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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hi everyone. This is Amy's husbeast.

I am proud to present Katanyna (aka Kate) being held by her big sister...

She was born at 2:30 this afternoon weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces. First thing she wanted to do, after screaming her head off when she was first born, was chow down. Mom is doing fine and is getting some extremely well deserved rest.

Obviously Amy won't be updating until next week earliest but she wanted you all to know that all is well.

Now if I can just stop smiling...


Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I've been remiss in mentioning some great new things from this summer. I always seem to have some other meaningless thing to blather on about. Today's blather isn't much different than the usual blather except that I have stuff to show off.

No, I'm not going over all the stash acquisitions from this summer. I don't need to embarass myself in that way. I swear I got good deals on it all - but "wool pig" wouldn't even cover it. I'm not sure what name I'd deserve if I showed it all. Let's just say, I don't need to find out what that name might be.

First up is from Bosworth

Ain't she a beaut?
It's a moosie spindle. That's moose antler. Yup, a whorl made of moose antler. I've wanted one of these ever since they were made available last year. It has a seriously great feel to it but have spun very little on it. I had no idea that this huge belly would make spindling so hard. I have no lap and that should have been my first hint. 6 days.

The other great acquisition is from Knit Pixie.

The big mass is silk roving. Pretty pretty stuff. It's nice to spin too. I also got some handpainted sock yarn and some grey yarn that needs to be a scarf. Yes a scarf!

Oh and now that we're on the subject of scarves....

Susan reminded of Lucy's Diamonds. What makes this scarf really special is the color of the handspun. I think I have my work cut out for me if I want to make this. Actually I think what would work great is making the scarf in white and then dying it afterwards. Who knows? We'll see what I can come up with.

The last scarf I have for you today is The Falling in Love Scarf from Fiber Trends. I was reminded that my MIL likes hearts ore than leaves so I may be giving the last branching out scarf to someone else and making my MIL this one in some blue Silky Wool.

You won't hear from me for a day or 2. Don't worry or think that something has happened. Although if there is any sense of mercy out there "something" will happen. I've just got all kinds of hospital pre-testing hoops to jump through tomorrow. I'll be busy and away from the computer. I'm sure I'll be waiting and knitting, knitting and waiting for most of my day.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Hugs, Kisses and a huge Thank you!

Over the weekend I had some glorious mail.

Sonja made me this:

You can't feel it but I wish you could. The combination of the super soft yarn and the texture of the pattern are amazing. I have to admit I've been using it around my shoulders at night. I'm pretty sure she meant for it to be used for Princess K but it's irresistable. Thank you, you are too sweet.

Maike made me this:

A couple of weeks ago I won the grand prize in the "Give a little" give away. They weren't kidding when they said grand prize. This little set is gorgeous. I can't wait to get it on the little kicking twisting uncooperative baby girl. Thank you Maike, it's simply beautiful.

This will make Lisa happy... I'm still sticking to one obsession. It must be some kind of record that this scarf obsession has lasted more than a week now.

I found another lacy scarf pattern
Marnie's Scarf
Isn't it gorgeous? I think I have the perfect yarn for it too.

Pretty pretty purple. this is Knitpicks Shadow in Vineyard.

I also cast on for an instant gratification scarf sort of project that isn't quite so instant in the gratification or finishing department. Can I get any more vague than that? Although there are some of you that seem to be able to follow my trains of thoughts no matter how they meander. I wonder what that says about you? Are you as nuts as me? Or are you just really good at working with the insane?

I present to you - a pile of knitted up yarn!

Someday when it's finished and blocked I swear it will be a pretty version of the Leaf Lace shawl. Well, it will at least be some sort of version of that shawl. I should have taken a picture when it was still manageable, but I'm sure if I have some sort of valid excuse as to why I don't have one. I just just can't come up with that excuse at the moment.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Scarves Again

I figured I should be consistent for a change. No head spinning osession changes this week. We'll continue on with the scarf thing. There are just so many beautiful scarves to knit that I can't believe I discounted them for so long. All that lace. It's like a little instant gratification lace project.

