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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Chicken bones in my cheerios.

That was one of my gifts from husbeast.
Well, a bracelet rendition of chicken bones in cheerios.

See what I mean? Its all pewter and made by an artisan from the craft fair. The artists name is John Fouquart and his business is Pewterpotter. There is no web address for him that I can find. Its a pity because his stuff is awesome.

One fish, two fish, blue fish....
I collect fishies so Husbeast got me this too. I wish I knew the name on this. Maybe someone will remember.

I actually told him he spoils me. I know I shouldn't admit that directly to him but it did make him smile. I think he intends to spoil me.

Do you know what you find at the fork in the road?
Besides a goofy boogie
Morehouse merino. Husbeast liked the store too. There are refreshments and a place to hang out for the non-knitting SO's. If you ever get a chance to go, you need to. Seriously, I wouldn't kid you, this place is a must see store. We walked around for quite some time. Beautiful yarns, kits and patterns. I feel inspired to spin singles lace yarn. In fact that's what I'm working on.

That's the roving I got and I also ordered a pattern. Lola. I don't usually like short sleeve sweaters but I had to have this one. Its amazing. They didn't have the pattern finished yet so I can't even link you to a picture or anything. If I had half a mind I would have asked to take a picture. I bet you could email them and get more info. If you want to know anymore about how fab it was, the sample was in orange and husbeast liked it (he hates orange).

There's a better poncho picture back there. And a pattern too.

Enough photos for one day? I hope to have one more thing to show you tomorrow. I'm off to get going with my busy day.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

the secret society of

Shadow Knitters

Hiding in the shadows.
Lurking in dark alleyways.
Never seen by daylight.
You'll be lucky if you even hear the deadly clacking of their needles.
Tick tick tick tick
Its the dangerous and crafty Shadow knitters!
Purling like a mofo

Meeting Anj and Sue this past weekend was awesome. To explain the above silliness, Anj brought me a gift of some shadow knitting info and husbeast started making up the story you see above. We all added a bit of our own embelishment. I'm still giggling. Maybe I need more sleep. We didn't get home until last night. I'm glad we were able to meet up with Anj and Sue. They have to be the 2 coolest and most fun people I have met in a long time.

Sorry Anj. I loved this pic too much not to post it. See the finished Poncho?
Aunt Judy and Uncle Wynn were awesome for putting up with the giggly 4 of us and feeding us. We got a tour of the Farm and even got an understanding of how a tractor makes ice cream. Go check out Herron Farms to see more of this stuff as I left my camera in the truck and was too lazy to go get it.

There is more to say about the weekend but in an effort to keep this post short so I can get to work, I'll save the synopsis of Sunday and Monday for tomorrow.

Thanks you for all the bra comments. I'd love to hear how they all come out. Thanks for everyone and the French translations of Pain. We live in an area with alot of French speaking individuals so I'm sure that is why it was on the bag. Even though I knew what it meant, it still tickled me. Actually Pain sandwich still tickles me. I prefer to ignore the transaltion and think of pain sandwiches. Don't mind me, I'll just be giggling over here in my corner.
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Thursday, June 24, 2004

In a while crocodile

We will be heading to NY for the Rhinebeck Craft fair tonight. My techie husbeast brings a computer with us but I usually don't take the time on a show weekend to get on the net much unless I have fires to put out. So I'll be back on Tuesday. Hopefully with a photo filled update.

The poncho is finished and currently drying on the swing. At least you know you'll have one photo of an FO when I get back.

I spent a good part of my time chasing a computer virus.
That's my ferocious growl to warn away any other viruses (no it doesn't actually work)
If you need help check out Trend Micro. There are free things there that will make your computer feel better. I didn't even realize my problem was a virus until I checked them.

The rest of the time was spent sewing as M and I both wanted some spiffy new things.Nothing thrilling as they are not being modeled.

