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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Snow Day

There's just something about snow that seems to be permission to screw off for the day and knit. I remember the feelings from childhood. It was the one time of year when we'd listen to the weather report. If we knew there was a chance of snow, the second my eyes would open, I'd run to a window. If I was lucky I'd see a ton of snow blanketing the ground. Then run to the radio to listen if school had been called off.

The all wonderful cry of....

Snow covered trees that just begged to have the snow shaken off them onto an unsuspecting brother's head. Piles of snow on the ground that needed tunnels and caves built into them. The plan was a super secret underground system where we could go anywhere. Or go no where and just pop up to smack someone with a snowball.

These days I don't usually get to take a snow day. Snow days just beg to be knitting days. I stuff my inner child down and plod on with my day of work. Work or no, it just seems more peaceful to wake up with the ground covered in white.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Results are in

What Color Should I use for Baltic?

As of this morning it looks like I'm doing the Burgundy with black. Just before the weekend the second choice was grey and black. It looks like someone stuffed the ballot box with teal and black. Poor dark green is only loved by 7 of you. Still it all comes down to one winner. Thankfully I don't need to swatch to have a run-off election. As DeeAnn said - a swatch to me is like a sweater. I just don't have time to knit a couple of "swatches" before February 10th.

I really like the teal so eventually I may have to pick some up. The next sale, the teal will be mine for a cable sweater I've been dreaming up. This reminds me of a question the Husbeast asked me recently.

He asked "You make yarn, why would you want to buy it?"

I just sat there staring at him blinking..
How do you answer that?

Why do you buy yarn is easy to answer... I want to. Why do you want to? Now that's much more difficult to pinpoint.

I tried to give him a dollars and cents answer. I can make most types of yarns and come out with a reasonable copy of the commercial one. Reasonable enough that I'm happy with it. Even though I wholesale wool, sometimes the commercial yarn is cheaper. This was the "see I'm being thrifty answer".

His response was a blinking look that seemed to say that he might not be convinced in that explaination.

The next practical answer that I had was that I try to sell some of my designs. Therefore I need to know what the commercial yarns feel like. I need to be able to work with commercial yarns and I should have some yarns in my stash that I can swatch with to send off as samples to the magazines.

Yes, for this I would only need one ball of such yarn and not a sweaters worth but you can't just buy one ball of yarn. They don't let you do that. You NEED to buy a sweaters worth.

OK, fine.
I want it.
I don't know why I want it when I love my handspun so much, but I do. I want the yarn. Commercial, handspun, whatever, I want it all. I want a sample, I want one ball in each color, I want one sweater in each color. I want some of it all.

Why do you want to buy yarn?


Friday, January 27, 2006

Long week - SALE

I'm saying goodbye to this long, long, long week. I could really use a 3 day weekend this weekend. I think I've been spoiled by all the holidays of past weeks. But if someone could petition for this weekend to be a 3 day weekend too, that would be good.

I'm ending this week with a SALE.

What is on sale you ask?


The sale will last over the weekend and I'll remove all left over rovings from the site by Tuesday (January 31) in order to get the ready to take to SPA. This is your chance to get something at a good price. They won't be available again (unless you email me with a request) until after SPA which lasts until February 19th.

Have a good weekend all.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006


How did my secret pal know that I ran out of coffee?
Because she's a better pal!

The yarn is just gorgeous. I want to knit it now. Oh but the darn projects ahead of me. I'll force myeslf to wait on this one as well as the red I got the last time. I'll set in a special spot to be fondled when necessary.

The book stand. Did I have that on my wish list somewhere? I wanted that so I can read and knit at the same time. How perfect! Now I need to find my reading glasses. Or maybe it's just time to admit defeat and buy a new pair.

Thank you Pal!



When I posted the picture of the skully socks there was a question about the heels. They are afterthought heels. This was a new technique for me and one that I love love love. I thought I'd show all how I do it. I know, nothing earth shattering to many but I find each and every new process and technique I learn to be enthralling.

On the sock that I'm showing, I knit from the cuff down to the toe but you could definitely do it the other way as well. This heel is really great for showing off stripes. Or making stripes like I did with the skully socks.

1. I knit the leg of the sock to my desired length. Instead of starting the heel I grabbed a piece of contrasting yarn and knit my heel stitches with that yarn. Then I knit back over that yarn with the sock yarn I'm using and continued on down the foot.

