interchangeable needle sets. When I got my set of Denise needles I spent a good amount (maybe too much) time adding cables and changing cables with the needle tips. I made super duper long circulars and positively tiny ones. I'm easily amused, obviously.

Still, it's the yarn that usually gets all the recognition. Yarn, yarn, yarn. It's the needle that compliments the yarn, not the other way around. Have any of you specifically bought yarn because you thought it would be loved well by your needles? Nope. But I've bought needles because my yarn asked for a certain type. Always the yarn ruling the day.

Until now. I just got a pair of needles from Alyx.

My poor photographic skills just can't capture the beauty.

These needles are singing for some yarn! They aren't just pretty, they're lighter than I thought they'd be. So light and smooth I know I'll just sail along in my project. I think they'll be perfect with the Twinkletoes yarn and the new shawl project. I just can't wait for the project to get here.

Thank you Alyx for the gorgeous needles!!
If you want a set too, Alyx is going to be selling her needles online soon. I know where I'll be shopping. I'm actually going to set aside some of my yarn budget to buy new needles that sing. How many people can say they have singing needles? Or needles that call out for yarn?

Thank you all for your compliments on the shawl. Haloscan still isn't sending me half the comments so it's hard to email back. And thank you for all your advice, even if most of it went over my head. I have no idea what half of these buttons are on here, maybe one of them is a macro something or other. Husbeast says he's going to try and help me with my photo illiteracy. I swear I went to art school and I did take Photography classes, but anything I learned seems to have escaped my brain.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pictures and Words

The saying goes - "A picture says a thousand words."
So would that mean that a thousand pictures say one word?
What do a ton of crappy pictures say?
Do I want to know what it says?

I think I need a professional photographer on call. And while we're at it, a make up artist. Ah hell, lets go all the way and say I want a body double to stand in for me too. Not just any body double. The double needs to look like what my minds eye thinks I look like, not the strange frumpy woman in her 30's that hides out in my mirror to scare me.

It took me more than 2 years to finally learn to use the digital camera well. Just when I think I can take a good photograph the thing takes a suicidal leap. I've had this new camera for a few months and I'm about to take the suicidal leap. I'm so lazy. I can't believe I have to learn to use a camera all over again. I'll show you all my feeble attempts and maybe you can gleen from it an idea of what the leaf lace shawl looks like.

Right now I'm thinking the best picture I took of the shawl was the first one:

But I wasn't satisfied and I took some self timed pics.


Really I don't move fast enough to warrant a blurry photo. In fact I try really hard not to move at all if I can help it. I'm not kidding. I really am working on perfect the frozen statue pose. I think it should be considered an artform.

I have a few pieces that actually show that parts of the shawl at least came out ok.


Maybe this one is good?

But I lost my head taking it.

and this one is the wide wing shot

for which I somehow looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame in all but this one. My excuse for that is that my boobs have gotten so big and heavy I hunch over. HA! At least it's an interesting excuse.

Ok. That's about all I took.
Does it say anything?
Do I have one word from a thousand pics? and what is that word? Wait, don't tell me. I don't want to know.

And just because the obsession continues...
I bought this pattern and am trying to figure out which of these yarns I want to use for it. You didn't think I'd be using stash yarn did you?


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You may have won a Million Dollars!!

Or maybe you didn't even open your Publisher's Clearinghouse Envelope. I know I didn't win or I'd be blogging to you from somewhere on a little island. I don't know which island, all I know is that I'd have my own little yarn store. Ok, it would be a LARGE yarn store. A really really really big yarn store. Maybe there wouldn't even be an island, just a beach and a yarn store. Yes, I'd share it. You can all come play in my yarn store.

We all know I'm some type of a wool pig and I might have enough yarn for a tiny little yarn store already. Although, the only beach I have is the dirt pile that sits next to a little blue kiddie pool. Anyone wanna come over? I at least know how to make Margaritas.

