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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Presenting... Rosedale.

I know, it's a bad picture but I'm too busy at the moment to get a good one. Eventually I'll take a better one for my permanent files here.
Based on the pattern Rosedale from Knitty.
Noro colorway 80
Changes: I didn't do the intarsia and I lengthened the sleeves because I like my sleeves to go to my knuckles.
I made the medium size but I blocked the hell out of it, lengthening it overall and making it smaller. I have a problem of overestimating my size (even with measurements, I think, "now that can't be right"). I should have made the small.
I added the largest zipper I had but I will eventually take it out and add a different one. I hate this zipper. Maybe that's why it was sitting at the bottom of my zipper bin.
I've always done raglans from the top down. I really like doing them bottom up. Its nice to start with the sleeves and to end knitting with decreasing amounts of stitches. Makes it seem like the end is moving faster. I will definately be making another sweater similar to this. I have a couple of full skeins of Noro left and a bunch of scraps. I'm not in love with Noro. Sure I like it enough but there are others that I like better. I think in the fall I'll make myself another from my handspun, maybe with cables or something.

I've been sewing like mad and glazing pottery too. I've almost got that flax cup ready to fire an we'll see how it looks. Not much knitting to speak of.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

My Husbeast bought me a bra.

You are probably expecting me to describe some crazy medieval torture device. Somthing with extra wires and spangles or something with hardly any material at all. Something that was bought with the idea of having it for visual pleasure and something that I couldn't/wouldn't possibly wear for any longer than it took for some thing pop loose.
I explained to the husbeast, the finer art of bra shopping, to which I believe he replied how happy he was that he didn't have to deal with these things. Darn straight. Bra's stink and at one time I was so flat that I didn't need one. Ahhh those were the days. This bra is the most comfortable bra I've ever owned. Go get one. Perfect for summer tops with a "t" back or really bare shoulders. I'm now searching for patterns with a "t" back. Like this top Although that may be too skinny in the back, until I adjust it of course.

While I know you really wanted to hear about my bra, I do have knitting news. Rosedale is done. She's happily laying in the spare junk room. I've been knitting other things and spinning. So here it is in the order I remember it.

I finished this Saturday morning. No, you can't see it all. She's blocking quietly and I want to keep her that way. Plus I like being a tease.

I finished these soon after. The blue is the denimy one that I made for my dad. I think he deserves another pair of socks. As soon as I get done with M's ruffly ones, I'll start on these. The red is an experiment. I'm done with that. I'll probably use that yarn for heels and toes.

I started on this. I decided I didn't want the rainbow variegated yarn for my shawl so I pulled out this batt that I got from Grafton Fibers. It was so pretty all rolled up and then I unrolled it. I just had to take a picture of it. I'm spinning it up to be fingering weight (I hope). I'm not really good at gauging weight yet.

I started the Boob Loop. I finished the back of M's sweater and started the front. I knit on her socks and frogged. Then I knit again and frogged again. Then I knit again and frogged again. So I sent them to their bag without supper and they are to think about the hard time they are giving me. They cannot come out until they apologize. I also measured the giant husbeast and I have to add a couple of inches to the pattern for his sweater. So I've got part of it re-written and will change the rest as I go along. After I get that started I'm going to start another sweater for me, I forgot to show the pic for it the other day when I was running down my list of inspiration. This yarn has been sitting next to my chair for a few weeks now.

Even though I have a bunch of projects started I feel in limbo. I want to do something, but I just can't seem to decide what it is. I'm hoping that after this show is over that I will be able to think clearly. Hopefully sitting there at the show, I will get some of the easier small projects out of the way.

I know you may have noticed the big changes (color) of my blog but there were other little changes. I took away all my political stuff. After reading a bunch of topics in the Knitters review forums, I realized that I wanted my blog to be politic free. I have really strong political beliefs but I'm going to do my best to keep my big mouth shut when I'm knitting. The referer system got taken away but I found a new one. I know some of you out there were sad to see your own referer thingy go. Check out the bottom of my page and get yourself a new one.

I almost forgot. I've been working on my website. The husbeast helped me get the new one runnign but for the time being I had started this on the pottery site. I'll get it switched and the new site built eventually.


