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Friday, February 27, 2004

Taking showers with sheep

Its like taking a shower with sheep. That statement was made by my dad last week. Why? My parents don't like to handwash and I gave my dad merino socks that were not superwash. So I told him to take a shower with his socks on. Did I think he would do it? Sort of. I wasn't sure but he did do it, but he did. He said he washed them with Prell so they would be conditioned too!

On top is M's cardi so far. Gorgeous and obnoxious, isn't it. It will be perfect for my little one. The bottom is the latest book my nice mailman brought me. I love adding to my library. I haven't had a chance to realy do more than glance at it. I hope to sit down later with my coffee and take a good long look and drool over what I dream of making.

I'm leaving you with a bunch of fun stuff for the weekend.

Make your own little avatar, I spent forever today playing with THIS

I'm addicted to hat's. I just love looking at them and trying them on, especially vintage ones. And of course I make a ton. Online Hat Exhibition

I thinkthis weekend is a definite martini weekend, need more recipes and mix see Rose

And last but not least I have a game for you to spend your time procrastinating Try BookwormWe're absolutley addicted.


Thursday, February 26, 2004

Only 1 Picture

Yup, I'm getting lazy. But I did arrange everything.

Top Left: Unger Peach and white and Cleckheaton Purple. All very old and there is more where that came from. Grammy gave me them and their mates. They are all synthetic but they have enough nylon content that I think they will be nice summer socks. Yes, I'm thinking summer already, I have several tank top projects set aside, waiting patiently. This yarn does need to air out for a while, in fact the bag is sitting here next to me and just smelling it, I feel like I'm sitting in the attic. Gram tried to explain to me a bit of her stashing yarn addiction and then looked at me and said, I don't need to explain to you, you know, and then hands me more yarn for my stash. She has her own method of stash redistribution. From her house to mine. I'm not complaining, this will help with my idea that I'm not buying anymore yarn until I finish a few projects.

Top Right:M's cardi. See, I told you I started it. 3 rows. See the yarn still in hank form, I finished that yesterday.

Bottom Left: Regia socks. One done and one to go. Now that I've been working with my own handspun, commercial yarns no longer excite me to work with them. I still will drool over them in catalogs and at my LYS but I would rather knit with my own handspun.

Bottom Right:The much neglected Urban Aran. I did a couple of rows on that last night. I figure if I do a couple of rows each night I should have it finished sometime next year.

That's it. I've been dong too much pottery and sewing to do much else. I hope to finish those socks soon I want to start on some more handspun ones to get them done before spring hits. I need more time. If anyone figures out how to pack a 36 hour day into 24 hours, let me know.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

You spin me right round baby, right round

I've mostly been spinning the past couple of days.

Isn't it luscious. This picture looks like cotton candy. Yum yum. Its the tequila sun for M's cardi and I'm almost done. I have 3 bobbins full. Ready to start plying soon. I did complete some yarns that you haven't seen.

The top one is a strange colored super wash. I think that will be my take along sock project as soon as the regia's are done. I have one regia sock done and the ribbing done for the second one. I didn't take a photo, nothing impressive there. The bottom yarn is my first navajo 3-ply. I'm hoping it comes out tigery. It looks really uneven but I'm still thrilled that I learned a new plying technique.

I've added something to sidebar about spindles. Clicky to see it. I'm not an expert but I'm willing to share all that I do know.

I've realized how funny my family sleeps lately. Well, I guess I always knew but I am now getting into taking pictures of it. I'm going to start an album of my sleeping family. I'm waiting to get one of the other dog that sleeps on top of our kitchen table when she waits for us to come home. I may even get pics my hubby sleeping on the couch. I do have other sleeping photos of him that you can't see *wink* this is a PG rated blog and I've been a naughty imp.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004


This is how my 90lb Doberman kitten sleeps. Looks like sort of like those dead June bugs I find all over the place in the summer. This dog sleeps in the strangest positions. And for more dead bug action.