Now even though I'm a pig, I'm not a hog. I like to share my little stash and I'm going to do just that. There were 4 people that guessed Kate's birth date correctly and they will all get a prize. See, not a hog, just a pig.

In my own little scientific method of paper scraps and a funky hat. I've randomly decided who gets what.

Arleta get the original prize which is this yarn:

and the pattern to make a Black Sheep Kristina Bag

Jade will get 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon yarn:

And a copy of my mitten pattern.

Marta will get the Alpaca (tan) and the Smoke Ring pattern.

Dee Ann will get the Handpainted Blue lace yarn and the Elizabeth I pattern.

I hope you all enjoy your gifts.
Did you notice that some of these are scarf projects? I've gone from indirectly passing on the scarf bug to actually pushing it onto some of you. I'm not really that tricky, I can admit it. Maybe if I give away projects my obsessions I'll actually be able to move on to a new one.

...or maybe not.

Thank you all for the shawl compliments. I'm working on getting some better pictures. I swear that it's a nice looking shawl and it looks better on me than on the floor. Well, only slightly better, but that's still good enough to need another picture.


Monday, October 03, 2005

Home and FO

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and congratulations. I went in for a regular office visit but I felt like hell. My doctor took one look at me and sent me to the hospital. Seriously, I had not expected to be sent to labor and delivery.

Then once in Labor and Delivery I got the impression that they thought I shouldn't be there. No one thought I was in labor and thought I had false labor or possibly a urinary tract infection. Of course, I was't convinced I was in labor either but I was pretty sure my symptoms weren't that of a UTI. I had all the monitors attached to me, feeling like hell and thinking I would be fine to go home. Either cut me open or send me home. I hate waiting and if you know me, you know I had gotten quite cranky over the past couple of weeks. Luckily I brought my knitting. Although let me say with pains and proddings (if you know what I mean) knitting isn't always plausible.

Finally 4 hours after my original appointment it was indeed decided that I had started to go into labor and sending me home would be silly since I'd be back in a couple of hours. OK. Then the, "Oh shit! what did I do?!?!" feeling kicked in. Yeah, I know pregnancies usually end in some type of birthing thing but I must have subconsciously blocked the whole scenario out of my mind because at that moment I started to realize what was about to happen. "oh shit!"

I started to think what was I thinking, elective 2nd C-section!?!?! At least with the whole labor scenario the adrenaline takes over and you don't get a chance to think. Then I see husbeast walk in and I remember why I decided the C-section is a good idea. M was born with a large husbeast head and I have a little Boogie sized pelvis. You can use your imagination for the difference in sizes there.

Yaddah, yaddah, slice and cut, push and squeeze, a scream and cries (not from me, I was doped up), and stitch then puke (yes, that was me) yaddah, yaddah. We have a new litte baby girl. I was sprung over the weekend and let me just say even though I have a healing incision and all that, I still feel much much better than I have all summer. Whew!

Now for the knitting!
I finished a project Tuesday night but didn't have a chance to block it or show you. I have since blocked it and I have to say it is almost an instant gratification project.

Pattern: Leaf Lace Shawl from Fibertrends
Yarn: Lavold Silky Wool - 3 hanks
Needles: US6 (most people would probably use 8's)
Notes: I did 10 repeats of the pattern thinking it would be the smal size but it's a little larger than I expected. Of course I'm a vicious blocker as well. I'm thinking of making a second one, I enjoyed making this one so much.

The pictures are horrendous. I had to fudge with them just to see any detail. I miss my old camera. I'll see if I can get the husbeast or litte-beast to take action shots later today.

I didn't forget about the contest. There were 4 of you that picked September 28 as the due date. I'll announce the winners and the prizes tomorrow.


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Sharing certainly doesn't mean you can Steal bandwidth. Hotlinking is very bad.

Share nice and I'll be your buddy, be a troll and I'll torch all your needles.

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