Friday, March 26, 2004


People Against Sleepy Knitters

There should be some sort of group
They should hand out warnings on the dangers.
A pamphlet discussing how much you could hurt your sweater.
An after school special for all those young knitters.
Maybe a seminar in how to put down your project and walk away for the night.
Some of us need help.
I'm not afraid to stand up and admit that I have been a sleepy knitter.
It has caused damage in my life.
I hurt a beloved sweater.
And its not even a sweater yet
Do you want to look at what I did?
This is not for the faint of heart

Now that my histrionics are over, I can tell you what happened. I must have done it the other night when I should have been sleeping instead of knitting. I stopped knitting for a moment and looked at the progress only to notice that about 25 rows down I had knit 10 stitches in a purl row. You can see a couple of the little bumpies off to the left of the ripped area. My lazy side contemplated leaving them there as "character". But it bugged me, I just couldn't do it. The picture is showing me dropping them, only to work them back up. That's what I did yesterday and a couple of rows on top of it. Next thing I need to do is to bind off neck stitches (just to give you an idea of where I am)
Warning: Back to the drama
I had to show you this just to let you see the dangers of knitting while you are tired. Oh, it may seem safe and like you cannot harm anything. But how do you think my poor sweater felt when I had to rip at it and slowly put it back together with a crochet hook. Next time you are thinking of knitting when you truely should rest, stop. Think of my rosedale.
This was a public service message brought to you by the good folks at Amy's house.


Thursday, March 25, 2004

Inspiration for the day....week....month?

Not much knitting time. I'm working long hours to try and get everything ready for that first show. I want to have a good variety of items and I have had my aunt send in some cloth from FL. I've got a few more pieces from my mom too. I would rather have a booth of all originals than to have 4 of the same thing. In fact I don't think I will have too many duplicates. I get a few minutes of knitting time on Rosedale here and there, but nothing picture worthy. What I have been doing is looking for projects to do while I'm at the show. I'll bring my spindle and have a go with that but I'll also bring a few projects. Wanna see what's coming up?

A sweater from Men In Knits for the Husbeast. He wants it in black.This will be the next project but since I hate large needles (these will be 10-11 depending on my gauge) I will be working on another smaller gauge sweater. Afterall, I don't need to finish this until the fall.

Nothing too exciting, I have a feeling it will be pretty once its done though. Its a sweater kit I traded pottery for at SPA. I love it. Thank you Carol.

This is all those projects I've been wanting to make for a while, all in one. Pretty handpainted yarn. Lace project. Leaves. A shawl for me. Didn't know I liked leaves? For some reason I'm a little obsessed with leaves and swirlies. I have a tattoo of it, the next tattoo will have leaves in it, and most of my pottery has leaves and swirls on it. I am actually thinking of casting on for this now. the more I talk about it the more I want to do it. Must. not. cast. on. new. project.............. Must. finish. Rosedale....... Its sheer torture.

I have this giant ball of acrylic yarn. I've had since I was a kid, about 20 years. Its moved around the stash for a long time and I love it so I can't get rid of it. I think its probably about time I do something with what is most likely the oldest yarn in my stash. I'm thinking it might make a nice tank. Or maybe some type of skirt. Ideas?

This will most likely be the item I take to the shows with me. Its going to be the boob loop. huh? I'm calling it "boob loop" because its not going to be The Paris Loop
and it won't be the The boob tube.
But it will be based on those ideas just with ribs and maybe cables.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Her other mother...

My other mother lets me eat chips.
My other mother lets me play when I want to.
My other mother watches me when I tell her to.
My other mother......."
You get the picture. It was quite a list given to me by M yesterday. So of course I need to know who her other mother is as I'm really the only mother I know about.
M: "My other mother is red and bald"
Now, that's interesting. So she shows me.
May I present to you "Other Mother":

How can I compete with that?!!?!? She's so round and made of hard plastic. And Red!
Yes, M has an imagination. This doesn't even come close to the time she made up an imaginary male friend for me and told my husband about "the man that makes mommy laugh".

I got this in the mail yesterday from Michelle. Its amazingly beautiful. The colors aren't half as good in this pic as they are in person. I'm itching to spin it up. I have to get done my manly roving first. My dad deserves another pair of socks for making my daughter pancakes on demand, several days a week. I also got some pretty chenille. Its so nice. I've got to get M to pick out colors to dye it and we'll be on our way to another M sweater.
I've got to really hustle to get my work done today. I'll tell you about the smell in the kitchen tomorrow.

Questions: The movie was Passions. I'm not trying to make any commentary about anything one way or the other but it was a brutal movie. I have changed Rosedale in the fact that I didn't do the intarsia squares. For some reason they didn't really grab me. But I do like them on rosedale united. Go figure.


Monday, March 22, 2004

Movie Knitting

How obsessed does someone look when they knit through a movie?

I've never done that before last night. I usually will knit before a movie to pass the time but put down the knitting once it starts. Last night I just kept on going and I'm glad I did. There were parts that I was glad to have something to focus on instead of the screen. Maybe next time we'll get to see the movie I wanted to see "Dawn of the Dead" which is sure to have less violence.