I found this in my mailbox today. Thank you Roxi! What a gorgeous roving. I know it doesn't look like a dead bug, but at one point Roxi posted pics of all her rovings and they looked like giant spiders. So I got myself a squished Quinalt spider. I'm dying to spin it up. I need to take it downstairs and hide it in my fabric stash so I will forget about it. No, I couldn't do that, I must be able to pet my pretty. I'm working as fast as I can to spin up M's cardi yarn and after that I can work on the Quinalt. I don't know if I'll be able to wait.

What's been happening
Pottery: working on the cup and saucer for the tea set and I'm working on a new tea bowl for the regular line.
Spinning: The tuequila sunset for M's sweater. I'm about half way through, about 6 ounces left and then I can start to ply.
Knitting: The only thing I've touched are the Regia socks. I just want to get them done and then I can focus all my attention on the cardi and maybe finish my Urban Aran before winter ends. It is Maine so I may have until June before spring starts.


Monday, February 23, 2004

Me and Chubby Checker checking our twist

I overtiwst. I suspected it, but now I know. Knowing is half the battle right. I'm no longer in denial. I know it. I'm working on it. In order to make a skein of navajo 3 ply I had to untwist my singles a bit. After I did that, it came out beautiful. Its now drying over the shower rod in the bathroom. I'll show it off tomorrow. Its not exciting to anyone but me, but that's why its my blog. :P

I finished my socks last night. Here they are blocked and drying. That was probably the quickest I've knit adult socks. I started them Friday afternoon. Finished them last night and I didn't feel like I worked on them much. Must be the thickish handspun and the US 5 needles. I've gotten used to doing socks on size 0 or 1. I like this quickness.

Do you know what that is? Tameson was walking around the NETA spa weekedn knitting with a string of yarn coming from her waist. Ok, I've seen the bra yarn holder but was skein of yarn tucked into her panties? This ingenious little hook is a waist hook that holds onto your yarn so you can walk around easier. I need this for the treadmill. It can be purchased online at Norsk Fjord FIber.

Key Lime Martini
I went looking for a recipe online. Yuck! The ones online all have cream in it. One even said to garnish with grahm cracker crumbs on the glass rim. Egads! The ones we had were with Vanilla Vodka, Lime juice, Cap'n Morgans, and coconut rum. I think that's it. I may just need to go back to get a recipe.

I did this up thinking of making something manly. I took the manliest colors I had, teal, brown and blue and threw them together. This will be the next hadnspun socks. It will be a bit before I get to it. How many projects do I have a head of this? Too many?

I'm off to make pottery. I'm working on a tea set for someone. She alredy purchased the teapot but I forgot about the cups and saucers. I feel really bad and am now working on it. Speaking of teapots, did you see the Sheep thrills teapot?


Sunday, February 22, 2004

Fun Fun Fun

There is no other way to put it. Spa weekend was fun. If I wrote about it all then I'd be sitting here all day sure to forget half of it. There was fabulous people there, the facilities were great, the restaurant was slow, the projects being worked on were amazing, the stuff for sale was terrific, The bar has awesome Key Lime Martinis...... I sat with a group of wonderful ladies most all day on Saturday. Lisa, Alane, Diane, Kathy, and Emily (I hope I spelled all the names right). It was a wonderful day. I'm running out of good adjectives here. On with the pics.

Alane has Alpacas, I think she said 16 of them. Silver Hill Alpacas in Milford Mass. I got a batt of the most beautiful alpaca. it looks like spun chocolate and feels so amazingly soft. The picture is nothing without getting to feel it.