It was one of the tops that needed a sewn in bra that prompted me to tell you how I did it. Yes a sewing tutorial, only its not sewing. Its simply cutting in order to make yourself a bra. You may giggle, but I'm serious. You are only a few cuts away from having a new comfy bra. The Boogie Bra

Don't laugh just yet. ok laugh. But you know you want to make one, or two, or three.

Have a good weekend and if you are in Rhinebeck NY, come say hi to me and you may even catch a glimpse of Amazing Anj too.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Want a pain sandwich?

I have a neighbor, sweet older lady, who has had a couple of strokes. She used to knit a ton but now all she makes are the most beautiful lopsided dishcloths. Every now and then she will come across some of her old yarn and will send it over to me. Yesterday she sent over a pain sandwich of yarn.

I'm not sure why the bag says that and its definitely printed on there. I’m sure if you ate the bag of hot red acrylic, you would be in pain. It’s a soft acrylic that will be good for a little M sweater.

I laid the back out which has the shoulders on holders so it looks a bit funny. I also started to add the fringe because I couldn’t help myself. The front is laid on top so I can see how far I have to go. I’m starting my last ball of yarn. Elann had a glitch in their system over the weekend so my yarn didn’t go out the minute I ordered it like it usually does. They called yesterday and I should have it Thursday, so I can be adding fringe before I leave for the weekend. Do you like my teal toenails?

knit me a yarn.


Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Smart People Against Naughty Knitters

I’m not smart so I have no idea who these people might be. I do know what kind of naughty they are against. Knitters shouldn’t drink and knit. I’ve seen this a few times over other blogs. I can knit and drink, no really, I can. Margaritas make for fun knitting so long as you don’t have any fancy maneuvers you need to do, like anything other than straight knitting with no increasing or decreasing. I do want to caution folks though. Don’t try this at home. Drinking causes your inhibitions to slip away making you think that that you can work on fairisle lace, standing on your head drinking from a straw. If you can do that, take a photo. That's something I need to see.

I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that I didn’t get a whole hell of a lot done last night. I didn't get drunk, just one drink to loosen the needles. It was also enough that I know better than to knit too much lest I screw up and have more to do the next day. It’s been a weird couple of days here in swatch-town. No I haven’t left swatch-town. You can find me in the center of town dipping my toes in the frog pond. I'll be the lady with the crazy look in her eyes.

I did kill my LYS credit yesterday. I got cascade to finish the funky black sweater project, now named "Sublime" and I got a bunch of Catania as it was cheap cheap cheap.I now have 3-4 tank projects ahead of me. Maybe I should be working on Pia. See how well I listen to you all? I did get some sock yarn, but nothing you haven't seen.

No pictures once again. Husbeast sweater is black and my poncho is just, well, its a poncho. Not very thrilling. I could show you the empty margarita glass. But that would mean I would have to get up out of my chair.

I feel bad for your eyes, who wants to read a bunch of crap. I'll show you a crappy pic of some tiles that I did. Its the same thing as I did on the teapot commission, which was picked up yesterday and they were very happy with it.

I took pictures of my teapot process with the idea that I would show how much work goes into it. Eventually I'll have a web page for it and you may wonder why a teapot is so cheap. Ok so now I'm just rambing. Happy Tuesday.

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Swatch-town USA

Welcome to Swatch-town USA
Population: 1 Crazy lady
Have I mentioned before how much I hate to swatch?
I hate to swatch.
I’m doing swatches anyway. I needed to. I spent a good part of my weekend making sweater drawings, charts and of course the swatches. I’m thinking of sending a couple of designs out to magazines. I’m not sure what makes me think I could be published but you never know unless you try. Like Gretsky has said “the shot not taken will not score 100% of the time.”

I got some work done on other projects too. Husbeast was sad that so few of you voted for him in the poll. We had a discussion about his sweater that I’m working on in Lamb’s Pride Bulky. It was suppose to have all these cables all over it and just seemed so thick. This man is hot all the time and I couldn’t imagine him wearing a sweater that thick. I tinked back and have decided to do a plain stockinette sweater. Maybe I’ll add a cable at the arm or something.