I needed some of that instant gratification yesterday and Maple Leaves was the one that called out to me. My trust ball winder and I set about winding that pretty yarn I showed off in Wednesday's entry.

We didn't get far before we hit a tangle.
Ok, I can work through it - HA - I fixed it and away we go. But something about this yarn led me to believe that wouldn't be it and my fears were founded. This was the tangle of the century. The yarn started to mock me at every turn and the tangle is deep. I've never come so close to trowing yarn away in my life.

I heard the gasp. You read that right. I wanted to throw it away. I haven't yet but I keep looking at it, sitting across from me. It's smug. It thinks it's won the battle. It sleyed the ball winder and now it wants me. Knowing its obvious vindictive spirit, I'm afraid if I turn it into a scarf that it will take that opportunity of eing around my sweet little neck, to strangle me.

Headlines: Crazy woman strangles by her own creation. In a weird twist of fate a woman was strangled by her own lacy scarf. It was beautiful I might add. No one saw anyone around her and the only conclusion we can come to is that it was a deadly scarf. Then the show a picture of the poor scarf being led away in handcuffs.

It's all too sad. I think if I decided not to throw it away the smartest thing to do would be to make it into socks. At least that way the worst it will do to me is kick me in the ass. And I can't say that I don't need a kick there every now and then.

My solution to the scarf thing?

I found some left over McIntosh colorway and went at it yesterday. Unfortunately I only have half of what I need to get the yardage for this scarf. So it's either make another dyelot and use this for a smaller scarf or move on entirely....

I really couldn't decide so I pulled out 2 more projects.

A Lisa Loyd desing that I got at Spirit Trails Fiber works. It's for a Zig Zag scarf. The yarn is the ill fated Merino I spun for Charlotte. I think it will be much prettier in this incarnation.

This is Fiber trends Leaf Lace Shawl. Thanks to a sale at my LYS this is a $16 project. The price is that of a scarf but is the gratification going to be instant enough?

Will I decide over the weekend?
Will an old or new obsession take over?
What will happen to our crazed knitter?
Tune in Monday - same bat channel - same bat time.

And just for Sandy - a sunset photo taken from my back door.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005


My plans are finally coming to fruition.

You all must knit scarves.
You crave them, you want them.
Lace or not, you all need to knit scarves.

Just in case I didn't "get" you yet, lets look at some yarn for these projects.
Day flower Scarf
This is some of my lace weight singles:

Tiger Eye Lace Scarf
Fleece artist Merino. It's not just sock yarn.

Elizabeth I scarves
I'm interested in doing 2 of these. One in my handspun lace weight (burgundy)and the other in Knitpicks Shadow (rust):

Oak Leaf Scarf
This is some lovely yarn acquired from lotusblossom on ebay:

Maple Leaf Scarf
Fingering weight wool and silk blend, handpainted in deep reds, oranges and yellows:

And so it doesn't look like all I do is moon over yarn...

It's a finished pair of husbeast socks.
Now if only I could get a modeled shot.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Scarf, scarf, scarf


I can't believe I've started to like making scarves.
As if the tally of sweaters wasn't enough of a reason to label me insane I have to talk about liking scarves! That's fine. Knit me a straight jacket and give me a padded room.

I finished 2 of the gift scarves.
1. Spider shadow scarf for Miss M:

Pattern: Shelridge Farms
Yarn: Patons Classic
Needles: US5
I know - you can't see the spider. If you look HERE you can see an older picture of the spider.

2. A branching out scarf for my MIL:

Pattern: Branching out from Knitty
Yarn: Paton's Classic (1 full sk = 25 repeats)
Needles: US8
I didn't block this scarf yet so it looks a little wonky. The only place large enough to block it is on the floor and at this stage I'm not crawling around on the floor with a scarf and blocking wires.