Here is one pic of the rest of my takes. Click on it to see the bigger pic. Left to right: Big Beautiful batt of fiber merino, silk, and mohair from Indigo Moon. This doesn't even show its loveliness until its opened up and you start spinning it. The color layers are incredible. Mine is mostly Cranberry with purple and yellow and a bit of blue in there. Next is a bag of teal yarn, its actually a super wash Mission Falls kit for a sweater. This was a great trade with Carole who spins beautiful yarns on her spindle. In front of that is 2oz of angora bunny roving in white from Acker's Acres in New Gloucester Maine. I plan to dye it and make soft and lush mittens for next year. I love Bunny. I got to see a grooming demo for Angora's and I think having a bunny is do-able someday. Lastly is a Corriedale batt from Grafton Fibers. Again the colors are amazing and you really can't see it or feel how wonderful it is.

This is the mug that I traded for my loot. I didn't have a vendor booth, maybe next year. Oh yeah, I'm going next year.

I wanted a backpack to bring with me, I thought it would be easier to carry around along with my giant bag of fiber and spinning accessories. So I made this Friday morning. Its got a ton of pockets and is a great project bag.

While there I spun up a couple of Bobbins. Em taught me how to Navajo Ply!YAY! And I worked on some socks.

I've started on the second sock now and once that is done I'm going to continue with the Regia socks. Did I mention I started M's cardi. No pics yet as I only have a couple of rows done. It looks boring at the moment.

I found some beautiful pics of the weddings that took place in San Fran recently. Here


Thursday, February 19, 2004

Are we baking wool again?

I can just picture it. Out on the playground, one kid says “my mom bakes the best brownies”, Another says “my mom bakes the best cookies”, M says “my mom bakes wool”. I know this child is just dying for me to bake cookies or something other than dyed roving. She now assumes that when I’m baking, its going to be wool I’m pulling out. The sad thing is, she's probably right.

I took another pic of the roving for my socks. partially because the other pic sucks and the more I look at it the more ideas I get. I think if I remove the roving with the x on it and just use the 3 that are there, maybe add a purple, I will make the king of all socks, argyles.

This one is an idea that I had. I need to spin and knit it to see if it will work. I'll keep you posted.

M got a very thoughtful gift today from Roxi She absolutley loves them. I had a hard time getting her take them off for a bath. Now I'm looking forward to my package. I'm so excited. I'm getting some of Roxi's gorgeous Quinalt roving. Its so pretty.

I worked like a dog today to get my orders done and get stuff for the door prizes this weekend. I promised to bring pottery and some other knitting accessories. the kiln is running and the accessories are packed. I've been planning on stopping by "spa" tomorrow for a short chitchat and then off to a hockey game. Then spend most of the day Saturday. I hear we are supposed to get some nasty storm on Saturday. Oh no, I may get snowed in and have to stay there overnight. So what if I have a big 4 wheel drive truck. No one has to know that.

Thank you for all the well wishes. My mom is doing good, my uncle is expected to be ok. I'm glad everyone likes my yellow, but its mine all mine.... ok. I can share. I did buy a whole bolt of it afterall. I think I may need to make a corset out of it now. Its too thick of a material to be too much else but I've made a couple of corsets before. The plaid would be a nice challenge. I have a couple of different leopard prints that I'm working on. After this weekend I'm going to really need to be sewing a ton to make up for all my fiber obsessed purchases.


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

There is a fine line between hobby and mental illness

I suppose when I'm knitting on the treadmill that means that I've crossed that line. There isn't too much to explain how it works. First you grab a bowl, but in a couple of scoops of peanut butter icecream top with hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts. You can add a cherry if you have it. Sit down and eat it all. Now you need to put on the elastic waist pants, they might as well be sweat pants so you can walk on the treadmill. To get started, I set up a sling for my yarn.

I do simple projects such as a single color hat or socks. Nothing too fancy or large. and I just walk. No running. If I had a bike I would probably choose to do that, I'd love to have a recumbant bike to knit on. Remember the camera adds 10 lbs (its not the sundaes). I have no problem knitting on the treadmill but getting a decent picture is the real problem.

Can you see the new "do". You can't even tell I had a mohawk anymore. Well maybe a little.Its about an inch long on the sides. The color is new and I shaved up the back so I don't look like I have a mullet any more. When it warms I'll get back to shaving it. Part of me wants to go bald.