Here you are thinking "what a lovely square". Yes it is. It will be a sweater for the littlest little monster of the house. I've got about 9 inches done on the back. Just 7 or so more to go. While I know I can knit in the dark, I also know I don't knit fast.

I promised a pic and here it is. It seems like many have already made this sweater so when I say I'm half way through my first set of raglan decreases, you will know where that is. If not then I'm getting close to completion. My goal is to have this done by the end of the month. Then I'll be working on M's sweater and The Husbeast sweater which will take a while and be knit with thick yarn, I hate working with large needles. US 8's are tollerable, and that seems to be what I end up using most lately. I prefer the small ones and I love my toothpicks. So while doing his sweater I have a couple of spring tanks chosen. I have the yarn and all to do Arrabella from Rowan 35

I'm stealing some pink yarn I was going to use to make M something. Its a variegated with orange and bit of purple. I've decided I need more pink in my life. There is another sweater I forgot to mention from IK spring

I want to make this but along with the neck tie thingy I want to have it button up. I've seen a few of these in progress around the blogs. Michelle's is gorgeous in her own handspun. I don't want to do mine in wool but I may be open to making 2, one in wool and one in cotton. I just don't have the yarn I want yet. Have you seen this pattern for the Rib and Cable Tank I only have 5 skeins and I'm not sure I could eke out enough to make it, You know what that means. I need more yarn. I have been window shopping over at Elann. After my show hopefully I'll have th cash to do more than window shop. I do have some yummy chenille and some surprise dyed roving coming from the fabulous Michelle. So hopefully that settle my yarn and fiber urges for a time.

This was pic on Kate's blog Which led me to look at more of the patterns for white Buffalo Unspun. I'm thinking of now ripping out the SnB skullie (I'm seriously bored with it) and starting this sweater with the skull on the back. I like cardi's better anyway. M has finally gotten up and is now sitting on my lap as I type so I've chattered long enough. Have a great Monday.


Friday, March 19, 2004

And just where have I been?

I've been here.
Well, not here.
More like over there and down there and a bit over there and there too.
What have I been doing?
Working my butt off.
Not literally.
It's still there, I just checked.

I know it doesn't look like much but I put alot of work into my bags. There are also a bunch that are different stages of completion, I've got some needle rolls done, Some crochet hook rolls, a whole mess of embroidery. Embroidery? yes, cute little sheepses. See the bag to the far left. Its appliqued and embroidered. He's soft too. I have a bunch of those to make, I've got sachets for moth balls, no more ugly cakes of moth repellent. Well you get the idea. I've also embroidered a couple of tops.

Cute is it not? The color didn't show up well, its a pink satin sheep, I also have a white fluffy one. I've been thinking of selling shirts too, or maybe I'll just make them for friends, they'd be great lil' give-aways. I'm also making headway on the pottery items. I have a bit more I'd like to get done. I got a call yesterday to make a special flax cup. They look really interesting. I may just be adding them to the line as soon as they are done. Someday maybe I'll be back to making just pottery for a living.

I've been knitting a bit too. Lisa's baby shower is tomorrow and I decided her baby needed a teddy bear that had a matching sweater. I did that this afternoon because the idea just dawned on me today. I've got a bunch more done on Rosedale. I'm almost at the part where I join in the sleeves. As soon as I get that done, I'm sure I won't be able to resist trying it on and snapping a pic. If you're nice I'll show you.


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Lost and Found

Yesterday morning I found my tackle box with my show setup. I was giddy. So much stuff in there would be hard to replace, whew! So I figured if I found that, I could find other lost items. I ran down to the studio to see if I coudl find that material. All 4 pieces found! All in different strange places, I'm not sure what I was thinking. One of these days I'll get a pic of the horrible clutter that is my fabric stash and maybe you'll understand. While I was searching for that fabric I found a t-shirt that needed to be a skirt and 2 pairs of jeans that would fit my increasing waistline. In my studio its in the basement and the carpet is placed right on the cement slab - can you say COLD! I have the pattern and yarn to make clogs, but I can't seem to bring myself to do it, there is a blogger out there making a ton, do you think she'd make me a pair? I'm getting lazy, i know, but I have bigger fish to fry than a pair of clogs. I decided to find my tazmanian devil giant slippers, M had taken then as her own stuffed toy a while ago. I found one in her toy box and while I was looking for the other I found a bag of yarn and my old Ugg style boots. Better than taz slippers, not as cute but now if I put on a mini skirt I"ll be in fashion with my Ugg's on. The yarn is acrylic but it was something I put aside to make an afghan, not that I remember stashing it under the bed.

