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Friday, April 28, 2006

The end of Orange

Well, not the end of The color orange in general. That would be sad. I like orange. Still, as far as Project spectrum goes, this is the end. The next post will be in the month of Green. And that's not sad. My love afair with green is huge.

In honor of Project Spectrum Orange and Yellow month I've made orange muffins.Ok, ok, so it was just a coincidence that the muffins are orange. And well, they're orange-ish in color but not in taste. They're pumpkin but not really pumpkiny if that makes sense. They're also really healthy.


They taste good, really they do. The kid ate 2 of them for breakfast. You know they can't be all that bad. Look:

Don't they look good?

They came out really light and airy too. Lots of whole wheat things are flat and heavy, these are so not that muffin. I'm thinking I might use this recipe with the pumpkin and add fruit as well since they're so fluffy and do not have a strong pumpkin flavor.

Pumpkin Muffins:
Makes 6 large size muffins or 12 small ones
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2 cups of whole wheat flour
3/4 cup of sugar
3 tsp - Baking Powder
3 shakes of salt
4 shakes of cinnamon
3 shakes of nutmeg
2 shakes of ginger
Mix/sift together.

1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup of pumpkin
1/2 cup water
2 eggs
Mix all the wet ingredients together and then add in all the dry ingredients.
Mix and fill in the greased muffin cups.
Bake 20-30 minutes.

Yum yum.

If you've made it this far then you get to know about a new spinalong. Wendy of Progressive Purls emailed me about it and I think it sounds like fun. Spectrum Spinalong sounds like fun. Everyone spinning the same colors but not necessarily the same yarn. It should be really interesting. If I weren't so darn busy right now I would be joining up. But you can bet I'll keep checking in to see the great yarns.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yarny yarny yarny yarny

I have been up to my eyeballs in sock yarn. I've done precious little else besides dye and wind, dye and wind. Do you need proof?

If you click it, it will get bigger.
That and more will hit the shop Monday or it will be heading to KPixie.

The other thing I did was finish building the page for the Dye your own Yarns. I've had several requests. I don't have a ton in stock undyed right now but I will have more coming soon if I should run out.

Ok, back to the grind....


Monday, April 24, 2006

Rubber Arms

Do you remember that I had to do just the heels to complete Dad's socks?
Just the heels.
That's all.

This is where they are now:

Oh, that doesn't look like socks to you?
Yeah, it doesn't look like socks to me either.
It looks like:
17 regular cinder blocks
4 half cinder blocks
4 solid cinder blocks
45 patio stones 12x12x3
20 smaller patio stones 12x6x2

The patio and fireplace was already there but under threat of weed camoflage. And frankly it was just stinkin' ugly. With the help of super-mom it was all removed, tossed here and there and neatly piled. The weeds and grass were removed, the ground was walked around on in the hopes that it laid flatter carefully leveled. New ground was dug away so we could put it all back in a new fancier configuration.

Then it was all laid back down with relative care. Notice the holes for plants. Such fancy planning. Someone might have said "this one rocks back and forth" and someone else might have said "so stomp on it". It was all very scientific. Now where's my marshmellows, I want to fire up that pit.


Rubber Arms

Do you remember that I had to do just the heels to complete Dad's socks?
Just the heels.
That's all.

This is where they are now:

Oh, that doesn't look like socks to you?
Yeah, it doesn't look like socks to me either.
It looks like:
17 regular cinder blocks
4 half cinder blocks
4 solid cinder blocks
45 patio stones 12x12x3
20 smaller patio stones 12x6x2

The patio and fireplace was already there but under threat of weed camoflage. And frankly it was just stinkin' ugly. With the help of super-mom it was all removed, tossed here and there and neatly piled. The weeds and grass were removed, the ground was walked around on in the hopes that it laid flatter carefully leveled. New ground was dug away so we could put it all back in a new fancier configuration.

