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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Eris is ....

I was searching for some finished photos of Eris's and well, you know google. Sometimes you get something you weren't quite expecting.

I'm here to let you know that Eris is all about the useless Nipple.


And as for Rogue.... Not much knitting going on in the boogie house. I fell pretty hard the other day. You see, I believe Eris's spirit took over my little girl's body and made her leave a truck on the floor in such a way that I would fall and hurt myself. I was trying to save my boobs from going splat on the concrete hard floor so I put my hands out. I now have very achy arms and hands. I should have just let the jugs hit, I don't use those to knit with.

I could have foiled Eris's plan if I didn't like my hooties so much. I believe I probably need to re-think my priorities and place knitting a little higher than keeping the tatas intact.

Sorry for the blur, Rogue is on the run. She heard that Eris has a lighter.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Two steps forward....

One step back.
This is where I was Saturday night:

Fifteen minutes later:

As I was nearing the end of my second sleeve, I decided to pick up the first sleeve and make sure they match. Of course I made notes but I like to read my knitting. That's when I realized what a dope I am. My notes and my knitting of the first sleeve did not match.

When I knew my gauge was going to be off, I sat with my little calculator and made notes about what the sleeve is supposed to be like. Great! Directions to follow. But did I follow them? Noooooooooo.

At some point in the first sleeve I must have been kicked in the head so hard that I temporarily lost my ability to count. No wonder the first sleeve seemed slightly more monotonous than the second one.

Come to find out, it was 2 extra stitches and 8 rows more monotonous. Frogging sucks. So I held up my arm and the sleeve. Stubby arms do not do well with an extra 8 rows. I can't get away with it. A froggin' we must go.

Here's where I am now:

Eris and Rogue will be meeting up this Friday for the final push of the knit off. There will be face to face trash talking. Needles clashing in battle. Or maybe we'll put down the knits and go shopping instead. Good thing they're closed on Sundays.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Details details details

The past 2 days have been days from heck (not quite hellish). I obviously haven't knit much. So, I'll bore you with the details of my sweater since I can't wow you with progress.

Pattern: Rogue
Mods: Claudia's hem and cardi mods.
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino in Paprika
Needles: US 5
Gauge: 6 sts and 7 rows to 1 inch
Size: 39-43" ---- I'm off in my gauge so I'm knitting between these 2 sizes to come up with the size that will hopefully fit me.
The problem: I think I'm going to run out of yarn. I have just enough for the 39 size but I'm more than 100 yards short of the 43 size. I'm leaving off the pocket and I'm stubby so maybe that will save enough yardage.

Tomorrow we're heading to my in laws for dinner. I don't have to do any major cooking. I just need to make a couple of vegetarian friendly dishes. I'm hoping to squeeze in some knitting time. Grrrrr.

My favorite holiday faire is stuffed mushrooms:

Stuffed Mushrooms:
Onions -1 medium chopped
Celery - a couple of stocks chopped
Veggie stock - half a can
Stale bread (for stuffing) broken or chopped for stuffing
Large Stuffing Mushrooms - clean them and remove the stumps which you'll chop for the stuffing.
Boca Breakfast Sausage - chopped (Regular Jimmy Dean is ok for you carnivores)

Heat up some butter in a fry pan. Saute the onions, celery, sausage and mushrooms stumps. Add in spices like garlic, marjoram, salt and pepper - or whatever you like to add to stuffings. Remove pan from heat and put in a half can of Veggie stock. Add your bread and make sure it's well mixed and all the bread is moistened.
You want th bread moist but not mushy.

If you want to take the easy way out you can always get a bag of premade stuffing, add your sausage and chopped mushroom stumps then just moisten it with the veggie stock.

Place your clean mushroom tops in a pan so that you have little cups to fill. If you're lazy like me, you'll just throw the stuffing on top of it all. You can always fill each cup individually.

Melt a couple of tablespoons of butter, drizzle over tops of the stuffed mushrooms.
Cover pan with foil
Bake at 350 until tops are cooked
Uncover and bake another 15 minutes to crisp the top of the stuffing. If you're in a rush you can give it a couple of minutes under the broiler instead.