What did I lose? A check for $400 for a show payment. It just disappeared off of my kitchen counter. I think I've also lost a little piece of my sanity.

We have snow, perfect knitting weather. If only I could take a snow day off. Maybe I'll quit early today. *thinking about what I need to accomplish* maybe not. I still haven't made less expensive bags, my goal for this week. I can't seem to force myself to use all cotton material without extra inner linings. I'll get some pics of the new ones soon. I keep thinking I should make small ones too. Maybe today is the day. I may not get to quit early, I get to cutting, creating, sewing and sometimes I forget to stop.

That's the doberkitten. I know I have some equally silly ones of our other darling. She does seem to try to be a little more dignified.

This is a knitting blog? How easily I forget. Rosedale is what I chose to work on. I've got the first 8 inches done and hope to start the increases tonight. And for tortuga's questions: I don't think this is possible; snag the code in toto subsituting your own image source address because you download their image and host in on your site in observance of netiquette If someone reads this and I'm wrong, let us know.

As for the IK mag, I can find good in most magazines. Its great inspiration.

I want to do Stella but make longer sleeves and have a longer pattern repeat at the sleeve cuff (like up to the elbow). Retro cute in pretty pink?

I like the cabling on this. And may eventually make it without changing much.

I love the purled polka dots. I like how it looks on the model but I know it won't work for me so I plan to do the polka dots to jazz up a plain tank top/shell. I might even go polka dot crazy and make them on a bunch of things. I do love polka dots, especially pink and black ones.


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Knitting, what's that?

I got 2 rows done on M's sweater last night. Pitiful, no? The rest of the day was spent in the pottery studio, for which I have a kiln running at the moment. This is just the first of 2 firings, so it will be a bit longer before I have anything to show for my labor. I visited with the Tax accountant. Sweet man. M refers to him as "John, the man that pays our taxes." haha, Don't I wish! Let this be a lesson learned; don't take a tax cut on face value, and pay in taxes quarterly, you always need to pay more taxes than you think you do. Really, the bulk of my day was spent sewing. I'm working on making one of a kind and interesting bags to sell at the craft show as well as the standard. I'm also making less expensive ones and larger more expensive ones. And I finished these:

No mirrors or magic tricks here. I made 2 and these may be the only 2. Why? The lep is a really nice twill and as I was slicing into it, I remembered that I had originally bought this to make a pair of capris for myself. I did cut a piece off so I would make sure to have enough for a pair of pants but when I moved my studio I lost one cut of fabric. The sad part is that I moved from one side of the house to the other, so it must be there along with 4 other cuts of fabric for pants. I may have to go pantless. Which would be worse; pantless or drawing that much attention to my lower half by an awesome pair of leopard print capris? Anyway, stop thinking about my lower half and move onto the bags. The twins are fraternal. The zippers are slightly different and one has a velcro closure, the other a button. Inside they are the same, but aren't we all.

I did throw a few pieces of wool into the washer. This is a by-product that I've never gotten before. Ratses turds. Of course I couldn't throw them away. Why, its lint, right? I'm a knitter/spinner, that should be enough of an answer already. For those that aren't seriously addicted to fiber; like that 3 inch piece of yarn, that I can use to tie up hanks of yarn, I'm not throwing away my rat turds because I'm sure I will find a use for them. I think I saw some novelty yarn somewhere with these things spun into it.

In other news. My interweave knits finally came. Spring 2004, didn't everyone else get theres' months ago. Its torturing reading allthe oohs and aaahs, sitting here without my copy, knowing its somewhere out there, lost hungry, just dyign to be loved by me. So, now with all that I already have to do I'm dying to add a couple more projects. I've been seeing in forums that the other mags are starting to arrive so I may just have to hide my needles from myself to keep me from starting new projects. I can't do that. When I hide things from myself, I rarely find them again. Sad isn't it? I lose things that I didn't hide, like that material for pants (maybe some cosmic thing is telling me that I shouldn't have that much print across my butt). Recently, while looking to restock my show setup box, I cannot find it. How do I lose a tackle box in a garage that is only so big? On the bright side, I can read a knitting pattern and remember it and I can remember who has the sales on what yarn and which book has the particular pattern I want to do next.


Monday, March 15, 2004

Doin' the backwards Boogie!!

I was working on a new pattern that called for knitting back and forth over few stitches. I had to do this a few times. the idea was awful until I thought, hey, I bet I can knit backwards. Needle in, throw that yarn, pull it through and a wiggle of the hips, the Backward Boogie! woo hoo. ::now you try it:: its the wiggling of the hips that makes it possible. I certainly need a bit more practice but I'm on my way. Doing it in that large gauge for a fulled bag made it easier to practice.