Here's the fabric I go the other day the top row is going to be skirts for me and the ladybugs will be a top to go with my "grass" pants, yes its a photo printed fabric of grass and I made them into capris. Its so funny. The middle fabric is just gorgeous and I think its going to make great bags, the bottom row is also items that will made into knitting accessories.

Today was another day that I didn't get much done. My uncle is in the hospital (on the other side of the country) and it looks like he may be there a while. He's sicker than anyone thought. I spent the morning comforting my mom and gram. I'll be going back after M gets up from her nap. It doesn't like I'll be getting too much done the rest of the week either. I have a neighborhood teen that may come over tomorrow to do some t-shirt surgery. I may set up the old machine for her so I will still get some work done. Friday is the start of the knitting thing in Portland Maine. Saturday is the day I really want to go so if I have to miss Friday I wont cry to hard.

I have 2 new bags in the works. Some people think the "metro bag" is too small. I made them with the idea that people would use these for small projects to take with them. I use mine as a purse and take it with me wherever I go. This other bag is much bigger. You can see a metro bag inside of it. This bag is what I'm calling the "retreat bag". Its giant with a million and one pockets. I'm going to test it out this weekend to see how well it works for me and see if others like it.

I know most people don't like my gaudy yellow plaid but I bought a bolt of it to make myself a set of luggage. I thought I wanted clothing form it, but its a really stiff material. So far I have a purse, my metro bag, and my retreat bag. I think the retreat bag will work for a project and for fiber. I want a bag for all my wheel accessories. I would also love to get my luggage finished. Not that I'm taking a real trip but I do need luggage for when I go to my shows out of state. It would be nice to trot around, all clad in my pretty yellow plaid.

I've cast on for 2 new pairs of socks. I don't know why. I'm doing a pair of homespun for me and the left over regia is going to be socks for my mom. I've also decided on her xmas present. I need to think that far ahead. I'm not sure if she reads this so I can't say anything just yet. I've been procrastinating starting m's cardigan as my guage/yarn thickness doesn't match the book and I need to figure it all out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a day without relatives in the hospital.


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Nothing much

I had planned on getting some good shots of how I have my treadmill set up for knitting and all. That's just going to have to wait until tomorrow. I was finishing up weaving in the ends of my dad's socks so I could take a photo when he walked in. Long story short; my mom was in the hospital, I gave dad his socks, and there is no photo to share. Mom is back from the hospital after spending the day there being poked and prodded to make sure she didn't have a heart attack. She sounds tired but is ok. I spent my morning at the hospital so not much knitting got done and I barely got my work finished. I did get some gorgeous new fabrics for the bags and such.

I dyed these up yesterday to make pipi longstockings. I'm thinking I need another color? Its a bad pic but its late and there is no natural light. So that's all for today. I'll explain the whole treadmill knitting thing tomorrow.


Monday, February 16, 2004

My nose is melting!!

Words from my little one regarding a stuffy nose.

I got a ton done this weekend. Yes, my weekend is over. I need to get to work soon. Although, I think I'm only going to work a half day.

If you click on the pic you be brought to a bigger pic and the pattern. I loved working on this little sweater even with all the sewing. I wanted to do a raglan sweater but with the regia I had to make my own pattern and do a bunch of sewing, but it was worth it. I can see why my gram makes so many baby sweaters now. Instant gratification. I'm going to use the leftover yarn to make socks for my mom. Although it would be really cute to make a teddy sweater. hmmmm This needs more thought. I'm waiting on some cotton yarn from Elann. I realized that Lisa's baby is being born in April and by the time this sweater would be useful, I don't think it will fit. So, I'm not done yet. I have to make a enw sweater and this one will be saved for someone else.

This is J's hat. Although with the patch on and having taken the pic I think there needs to be a white stripe in there somewhere to make it all blend. I need to think about it and talk to J since these are the colors he wanted. Maybe we need to go buy more yarn, some white. Any excuse for more yarn.