And for Eris...
*kachckshhhh* <--- can of whup ass opening.
My spicy, wooly Rogue is gonna leave Eris red faced in the dust.
Knit knit knit knit!


Monday, November 21, 2005

Mail Bag!

I got some lovely mail and I'd like to share it.
Last week I got some needles from Amanda

I'm thinking of selling her Kneedles with my yarn in a kit for a scarf. I started the scarf but have been waylaid by Miss Rogue. While I'm futzing around you can always contact her for a set of your own Kneedles. I really do like them, warm and smooth. Everything a good lover needle should be.

Yesterday I got a wonderful package from Arleta.
She's so cool! Thank you!!

Girlbeast got really excited with her purse and the boogie-baby is stylin' in her new shoes. Perfect for holiday dress-ups. I'll try to remember to post pictures. Oh yeah, there might have been some candy in th package too but, um, I'm pleading the 5th as to why it didn't make it into the photo.


Eris is going DOWN!

Down in flames!
Rogue is opening that can of whup ass on Eris.
Gonna tie her needles in knots!

The trash talk has begun.

Eris emailed me saying that Rogue was gonna swim with the fishes. Eris even called me over the weekend to leave a message saying she had concrete shoes for Rogue.
Rogue can handle the death threats.
Rogue is tough.
Rogue is gonna run circles around Eris.
Eris may have a head start but Rogue will pull it out in the end.
Rogue may be cocky but Eris is a pussy.

That's one sleeve blocking and the other one started.

Wanna get in on the good natured, fun trash talk?
Leave comments here or where Eris lives.
Cheer us on!
Only 14 days left


Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday's are for Shopping
and racing....

First the shopping....
If we're going to shop and throw money around like crazy people, why not have some of it go to charity?

Crafters for Critters
It's a charity site where all items are donated by independent crafters and all proceeds go to support animal rescue. (thank you DeeAnn for passing this one on to me)

Heifer International
Many of us are already familiar with this organization. It's all about ending world hunger. There's something for every size wallet, "gifts" here range from -$20 to +$150.

Pink Auctions
All proceeds from these Auctions go to proceed the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer foundation. There are new auctions each week.

Click to Help
That particular site will help feed hungry animals. But through there you can also find buttons that aid other organizations. Simply by clicking on those buttons and their affiliates you will help aid the organizations.

I know there must be more out there. Please tell me and I'll update over the weekend so everyone will know the best places to spend their hard earned cashola.

now for the Race....




Anj and I are going to try and bend the time and space continuum. Actually, I'd like to bend it so hard I give it a permanent curve. Anj wants to get a sweater done by December 5th so we're going to race to the finish and see who can do it and do it first.

She's working on Eris and I was supposed to be working on Baltic. But now I'm not. This decision was made early this morning so Anj doesn't even know yet.
Why the last minute change up?
Here's where I left Baltic this past spring:

Here's what it looks like after I finished up the bottom band last night:

I didn't rip it last night because I thought maybe in the morning light it would be acceptable. It's not. There is a drastic difference in gauge (or needle size). I have to rip it. I can't rip back and go with the original needle size/gauge because I like last night's version better.
The part I knit in the spring just looks yucky to me now.

So what will I knit?
All other projects on the needles are too far ahead of where Anj is on her Eris. So the only fair thing, is for me to start a new project. Ok, I just plain want a Rogue and this is my excuse to have it before I finish Christmas gifts.
Can you say Valentines gifts?

If you feel a great wind, it's from my needles moving at light speed. Woooosh!



Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Movie Knitting

I admit it, I knit at the movies. I'm pretty sure there are others of you out there that do the same thing. Even if it's a good movie, I knit through it. Why? It keeps me from fidgeting. I think I've explained before I'm no good at sitting still. There are a million things that need to be done and sitting still drives me nuts. If I can keep my hands busy at least, I can keep my butt planted.