I finished another bag to be fulled, I'll start another soon and I finished a hat. The bags are coming along swimingly and should be up for sale about the same time as I go to my show - the end of the month. I'm also working on an easter present for everyone. Stay tuned.

I did a few rows on the Rosedale, I realized that its going to be abit big. I figure that's ok, I only get bigger as I get older and I'm certainly not getting younger (in body anyway, my mind is a different story). I'm on gauge, I just can't seem to gauge my own size very well. Don't even suggest frogging it. Maybe I'll cut and steek for the zipper. I started another project, a sweater for M out of Lion Homespun regency, I have a ton of it. I should have started another bag and just continued on with rosedale. I'm naughty. I can't help it. The compulsion was so strong. The needles were there, the yarn was there and its like a sickness. Now compulsions are one thing, I started it and it wasn't how I wanted it to look. So if I really had no thought behind it, I would just rip it and leave it, having had the compulsion satisfied. No, I grabbed new needles and started all over again. I feel better now, I can set it aside into the ever growing pile of WIP's. In fact my WIP pile is begining to look like a child's tower. Little basket at the bottom with projects piled one on top of another, teetering and ready to collapse at any time. I promise, eventually I'll finish all some of them. Ahhh, sweet indecision.

I spun up one bobbin full of 2 ply llama/polpay. Again I tried to take a pic but its so fluffy, its just no use. I'll keep trying. I'm not a very good photographer, I'm lucky to know which little silver button to press. I'm also working on that roving that I showed the other day the red and blue. I want to do my Quinalt so bad but its just so pretty I don't want to touch it yet. I can't decide if I should go balls out and just 2 ply it and hope to keep some of the color changes or do it navajo 3 ply. I have to practice alot more before I feel safe doing navao 3ply on that.

I got a bunch of new fabrics some from my aunt and mom (how sweet are they!). And so I spent part of my weekend slicing and dicing fabric. J thinks my pottery stuff is looking good so as soon as I get some of that done I'll show it off. The show date is getting closer and closer and I don't feel so prepared. One thing that is bugging me terribly is my tool box is missing, it has every show essential in it and I cannot find it. That's my punishment for being an utter slob. My cold is getting better so we'll see what I can get done. I need to go talk to the accountant today and get my taxes ready to go. Fun filled day is planned as you can see.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

Change is the spice of life. Or is it suppose to be Parsley?

I changed a bunch of the colors and stuff. I'm not sure if some stuff was lost or found. See what happens when I'm bored, princess is broke, I have a runny nose and I'm procrastinating finishing my corugated rib.... I think I'm gonna change more stuff too. Let me know if I upest the cosmos with my changes.


Friday, March 12, 2004

The princess was attacked!

Princess Brother (aka My sewing Machine) has been acting funny. We've all had colds lately so I just figured she caught a cold, but I decided to check under her hood and see if I coud help her out. This little critter is what I found.

I've seen this type of little fuzzy creature before. It looked safe enough so I set it aside and went to work at oiling and continuing to check princess out. Next thing I know I'm being attacked by this:

It looks suspiciously like a Sponge Monkey. These things freak me out. So I threw a cup over the little monster, grabbed my owners manual and ran upstairs. Here I sit reading helpful hints such as "Symptom: Machine doesn't operate, Probable Cause: Machine isn't on, Remedy: Turn the machine on you idiot". I've been working on Marta's bag. It looks like its going to have to wait until I figure this thing out or crank up Drucilla, the stepsister to the princess (aka my old old sewing machine). Knitterly: I finished large Katharine and started on Jade. I only got a couple of rows done on Rosedale ribbing.

Fun stuff for the weekend, this is a must see Dancing Paul Husbeast sent this to me to make me smile yesterday. It worked. I could spend all day making this guy do different moves. Hilarious.


Thursday, March 11, 2004

What? You won't take Yarn in payment?

So here I am thinking I'm going to be getting some cottons and blended yarn to start on summer projects soon. Nope I need to pay tax stuff. Yeah I was proud of myself for getting them started in December but I just brought them to my accountant and I know I have to give up the idea of getting more yarn anytime soon. I was all set to get some pretty pretty stuff from Roxi - see her Ebay auctions. I'll understand if you buy the one I want. So here I'm thinking of ways out of paying tax. Do you suppose they would take yarn in trade or if I sent a few gorgeous samples of what I'm getting. They would have to understand, right? Maybe the person at the IRS that opens my envelope would say, "oh, she's a fiber addict. oooh, this yarn is beautiful. " And stamp it ok for me to delay any payments. It could happen.

