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Friday, July 29, 2005

Week of WIP's - Part 5
aka - The Retro Saga

I don't even remember how long I've had this yarn. A long time anyway. It's pretty Noro Kureyon in nice neutral colors. Something that someone could wear with almost anything. Something that should be made into a nice sweater for a sweetie. She deserves a nice sweater so why is it that I only have this much done?

Because of gauge.
If you've been reading a while you might know what I think of gauge. If not... Gauge is for sissies. I rebel against gauge. I scoff in the face of gauge. I never check gauge. I've been knitting so long I know what I "normally" get with certain yarns and I just go with that. Gauge can go take a long hike off a short pier.

This sweater I'm trying to meet gauge. I must be crazy. Some sort of insanity has come over me. I'm about to fall off the deep end and drown in a sea of gauge. If I say gauge one more time I'm going to have knit myself a straight jacket just to keep from hurting myself with tiny needles.

I have reached gauge. Why do I care? I want it to fit Anj well. She deserves a nice cardi knit by a friend. The only problem with the gauge is that I have to knit tighter than usual. I couldn't go down a needle size and knit looser, it just didn't work. I will get this sweater done. It may take a while. But I will get it done and it will be beautiful. And dammit, it will be the best fitting sweater ever!

If you thought I babied Kayla before...

It was cooler overnight and for some reason Kayla thought she needed to be covered up. How quickly we get used to the ridiculously high temps. I'm hoping she needs a blanket the rest of the summer.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Week of WIP's- Part 4
aka - A lesson in Patience

Friggin' shawl.
Shadow shawl can kiss my ever loving widening ass. oh, I know that's not nice and yarn has a way of retaliating, but this project really pissed me off. And I didn't even start to knit it! Can I blame my crankiness on the heat? on pregnancy? just because I'm bitchy and it's beginning to show?

The yarn winding alone is what drove me insane.

There was only one skein out of the 7 that didn't tangle like this, and this picture showed it after most of the tangle had been cured. Arggh. I think this yarn must have been wound into a hank by a one legged horse who is blind, deaf, and was battling a serious bout of the hiccups. It's a good thing the yarn is so luscious or I might have given up.

Ha - evil yarn! I win!

I'm counting this as a WIP just because it took me longer to wind it than it will take me to knit the first few pattern repeats. I thought I wanted to finish Birch before I started another shawl but I can't find a place to knit Birch that isn't sticky. Mohair is no fun when it's sticky. It looks like as much as I want Birch it will be set aside until the weather cools off a bit, or at least until the humidity is no longer 93% (that isn't an exageration, yesterday was 98F with 93% humidity). I want another shawl so I'll actually cast on for this soon.

In the meantime I really wanted a shadow project so I cast on for the spider scarf.

Cool huh? I love shadow knitting! If you haven't tried it, it's worth the leap, and so much easier to do than it sounds.

There is a highly fought over scarf in this house. It's a pretty green keyhole scarf that Anj made for me a couple of Xmas's ago. I'm going to fashion this after that per the orders of Queen M. Maybe I'll be able to get my green scarf back this year, if not I'll be wearing spiders. Good thing I love spiders.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Week of WIP's - Part 3
aka - The baby too

I've got something on the needles for the Munchkin child and for the Husbeast, I needed to cast on for the babe too. This might not be fr my babe however. My favorite cousin is pregnant as well and if she finds out she's having a girl, I'll give this one to her. If she's having a boy, I'll make her a new one of these in a less girly color.

It looks funny because I just cast on the extra stitches for the sleeves and I can't get the needles not to curl. If you need to make a baby sweater I highly recommend this. I worked on it for almost an hour last night. It's easy! Reynolds Blossom yarn and Reynolds Pattern #82244.