I have a few other scarves planned. I keep finding interesting lace patterns that I want to knit:
Day flower Scarf
Tiger Eye Lace Scarf
Elizabeth I scarves
Flared Lace Smoke Ring
Oak Leaf Scarf
Maple Leaf Scarf

I'm certainly not saying that I plan to do each of those. Eventually maybe, but right now I'll just pick a couple for Holiday gifts. I have plans to do one more branching out scarf in plummy purple. The only scarf on the needles right now is a simple Old Shale pattern knit in Knit Picks sock yarn:


Thursday, September 15, 2005


You all must really think I'm incredibly insane.
Not that I've given you any reason not to think that.

15 sweaters before Christmas?
Oh, yes. That would be the height of my insanity.
I'm not saying that I wouldn't ever come out with a statement that crazy.
I'm just not saying I want to do 15 sweaters this year.

I'm a stasher.
That should say it all.
I really did buy about 15 sweaters worth of yarn (maybe more, I don't want to admit too much). Much of that yarn is heading to the stash for me. All mine. Nine or more sweaters will all be mine! Yes, mine. Yay sweaters.
It's statements like those that must make me seem a little crazy. That's why you thought I'd do 15 sweaters. I don't blame you. I've given you no reason to think I have a sane bone in my body. In fact I'm not sure any of my family would think I have a sane bone in my body. I'm not going to argue with any of you.

What I'm saying this year is that I want to do 6 sweaters for the holidays. It should have dropped to 5 after finishing Miss M's Raglan but I added another sweater to the list. It's just a baby sweater so I should be ok in finishing that one quickly. No more babies or anything else ok? The list is long enough and I think I've hit the crazy mark already.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


What was I thinking? Everyone in my family gets a new sweater for xmas? I am truly insane. I think I was blinded by a yarn sale. Or two. Or three. Or maybe more, I lost track. I think in my scramble for a justification of buying 15 sweaters worth of yarn, this was the best I could do. Sweaters for everyone? I think my brain really is scrambled.

It would be nice for everyone to have a new sweater since Maine winters are cold. Wouldn't it be nicer, though, if all 15 sweaters were for me. No, wait. Naughty thoughts sneaking in. I don't really want 15 new sweaters. I don't have the closet room. Yeah, that's right. That's why 15 sweaters for me would be wrong. Maybe I could fit 10.

To make me feel a bit less crazy and more ordered, I've decided to schedule the million sweaters. This will hopefully also help keep me on track and from making 10 sweaters just for me. I wonder if I started to make closet space now, I'd find room? Wait, I won't do that. Here's the schedule before I get off track again:

Once I finish Retro Prep I'll cast on for Tutti Twist for Mom.
Once I finish Kepler I'll cast on another sweater for me.
Once I finish M's raglan (which I did)I'll start on my Dad's Raglan (which I will as soon as I rescue my size 5 DPN's from another project almost done).

Bringing up the rear will be my dear husbeast. I hate to put him last but his sweater will be similar to my Dad's If I have to frog due to a design flaw I'd rather rip a sweater for an average height man with a 42 inch chest than one for a tall man with a 54 inch chest.

Here's the finished little girly Raglan made of obnoxious fuschia Wool ease.

I like this design so much I want to make one just like it for me. As it happens I have a few skeins of Wool ease, Cotton ease, Paton's Classic, or Cascade 220 in colors that I like. There may also be a couple of choices in Noro Kureyon that I could use.

I'd love to show you my choices but if I took a picture of them all, husbeast would faint. Then because he's so big the fall would rattle the house. Stuff would fall off of shelves, things would be broken, really old dust would be dislodged, and the dogs would piss themselves they'd be so scared. I don't to be cleaning that badly. I think we'll just have to leave stash pictures out of this.

I believe it is safe to show you the yarn for Dad's sweater:

I'm itching to start this one. Speaking of which, I should get back to that project and free my needles.


Monday, September 12, 2005


Football means Fall
Fall means cooler weather
Cooler weather means a happier Boogie
A happier Boogie knits faster
Faster knitting means I have a chance to finish some stuff

I love knitting and watching the games. Taking breaks only to consume something nasty like velvetta/salsa dip or fried Jalapeno poppers. Mmmmmm heart clogging goodness. glug glug goes the heart.