Pretty roving. I've been dying up small bunches of rovings. Enough for mittens or hats etc. I want some projects to do on my spindle when I'm at shows and small amounts are about all I have the patience for on my spindle.

Click on the pics to see the auction

I finally bit into that red hot satin. I've been working on crochet hook holders for a while and finally I came up with this one. It was staring at me all along. A real "duh" moment. I just needed to make a smaller version of the knitting needle holders. Some days I wmazed myself with my smarts or lack there of. I've been sewing so much that I haven't had time to do much knitting. My goal for tonight is to finish the large Katharine bag and either finish the leg on the first M sock or the ribbing on rosedale.


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Thieving knitters?

Most of you know that I sell my wares on ebay. I used to check out the competition but when I found someone selling an item that was incredibly similar to mine, I stopped looking, but not just because it was similar to mine. The user name seemed familiar. Yup, they bought the item from me and then started to make the same item and sell them on ebay and undercut me. (*edit* the 2 items in question were a hat and a top that I made a lot of last year).They are still there and I’m sure they’ve been joined by others. It happens with the pottery too, although not as much it seems. My husbeast still checks on my auctions and my competition. Yesterday he asked me if knitter’s just copy each others stuff thinking its ok because we are always so freely giving each other ideas and patterns, and all around supporting each other. I guess there have been many copies coming out lately being produced by other knitters. This brings up Lily Chin and that Vegan Fox thing or Annie Modesit and the Coonskin cap. The internet opens up the avenue for more copying and more idea swapping so more items are similar and sometimes copied. I haven’t been knit blogging for long but it doesn’t seem like it happens all that often. It seems like knitters are such a great bunch of people on or off the net that when an idea is used or traded its with the permission of the creator. I know I could copy certain items from a picture or if I purchased it, but why do that? Its much nicer to talk to the creater and trade ideas. One more reason to be proud to be called a knitter.

Anyway, I do have knitting and spinning. I'm working on a llama polpay blend from an ebay vendor Fiberwurks. Its gorgeous. Llama is so soft and the fiber is fabulous. I can't wait to knit something out of it. My fingers are itching as I work on the spinnng. I keep hearing the little devil sheep on my left shoulder say "break it now and ply it, lets start to knit with it. Just a swatch and then we could sleep with it, do it, do it."

And then I've gotten more done on Rosedale.

I've done very little on the bags because they are boring and my sweater is fabulous. What is it about Noro anyway? The fiber isn't extremely soft, its nothing special to work with. The colors are fab. What is it that makes me want to wrap myself in it even before its done. I'm amazed at how well it sells when handpaints are just as pretty sometimes. The little devil sheep whispers "we must have more Noro Kureyon, you must buy more, you need it...." As I fight to keep from pressing that buy it button. Evil evil little red devil sheep. Wait a minute, its red. A red little sheepie. Already dyed. *goes running after the devil sheepie to turn it into yarn* that should teach him.


Monday, March 08, 2004


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8 Power Rounds of knitting
• A pair of weighted resistance knitting needles
• BONUS Stretching Workout (also known as blocking out that extra inch).
• 7-day supply of vitamins and yarn.

I happened to be doing my step and knit aerobics yesterday when I thought my husbeast (I stole that name from someone on a forum, Its cute and it fits my husband) was busy. Well, he walks in and looks at me and asks, is this some sort of KNIT BO®? Can you imagine a video of women and men doing aerobics while knitting? I think its about time we see a video like that. KNIT BO® has been revolutionary for me.

Mom is set up at the first trade show of the year. She has a booth across from a felter. She wholesales felting kits. NICE! So you know I had to spend some time bugging her. She does beautiful work. I'll try and get more info when i go back tomorrow, maybe something so you all can look and ooh and ahh. Knitting? Sleeve one is done and sleeve 2 is halfway done. I've been busy with other things. Pottery, sewing, and helping mom set up for the show. And now I need to go cut up some satin if I can figure out what I want to do with it. I'll have finished purse handles available next week. I hope to put them up for internet sale as soon as I get them and I should have the sample felted bag done sometime in the next century. It would get finished faster if I started it.


Saturday, March 06, 2004

Does the Betty Ford Clinic have a Knitter's wing?