Just to make this post extra long and wordy, I was tagged by Dan yesterday. So I'm filling in the rest of today's entry with this:

10 years ago:
I was living in Santa Barbara, California. I was working in an office and had just been promoted to head of sales – which just meant I had to deal with the big accounts that needed more attention. I got my first tattoo from a friend that actual has become one of the more well known tattoo artists on the west coast. I spent all my weekends dancing it up at the local gay bar with friends. Life was easy and so was I (haha).

5 years ago:
I had been back in Maine for a couple of years. I had just had my daughter M. I had established my pottery business and was doing very well at it. Husbeast and I were not married yet (and wouldn’t be for another year).

1 year ago:
I was still working in pottery but expanding my fiber business. I had started to submit knitwear designs to magazines. I was diagnosed with PCOS. Other than that I was just enjoying my summer because it wasn't this freakin' hot!

I was sick and hot. I worked a partial day which was about all I could handle and spent the rest of my time trying to stay cool and not be sick.

I’m awake and I’m about to post my blog entry.

Hasn’t happened yet.

5 snacks I enjoy:
Vegies and dip, Cheese, cake, Soda, bread

5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics to MOST of their songs:
Ramones, Sex Pistols, Louis Prima (I know there is more but it's too early to think that clearly)

Things I would do with $100,000,000:
I’d give some to charities, save some so I’m not eating cat food in retirement, give some to family (family that I like), fix up the house, buy a vacation cabin and the lake it’s on, and basically not have to worry about how the next bill will be paid.

5 locations I'd like to run away to:
A quiet Island – I don’t need 5 locations, If I ran away I would just want to go someplace quiet where I don’t have to clean or cook (not that I do much of that anyway, I just feel like I should) or yell at anyone to behave.

5 bad habits I have:
Nail biting, stubborn attitude, whining(lately), eating sugary foods, not exercising. This is a question better asked of Husbeast, I'm sure he could come up with a few dozen more.

5 things I like doing:
Spending time with family and friends, pottery, Fiber stuff, eating, being outside (when the weather is tolerable), gardening

5 things I would never wear:
a fancy white wedding dress, trendy high heeled shoes (ie-flip flops with heels), sequined clothing, I will never again wear that string bikini hanging in the back of my closet, a really nice tan (but I wear a sunburn well)

5 TV shows I like:
I don’t watch much that I would care about if it wasn’t there. I watch the news and the food network most often. Sometimes I watch daytime soaps.

5 movies I like:
Natural Born Killers, The Color Purple, African Queen (or most any Hepburn movie), Platoon (or most any other war movie), Grease.

5 famous people I'd like to meet:
Henry Rollins, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Barack Obama, Katherine Hepburn (can I bring her back from the dead for a bit?), Rob Zombie

5 biggest joys at the moment:
My family, my dogs, my work, cool weather, cake

5 favorite toys:
I'm guessing we aren't talking about "adult" toys here. I don't think I have too many toys that I could call "favorites". I know, how boring. Everything I like to "play" with is more of a tool than a toy - yes I'm like Bill Clinton splitting hairs of word usage here. My favorite tools are my potter's wheel, spinning wheels, laptop, clay extruder, drum carder, and sewing machine.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Week of WIP's part 2
aka - I love Husbeast

Husbeast socks was the first thing I cast on. Yes, I've felt guilty that those awful tan socks have taken forever and the poor beast is walking around on these:

Making socks for feet like these is not easy either. But I'm up to the challenge as long as I can do a sock pattern and color that won't SUCK the life out of me. Tan was sucking me dry of every creative cell. I'm thinking of frogging the one finished sock because I can't imagine ever gathering enough life force to finish them. Seriously, if I started in on them again husbeast might come home to find a pile of dust and a half finished tan sock sitting in my chair.

In order to save my life, I set tan aside. I picked the Black tweed yarn and this sock pattern to start a new pair of husbeast socks. Ahhh, much better. I feel so much better working on these. So much so that I got quite a bit done:

I've only been working on these here and there, they are my take along small project afterall. I just haven't been anywhere lately. I probably will work on them a bit more as they are cool and small in my lap as opposed to other hot wooly knits.