Then it was all laid back down with relative care. Notice the holes for plants. Such fancy planning. Someone might have said "this one rocks back and forth" and someone else might have said "so stomp on it". It was all very scientific. Now where's my marshmellows, I want to fire up that pit.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Not much

All I've accomplished for knitting lately is that orange swatch for the straight jacket and I finished the toe on Dad's other socks.

I'm hoping this weekend will provide the time for heels on BOTH socks.

If I can just stop watching this foolish dog:

That is how she sits. The window seat has dog beds on it but she rarely gets her rear half up there. Oh, she can do it. She just seems to prefer to sit like this. This isn't even the weirdest thing she does. I had really forgotten how absolutley ridiculous young dogs are.


Thursday, April 20, 2006


When you have a box of Aurora 8 in a gorgeous orangey color, what do you do?

A. Spread it out and roll in it.
B. Scoop it back up, hug it and giggle like a crazed maniac.
C. Swatch swatch swatch.

That's right.
You do A through C. That's assuming that you aren't caught doing B for an extended length of time by someone that gets fearful for their safety and slaps a straight jacket on you.

Luckily the children are crazier than I am so they didn't think anyhting of my A and B reactions. They were a little puzzled at C, though. Yes I swatched. I even washed and blocked. It's drying now.

Make ready that straight jacket.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

yarny yarny yarn

First of all I need mention the newest project on the needles. I'm not doing any other socks other than those for Dad so I'm staying true to my promise, for the time being. But I had to cast on for a pinwheel blanket. I've seen Adrian make 2 of these and finally I've succumbed.

I have to make one.
Let me inform you that you probably need to make one too. There is something so simplisitic yet fun about going around and around, increasing every other row. Yes, this happens to be how I find excitement in my life.

If I hadn't been in such a hurry to take a photo before a big wet black nose got in the way, I might have noticed that tail sticking up.

Need more convincing?
Go take a look at the Knitalong or the Flickr photos. My original idea is to make this for a baby but seeing how it's in my color of green I might end up keeping it for me.

Right, Dad's socks.....

And one final little announcement for those not on my notify list... I'm now starting a yarn/fiber of the month club. Check it out if you think you might be interested. But hurry because April(green) will be closed soon and then you'll have to wait until May(blue).


Monday, April 17, 2006

Dad's Socks

How are Dad's replacement socks coming along?


I have no good excuse.
Knitting ADD?
I've tried to come up with some really good excuse. I'm usually quite good at excuses. I have been since I was a teenager. Today though, I've got nothing. Not a single creative excuse.

Here's where the socks are now:

Yes, I know I'm close to finishing the sock part of the second sock, then I can move on to the heels. I love afterthought heels. Still, knowing that hasn't been enough to spur me on to knitting more on these socks

I did finish a pair of these this week:

I love my own sock yarn, I always have. Handspun is still my favorite but the washability and silky feel of this sport weight is taking a close second. I couldn't seem to tear myself away from it to knit on Dad's socks. Unfortunately the color I chose just doesn't work for Dad. Well, maybe it would work but I like them dangit, so I made short socks for me. Short socks for my size 7's used only one skein of yarn, with very little left over.

I'm going to swear now that the next socks I start will be in a manly color or I'll finish Dad's other socks. Promise. Poor Daddy and his cold feet. But then I do have my eye on a could of other girly colors. I really need some pink socks....

And just because I can't seem to do anything without a curious pup in the way. This was my first picture of the socks:


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shop shop shop

Little Kola thankfully is a bit more secure each day. She seems to understand the rule of no doggies around the fiber and yarn. Either that or she's quickly aclimated to the lap of luxury and wants to lay on the dog couch instead of the concrete floor.

So what is going on this week?

Brand new superwash sport weight sock yarn in 180 yard skeins (2 skeins for each pair, free pattern with purchase)

There is still the same great handwash or superwash fingerweight yarn. And then there is more of that super fluffy mohair.

Of course I'm knitting with some of the new thicker sock yarn.