2. I continue down the foot. I make the foot portion 4 inches shorter than the foot I need, then I make my toe decreases. After breaking the yarn and kitchenering the toe I can go back and finish the heel. I insert my needles into the stitches on either side of my waste yarn.

If you have keen eyes you might notice I picked up the wrong side of the stitches on one of the needles. I could have dropped the back off and picked them up correctly. I didn't do that. I just knit through the back loop on those so that I wouldn't have twisted stitches.

3. I then undo the waste yarn. You could cut through it but I don't like to waste yarn even if it is waste yarn. Not to mention you'd have to pick out all the little bits. I just undo it all and voila! I'm ready to knit on

4.I set it up like I would a toe and do pair decreases until I decrease down to the right number of stitches. Then I knit an extra row even and kitchener the stitches. You can't tell that the heel was done after the rest of the sock was:

Here is my finished sock

I suppose I should try to make a second one now.


Have you voted in yesterday's yarn poll?
I wanna know who voted for me to buy more yarn almost the second the post was published. Amazing. I published the post, went to make sure it published correctly and noticed someone had already voted. Some of you are super fast!

Jean asked me a bunch of good questions about yesterdays yarn choices and I thought I'd answer them here so you'd all know.
1. Have you tried putting the colors in pairs up against your face to see which combinations are the most flattering? --- I feel I look equaly good in all colors. I know nobody really does. But for me it's allabout how I feel. I rarely look in the mirror and in fact have gone most of the day at times with toothpast smudge or something on my face. I try to look in the mirror after I brush my teeth now. So the color to me isn't about how it looks on me, but how it looks on the garment.

2. What would you wear to coordinate with the sweater? --- Jeans. I don't have to get dressed up on a daily basis. If I did, I might look in the mirror. Coordination is not a problem and if I didn't coordinate well, there isn't anyone but a couple of kids to tell me so. Have I shown you how the 5 year old dresses?

3. Also do you already have sweaters in any of those combinations?. I do not have any sweaters that are in any of these combos. This answer to this question has suprised me because I'm one of those that goes to the closet and finds all the same color. Black and olive. Luckily my aging eyes don't like to knit black so I've branched out to different colors.

All day yesterday the grey/black and the burgundy/black were running even. It looks like I might have to have a "run off" poll or... swatch.... *gasp*


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Baltic colors

I swear this will be the last time I talk about it. Maybe I shouldn't swear. I promise to try and not obsess over the color after this. This will decide the color. After all, we are coming down to the deadline with this.

Truth be told, it's a good thing that I'm having color issues. If I knew the color I might have cast on for the sweater already. That would be cheating on the level of taking steroids. I aint no juicer.

So I've created this little poll. You all were so helpful and kind in keeping me from buying that green yarn. Well here's your chance one more time to talk me in or out of it.

If it helps in your decision making, I have enough yarn for all the choices except the teal and the forest green bodies. It only takes one skein to do the contrast color on the bands so I have 2 in the green. I would need 6 more for the body.

Free polls from Pollhost.com
What color should I use for Baltic?

Grey body with grey and forest green bands.
Grey body with grey and black bands.
Grey body with grey and burgundy bands.
Forest green body with green and black bands
Teal body with teal and black bands.
Burgundy body with burgundy and Black bands


I know it's quite pitiful that I can't make up my own mind.


Monday, January 23, 2006

I feel ill

I did something this past week and I'm not proud of it. I really can't believe I did this. I can't blame it on being drunk. I can't say that it was a mistake. Frankly I have no good excuse at all. I feel quite ashamed of myself.

I could go on hiding this. I'm not required to tell you or to fess up in any way at all. I could continue to go on blogging and living life as if nothing happened. You don't need to know.

Still I don't like secrets. I don't like things to be hanging over my head. I feel a bit guilty that I would even think of keeping you in the dark about this. All of this is making feel quite ill. It's the arm twitching, fainting in front of wool kind of ill.

My favorite LYS had an inventory sale. They have this sale every year. It's been 3 years since I missed a sale of theirs. I even went to their anniversary sale just a couple of days before I had Miss Boogie Baby because I knew I shouldn't miss a sale.

I knowingly missed this sale.
I know. It's shocking and I hope you don't think any less of me. I looked at my Stash Stats and my budget goals. I then decided to stay home. It was an agonizing week last week. I was quiet in my agony. I suffered alone as it should have been. No knitter needs to hear of the horror of missing a 20% off the entire store sale.