I got the back done to my poncho and am about halfway up on the front. I really want to finish this before I head out to NY this weekend. Did I mention that Anj is coming up to the craft show to meet me. I’m absolutely giddy. Of course you can’t tell because words don’t show giddy so well.

I did nothing on Pia. I’ll take her, the bathing suit and some socks to work on in NY. I'll pack too much and maybe take along some swatches to do as well. I'm hoping as usual to at least get some socks done. They are great driving knitting.

Thank you all for your compliments on the yarn. I'm not sure I'll have much more new yarn this week. My pottery is packed for the show but I have little relatives here that I haven't seen in a long long time so I'll be slacking spending time with them if I can.

You are now leaving swatch-town.


Friday, June 18, 2004


I’ve been making so much yarn lately I’m going nuts. Get it Yarnitorium – sanitorium. Maybe I am going crazy. Click on the pics if you want to see a larger photo.

Those little silk flowers are spun right in. This was such a fun experiment. Everything I see now, I wonder if I can spin it up with my yarns. *edit*I just realized someone may want to know how I did it. flowers don't stay magically and I know many of you can figure it out on your own. I used a needle and coordinating thread, and poked through the base of the flower. I left about a 6-8 inch string and centered the flower. The thread took a bit of work to work into the wool so it was more hidden. Over spin it a bit so that when you ply the thread doesn't totally unwind. I think little M needs a pink sweater with flowers all over it.

A whole bunch of single thick and thins. I can spin these all day and could essentially clean out my fiber stash in this manner. This stuff is just super fun to make.

I’m still working on Mandy red. I now have 25% of it done. The more I spin this stuff, the more I want to knit with it.

Next on my fiber fun list. Felted yarn. Not felting after its knit, but felting prior. Ann just did that and I think it sounds like fun. Especially banging the snot out of the yarn. I want to try it right away but I may just save it for a time when I need to get out some frustrations.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Official Tally

Thanks for all your help.
I had a couple people tell me to do what would make me happy.
What would make me happy is to be able to do it all right now. I didn’t put anything on that list that I didn’t want to do. Things like the husbeast sweater and a couple of WIP’s I was avoiding, but if they had won out, it might have given me motivation or I would have just ignored your votes.

Right after I finished the little cardi for M, I started on the one project that I neglected to list. The poncho. I’m making it up as I go. Its my mindless knitting project but I'm not sure I like the mindless look of it. If it doesn’t look good on me or I can't avoid mirrors, then I can rip it or give it away.

The other thing I cast on for on Sunday night. I took a look at the votes and figured this would either win out or tie for the win. I was stuck on the idea of doing a sweater with this yarn but once I set my thoughts free, I realized it would work really well as Pia from Rowan 35. I cast on the small size and then ripped it out thinking its just too small, so I cast on medium and kicking myself in the head (which wouldn’t be easy if I weren’t so darn limber) I ripped it out and cast on again in small. I’m tired of having these things turn out too big and if its too small then I guess its incentive to lose weight. So after 3 cast ons, that’s what I’ve gotten completed.
I’m feeling really motivated now to start the next sweater – funky black (which got 2nd place), I don’t have a better name for it yet, yes it needs a better name. Once you see its fabulousness (I wish I could take a snap shot of the picture in my head) you will agree it needs a cool name.
Before I start that I am working on a project with my friend Fantastic Anj. Why? Because it’s a project best done before the summer ends. We are making bikini’s. I’m a little shocked myself that I’m thinking of wearing one of these. I need to start doing more pilates or make a matching full body sarong. We’ll be using the pattern from Rebecca (its free online). I tried to start reading the pattern last night but I couldn’t access the pattern. Maybe I’ll show you the horror that is me in a bikini or save it as a scary Halloween prank. Maybe you'll get lucky and you'll get photo of it on my dress form.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I've had some amazing headaches lately. Don't think I'm ignoring you, they are slowing me down. They were just coming at night but yesterday and today they've started early. Needless to say not alot has gotten done that isn't work related. I'm trying to save my non-achy times for a teapot commission I need to finish. I have started 2 new projects but I'm not telling you until tomorrow. I'm taking the poll down tonight/tomorrow and we'll see if I correctly estimated which one would win.