Knitting in the dark can be somewhat of a challenge at times. I always bring a plain stockinette project. Back and forth, who needs to look at the stitches when they're boring old stockinette. The challenge comes in when your watching something that makes you lose your concentration. Someone's head gets chopped off, a persons car skids off the road, a Heffalump suprises you, or a little prehistoric squirrel does something that makes you laugh until tears run down your face.

What happens in those dramatic scenes is not that you get suprised or you laugh... no...those aren't the real tragedies. The problem is that you drop a stitch. Then you scream for real and it's not in keeping with the movie. By the time you scream they've moved on to a funeral, a romantic scene, or your sitting in a kids movie where you shouldn't be screaming louder than the children.

Then you're sitting there thinking about the dropped stitch. You don't care that yous creamed anymore. You dont care that something major is happening on screen. You can't pay attention, you're distracted. I want to knit. What happened to that stitch? You start to rationalize, if I continue to knit anyway then I get the stitch later when I have light and ladder it up. But will it look the same?

The knitting sits forlorn in your lap and you are permanently distracted until the lights come on. Then you know you have to make the people with you sit and wait until you get that darn stitch back on the needles. NO! You can't get up and leave until the stitch has been found.

I have a solution:

That my friends is a little clip on book light purchased at Staples for $1.99. I purchased this little number specifically for movie knitting. It folds up so it's small and hidden, I carry it with me at all times now. No more screaming over dropped stitches. Just switch on the little light for a few seconds, pick up the lost little stitches and I can watch the rest of the movie happily knitting.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Sock Yarn

When I started that sock made from my handspun yarn (oh so long ago), I remembered how much I absolutely love to wear socks made from my own handspun. Almost all the socks I own are made from my handspun. So I started to dye some wool to make myself new socks.

Why do I like my handspun for socks?

I like to spin fine yarn so spinning up a fingering or DK weight yarn is so nice and refreshing after doing lots of novelty bulky yarns. I love 2 ply yarns.

The only reason I like to knit with self striping yarns is that it keeps me going. It's like I fool myself - "what is the next color" and then ooh ooh I get so excited when the next color comes and I then I have to keep knitting to see what color comes next. You'd think I'd gone brain dead because I can clearly see what color is next in self striping yarns. In my own handspun however, it's a little more mysterious as to how it will look knit since the plies aren't done for self striping, although it does often stripe.

I like how it feels. I use the basic wool for my socks and there is just something comforting about them. They're tough yet soft. Perfect for a favorite pair of socks.

I like thicker socks. I usually will make DK weight yarn so my feet stay nice and cozy no matter I'm doing. I most often only wear socks in the winter (my feet are still bare now) and therefore I really need the warmth. Gotta love that snow shoveling. Well, not really, but at least my feet stay warm.

The colors. I have ultimate control over them and I love bright colors. In the middle of winter when it's still dark out and you're getting dressed, what's better than slapping on a pair of obnoxiously pink socks?

But so that everyone isn't left out, I have made several skeins of yarn for the Spunky Eclectic.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Fridays are for SHOPPING

I know most Americans will have today off, so it's not like you'll be blowing off work to play online. Still Fridays were made for shopping.

Today I'm not sending you to individuals but to sites that host mini stores or sell items for Indie artists and/or crafters.

Craft Revolution


Anezka Handmade


These are just the ones I can remember at this early moment. If you know of others let me know in the comments. We all need more handmade goodness.


Yarn: Handspun (pink and orange wool carded with angelina)
Pattern: Boogie
Needles: 2mm
These have the rounded top so Girlbeast doesn't have to remember which hand goes in which mitten. She's had "hand designated" mittens before and she refused to put them on the correct hand. Rounded tops is my solution. Who's training who?


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Warm Hands

I joined Sandy's Warm Hands knit along.

There are several people in this house in need of some warm hands. Maybe this will get me moving on warming up those hands.

I've been working on the sparkly pink handspun mitts for the girlbeast. That's right, there are no thumbs on those mitts. It's only warm hands... No one said anything about warm thumbs too.

Ok, maybe I'll add thumbs.
I'm not a mean mommy... all the time.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Stockinette Curls

Not a news flash?
No, I suppose to most of you it wouldn't be.
I'm not surprised at stockinette curling. Well, ok, I lie. For some reason when I really really don't want it to curl, I'm surprised that my project would dare go against my great will and curl anyway.