And you know what?
There's more football on tonight! But I'll probably be asleep about a half hour into the game. This chickie can't stay up late anymore, but I might wake up and be able to watch the end of the game.

I've been working on a fair isle design that I can't show you just yet. But I can show you some things made for little feets. I know several pregnant ladies and booties are the cutest little gifts.

Cute slippers in Wool ease
These are from "50 Baby Booties..."
Ignore the wretched angle of photographing that makes them look like 2 different sized booties. I might make a little cardigan to match. My cousin will find out Tuesday if she's having a girl or a boy and these are hers if it's a boy.

Bitty Boogie Socks in Koolaid dyed Fisherman's Wool
I just made up the design as I went along. They seem perfect for fat little fit. The way Princess K has been kicking, I'm more inclined to think her feet are pretty boney and have very little fat on them at all. owie. So she'll be needing these to keep those boney feet warm.

I of course have more booties that I've been working on. So many little baby feet so little time. Good thing these are a super fast knit. I'm just procrastinating on the seaming and crocheting that contrasting little top edge.


Friday, September 09, 2005


Because no one likes to work on a Friday and I have nothing else for you. Oh, there has been knitting and some progress but how many boring pictures with no discernable difference does one person need. Hopefully I'll have something that shows real progress on Monday.

In the meantime...

Fly guy


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Teasing the slippery fingered lady

You know it's bad when even the dog is messing with you.

I'm a butter fingers. I have a serious case of the "drop-sies". I drop more than I can hang onto. I suppose the world figures that now that the baby has dropped and is in it's final stretch, why not make me drop everything else.

You're thinking dropping things isn't so awful unless we're talking about stitches. I do have more than my fair share of those too but this is just every day stuff I can't seemt o keep a grip on.

The really bad part is that right now I can't bend at the waist. Picking things up ihas become my daily aerobic exercise. Since I can no longer bend at the waist, I spend time trying to think of inventive ways to pick things up. I try to grab them with my toes. I swing out to my side with one leg out for balance, instead of in front. I do some serious squats. For each of these I better hope there is somthng nearby to grab onto or that item on the cloor will never make it into my hands. Finally I hollar for Princess M to come to my aid. This child has picked up more stuff for me lately.

The dog, the smart witty dog, has taken notice of this. She loves hanging out with me in the kitchen. If the slippery fingered lady that's the size of the house is going to be in the kitchen, something good is bound to hit the floor. Mmmmmm what is she cooking today, blegh, tofu. This dog hates tofu and most vegies.

Ha! I think the joke is on her. Normally I cook with alot of the foods she hates.

What does she do now? She spends time looking at me and at my feet. Her gaze will quickly go back and forth, me to my feet (which I can't see). This is all to make me think that I dropped something. So I step back (way back so I can see where my feet were standing) and there is nothing there.

I would think this isn't meant to annoy me, except this has become a game. She'll do this once or twice and then give up for the day because I've given up on her game. She'll wait a few days and try it all over again. I think I've finally caught on though. She's messing with me.

It's a hoot to make fun of the lady with the big belly.

Don't let her sweet face fool you. She's a master of deception and she'd be mocking you too if she could. It's how she passes her day, thinking of ways to make fun of the humans she owns.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Like a hummingbird

In season 5 of the Simpsons there was an episode where Apu Nahasapeemapetilon who runs the Kwik-E-Mart stayed awake for 96 hours. By the end of this shift he thought he was a hummingbird. There he was buzzing around the Kwik-E-Mart. Bzzzzt here Bzzzzt there. Arms flapping like mad. There is always something that can be related back to the Simpsons.