I make stuff for people and I asume when I don't hear complaints that they like it. I'm super happy when I get little notes of appreciation and then there are those sweeties that send me something in return. Knitters and spinners are amazing people. What is it about this craft/art? Does knitting and spinning make people nicer or does it attract only the sweeties? Pictured above is an Elvis card from Marie who I did some custom rolls for. I love Elvis! Yes, I know he's dead but those swiveling hips - oooh. And the rest are from Margene. A gorgeous postcard and some chapstick and cuticle stick. Does everyone know that potters need all the help they can get with their dry and cracked hands? Strange enough my lips are always dry too. No, I don't kiss my clay, well, only if its an extraordinary piece. Thank you ladies. You made me smile yesterday and still today.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Mandy Red!

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet.
This is a most exciting happening.
My family is sick of hearing about it.
You see Mandy over at Yarnageddon is an amazing artist. Check out her archive too. There are amazing portraits in there. I cannot tell you how beautiful I think her art is. Mandy is super talented.
Have I said Mandy enough for you to get that Mandy red is yarn made for Mandy?
I still can't believe that for a bit of yarn I'm going to have a fabu painting of my very own!

I finished M's cardi on Saturday. No buttons yet though. I just can't find the right ones and I'm thinking of making some out of fimo clay.

Click for detail.

Questions: I've been answering them via email but there are a few that may interest more people.

My rovings are dyed in pans and heat set in the oven. There is a link on my sidebar showing how I do it.

How much wool will do a sweater?
Most say to spin up 2 lbs for a full average sweater.
That's the easy answer. The hard part is that it all varies on the weight(how thick) you are spinning, How many plies, Are you knitting cables (you'll need more) Are you knitting lace (you may use less) and what size sweater are you knitting.
I know there are some amazing spinners out there that may come across this and let me know if they have a good gauge. I just know what I need for myself (1.5 to 2 lbs) and my daughter (10-14 ounces). That 7.5 lb fleece I got will all be spun up (what's usable anyway) and the first sweater will be for Husbeast so once that is done I'll have an idea of what it takes for him.
You could always take a sweater that you've already made out of wool that is roughly the shape and style that you want and weigh that or weigh the yarn you have to make a sweater. Add a few ounces for waste and just to be sure you have enough.

Spin me


Monday, June 14, 2004

Frolicing Husbeast

Some of you may be wanting to change your votes on the poll to suggesting I finish something for the fabulous husbeast.
He not only took me to the Fiber frolic in Windsor Maine yesterday, but he bought me fleeces. Did you notice the “s” on the end there? Two of them.

This is a grey and tan 7.5 pound Corriedale fleece.Very little debri and skirted well. I can't wait to get to preparing this one.I've actually promised husbeast a sweater from this one. I should finish the other one first.

This is a really dark brown 2 pound Shetland lamb’s fleece from a farm that I found out is just up the road apiece. Just so you know, in Mainers terms “up the road apiece” could be a five minute walk or a 30 minute drive. This has little debris and the locks are just gorgeous but its hard to show in a flash photo. You'll have to take my word for it. I plan to spin this one in the grease.

But the husbeast didn’t stop there. Yes folks, this man is full of presents and he’s all mine. Those are just what they look like. The kitty Maryjanes I’ve been wanting forever and a day.