Silk - gorgeous gorgeous tussah silk top in 2 ounce bags.

Of course there is the usual fiber fiber and more fiber.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How to design knit items....

GirlBeast seems to have figured out at least the "look" of a designer and that's what is really important. Right?

Of course she's working with a corker and one color of yarn so there is nothing she needs to make so many notes on, but she seems to think so. She set herself up in a corner with her tray, her knitting bag, and notation items.

I wonder if her notes are any clearer than the scribbles I write myself?

Speaking of scribbling...
I've been scribbling about this little number:

That would be the baby sweater from handpainted sport weight yarn. I think it's going to take around 2 skeins, or the same as a pair of socks. Which that's what I'm doing today. Getting ready for tomorrow's shop update and more specificially getting the new sport sock yarns labeled and ready.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The dictionary says:
n 1: tree bearing large brown nuts containing e.g. caffeine; source of cola extract syn: kola nut

Wikkipedia would give you give this picture:

We'd like to amend the definition and add a new photo.
Kola - half Pit Bull, half Lab, all love. Black in color, much like some of our favorite cola drinks. Speaking of fizzy bizzy cola, this pup is plenty bubbly. Then again, what pup isn't

Little Kola was found at the Humane Society. She was given up because she was too much to handle/train for her first owner that got her and her brother as pups. The poor babe had also run away and been hit by a car in the short time she had been with her first owner. There seems to be an awful lot of dogs around the 6-10 month age being given up because they were more work than the owner thought. What do you think a puppy is going to be? What puppy is not a big ball of bounding energy? And 2 puppies together? Oh my! Just ask Bliss... She got 2 little pups at once a couple of months ago. Imagine 2 large breed puppies at one time. I know my house would be in shambles. Ok, more in shambles. Please if you're getting a puppy, think long and hard about how much more work/expense a puppy is.

Little Kola had been at the shelter for 3 months. Her brother was adopted quickly but I think Kola's exhuberance has held her back. She puts on a terrible first impression. Hyper, jumping, wild and full of boing. After bringing her home last night she exolored and then she spent some time laying on top of my feet then in my lap. In fact she spent a lot of time trying to make sure she was touching me or the husbeast. This can be a bad thing when I'm trying to walk while she is trying to make sure some part of her is touching some part of me. At some point I'm sure I'll end up flat on my face.

Min has been really sad being an only dog. I hope Kola's fizzy attitude lifts her spirits.

And now you might say that this has nothing to do with knitting at all but I do have something. Did you notice that collar? Yes, Kola is totally down with Project Spectrum.

Oh yeah, check out that wagging tail. Usually all of her is moving so it's been difficult to get a good picture. I figured food is the only thing that keeps her in one spot, escept when she was asleep on the bed last night but I wasn't getting up to take pictures.


Monday, April 10, 2006

No buying

I've been really good about not buying yarn lately.
Or is that bad?

Good, it's good. Yes, good definitely good. Good for the stash that lives in my ceiling. My poor ceiling stash really wants to see light of day so it's good that I don't buy much new yarn.

This year I have bought 3 skeins of hot pink cotton ease. Yes, you've got that right. 3 skeins of yarn in the past 4 months. I even went to my LYS last week to deliver a piece of pottery. I did purchase a pice of cloth for a new shower curtain and I looked at the yarn.

I came close to buying some of the new soy blend sock yarn. I picked up the sample sock. I fondled it. I fondled the yarn. It really was lovely. The price was good. I picked up 2 skeins. Then I started to think about the poor sock yarn that is languishing in my closet. Enough for over 100 pairs (maybe over 200 at this point, hey I can admit it). I haven't had time to knit much since I'm working on designs and on finishing up UFO's.

I set the new sock yarn down. I left it in the basket. Poor little sock yarn will have to wait until someone else can take it home.

On my way home I stopped off at the post office and there was a package for me. A package for me? A REWARD!!! Somehow Amanda knew that I was going to pass up buying yarn and she sent me a reward!