I got these socks so they are at the same point now. I could probably finish them off in the mystery color but I want to add more black. I think the feet need to be striped and that's what I'm going to do. The socks are todays project after I get some work done. I hope you all have a good presidents day off.


Saturday, February 14, 2004

I'm Merino Wool

I couldn't resist that quiz either.

I've been working on the baby sweater and I'm halfway up the second sleeve but of course I couldn't wait and I already started to sew it together. I wrote out the pattern and added it to the side bar.

I need to set it aside for a day or so. I started J's Sabres hat and was reserving that as my treadmill project. Usually that would mean a weeks worth of work. I've barely been out of my chair, much less on the mill. Now I feel bad that I haven't finished it. So I'm going to work on that today, and back to the baby cardi once its finished. Then back to Urban Aran and M's cardi, or knowing me I might start a new project. I haven't gotten any spinning done. I have 2 new colored rovings. I still need to finish the yarn for M's cardi and the sock yarn for the next pair of socks.


Thursday, February 12, 2004

A new day dawns and I have no cheese.

Isn't it gorgeous. Click on the pic to see a few more pics. Maine has some of the most gorgeous sunrises and I love to base my color schemes on it. I used to make a glaze that was a pretty good match for another sunrise pic I took. I should try to find it.

I'm feeling better. M was up sick all night, different ailment than mine. Its true what they say about getting sick and taking longer to heal the older you are. I'm not old but I sure hang onto ailments longer than I used to. I needed an instant gratification project, also something small so I could do it while laying down. Cute little baby sweater with shoulder buttons. The yarn is 6 ply regia. I did the back yesterday and am working up the front today. A couple more days and it will be done. Its so easy and definitely cute. I want to make a bunch more. I am sketching out a design for an adult one. Like I need another project. I got in a half hour of work today before the dizziness slammed me. If this keeps up I'll be forced to dye my hair blond.


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The laws of Physics need not apply here

Not to be a Whiney Winona, but I could be stock still and my head is still moving. Who woodda thunk that? (that's for all you grammar avengers). My head can spin full around, 360 degrees. Too bad my vision is blurred, it would be interesting to actually see my daughter making faces behind my back instead of just thinking she is. Paranoia? No, my daughter is 3, willful, and not very good at being sneaky.

I would have thought being stuck in my chair that I would have gotten more done. I finished the back of the urban aran and cast on for the front. Other than that I'm not getting much done. No spinning as that requires me to have some control of my head. I haven't worked much either. But I definitely know what's going on in the daytime soaps. That Sharon is just diggin herself deeper, now the body is gone! And poor Brooke, but Nick seems so nice. Mike is better for Katie, damn that Craig, poor Rosanna. I hope Chris and Alli get back together.

Talk about terminally fiber obsessed. Here you go. A pottery spindle. Its heavy as all get out but it actually works! Its a little wobbly but once its going I'm actually getting to spin a nice even strand. The wool I'm using I think is some scrap I had lying around I think its Brown Sheep, 80% generic wool, 20% merino and mohair. I'm thinking of making it available for sale through my pottery site. I've actually got a few ideas in mind. With all this time to think and dream I've got a notebook full of them. I can't wait to get working.

I got a calendar in. It may be for 2003 but i had to have it. I found it through a link that GypsyBriar had posted.

If you go, its sure to make you smile. Go see the ladies at WearingWool :)


Monday, February 09, 2004

I don't need no stinkin' swift

Said like I'm tough or something.

This is how we wind yarn at our house. I mean really, who would need a swift when you have a smiling little girl. This was early Sunday morning winding up the yarn for her sweater. I also talked her into helping me wind yarn for socks for me.