Now that I’ve given husbeast his due, I need to take mine. There was a contest for most unique drop spindle. There was a whopping four of us in the contest and I took home 2nd place for my little pottery spindle. The winner was a carved and dried orange. It was better than it sounds. Eventually there may be something up on the website about the contest as someone took a ton of photos. I forgot my camera at home. Doh!

That’s my spindle and my prize, a signed copy of the sweater workshop. I’ve only taken a quick look at it, but it seems like a fabulous book. It seems like one of those books I may be looking to when I’m designing something or need a little bit of good advice.

For those of you into spinning did you notice the spindle on the cover of the latest Spin off Magazine? It’s a stained glass spindle. Its gorgeous in real life. Its light and looks like it’s a dream to spin. Its made by Sue Foster. Go check it out if you have time. It is so pretty and Sue seemed like a cool lady. She even gave me tips on making a better pottery spindle so maybe I’ll be making a couple more.

Oh, I almost forgot. Husbeast entertained little cranky M so I could shop, look and spindle. It was nice. He kept telling me I could keep looking and doing what I want that he’d take care of miss cranky pants. Boy was she cranky after the sheep dog show. I felt for him so we didn’t stay long after that. He just brought me a cup of coffee as I'm sitting here typing this. I think I’m being spoiled but don’t tell him that.

Baaaa at me


Friday, June 11, 2004


Look up if you missed it. No, not up at your ceiling, although that would've been a neat trick. Scroll up, its that giant black box.
Everybody likes a pointless poll, or any poll for that matter that doesn't take up any time. I'm stuck on what to do after I finish little M's sweater. I think I have so many things I want to do that I just can't decide. So because I play far too much on the net and I found a poll creator. If you are opinionated, take a minute and tell me what you want to see next. Maybe I'll listen. I should have included an

That's all until I have something good to say. I need a nap already and I just woke up.
Something good to say.


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Seeing Red

I sense a theme. Red red red. And black and pink. But red does seem to be the color I've been gravitating towards lately. This is from my LYS buys a couple of days ago.

If you noticed, there is eyelash in there. I can't beleive it either. I plan to knit with the terrible stuff. Well, that's the plan. Its also likely that I'll set it afire half way through.

Then of course I've been dying up a storm. Lots and lots of mandyred. It looks washed out and pale but I assure you its all the same hot colors as before.

I've also been spinning like crazy. I have 4 overfilled bobbins of the stuff. I should be plying later tonight. I'm going with my mom to the garden center to get more vegies and some flowers for the garden. I need tomatoes (red) and Peppers (red of course) Maybe I'll get some Red cabbage. too bad red cabbage is actually purple. And now that I think of it, I was thinking of painting my patio terra cotta red. Hopefully I'll end up with other colors in my wagon.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Ack, I've created a monster!

My little M is already interested in the fiber arts. She will take 2 needles (or 2 crochet hooks, she doesn't care) and thrust them in and out of a ball of yarn stating that she's "knitting". She will sit like this for quite a while watching cartoons. She will also "help" me treadle my spinning wheel. Sounds great, so where does the monster come in?
I've been saving the brushings from our longer haired dog to eventually spin up. M thinks this is fabulous. Our poor dog is getting brushed 3-4 times a day. Thankfully she loses interest in this pretty fast or I'd have a bald dog.

I've got a few inches left on M's birthday cardi. Its looking less like a blob and more like a sweater all the time.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy raglan sleeves? Its nice to know that when I've finished knitting this sweater all I'll have to do is weave in a few ends and sew on buttons.

I made a trip to my non-Halcyon LYS yesterday. This place is great and if you ever happen to be in Auburn Maine, stop in and say 'hi' to the ladies at Quiltessentials. Its not an enormous yarn store like Halcyon but they have a decent selection and they are all so friendly. I found out that I spent enough there to get my frequent customer bonus and they are having a sale next week. I'm thinking of getting myself Berroco Suede to make a shawl. They had one all finished and on display. Its much nicer than I thought it would be and I thought it would be nice. I'm just hoping they have a color I like or I may have to get something else from my mile long wish list. I keep dreaming of how I'm going to go bankrupt at the yarn stores.
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Monday, June 07, 2004


Do your boobs hang low?
Do you swing them to and fro?
Can you tie 'em in a knot?
Can you tie 'em in a bow?
Do your boobs...hang... lowwwwww?