Smart gal that Amanda. Oh, and you should visit her because she's going to give some gorgeous hand painted sock yarn away. Sock yarn. I'm weak in the knees. Thank you Amanda!


Friday, April 07, 2006

Decision #2

Maybe I can't be called indecisive anymore....?

I went at the jeans with my biggest scissors.
The jeans are these really old flared bell bottom legged things. I wore them around the house and I never bothered to adjust the hem so they dragged. They got all frayed and gross. They really were unattractive. The fit was in no way flattering. It wasn't just the legs that were bad. they were tight in the wrong spots and loose in funny places.

Really they were just a piece of material to cover my butt so I didn't walk around all day in my oh so sexy underwear.

Of course one day I forgot that I had these hideous jeans on when I went out of the house. Now I don't leave the house often so you think I would put more effort in trying to look semi normal and not the harried mom that I am. I seriously just forgot what I was wearing. Not a good sign. I probably had a booger hanging out of my nose for all I know.

I decided at that point the jeans needed to go somewhere but being thrifty, I hate to throw things away. A skirt it shall be!

Here's how to do it.

Cut up the legs at the inseam, leaving the bulky part of the seam to the front. Or not. I just like it that way, but there are other ways you can do it. Bulky seams in the back, or one bulky seam in the front, one in the back.

Cut up the crotch to a little before the zipper seam in the front and enough in the back so it lays flatter.

Cut off a piece of the legs at about the same level. If you have someone around to help you measure off how long you need the skirt to be, it helps. Leave an extra couple of inches for seaming, if you want to do that.

Pin. Make sure the skirt is laying flat and pin a piece of the leg to the inside on both the front and the back. This is the part where having another skirt that fits you to take measurements from and to see how wide you need it. Don't hobble yourself and you don't need too much flare.

This is a good point to try it on and see if you like the fit. Be careful or pin it with safety pins.

Sew the seams down

The arrow shows the line that I choose to sew on. Take it slow, you'll be sewing through a lot of material. It might help tom ake sure you have the proper type of needle installed in your machine.

Turn your skirt inside out and clip the seams so you won't have all the bulk.

Trim the hem. I'm leaving mine to fray a bit, I pass them through the washer once before I wear them.

You can always fold it under and sew the hem for a more polished skirt. I swear that once it starts to fray and it's on a real person that has actual legs it will look so much better. I'll see if I can get a picture of me in it.

I've done reconstructed skirts like this using a contrasting material for the insert too. It's good especially when you don't have enough leg to make it work.

This is the very smart Janine that new the shawl was crying out for fringe - thank you Janine!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Decision #1

One decision has been made!

Thank you Janine (can't remember blog addy or I'd link to you). Janine emailed me to say that I forgot an option. Everyone that said the shawl needed something but didn't know what it was, I figured you all into this decision.

I'm not usually a fringe kind of gal but sometimes you have to do what the garment wants. This shawl wanted fringe. - Thank you all for your help. This baby is done! I'm going to make a knit one soon just to compare. I used probably half a skein of my hand painted mohair. It's so light yet so incredibly warm.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Indecision, again

Or should I say, still....

Let talk about sewing. All winter long I'm making fleece hats. Fleece hats to keep up the stock and fleece hats for custom orders. Fleece hats. Throw a few custom bags in there and you've got my winter sewing. I rarely if ever get anything done for me and my family. I try to do PJ's for M every year but mostly it's all work.

This time of year the fleece hats drop off and I usually have enough stock that I only need to sew hats one day a week. The rest of the time I do the custom bags but I'm not constantly at the machine so I don't hate it anymore. I feel like I can make myself something during my off hours. Usually at this time of year I decide I need some cute new spring dresses. Over the winter I bought a ton of skully materials so I'm ready.

Sort of...

That would be 2 piles of fabric and some patterns. I spent some free time over the weekend going through patterns and fabrics trying to match them up. It wasn't easy. I am completely in the grips of indecision.