I have no new yarn.
I missed a sale.
I think I'll live but it may take a while before I feel better.


Friday, January 20, 2006

The Sock Contest is over!

I didn't count the links but there are a ton. I mean, really a ton. Almost a f*ckton. Ok so not really that much, but close. You can all knit knit knit socks til the cows come home. See for yourself:

Thank you all so much for playing along. I still have a couple of lengthy lists to go through (you know who you are), to make sure I didn't miss any socks. Most of what I got is up there. I wish I could send all of you some sock yarn. Since I can't, I've pulled names.

As usual in my contests I have one winner and one runner up. Yeah, I know, I never announce that there will be more than one prize. I always tell myself just one prize but then I get so many entries and get all giddy that I have to give another something away.

The first name drawn gets the prize of the Lorna's:

That goes to Rossana who just got a brand new Spining wheel. Yay Rossana!

The second name drawn gets some hand dyed sock yarn from the Spunky Eclectic.

That goes to Kelly A. who I don't think has a blog because I couldn't find one referenced in her email.

Now what have I been doing?
Besides compling a ton of sock pattern links?
Last week I was whipping out the sockage. Not so this week. This has been a heavy work week and a sleeping on the floor with a sick dog but taking care of a teething baby so I'm not really sleeping and then when I'm awake I feel like a zombie kind of a week.

I did dye that sock yarn up there. I'm going to be taking some hand dyed yarns with me to the shows that I do this year. Instead of having just roving I wanted to have some yarns for that instant gratification fix we all need sometimes. Ok, so I'm just going dye crazy. Soon there will be a sale on rovings. I want to get a few more done and then they'll be on sale before I pull them down to take to SPA with me.

On a not so knitty note...
I'm back to counting "points" on weight watchers and I have a few things to say to food manufacturers:
What is up with saying that one thin slice of bread is a serving. Come on, a sandwich is 2 slices! And that 1/4 cup of ice cream. That's called a spoonful. Half an english muffin is a serving? Once you break it open aren't you supposed to eat it? You touched it you eat it.

What I really like are the packaged of food that have say 10 soy nuggets. A serving is 4 nuggets. You do the math. What is up with packaging a half a serving. A tease? A way to get me to buy a second box so that somewhere in the mix I'll get a full serving?

Finally - you know your cereal could use some help when...
Here I am crunching away. Chewing. Chewing. Chewing.
A piece of plastic somehow made it's way into my cereal bowl and I didn't really realize it until the chewing wasn't getting much of anywhere. Sure with your cereal I need to chew on average 2-3 times as long as regular cereal (how many calories do you burn through chewing?) but to not notice a piece of plastic for quite some time is just sad. Let's work on it, ok?


Thursday, January 19, 2006

2 of my girls

The other 2 are just too hyper to get sitting down to take a decent picture.

I love how even though Kayla isn't feeling good she brightened up to have Baby Boogie with her and craned her neck out to make sure Baby wasn't going to fall. Baby Boogie only looks upset due to teething and lack of sleep. Notice the baby bags under the baby eyes. I imagine I look much the same only with bigger bags and smaller cheeks.

Get your Contest entries in. Tomorrow morning I will announce a winner and by Monday I should have the links up for all the sock patterns.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A New Challenge

A new challenge has been issued. I think it's becoming obvious how I can't pass one of these up. But this one has been issued to all of us. Yes, you too! Most of you probably already know. Have you signed up?

The Knitting Olympics.
Challenge yourself to knit something in 16 days.
16 days!
That's just a tad over 2 weeks.

The 16 days falls within the February sock knitting challenge. But I can change my mind whenever I want and take up a new challenge. Afterall, I finished 2 ufo pairs. So what if I cast on for 3 new pairs. I finished at least one of those as well.

Here's the plan. I may be deemed crazy insane and absolutely out of mind - if you haven't already dubbed me with those titles yet. I'll knit on with the socks until the flame is lit on February 10th. Then I will cast on for my challenge. I'm thinking I will cast on at 2pm per the rules and I'll probably need to be knitting all night long too. Heck, with a teething baby, I'll probably be awake then anyway.

What have I chosen to be my challenge knit?
This is where I seem crazy. I had thought that making Torino would have been fun. However, Torino is not sitting in my stash. Unless someone is going to buy me the kit, I'll have to take a look at the Stash Page. What in my stash is difficult enough to be a real challenge?