This is the last day I will talk about my boobs.
I swear.
Well, at least for a while, I promise to refrain from boobie posts.
I found a bra. Its an old one that I rarely wear because its not very containing but the straps are amazingly just right for Kate and it is grey! What luck.

On to fiber goodness.
I played with that silvery yarn yesterday. I had to, I just couldn't contain myself. Look at what it created.

Fun stuff. M liked it so much she asked to take it to nap with her. I may just have to make up some just for her. Who needs teddies and dollies when you have fiber goodness?
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Sunday, June 06, 2004


It's one of those words that if you say it too many times or search for it enough, it starts sounding weird.
Its one of those things that I hate but also need. Dammit
It's one of those things I can't seem to find the right one.
I spent a good part of my Sunday looking at bras online. I also noticed a few others with new summery tanks wondering what to do. Wanna see what I found?
All are links because I want to share nice.

First up is THIS. At $60 I want to wear it more than "up to 100 times".

Then I found THIS. Check out the model. She looks like even she doesn't believe that she's wearing it.

And then there is THIS. The model looks as though she is enjoying it far too much. But what is the adhesive they use? I think I would need epoxy.

These here at least would most likely take care of the 3 nipple on one side problem but would be otherwise useless. In case you don't remember the last entry: No I'm not lucky enough to really have 3 nipples (would that really be lucky?) I just have a piercing that just makes it look that way.

And finally - I found The Perfect bra! Sure its not really practical but it is fun. Too bad it wouldn't fit under "Kate".

Ah hell, when all else fails get out the duct tape. Brings a vivid image to mind, doesn't it. It's got to be better than the dreaded strapless bra.

Thank you to everyone that has had such concern for my boobies. Its warming to know you care about my gravity challenged chest.

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

I see a FO!

For some people a FO a week is nothing. For me, if its not socks, a FO is a big deal. KATE is done! I took a ton of pics just to try and get a decent one and I can't so I'll give you a bunch of shitty ones. I'm digicam disabled.

Its a really comfy sweater but there are 2 things wrong with it. Number one, I made it too big once again. I did the 34/36 bust size which I figured would be fitted. I hit gauge dammit. Luckily its still a comfy sweater even a little big. I love this yarn, Schacenmeyer Nomatta Grande. Problem Number 2: I don't have a bra I can wear under this, not even my new lovely racerback bra works. Not a big deal some would say, but my girls have gotten bigger and are heading south. Those of you with bigguns' know that causes some uncomfortable sweating in the summer. Those with tiny perky ones, I stick my tongue out at you in jealousy. I also have a piercing that(sans-bra) makes it look like I have 3 nipples on one side when its cold. Sexy right? NO. I'm thinking of fashioning a bra out of the leftover yarn that I have. If it shows it will at least match.

Ok, I'm done talking about boobies. Now lets talk about blobs. After finishing Kate I immediately cast on for M's birthday sweater. Its my tequila sun handsun. I'm an inch away from seperating out the body from the arms. Once I do that you will be able to see a decent pic of it. For right now it looks blobbish.

I also updated my WIP's. I have yet to update my FO's. I want to change it but I haven't decided what to do yet so it remains looking like hell and without the recent FO's. Maybe by the time you read this I'll have figured something out.

I'm leaving you for the weekend with some art to persuse. Do you know about the i madonarri festival that takes place in Santa Barbara every year? Its amazing and the pictures don't really do it justice. If you livein CA - go, its worth the trip. The website doesn't have the current pics but someone from LJ took photos and posted them here
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Friday, June 04, 2004

New and improved Amy.
Now with 40% less ticks.