This was the silly question that my husband asked of me this morning when I admitted that I'd been up until 2 am knitting. Oh but it didn't stop there. Once checked in they'd confiscate all our pens and pencils (you can knit with those when you are having withdrawals from your needles) They'd take away our shoe laces, not because we'd hang ourselves, but because we could possible knit them into something. Then a couple of days later they'd find me in a dark corner in my room trying to unravel my bedsheets into something I could knit. Funny isn't he. He's giggling all the while he's telling me this. The sad thing, he's not far from the truth. I can see it myself. What do you do as a relaxation activity when you are trying to get sober from being a knitting addict? I'm getting sweaty and fearfull just thinking about it. eee. Good thing my yarn isn't too far away. ahhhh precious yarn. My precious Noro. ahhhh fiber.

This is what I was up late doing. I know not very much for being up so late. This is Noro if you don't recognize it (color80) Its the stuff that I've knit and frogged 10 times or so. I was begining to think I had started to like frogging. *gasp* No. I still hate frogging. It became a challenge to me to knit this and not frog it. I think I've won. I couldn't decide on a pattern and have finally settled on Rosedale from Knitty. I didn't finally decide on the pattern for sure until 10 or so. Pitiful huh. I had to start this, this pattern is what kept me up late the night before and I would rather be up late knitting then up late thinking about it.

Did you see those little bobbles hanging off the sleeve. Row counters I've started to make as my low end item along with stitch markers. I'm really proud of the row counters as I haven't seen any like them, They are similar to the bracelets I've seen but I don't want to wear a bracelet when I'm knitting. I have 2 attached here because I don't want to do math, one counts the rows for the increase and the other counts the number of increases I make. I put down my knitting so much with having to tend to a sick lil Miss M I really needed these.

I've started selling them on ebay. I bought a new website but I have yet to get it working. I need help from the computer smart jokester that sits to the left of me here. I've got to get to the PO. I was able to finish orders and today I plan on making some pretty pottery stuff. I love working on the sculptural sheep. Baaaaaa.


Friday, March 05, 2004


Mrs Butterworths Lite has been seen marrying Shaw's Brand Butter Flavor.

The wedding was attended by a ducky pillow and Miss M the famous journalist. The photographer, however, will be fired because she can't seem to take a photograph without cutting off the syrup's head. But it didn't stop there, being that news hound that Miss M is, she followed the couple to their suite and got a revealing picture of the wedding night.

In closing words, Miss M stated "I have my imagination with me." Do you think when she grows up she'll work for the Enquirer? She's feeling a bit better today.

Oh yeah, this is a knitting blog. No earth shattering knitting content. I got tired of working on big needles for the felted bags so I sat down and figured out the pattern for the Opal socks so I'm working a bit on those. I started a sweater, got 2 inches into it and didn't like how the pattern in my head didn't match what was on my needles, so I frogged it. A new pattern is forming in my head. In fact I had a hard time getting sleep last night because of it. Damn knitter brain. I wrote yet another felted bag pattern that needs to be tested. And lastly, I think I'm going to frog m's cardi. It won't fit her next fall. I think I'll save the yarn and get some cotton to make her a spring sweater or poncho with fringe. Hopefully M will feel ok enough to trek to the studio downstairs so I can get some stuff done, that satin keeps calling to me through the floor boards. "Cut me, Iron me, sew me." Its just begging for a scissor attack.


Thursday, March 04, 2004


I just got my show invoice last night in the mail. Yowza! they charged and booked me for the wrong show! I felt immediate panic . The kind of panic, arms in the air, heavy breathing stomping around, crying and wailing dropping to my hands and knees. No, not that far, just the heavy breathing and wide panic eyes, like if I did any of that it would change the date for me. Why was I so panic stricken? Because the show they booked me for is next week! Not The first week of April. Lots of exclamation points, huh. I am so not ready to do a show next week. They have a no refund policy so I may be freaking out and doing a show next week instead of losing all that cash if they wont transfer it to the April show. I mean I did originally ask for the April show not the March one, I hope we totally didn't get our wires crossed. I feel a little better now that its written. I can't do anything until its a decent time to call.
**Edit** Wanna know what kind of lunatic I am? I called, I got the date switched, now I feel a bit let down. I was begining to get into that adrenaline rush of last minute getting ready for a show. Ah well, it will be easier to have a month and its a better venue in April anyway. I actually don't think I could have done the show next weekend. I really like this promoter, I just wish I did better at all their shows.

I finished the noro version of Katharine and had to full it right away. It took an extra cycle, there is no stitch definition but it isn't as sturdy as the Classic Wool comes out. It is fluffier though. Its like a little stripey animal.