I wanted to thank you all for your kind thoughts and words about Kayla and my vacation to nausea land. Kayla is doing much better, she's actually healing up and I'm far less worried about her. Me, I'm trying not to whine but if it's hot I don't think I'll be feeling well. I'll survive and I'm just hoping for SNOW at this point. It could happen.


Monday, July 25, 2005

Week of WIP's - Part 1
aka - Munchkin Sweater

This week I'll talk about how I was able to cure the itch. What exactly was my cortizone creme? What was the calamine lotion to my poisoned knit itch? I've got a few things to show off but I'm going to stretch it out.

It was just too hot to knit wool. By the end of last week I needed something with less wool content. In comes the sweater made of Encore. I had promised Queen M a sweater after I finished the baby sweater but then never got around to it.

I'm a slacker and I know it. Kids sweaters are so easy. It's really lame of me to procrastinate on such an easy project. I started it late last week and look at how much is already done:

The picture makes it look a little funny but it is made to the right measurements. This will be one WIP that won't stay in progress long. Not that it's cool enough for a sweater but I'm sure The Queen will be wearing it anyway. She seems to not have an ability to understand there are certain items of clothing that are inappropriate for certain weather. This is the child that will wear wool all summer saying she's cold and wear nothing all winter and swear she's hot.

I also have a big


Emily sent me a super cute little baby gift.

It's a Boogie vest in buttery yellow for a little princess. How cute is that!? THANK YOU AGAIN! You are just too sweet!


Friday, July 22, 2005

Sick and hot

Sick of being hot
Sick from being hot
Hot enough to make me sick

This week I've been taking another vacation back to the land of nausea. The land where all the streets are made of saltines. The houses are dry toast with the occasional biscuit bungalow here and there. All the faucets run with ginger ale. And running right through the center of town is the river of nausea itself. I don't think I need to explain what the river is made of. If this heat doesn't go away soon I'm afraid that my visit to nausea land might last quite a while.

Needless to say this has put a damper on my goal of getting yarns spun up and work in general. While I haven't been able to work much, I've been able to stay home and watch this little lady:

and she's been pretty good even though I make her wear these:

But she only has to wear them part of the time. It keeps her from licking herself and she won't usually pull them off to do so. This time the stitches are holding and while it's not healing beautifully, I think we have a better chance. She does look pitiful with those shorts though.

And because our other dog hasn't made an appearance here in a while and I'm feeling guilty of the news being all Kayla all the time... I present Queen "superbad" Min:

There she is sacked out on the kitchen floor next to her beloved fridge. She's handling the heat only slightly better than I am. She's gained quite a bit of weight lately. I think she's having a sympathy pregnancy. Poor gal.

What have I done this week? Watched grass grow, watched the paint dry, contemplated the deeper meaning of life? Yes, all of that. Or you could just say I have been perfecting my technique of staring into space. I've become a master at moving as little as possible.

Here's hoping for SNOW.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Munchkin Day

Today is the birthday of the littlest ruling member of the house. For now I can still call her munchkin. She's tall but I don't think she'll outgrow me for another couple of years yet.

It's hard to believe that she's 5. I love my little ball of energy. She's the light and the frustration of the house. I wouldn't trade a minute of it, except maybe all the times she dumps the salt shaker out on the floor.

I wish I could say that I knit her something wonderful for her birthday. Well, I could say it, it just wouldn't be true. It's still early and short stuff hasn't gotten up yet. I'm going to keep this short so I can attack her as soon as she does get up.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Itch

I'm feeling the itch again.

I think it's pretty good that it's taken this long to become a full blown itch. Oh sure, I've wanted to scratch a few times but 6 months under this new management style has worked out great. I actually like it. Well, most of the time.

The first half of this year I really adhered to the 1 small project to drag everywhere, 1 large project for at home working, and then the secret stuff that doesn't count in the deal anyway. I feel like I've gotten some knitting accomplished and I've been able to memorize patterns instead of having to look them up again in a few days or so as the project rotation worked out.