The audacity of some projects! How dare they know the rules of stockinette and stick to them. Bah! I am supreme knitter in my little household. If I say stockinette should lay flat, it should lay flat.

This is curling alot:

That is about half of a baby sweater. I suppose it's ok that it's curling as it will be seemed at some point. I know. Here I am going on aout stockinette curling and it doesn't really matter in the long range. The thing is, I don't want it to curl. It's making it a pain in the butt to knit on. I like to look at all the pretty stripes as I knit and with this curling, I can't. Grrr.

Maybe going public with my whine will work. Or maybe I'll drag my knitting over to the ironing board and give it a solid steaming so it will lay flat. I need to look at my stripes.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Fridays are for SHOPPING!

No one wants to work on Fridays.
So, why not shop online?

Every Friday until the week before Christmas, I'll post gift ideas.
Some ideas will be shameless self promotion and some will just be great ideas.

Let's start out with shameless self promotion and a gift for you:

This is for all you early birds. For being early in your gift buying (for yourself or others) I'm going to give you 2 oz of Chocolate covered cherry Blue Faced Leicester with every spindle purchased before December 1. If you haven't spun with blue faced leicester, you don't know what you're missing.

If you don't spin but you knit or crochet, you need more yarn:

Knit pixie has incredible service (and they carry my yarns).

Simply Sock Yarn probably doesn't need to be mentioned again, because I constantly talk about them. Remember, sock yarn isn't just for socks. They make sweaters, gloves, and scarves.

For those that don't spin, knit or crochet (I've heard there are a few out there):

Even if you do knit, you still may want this. This is an amazing item, already knit. Ask Sonja about her baby blankets. She calls them "What Babies Want". Husbeast calls it a magic blanket. He swears that this is the only reason BoogieBaby falls asleep. That blanket is magical.

Last but not least for today, food. Stanchfield Farms makes great items. Dilly beans, Bourbon BBQ sauce, pickles and jams. I can't even name all the items they make. I'm hungry just thinking about them.

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, November 03, 2005


I may not have pretty foliage for Tanya, all our foliage is yellowy brown (blegh), but my sky is on fire for Sandy.

Some day I will dye wool in those colors.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rockin' my socks!

I may not have been lucky enough to go to Rhinebeck, but because I have friends that rock, I will have socks that rock:

"Queen Rock" colorway
How awesome is that yarn and my friends Anj and Sue?
Extremely awesome - that's how awesome they are.

Speaking of socks, I can't start these right away.

I have several pairs to finish for the holidays. I am being helped along by the great knit alongs, though. Lolly's Socktober has ended with prizes and lots of socks having been finished. I finished my Dad's birthday socks and a little pair for the Boogie Baby while I have 3 other half socks waiting to be finished. Ok, so there are really 5 incomplete pairs. They'll get done. I'm sure of it.

There's a new knit along that just started and ends with New Years eve:

It's a solid sock Knit along. What am I going to do?
Why, I'll cast on for a new pair of socks!
Dad's Christmas socks will be solid:

Brown Cascade 220 Superwash. I have 3 balls left over from an earlier project so these will be perfect for my Dad. I think I'm going to use my pattern for Husbeast socks. If I have enough left over maybe I'll replace the original husbeast socks since they met their demise in the washer earlier this year.

THANK YOU ALL! for the wonderful comments about my "doll" in yesterday's post. She didn't care one way or the other about the costume but she did hate the camera flash.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Last Minute costume

It's not knit, but it's a great use for acrylic yarn.


A copyright is a copyright is a copyright. Don't copy copyrighted things without permission. You'll notice my stuff is all copyrighted. Its all for personal use and that's cool. That's sharing. Copying and selling my pattern is stealing. Same for all designers and their patterns. Play well and don't break copyright law. Share nice.

Sharing certainly doesn't mean you can Steal bandwidth. Hotlinking is very bad.

Share nice and I'll be your buddy, be a troll and I'll torch all your needles.

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