This is what I received yesterday for approval. the picture really doesn't do this justice. I contacted a woodworker about making me some purse handles. This one is unfinished but it feels so good to handle. Its lightweight and he made them from some type of Birch and says they are pretty much unbreakable. I was in shock at such a beautiful item. He's going to finish them and the price point will be less than or equal to the price of those crappy plastic ones from the craft stores. I've been working hard at designing a bag to be felted/fulled to use with these. I have the sketch done and the pattern written. I just have to find time to get the sample done. I'm going to sew a few bags to go with the handles as well if I get a reprive from sick patrole. Poor babe is still sick and I think we'll be making a trip to the doc today. I'm surprised I got anything done yesterday. I'll be surprised if anything gets done today. If I am stuck doing that show I'll be working nights to get some items ready to take with me.


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Downright Balmy!

Do I sound happy? Not entirely. Balmy is the herald of spring. That should be a good thing. To me it is just a glaring sign pointing at my unfinished projects. Spring is dancing around and pointing at me "nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh". Spring, why do you taunt me so. Hah! My Urban Aran will still fit me next fall. so "pfthththt" And M's cardi. Well, if it won't fit M in the fall it will fit my cousins babe. So there! How crazy does one look talking out the window at nothing and sticking their tongue out at "spring"? Or for that matter as I was doing my step aerobics (slow version) yesterday and knitting, I couldn't help thinking, "if someone walks in here right now, would I just get a smirk or would they want to put me in a padded room?" Some might think that I looked foolish but the padded room sounds like a nice vacation to me.

You guys with all the compliments are so sweet. Remember flattery will get you everything!

I didn't start on the larger version yet. I had to do a Noro one. This is Noro that I originally bought to make a sweater for myself. I think I will still have enough to make the sweater. See, that is part of what makes me a naughty Fiber mom, I'm constantly stealling bits from one project to do something completely different. I'm sorry little Noro Sweater. I will make you someday.

Here is the M cardi. I'm trying to decide if I should just make it a vest so she can wear it this spring or if I should just make it a bit bigger and she can wear it in the fall. Maine weather is so unpredictable so we may still get a cold snap, but I don't think it will last for long. Its been really nice here lately. So nice in fact that I just had to shave up my head again. At the moment I've decided on an undercut, it doesn't look so different from the last picture unless I put my hair in a ponytail. I do get crazy when I'm shaving, so don't be surprised if you see a picture of me on here completely balded.

M is sick at the moment so I'm planning on spending my day chasing vomit. It moves quicker than you think and I'm not as fast as I look. The satin is going to have to wait to get cut, and my yarns will have to wait to be stored in stylish bags. Maybe I'll show you a pic of the mohair that I offended by leaving it under a box in my closet until it was flat as a pancake. mmmm mohair pancakes.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Be wary of the DFS

Is there some sort of Department of Fiber Services. I try to make my luxury yarns and fibers happy. I don't mean to ignore and neglect them. Please don't take them away. I'm really not that bad of a fiber mama. Ok so I'm trying to make amends to the yarns that need little extra attention. I need to pet them more and give them their own little beautiful area to live free of strife and hard work until they have a job worthy of their standing. Don't you think they'd be a little happier if I stored them in some luxury Satin??

I bought as much as I could afford. I'm hoping to make a couple of bags. I know others out there may be on that DFS watchlist. You know who you are.

I've been working on new patterns. Here is little Katharine blocking

Yup its upside down. If you stand on your head and you'll see it as it really looks at the moment. I'm probably going to be working on big Katharine soon. I liked little Katharine so much I'm going to make a couple more, I may sell them at the craft show in April. Really I want to sell the pattern but I know people will sometimes want to buy the finished one and I want to try and make sure I get to keep a sample for the pattern. I'm not that advanced of a knitter but I often make up my own things to knit and I know how to write a pattern so I figured why the hell not. I'll throw in a few of these items along with the pottery and bags and such. Sometimes I wonder if I'm begining to fit the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none".


Monday, March 01, 2004

Glutton For Punishment

My first show was scheduled to be the end of May. Last Friday I was thinking "geez, that's a long ways away. I bet I can squeeze another show in there." So I made a call. The promoters called today and there is space for me the first weekend of April. Gulp. I'm not ready yet. Its with all my knitterly accesories. I have my pottery ready, sort of. Do I ever feel ready to do a show? No, I guess not. So today I sewed and sewed and I've been working on other products for the $10 to $15 range. Stitch markers and Row counters. I'll get a picture soon.

I did manage to finish the regia socks on Friday night and I've gotten a couple more inches done on the M cardi and the Urban Aran. Nothing worth a picture yet though. My mom starts her trade shows Sunday in Portland for which I help her get set up and the following week she does the Boston trade Show alone. I might go help her get set up. This is going to be a hectic Spring, I can feel it. At least I wont be bored, and it will help keep me too busy for cookies if there is such a thing.


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