As I was typing this I noticed a tick crawl from my arm to my computer.

And I’ve taken another shower.
Now that you know that, I’ll move onto other topics.

I have set up a blog and anyone can post once they sign up and all that. Did I explain that already? It starts whenever the mood strikes you although the point is to start before xmas eve. When should it end? New years maybe?
Anyone needing inspiration or a reason as to why I'm dong this?Here’s my list of knitting hopefuls for the holidays. So email me or comment below if you want to be added on. If you email make sure to be descriptive in your subject line so I don't delete you.

Actual news
Kate is done but I still need to weave in ends and all before you get a picture and story. Yes, there is a story with Kate, or at least some whining.
Since Kate is off needles I started M's orange and pink birthday cardi.
And I got the sock yarn spun for my clover sock in the six sox knitalong. I did M's socks and that counts for the knit along but I liked the pattern enough to make a wool pair for me.

Have you checked out the comic Count Your Sheep? Even without the wooly reference its cute. This one was posted in another forum and I thought it was cute and sounded like something I'd do.

Have a great weekend and I hope its sunny where you are.
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Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Planets have aligned

I love those all too rare days when something must have happened. Something cosmic to make it so that my bills are paid (even a new show fee) and I have money to go to Halcyon.

That my friends is 5 lbs of roving. Most, if not all, of it will end up in the Mandyred colorway seen in yesterdays posting. I'm in love with it too. I had the idea for a while, I can't believe I didn't do it up before. The other stuff in the pic: Silver yarn and a bag of Mylar to play with plying it to make novelty sorts of things or little accent yarns. 2 more bobbins and a sock yarn surprise. The surprise comes in the fact that I thought I would never get this colorway. My mom lusted after it when she saw samples at 2 different yarn stores but they were all out of the color. I tried to talk her into the yellow and blue colorway but it wasn't the same, saddened we walked away from the sock bin. Yesterday though, I felt so triumphant finding it. So much so in fact that I put 3 in my basket, all that they had. My hoarding nature overcame me like a tidal wave. Picture Golum hunched over with a basket of "precious" sock yarn. I wandered out of the sock area and was able to beat down the hoard so that I came home with one lonely ball of the stuff.

Yesterday I spent some time over at Interweave because of a mention of a fabulous sock pattern in the latest Spin off. Yep, just the mention of it sent me running off to buy the magazine. While there I had to look around. I'm thinking of pre-ordering This Book. Have I shown you the Shadow Shawl I want to make? If so, deal with it. You'll see it a bunch more times I'm sure.
Then I checked out the glove gallery I'm in love with the ones made by Carol Wassell. I want to make some amazing gloves this winter. I'll probably just end up making some chunky handspun mittens long after its freezing cold here. I only think to make gloves when my hands are ready to fall off from frostbite.

Sweet, sweet procrastination. I'm actually thinking of starting a knit along for us all to get started on our winter knitting. Most notably Christmas gifts. Maybe I'll get stuff done early if I have others trying to do the same.
EDIT** ok so I did it. I created a new blog and all that. Talk about procrastination, I have a ton of pottery to finish and all I got done was 4 teapots. Anyway, I do really need to get to work so I'll talk more about this tomorrow, but here it is, let me know if you want to sign up.

Anyone in?


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I spend my days eating Bon Bons

I bet you didn’t know that.
I sit on my ass doing nothing more productive than eating little candies and watching TV.
Um, right.
It’s a joke in my house but something that was said at the craft show clearly wasn’t a joke. Another crafter’s hubby was complaining at having had to be at the show all weekend because HE had to go back to work on Tuesday. He didn't feel that his wife and I had the same responsibility. I can't speak for his wife but, I tried explaining that I still worked. I still had pottery to create and sewn orders to fill. Not to mention the 3 year old I had to care for. In return for my effort, I got a blank stare.
I could continue with this rant but if you know me its stuff you've all heard a million times.