Unfortunately the itch is back.
I think it was fueled by all the sock yarn I have. I transfered all the sock yarn from a single wide containment unit where it was all squished and unhappy to a double wide unit. I got to play with it all and see what I wanted to work with.

Now I have so many things I want to do NOW! that I just can't decide. Well, I can decide but my decision includes starting a new project each day of the week.

1.I want to make socks. Lots of socks. The pink Sockotta wants to be lacy, the black tweed wants to be a simple rib and cable design, the self striping stuff wants to be plain but pretty boot socks, and the gutted pink skein wants to be socks for the midget. This isn't even counting the couple of other skeins that I want to pull out and work on socks for gifts.

2. I've got Birch started but I did start to wind the yarn for the shadow shawl. I understand birch was an illness and needed to be started but I really really want to do some shadow knitting too. And just look at those colors!

3. I want to make mittens and gloves. I want some new fair isle gloves. I want to make the grey thrummed pair for a friend with cold hands, and then another set of mittens for me when I want to throw snowballs at the neighbors.

4. The midget and her soon to be arriving sister need sweaters. M hasn't had a new sweater in a while and has almost outgrown the ones that she has. For the Boogie Baby I can always hold off with the explaination that we all think she might be coming out the size of a 2 year old (you saw the belly) and so it's smart to wait. Right?

5. And finally we get to the scarves. Gifts for friends, relatives and secret pals. I know, me knitting a scarf? What the hell am I thinking? I've had requests and I have a few interesting patterns that I think I will actually be able to pull off making some scarves this year.

Oh, the dilemmas of a knitter with the itch. The thing is, I've had this itch since the weekend. Have I cast on a ton of projects or am I still waiting? Will I cast on a bunch of projects?


Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I've fallen ill.
Gravely ill.


There is a virus that's been making its way around blogland.
I'm sure you've seen it.
You may even know it's name.


It's the virus called BIRCH!

It has been on my list of knits for a long time. I've loved this shawl from the moment I laid eyes on it. I had planned to spin the yarn myself but as the virus got stronger and my immune system got weaker....

Well, you know what happened. I needed to buy the yarn. It's the only chance to begin to cure the disease. Now that North Sea has been completed I can focus on my illness Birch. Even if it is so humid and mohair acts like a sponge. I must knit it.

Run before you come down ill too!


Monday, July 18, 2005


It's been mentioned that I can't see my feet anymore. You're right. I'm all boobs and belly. As far as my eyes can see when I look down, that's it. My body stops at boobs and belly.

Today I have proof, actual photographic proof that I have feet. Not just any feet either. Swollen ankles, pasty white legs and toenails with chipped nailpolish. If I can't bend over you can imagine why my toenails are looking a little shabby these days.

The cure for that?
Unst socks will cover it up of course.

Pup update (house arrest day 5)
She had to go back to the vet on Saturday because she split open her wound. She's now on antibiotics and healing ointments need to be applied to the wound. I thought I might be able to escape for a bit over the weekend thinking she'd attach herself to the husbeast. Nope. She's firmly attached to me at the moment and has a fit when I'm not with her. Hence the 5th day of house arrest.
***EDIT***The rest of the stitches slipped and she's back in for another operation. Hopefully this will be it and she can come home tonight with better sutures in. Ones that won't slip this time.


Friday, July 15, 2005

Pup and Wool

Sounds like some sort of strange yarn shop.
Well, that would be me.
Pups upstairs, wool downstairs.

All I've managed to do this week is take care of this lil' gal:

You can see the stitches on her rump, or rather what's left of her rump.