I've been my own little version of Apu this weekend. I haven't been awake 96 hours but I haven't had much sleep in general. I've been a drooling idiot. At times I've resorted to using my own version of sign language to try and get my point across when I forget how to speak. Then, I've been knitting as though I'm a humingbird. A few rows here, a few there. A pattern repeat on this, and a repeat on that. I've been flitting from one project to the next. As if the nectar on that sweater wil be better than the one I was just on. Oooh, a feeder, those are always easy pickin's. bzzt bzzt bzzt

I picked up the gusset stitches on the Husbeast Sock and I finished the first of the Lolipop Boot socks.

You might notice that I didn't kitchener the toe. The superstition and rule is that you can't "finish" a sock unless you are ready to cast on for it's mate. I have single socks around here that would that would let you know that rule/superstition is valid. I'll let this sock languish in this state until I'm ready to cast on for the other one.

I thoroughly ignored the scarves. I'm not sure why, it may have to do with having 3 sweaters to work on that I absolutely love: M's abnoxious pink sweater has the sleeves attached and I'm working up the yoke. Once I hit this stage on sweaters, it always seeems to go faster. There is just something exciting about a quickly reducing sweater.

Retro's body ribbing is done and I'm working on the stst section before the decreases. My lovely Kepler has one sleeve done. I'd like to cast on for the second sleeve today.

It's a homeschool day so we'll see if this little hummingbird gets anything done.

Have you seen the total in donations that Margene and Susan have gotten with their charity drive!?! WOW! Click on the little icon above and you can get to the "Give a Little" blog. Lolly got the first prize (a bag from me) but there are a million left. It's amazing and heartwarming. Knitters rock!


Friday, September 02, 2005

Holiday Weekend

I'm taking the holiday weekend off from blogging. I'd love to take it off entirely but I'm afraid if I stop the forward momentum with work now that I'll never be able to get the engines started again. I'm going to work hard today and maybe I can take part of Monday off.

Really I'm only here to bring attention to a donation drive that Margene and Susan are putting together.

THIS is the blog for it. Check it out. The first prize drawn will be from me - you can see pics of it on their blog. If you feel inclined to give to this charity then this is a good way to do it.

I hope you all have a good peaceful weekend.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Branching out

I've been branching out into scarves lately.
Yes you have the right blog.
I'm talking about scarves.
I know it seems foreign with all the whining I've done about them.
I've actually been making scarves!

Most specifically I've been doing the Branching Out scarf from Knitty. What a wonderful pattern Susan, Thank you.

I suppose I should explain why the maddness. Why did I finally decide to knit a scarf? I joined a scarf exchange. I know, what was I thinking? It didn't really hit me until I was paired up that I actually had to knit a scarf.
What a dunce moment I must have had signing up for that. I guess I just couldn't help myself. It must have been one of those crazy pregnancy moments. Like all that yarn I've bought. Yes, that's right, it's all because of hormones. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

If I were to ever knit a scarf, this is a great one to knit. In fact I've finished one and cast on for another. Knitting more than one of some pattern is very unlike me. Not only is it a scarf but I want to make more just like it. It must be an attack of the hormones again.

The scarf done in Lavold Silky wool. One skein, 25 repeats, over 5 feet long.

and closer because you know you wanna

This will be heading out soon to my secret scarf pal. Look at the cute little basket I painted for her too.

I hope she likes it.

The second one on the needles that will be a scarf for Mom in law:

It's being worked in Paton's Classic Merino, 10 repeats done so far. We'll see how much one skein will get me.

I have plans for a third one too.
Did you fall out of your chair?
I really should warn people when I've gone completely nuts. I bought another skein of Lavold silky wool in Plum to make another because it's just so easy and so pretty. Who can pass up a one skein project that can be done in a weekend, assuming you don't get distracted by other pretty WIP's.


A copyright is a copyright is a copyright. Don't copy copyrighted things without permission. You'll notice my stuff is all copyrighted. Its all for personal use and that's cool. That's sharing. Copying and selling my pattern is stealing. Same for all designers and their patterns. Play well and don't break copyright law. Share nice.

Sharing certainly doesn't mean you can Steal bandwidth. Hotlinking is very bad.

Share nice and I'll be your buddy, be a troll and I'll torch all your needles.

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