I've figured out 4 dresses, 2 tank tops, 1 tunic top and a pair of jeans to turn into a skirt. All this is based on yardage, not necessarily pattern matching.

I opened up a pattern and some cloth. I grabbed my scissors. And it hit. I stared at it. And stared at it. And continued to stare. I folded up the pattern and cloth. I put it back in the pile and grabbed a different one. Only to have the same thing happen again.... It's not that they're too hard, I just have supreme indecision and I wonder if the cloth wouldn't be better as something else. I might have better luck if I just start ripping into the cloth without a pattern. Yes, this often works for me.

Thankfully I haven't been spinning. Something about the movements of my arms that stretch my chest muscles in the wrong way. It's hard for me not to spin. I'm an avid spinner and some times I spin more than I knit. I tried to work a bit with it last week, just plying up some bobbins. It made me run for the Percosets after 10 minutes. Just thinking about it makes my lungs throb.

I did, however, block that shawl yesterday. I know I should not judge before the block. It is a good size now but it still seems to be missing something.

What do you think?

What do I do with this shawl?
Leave it! Why do you have to make things so complicated?
It needs an edging - do it in a black thinner yarn
It needs an edging - do it in the same colorway but different thinner yarn.
It needs a shell edging done in the same material.
It needs something but I'm not sure what either.
Free polls from Pollhost.com


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Something Better

Anything I might have had to say today is being interupted to bring you YARN PORN

Thank you Miss RoseByAny for sending me the porn. You know how I like my porno's.


Monday, April 03, 2006


It's all about the indecision. I don't know if it's spring or all the strange happenings going on behind the blog. There is some great indecision lately. I'm an opinionated individual (just ask husbeast), it's usually not that hard for me to decide...

What do I blog about?
I have a million things to blather on about, pick one. What if I can't pick one? What if I can't decide today? What if my mind is blank? Right, we talk about that then. But this is a fiber blog. I know I've done fibering....

In fact I finished a project. Or did I?
I can't even decide if it's finished.

It's not quite as humungous as I thought. Maybe I should give it my usual severe blocking and stretch the heck out of it. I've been trying to decide what to do with it. 1. Leave it alone. 2. Add to the top thus making it bigger 3. add a larger mohair patterning around the outside (what pattern? plain or fancy or ripple?) 4. Add more to the outside using a different yarn to make a nice contrasting border.
I have a million ideas but I cannot settle on one.

Ok, I'll set the shawl aside, so, now what do I knit?
This may seem like an ongoing problem. I usually have a million projects going at once but I can at least pick one that will spark my interest. It's a rare thing that none of them interest me. Usually if none do I can always cast on something new.

The socks, they go around and around. And around and around. And around and around. A little boring at this point. I'm looking forward to doing the heels when they're done. Frankly that's the only thing keeping me working on these socks.

I sketched and created a new pattern for a friend who is pregnant with a little boy. I cast on and I knit almost the entire yoke before deciding I hated it. I wrote another pattern with a yoke. Nope, I won't even bother casting on for that. A vest? I wrote half of that before realizing what I really wanted was a sweater.

I wrote a pattern for a baby Raglan Cardigan with a really nice texture detail and I cast on the sleeve. I finished one sleeve but by the time I decided to rip it out, I didn't feel like grabbing the camera. I just wanted to rip and reclaim my yarn. I'm thinking something plainer but I just couldn't do too plain... Actually I have a couple of ideas. I went with one. I have all these great ideas for a girls sweater, I think it's boys that stump me. I want to do lace and pretty things but it's not very boyish. This is where I am now:

As I look at this though, I keep thinking about the other pattern rattling around in my head. This little sleeve may be in jeopardy of getting ripped.

Good thing I have to work today. In fact I should be at work already. Time changes always mess me up. So on my tardiness to work, I leave you and I'll be sure to be back with more examples of my indecision tomorrow. Maybe...


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