And make these for the website:

And this:

Sitting around taking care of my pup yesterday I did plenty of window shopping for sock yarn. Did you hear that the Opal company is bringing back the tiger stripes? My favorite sock yarn dealer Simply Sock yarn will carry it as soon as their order comes in this month. I'm feverishly trying to finish my Unst socks because I know now that I need to start knitting on some of this new sock yarn I've been accumulating. This is what happens you spend too much time playing at the sock yarn dealer's sites. You start to yearn for new, pinker, better, moe patterned socks.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

The secret cake recipe

I couldn't tell you what kind of cake I was making because I wanted it to be a surprise but now I can fess up and share the recipe.

Espresso Dark chocolate Cheese cake
I start with the store bought chocolate cookie crumb pie crust, you can make your own with crumbled cookies and butter but I'm too lazy.

The filling:
2 8oz packages of regular or lite Cream Cheese (softened)
3 eggs
1/2 cup of sugar
Espresso coffee flavoring or strong brewed espresso (1 shot of espresso will work or add to taste)
Break up a bar of Dark Chocolate and melt it.

Using a mixer whip all but the coffee and chocolate together.
Mix in the Espresso
Pour half the batter into your pie crust.
Mix the chocolate into the last half of batter.
Swirl the chocolate batter over the espresso batter.
You want the batters to be semi seperate.

***ooops I forgot to tell you how to bake it - duh.
350 degree oven for 35-40 minutes or until it's fully baked and not liquidy anymore.

Update on the pooch:
The tumor I could see was golf ball sized, they took out a baseball size round hunk and sent it off for cancer testing. Her scar is nasty so I'll save the description. Poor thing lost half her butt and because of the operation walking is difficult. I think she'll be ok though, I'll spend the day babying her. Thank you all for all the healing thoughts.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Husbeast

The man that is so sweet.
The man that enables my fiber habits.
The man that fathered my beautiful daughters.
The man who knows about the stash and pretends to be ok with it.
The man who captured my heart.
The man who does great laundry.
The man that trapped me into marrying him.
The man that is my best friend.

It's this man's Birthday today!

Happy Birthday Husbeast!!!

And in honor of this day, I finished one of the tan socks!

woohoo! I even wove in all the ends! Don't worry, I've got some "real" gifts for him, not just half finished ones. Really if I chopped off one of his legs then this would be a perfect gift.

I'm heading out to the vet to go drop Kayla off for surgery in a little bit. I always feel like such a traitor when I hand the leash over to a vet tech and my pup looks back at me with those sad eyes. At least I get to pick her up tonight and don't have to leave her til tomorrow.

Even with babying my pup, I should still have plenty of time to make a good birthday dinner and chocolate desert for the man of the house.

THANK YOU all for the wonderful comments about my shawl.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kitchener 109

I got up at 6am on a Sunday so I could kitchener 109 stitches. Sick isn't it? How deranged does one person need to be to get up that early just so they can kitchener?

I was having kitchener dreams. My little darning needle moving in out of the stitches removing them from the needles. So slick and fast in my dream, and perfect. Ahhh, the gratification of finishing this shawl. Only to awake in a sweat to realize the North Sea was laying in a heap, 2 heaps, of blackness. Two seperate pieces not joined. They needed to be together. It was killing me. I needed to kitchener.

6am hit and I couldn't take it no more. I jumped (ok rolled and waddled) out of bed, picked up my two heaps of black and set to it. I almost took pictures of the stithces coming off the needles. Finished. Done. Perfect. I was just too anxious and the camera was lying on the floor. I had to wait for M to get up to get it for me. I don't bend down these days unless I absolutely have to. Yes, laziness has taken on a new level around here.

Enough babble, on to the pictures:

It was too big for one towel. I just wish I had two giant beach towels that are the same color. I fixed the ends after I blocked it. I figured it would be easier.

On me:

Queen M took the photos. Luckily the camera has a "sport" setting. It's meant for when the action is taking place in front of the camera but works well when the picture taker has ants in her pants. Seriously, this kid can't stop wiggling.