Here's a little sketch the fabulous Miss M asked me to make so she could see what her sweater is going to look like. I rather like the sweater. In order to start it though, I needed a set of needles that I think got up and walked off in the middle of the night. Fare thee well, little nimber 6 needles. There is this yarn store that always seems to be on my way home from weekend events. I wasn’t happy with this certain LYS after my first visit. Everyone deserves a second chance. Anyway, I just needed needles. If it was awful again, I could duck in and get them and quickly leave. The ladies in charge were different than the last time. They were nice! They started to chat and were really sweet. So sweet in fact that I bought 2 Rowan books. I want to Rapunzel in a bad way. Not quite what I intended to spend. Nice people can always get me to spend more. Still, I don’t see myself being a regular there just because I’m really not into trendy yarns , which is mostly what they have. I just tend to go for the nice lush wool and not the expensive spangles. Hey, I’m a simple gal.

J likes the cabled sweater I'm currently working on "Urban Aran". No progress pic at the moment. I mentioned it because he finally admits he wants a sweater. A nice fisherman style aran sweater. I have just the roving but I need to find a pattern. I think I know what he wants but I need to at least find something close so I can show him and get an ok before I start on his XXLtall sweater. I'd hate to have to Frog that.

I'm not getting much done at the moment. My cousins are visiting from Florida and I don't get to see them often but Kristin is learning to knit. She is doing a good job on a scarf. But there is something else slowing me down. I went to the doc and that little cold I though I had last week is a little worse. I have viral labyrinthitis or mono. I think its more the viral thingy. Or maybe I just hope its that over mono. I'm sitting here knitting slowly and spacing out occasionally. Hmm, maybe its not much different than I usually am at all. I have a ton of work to do and its frustrating not being able to get to it. I hope I just get more knitting done. I need something to show for my down time.


Saturday, February 07, 2004

Clutter? Stash? Me?????

I wasn’t sure I could control this clutter. I fight it every day. I have a messy 3 yr old, a husband that comes from a family of collectors, and I am a terminal slob. I’ve decided 2004 is the year for the great clean up. M’s room is just so full of toys. So I made a hammock to hang up all her stuffed animals but it didn’t fit them all so the rest are perched here and there. We made her a reading corner with a chair that I made from bright cottons and foam. This is how much she liked it, she had to nap there yesterday. And, no, I don't know what she thinks she's doing to her giant Shrek doll. Its much creepier when she does that and is awake.

I’m still tackling the fiber collections. I have items I’m using in attempt to control it, the real problem is the amount of the collection.

I really like taking pics this way. Has everything all in one. I'm going to work on making a seperate page for each little project showing the roving all the way to the finished project. I think it will be good reference for future projects as I can't seem to remember my own name somedays. So this yarn is Super wash. Iwas inspired by the The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook I resisted getting this book because I didn't think I needed another book in my library. I know, I can always use another book. But seriously, we are running out of space and have already put some of our books in storage. Its a good book. Has some interesting ideas on dying and creating socks. This can all be carried over into other garments but for anyone that's starting out dying its perfect, and for anyone that knows abunch about dying its a good inspirational book. Ok, that's my plug for the day. On to the fiber fix.

This is the final yarn for M's cardi. I obviously have a ton more roving to spin but I really wanted to start the cardigan soon. Yeah, like I need another project. But I'll start winding the yarn later and cast on soon. M is getting excited now.

This is dad's sock. I only have one skein of the main color so I stopped one sock and started the other to try and gauge how large of a black stripe they are going to need to complete them. I'm trying to make a matching pair. Notice in the pic the 3 dpn's. Three. 3? How come only 3. I lost one needle somewhere yesterday. I get to spend part of today trying to find it. I don't have time to get to my LYS to replace it so I may have to wait until Monday to work on the socks. That's ok. Its an excuse to keep going on Urban Aran. I didn't knit much last night. I started to feel ill and I'm not that good of a knitter that I don't have to concentrate at least a bit. But, I hav found that when I spin, if I can zone out, I do ok. So I did those to bunches of yarn last night and then watch Frida. What a great movie. Visually interesting and I love Frida Kahlo's work. I need to find a book about her. I really enjoy most biographies and I think I'd really like hers.