Oh yes, no wussing out on this one.

I've chosen Baltic as my challenge.

Yup, that one.
The Yarn Harlot said that swatching is like training and absolutely acceptable. I'll consider that false start, a swatch. Before Februrary 10th I'll rip out the bad uneven knitting (all of it) and get it all ready to start again. This way I'll be casting on fresh like the rest of the crazies on February 10th.

I've even changed the patterning just a tad to incorporate my year of the skull desire. You'll just have to wait to see that. Unless I decided to do a real swatch but we all know how I feel about a swatch.

Hmmm, now that I'm looking at the picture I really want to knit this in Dark green with black accents. That would mean I wouldn't have to rip out all that knitting. Yes the knitting that has been done is worthless, I'm just lazy.

But I don't have any dark green in my stash. Hmmm. Seven skeins of dark green will only cost me $35 and I have a $20 certificate. Here I am thinking of adding to the stashness already and I'm only 3 weeks into the year!

Someone talk me out of it. Tell me how gorgeous I'd be in grey even if I do have green eyes that would be set off so nicely by the green sweater. Tell me grey is slimming or something. Tell me it would be easier on my old eyes to knit a light grey sweater than a dark green one. Something. Tell me something.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Do you remember...?

Do you remember this yarn picture that I posted Wednesday of last week.

Do you remember that I said I was trying NOT to cast on for what was in my mind? I guess I wasn't trying all that hard. Wednesday night I cast on. Sunday I bound off the PAIR. That's right. I was dedicated and kept with it until the whole pair was done.

Just look at them:

Wouldn't you have kept knitting too?

I patterned this sock after last years favorite sock. You can get the fabulous pattern from HERE.

My sock had 56 sts to accomodate the Skully from Adrian. Where Adrian had diamonds, I added hearts. Why hearts? Because I love skulls and I'm oh so girly. I used a DK weight yarn but you could definitely do it in sock weight with 70 stitches.

I've also discovered the afterthought heel. It's the new technique, new for me that is. I know many of you will just tell me that I'm way behind. I think that's pretty obvious at times. You see, I live under a rock.

Now for the Contest....
Holy cow do you people like your socks! And you all know a ton of free patterns on line. Some I knew and some I didn't. It's incredible the amount of patterns I have now. Keep 'em coming. I want to try and make sure we get them all. I have enough sock yarn to knit them all but not enough time.

Isn't time the bane of all knitters. If only I could retire at 32, I could knit and spin all day long. Of course if you look at my social security statement you'll see that I won't be able to retire until, well... ever.


Monday, January 16, 2006

I have a dream

So many are still fighting for equality here and in other countries. Martin Luther King Jr. spread a powerful yet peaceful message. Probably his most memorable speech was the "I have a dream" speech delivered the 28th day of August in 1963. If you haven't read/heard the speech in it's entirety, it's well worth it.

I have a dream
Follow the link to a transcript of the speech and an audio track.

I hope we all can take a pause and think about equality in our lives. I'm not asking anyone to think of acrylic yarn as the equal to wool yarn. But to think of the person using acrylic as the equal to the person using wool.

My dream is for us all to live with equality no matter our race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or fiber choices.

Knit on in equality.


Friday, January 13, 2006

sockity sockity sock

Thank you all for your decreasing comments. Stupid Haloscan didn't send any comments to me but I want you to know I appreciate them all. I tried the SSK in the way mentioned by so many. I love it. Slip one knitwise, slip one purlwise, K together. I'll post some pictures on Monday. My gram only did SKP and that's what I've always done. Funny how we get stuck in our ways. I love figuring out new ways for the same thing. You all rock!

I've fully started to NEED to knit all these socks.
The challenge lit a little fire under my needles.
I must knit socks.
I must knit all my UFO socks.

I've made a deal with myself. Finish one UFO sock and I get to cast on for whatever new sock I want to. I'm going to knit knit knit socks until the end of February. Now I want to see how many I'll finish.

Maybe I'll knit so many I won't need to knit any for a while.

Maybe I'll knit so many I won't want to knit any for a while.

Maybe this will last another week and I'll abandon it for some pretty sweater thing wagging it's sexy yarn in my face.