Check out that belly:

If the belly gets any bigger I'll have to invest in some mumus. Ignore the facial expression. I think it was taken just before I started to tell the kid to stop wiggling so damn much

North Sea Stole
Author: Cheryl Oberle - Folk Shawls
Yarn: Elann Baby Silk (9 balls)
Mods: Lace pattern 1 I did 13 repeats (my lucky number) instead of 14. Center lace pattern I didn't like how it seemed assymetrical so I did 2 repeats at the end of the 2 halves so when they were connected it seemed to match better.

If Elann has more of this yarn again, I'll be buying some for another shawl or 2 or 6. It doesn't split and it's soft as all get out. I love this stuff. I can't believe it took me so long to finish this. It took only a week to do the second half. I don't know why I set it aside for so long when it is a really quick shawl. I definitely recommend this to novice lace knitters or experienced people looking for instant gratification.

Kayla update:
Thank you for all the well wishes. The tumor needs to be removed. She's moping but in good spirits, I don't think she knows that tomorrow morning she'll be heading into the vet for surgery.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Guess what!

Guess what night tonight is!

No, not that
Or that
And no, no that either, we don't schedule those kinds of things. Although once there are 2 kids running around, we might need to.

Tonight is Sea Dog Knitters.

I'm living under the hopes that I'll be going tonight. You see my first daughter (My doberkitten Kayla) hasn't been feeling well. She has a giant tumor and hasn't been eating much. On top of that the tumor is open now, yes it's gross. I'm taking her to the vet this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing worrisome.

Assuming she's ok, I'll be going to knitting group tonight for the first time since April. It will be nice to go back and see everyone and I'm sure there are new faces. Bridget has mentioned that she might join us. It would be great to have another blogger in our midst.

If I don't show up tonight you can be assured that I've had to stay home with my first adopted dog-daughter.


Friday, July 08, 2005

My Summer essay part I

My summer thus far has consisted of very little knitting or spinning for me. My summer has had lots of time with kid stuff and working to get all that homeschool stuff ready so we can start next month. I need to start early so we can take a couple of weeks off for "maternity leave" in October.

I have been knitting and spinning though. Just not for me.
I leave you for the weekend with no hints as to what I've been knitting but I'll make up for it with photos of the spinning. I've been trying to have at least 3 new yarns each week for sale and I'll have more dyed rovings up next week.

Wow, this essay is pretty short. I'm sure I'd get a "D" for a grade and "L" (lazy) for effort. Maybe Part II will be better, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Breaking up with Charlotte

As you last may have seen her, she looked like this:

Although you probably don't remember much about her because I haven't done anything with her since Last year. Pretty isn't she.

Breaking up with Charlotte was not easy as in many break ups. She did nothing tragically wrong, she was still a nice shawl, I just wasn't feeling it anymore. It's sad when break ups are like that. "Not feeling it" can seem like a lame reason to break up, especially when the other party is crying and begging you to reconsider.

Charlotte didn't unravel quickly. She kept holding onto her stitches. It felt like she was begging to stay together. "Don't unravel me now, you might love me soon, I love you". I think she even said, "I love you enough for the both of us". It was sad. It was possibly the worst break up I've ever had. Well, except for that one that ended up stalking me, but that's a story for another day.

As in any break up, if you really want it to end, you need to be tough. I almost caved in, I admit it. It's always hard to break up with a convincing pretty beggar but I stood my ground. I kept turning the handle on my ball winder.

Finally Charlotte has accepted the break up and has left....

While I don't love Charlotte anymore, I love the yarn still. I need a new pattern to start fresh. They say the first few days after a break up are the toughest. No drinking or chocolate cake for me, although I have had a bit of "Ben and Jerry's". I've already done the rebound thing with some sock yarn. Those are always the episodes that don't last long and are best left not talked about. Embarassing stuff isn't it.

So now I'm ready to move on with my life and find a new knit. I need to figure out what to do with this yarn. What do I want?
Something fun.
Something I will want to wear.
Something that goes well with the yarn colors.
Something not too frilly but frilly enough
Something not overly lacy but with just enough to be pretty.
Something ????
Something that I'm not sure what it will be yet.