This was what I saw the other evening when I took the dogs out. For me its dye inspiration. Blues and whites acsented with bits of deep forest green and tan. Very manly and earthy. I collect photos in a special file as inspiration for dying. I have some wonderful sunsets from the West coast and some amazing sunrise from the East coast.

Only 2 weeks away from The SPA knit and spin. If you live in driving distance of Portland, Maine or like to fly in for the weekend, I think this will be an interesting event. And its Free!

I'm adding the new line of pottery to the website this am. I figured updating my blog was the easier of the 2 things to update so I did that first. But now I have to come back here once I've uploaded the pics. So by noon I'll come back and update my side bar with pics and links to the new design.

Here it is

and here too


Friday, February 06, 2004

Just a quickie

And speaking of "quickies". This free online game is just too much fun. Leave it to The Family Guy. Don't go if you can't handle the sight of cartoon sperm. I have to admit, I'm not too good at killing the little buggers.

The more I think about it the more I'm sure I need to rip out Sonnet. I'm just thinking the yarn would look better used in this.

Of course I would need to make some small changes. The yarn called for is a little different, so I'd need to swatch and make some stitch changes. Also, I can't stand tight turtlenecks so I'll either make it a mock neck or a split neck. Can't you just see that sweater in black merino wool with a red for the snowflakes? I need to finish Urban Aran first. I didn't work on that yesterday. My dad really wants a pair of sock so I'm going to do that and make my mom her pair and then head back to the Urban Aran. Its too early in the morning for progress pictures. Maybe I'll post some later.

I should be unloading a kiln today with some final examples of the new pottery. Once I get them on my website and up for sale I'll post them here. I'm not sure how Roxi was able to see that the top photo had sheep in it. Is it the terminally fiber obsessed that are able to see that or can anyone? hmmmmm? The bottom one is sheep too. Its all sheep. I can't get the little wooly creatures out of my head lately.


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Bzz Bzzzzz buzzzz zzzzz

Coffee, must have more coffee. Buzzzzzz. I've been running around all day. New things happening. I cut seconds off of my knitting time. Seconds! You know every second counts. How did I do this you may ask? I figured out cabling without a cable needle. It’s a real “duh” moment. “Duh” of course it works that way, why didn’t I think of it before. Sometimes I can be really thick.I'd say its a minimal amoutn of time but if you ask my husband he might say its more like 80% of the time and he may be right.

In other news, I’ve added seconds to my knitting time. Continental knitting hurts. I’ve overworked myself lately I think. From spinning, to knitting, to throwing pottery, to painting, to starting back yesterday at casting for my mom, my poor little wrist has had enough. So am I resting it? Heck no! Where’s that Ben Gay, I have knitting to do!

Nothing too impressive but they are oh so comfy and warm. They are also the first pair of socks I've made from my very own handspun. Woohooo!

Isn't that just a pretty picture? Its the type of bowl I used to make before I started all the majolica styled stuff. I have a few pieces still laying around and I still use them. It makes a great roving bowl. You can't really see what the bowl looks like anyway, I took the picture so you could see the fiber, that's what its all about. That's the first of the yarn for M's cardi with some of the roving that still needs to be spun and a bobbin of singles. I've blended the green and blue a bit more as I spun it up so I won't have to wrry about a good color gradient.

I've found that I can work on several knitting projects at a time. Pick up old ones and new ones, while setting others aside only to be forgotten and picked up at a later date. Just see my side bar for proof. Spinning is a different story. It irks me to spin up half of a roving and let the other half sit there while I move onto something else. I got 3 more bobbins a couple of weeks ago just so I could do a couple of projects at a time. It seems odd to me that I treat knitting and spinning so differently.

That's a sneak peek at the new pottery I've been working on. I know, such a tease. I've been working on my website. I installed a shopping cart and few other little things. I have to iron out a few details and capture a few more pictures but its starting to look better. Wanna see? Click me!


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