Speaking of work. I picked up another show. I’m going to Rhinebeck the end of this month. That means I’m working a bit more on the pottery. I’m trying to separate myself from production style pottery and move more towards sculptural items weather they are utilitarian or not. I’m almost at the point where I could fill a whole booth with strictly “artsy” items and not need to bring the production beauties too. I've felt like I've lost my artsy self but am working hard to regain my imagination and creativity in my pottery. I'm still waiting for that lightbulb moment that usually means I've found it.

I did a bit of spinning to relax last night. Lately I have been doing a bit more spinning but last night I was compelled. I had dyed some roving before I left and I just had to start spinning it up. Its only a test but I think I want to make a ton of this colorway.

Click to see it a bit larger.
The photos are still a bit crappy. Someday I'm sure we'll have sun again. Right?

Tell me, tell me, tell me do.


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I'm Alive.

I think.

Craft shows can be soooooo tiring. The first couple of days of this one were spent trying to keep the tent from blowing away. At one point I was hanging onto the tent and realized, if there is a gust of wind strong enough to lift this tent, it will lift me too, what the hell am I thinking. I promptly let go and returned to my knitting. I think knitting is the only reason I didn't completely freak out at all the broken pottery and why I didn't actually have a heart attack every time a gust of wind made my tent and all its weights move across the pavement.Just writing about it makes me nervous again so lets look at some knitting.

To start here's a photo of me. My neighbor across the way "Jean Jean the jelly selling machine" took some pics on the sly. This one she dubbed "Knittin' Kitten"

If you get a chance, check out the jams they make, they are amazing. Yum. Gypsy Wind. Husbeast took a few photos on the sly too. I'm bending over and wearing my stay puff marshmellow man sweater, no one needs to see that.

Since I knit all weekend I did get a few things done. I've been designing a pair of socks for husbeast.

I finished one so far. This man doesn't have a large foot exactly, but his foot is bigger than the rest of the people I knit for. It also may look extraordinarily long. Its not. On a 6foot8 man the sock needs to be a bit taller in order to not look like an anklet.

Click to see larger pic taken on the dog bed.
Yarn: Bernat Hot socks (acrylic and Nylon)
Needles Size 2.75mm
These are birthday socks for little M. I started them Saturday night and finished them Sunday night. They are the first in the series for the Six sox knit along. They were so fast and the pattern was easily memorized. I plan to make a couple more pairs. I'm sorry for the photos but still there is no sun here. I heard rumors that there may have been sun over the weekend but its certainly gone now.I also finished Mom's birthday socks just before I left. I handed them to her without taking a picture. The WIP photo will have to suffice.

Yarn: Sockotta color 20 (coton, wook and nylon)
Needles 2.25 mm

I did work on other stuff this weekend as well. I need to finish a couple of inches on Kate's front and then I'll only need to seam and add the collar. I worked on a sock for Dad. Well, I frogged the leg of an entire sock, the pattern just didn't do it for me, so I've started a new one with a new pattern. I'll drag the sock out for a photo later.

At the risk of this post getting extremely long I want to let you all know that I did indeed stop at Patternworks on my way into town Friday. Its a great store. Its an old converted house at the end of a shopping center. the house has every nook and cranny crammed with yarn. I went through quickly because it was late and we still needed to find a hotel. I walked in and am imediately faced with gorgeous yarn and books, the setting is very pretty and the place is well lit. The wall of koigu is enough to make anyone want to strip down and roll around in it (which I think would be frowned upon). There is also a wall of manos. Lots of knitting needles. I could go on naming all the stuff they have, all the kits and cute samples but its all on their website so I don't have to. The staff is really nice and helpful which is something I wanted to make sure to mention, they are full of smiles. I talked to other people over the weekend and everyone that uses them as their LYS loves it. If you are in the area, its definitely a place worth stopping into. Halcyon still firmly has my heart and I know I will be visiting them this week sometime.
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