I have a few designs swirling around in that cavernous head of mine. Or, I might be swayed to do someone else's design. Yardage is not a concern as I have about 600 spun and enough dyed to make another 1000 yds or so. I'm ready to move on, I just don't know what to move on to.

I know you opinionated knitters out there will have some idea be it scarf or shawl.

***All you Londoners are in my thoughts. Stay safe***


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sailing the North Sea

Once again I'm knitting on the North Sea Shawl.

I can't beleive I started it in March and I haven't gotten much done. Sure I've had other projects, some secret and some not. A girl's gotta have her secrets. Still, this is a really easy knit. I guess I just haven't found the time to be working on it as much as I'd like. Sure I could be knitting instead of posting right now but ....

hey, how come I'm posting instead of knitting?
Oh, right. This time of day is when I should be starting work and if I'm knitting in the morning it means I won't be working today. As much as I think that sounds like fun, I'm sure there are those of you out there that want your stuff.

Now that that's settled I can get back to talking about North Sea. Easy pattern... yadda yadda... Nice yarn... So where am I now?

In March the first photo I showed off was

Then I told you I had gotten further

And finally in May I had that first half finished

But not blocked as you can see it's all wonky in the photo. I have blocking wires (if I can find where I put them) that will come in handy.

Over the weekend, after letting this sit for 2 months untouched, I picked up North Sea again. I cast on my 109 sts and I have 4 repeats completed. I was barely home or in a position to knit over the weekend, so that's my excuse as to why very little had gotten done. My goal is to have this little baby finished by the end of the month. Of course I have 2 other secret deadlines I need to get done before then but I might be able to pull it off.

Many thanks to Jennifer for helping me figure out what Blogger did to screw up my blog. It's all fixed until they do something else craptastic.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Friday, July 01, 2005

Prezzies for me

I went out yesterday in the new car. The first little jaunt to test my new found freedom tasted good. So did the calzone I had for lunch.

I had to buy myself a new little present.
It's just lovely.
In racy yellow and everything.

I'm not sure if you can see but it's name is "fast and easy". That's just how I like them. Although I doubt fast equates with done well, and easy equates with someone else doing it for me. But with my new cleaning obsession, I figured I needed a new mop. I got a whole host of new sprays and junk too. Mmm chemicals.

This must really look like I've flipped my lid.
Cleaning gear?
A present?

Well, there is the rule that you can't leave the house without actually buying yarn. I had to get needles for sewing and right there in the middle of the craft store... Ok, so it wasn't in the middle, it was down by the yarn. There was this bin full of discontinued yarn.

The purple is for those silly thong things. M saw some in the craft store all done up and said "ooh lala". That means she would like a pair. It means I'll work with this shit but only because her birthday is coming up. The green is Pixie that is slated to be some sort of stuffed animal. That stuff is killer soft and just begs to be a little toy.

Would you be disappointed if it stopped there?
I would be.
I need substance in my yarn.
Fortunately I had some arrive in the mail.

This here is some stuff I picked up at Knit Happens little internet sale. 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces and 4 skeins of Koigu. All are destined to become socks. Yes, I've succumbed to the seduction of socks again. Or at least to the seduction of sock yarn. Because I have it doesn't mean I need to knit it all right off. My stash needs some love too.

Just to make sure the stash is sufficiently happy with sock yarn I've finally signed up for a sock of the month club. This means no more sock yarn for a while.
Not that I'm fooling anyone with that statement. I don't know what came over me or why I even said that. I'm sure we all got a good chuckle.

I fixed the layout problem the only way I knew how. The sidebar is gone for now. I can't figure out why the blog looks ok in Mozilla but not IE. Even going back to a saved template from months ago didn't help. I can only blame someone else and that's what I'm doing. Until I can figure something else out, you can find all my links on my LINK page. If it gets anyworse I may have to jump ship and make a new template.


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