Here's the one I finished on Wednesday night:

I think I'm getting worse at taking photos
"More Pie" Handspun yarn done in my usual short sock pattern.
I love me some short socks. Especially in my handspun. I think I need to start spinning some sparkly yarn for more short socks.

With all the socks on the brain I want to start to collect free online sock patterns. For that I need your help. Here's the deal:
Send me a free online sock pattern to Boogie contest and your name will go into a hat to win some Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Glenwood.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Left Leaning

I've always loved my method of left leaning decrease.
Slip 1, Knit 1, Pass slipped stitch over.

I think I've changed my mind.
I'm loving a new decrease this week. I say this week because I'm likely to change my mind next week.

I was working on my faux Jaywalker socks and I wasn't happy with the left slanting decrease. I'm still in love with the right slanting but the left just didn't seem good to me. It didn't match up. It looked somehow off.

Enter the Knitter's Handbook

3. This one is the old method - S1, K1, PSSO.

2. This is the next one I tried - K2tog through the Back Loop. It looks almost the same as SKP

1. This is the new one I started when I finally got out the handbook. They call it the knit decrease. You slip 1 stitch knitwise 2 times. Then insert the left hand needle into the front of the 2 slipped stitches that are on the Right hand needle and K2tog.

Ok, it may seem odd at first and a little fumbly but I kept at it. Now it's smooth going and my decreases are all matchy matchy.

What's this 2 new techniques within a month?
This is the year of the SKULL, the baby toes, and new techniques.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another Challenge

People seem to love to challenge me.
What is it?
And why can't I pass up a challenge?

The last challenge came and went with neither of us finishing our sweaters within the given deadline. But when I went back to finish it, I was only 6 rows away from finishing the knitting. 6 rows! I could have stayed up an extra hour and finished. If only I had know how I wanted to finish off the sweater. Blasted hoodies and their mind confusion.

Now there has been a new challenge placed on me. One that has finished projects and a gift at the end. One that seems impossible to but I must try. I must knit. Knit like the wind. again

The challenge was thrown at me by Miss RoseByAny in a public forum. That's right it was thrown right at me in PUBLIC.

How could I turn it down?
The challenge is to finish knitting 8 pairs of socks by the end of February. Why 8? That just happens to sadly be the number of socks I had as UFO's or on the needles at the time of the challenge.

eight pair
or if you wish
sixteen socks

This is where I am so far:
FO #1!

Dad's socks are done! They are just a simple pattern done in my handspun. Nice and warm for a daddy that works construction out in the cold.

The single socks waiting for a mate:

that sock all the way to the left there is one I cast on and finished over the weekend. If only I had done that with a UFO sock instead

The socks that aren't quite that far yet:

The socks I'm trying not to cast on for:

Trying not to cast on for something new is a new concept as of late. If I feel like casting on something new that's just what I've been doing. I think someone wants to see a FO. Not to mention she's collecting socks.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The sun shines

I changed the Rogue photos now that the sun is shining.
You might need to refresh to get them to work. What a difference the sun makes!

Thank you for all the compliments. But it doesn't fit me very well. Um, well it fits, it's just not flattering. Oh, it will be though. Right now I'm not at my fighting weight and the boobolas are still huge!

That's right, I knit to my "suppose to be" size not the size I am today. That's incentive confidence that I'll lose the extra 30 pounds I'm carrying right now.

And one extra photo for the day because Sandy makes me want to take pictures of my sky:

Moon Morning


Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Rogue Day

Happy Rogue Day to me
Happy Rogue Day to me
You look like a monkey and you smell like one too
Or how ever you sing for a happy finished Rogue.

Pattern: Rogue
Source: Girl from Auntie
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino in Paprika
Needle size: US 5's throughout
1.I mostly knit the 43 inch size. Because I was off in gauge I knew the size would come out roughly around the 39 inch size which is what I wanted. I could have gotten gauge with this yarn but I didnt' like the fabric. To me, liking the fabric is more important than meeting the gauge.

2.I used Claudia's mods for the hems and for making a cardigan instead of a pulli.

3.I ran into issues of yarn shortage since this was stash yarn and not specifically purchased for this project. Because of that, I left off the pocket and hood. Actually there ar also other reasons I left of those 2 items.

---The pocket I also left because I have plenty of extra "kangaroo pocket" I don't need pockets on my sweater to point it out. Plus they're fairly small pockets once you cardiganize Rogue and I just wouldn't use them so I was ok with leaving them off.

---The hood. I love hoodies. On someone else. I always see them in the photo of a pattern and I want it. My lust for that sweater is huge. I want that hoodie. In most cases, I put the hoodie on and realize I'm just not a hoodie gal. I wanted to wear this sweater a lot so I was ok leaving off the hood. I started Chart C, worked up a bit, tried on the sweater and stopped Chart C and just did 5 rows of stockinette then Cast off.

As soon as the sun shines around here, I'll take some decent photos. The zipper could also use a blocking.

4. I ordered the zipper from Zipper Stop. They had great service and answered my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend them. The problem; I thought the color would match better but when it arrived it was a little light. I'm telling myself it's an exact match so please don't tell me differently. Let me have my illusion.


Thursday, January 05, 2006


The Boogie world starts with coffee.

In fact that's the day's beginning right there. The computer, the coffee, breakfast and if I'm lucky I can get a few rows of knitting done before I have to start work for the day. Actually, this picture could also be lunch, just replace the muffin with a sandwich.

Coffee all the time and I like a good cup of coffee. Husbeast knows this so he bought me a brand new coffee maker. It's quite an ingenious machine. You place your whole beans and water in, set the timer and you wake up to fresh, hot, eye opening, yummy coffee. Being the Husbeast that he is though, he bought me the "Sass-back" model.

Oh, it looks just the same as the normal one, but it's not.

Husbeast plugged it in and set it up. The machine purred at him. Husbeast has a way with machines. They really seem to love him. He made the most fabulous cup of coffee I've had outside of a coffee shop in a long time.

The next day it was my turn. Mmmmm coffee. I had thoughts of hot roasty toasty coffee swirling in my head. MMmmmm strong robust goodness. Oh, I could taste it already. Coffee come to mama.


What was that


It's beeping at me. It continues to beep at me.
Well, I'll use my solution for any misbehaving piece of machinery. I pulled the plug. HA! take that. Sass at me and see what you get.

I wait.

I plug it back in.


Oh damn. I just want coffee. This machine is beeping at me and I don't know why. I just want coffee. I set it all up with the beans and the water and I'm dreaming of coffee. I just want coffee.

Ok, I got it fixed and I got my coffee. It might have been human error. I just wanted my coffee, though. Coffee is all I could think of. Mmm coffee. It was such a good cup of coffee.

We had a good couple of days and then.... Today I woke up to water and grounds everywhere. I used my general solution and unplugged it. What the hell happened. I took it apart. Some one forgot to put the filter in and it made grounds and water go everywhere. I swear I did not do this as a punishment for the beeping incident. Really, I just want my coffee.

I cleaned her all up and set it up to go again but with a filter this time. I hit "ON" and notice the Self Cleaning light is on. Well you don't need to be cleaned, I just cleaned you. So I'll press it and shut it off. It's still on. I'll press it again. It's still on.

Ok, time for the general machine fix all. I unplugged the sassy little machine. I plugged it back in. The light is still on. The machine is now mocking me. There is no reason for that light to be on. I'm just as good as Husbeast.

Why can't the machine love me too?

Mr. Coffee never treated me this way.
Mr. Coffee doesn't mind being premanently stained after years and years of use and neglect. He's ok with looking like hell all the time. Self clean - pshaw.

Good old Mr. Coffee and I are having our morning coffee together. Sass-back coffee maker is sitting unplugged until she can appologize for treating me in such a manner.

I'm already late for work now.
I think I'll go knit a few rows on that sock.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Did you notice the new row of buttons up there?
Of course not.
I think may read this through bloglines or another newsreader, right?

First I figured the Really needed to be seen. Plus I needed easy access to it so I can remind myself in times of need that I do indeed have several sweaters waiting to be done and I dont need another...yet. Unless of course I start feeling dangerous symptoms then I'll just look at it to find a block to add the new project.

The sad thing is that I was talking about my stash and realized that I had more to add to the list. Without it all being in one spot it's hard to gauge how much I have. Norma boasted said that she has more - I think she needs to flash her stash. Come on Norma - I showed you mine - let's see yours!

Then there is . Every so often there is a song that just puts a smile on my face. I feel the need to share it and this seems like an easy way to do that. This months song may be offensive if you found anything in Silence of the Lambs offensive.

Do you remember ? I didn't think so. I barely remembered it myself. I was reminded only when I was cleaning up the shoes by the garage door and found my cute little sneakers that have rarely been worn. I'm turning my running update into a "lose the baby weight" update. Not that I was industrious enough to change the name on the icon though.

I have 30 lbs of baby weight to lose. Weight sticks to me like glue. I have to work hard to shake it. Ok, it takes much more than shaking. I allowed myself to continue to be lazy and splurge during the holidays but now is the time to burn some calories.

Last of the new buttons is . I signed up way back when everyone was doing them but I forgot to list it. I just thought it might be neat to see where everyone is from. Add your name if you feel like it.

Back to the stash...

Thank you for all the stash busting comments. I'm glad to see I won't be alone in my stash busting escapades. For those that suggested a knit along, there is one already in progress. One without the nasty rules that would make a crazy person or a liar out of me.

The Stashbusters blog looks like a great place if you're looking for a knit along. Many of their stash busting is based on small items to get rid of all those lost balls of yarn in your stashbasket but I bet they'd be ok if you knit a sweater or an afghan from your stash. Heck, I wanna know if you accomplish knitting a sweater or an afghan from your stash.

Let the stash knitting begin!
Oh, um....
After I get an UFO or 2 done.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Not a resolution

This is NOT a New Year's resolution. no one keeps those
This is NOT a yarn diet. I buy what I want
This is NOT binding. I'm as fickle as I want to be

with that all said....

As my stash mounted to gargantuan proportions, I started to really really think about stopping the madness. I love my stash. I love my stash lots and lots. In fact I think my stash should stay the size that it is. All I want is to knit the things in my stash.

I have so many projects waiting in the sidelines. So many beautiful things are just waiting to be knit. They wait so patiently while I wantonly add more to their fellowship. Poor knits in waiting. Waiting forever for their turn.

I started to list my stashed yarns here and realized after so many that there really was simply too much for one little innocent blog post. I had to start their very own little web page. Yarns in waiting.

Did you go look?
Just a few yarns ranging from the cheap acrylic to expensive wools. I am an equal opportunity stasher. I love all yarns and as long as they feel good to knit and wear, I don't care what the content is. Just bring it on.

The really scary thing is that I've only listed the yarns that are for sweaters and shawls. We won't even talk about the mittens, hats, socks and other yarn projects. Or rather, maybe I'll give them their own pages too.

Must knit from stash.
Must knit from stash.
Must knit from stash.

Are you wanting to knit from your stash too? We can all do it together. There is a Stash Along here although I think the sign up has ended. I didn't sign up for it because it had rules. Scary rules that said no yarn purchases for three months. THREE MONTHS!!! No yarn purchases. Yipes! That's way too harsh of a rule for me.

I'll buy yarn if I feel the need. Well, I always feel the need. Don't you? I just want to knit a few things from my stash. Trying not to buy yarn might actually cause some sort of physical damage. You all know that Marilyn Monroe died of unknown circumstances. I bet she tried to restrain herself from buying yarn. She was on a yarn diet and it killed her.

Seriously folks, I would hate to see the same thing happen to any of you. If you have any of the following symptoms; faintness around new yarn, shoulder or arm twitches, Money burning holes in your pants or wallet... That's right, there's no such thing as spontaneous human combustion, it all starts with burning money... If any of these things happen, get yourself to your nearest LYS and buy yarn. Don't wait thinking it will pass. Your life could be in danger and you need to buy yarn immediately to reverse the serious deadly effects of yarn withdrawal.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

The year of the SKULL

In case you haven't noticed I have a serious obsession with all things skully. It's an obsession I've had for a while. I'm fairly obsessed with spiders as well. My logo up there has a web and a skull. Perfect!

I've got several things I'm working on designing that contain spiders or skulls. Over the years I've often added skulls and such to my knits. Last year I was intent on being published so I left off the cool skullies. Skulls and spiders just aren't marketable. I don't care anymore. I'm feeling a serious skull withdrawal.

I need more skullies in my life.
I bet you need more skulls in your life too.

I've already got more skulls:

These are on my first new design of this year which will be a free pattern for you soon. Can I just say how much I love this new item? I don't ever want to take it off.

So, while some people will declare things like "the year of the sock" or the "summer of lace"... I'm declaring 2006 to be the YEAR OF THE SKULL here at Boogie central.

Enjoy the skullies!

P.S. While we're making declarations, this will also be the year of the baby toes.

click for the toe action


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