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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Wednesdays always seem to be so darn busy. I just don't seem to have time to post. I'm running around doing this and that, getting shipments ready, doing little daily morning activities and then starting work. I do this everyday so I don't know why Wednesdays feel more busy than other days. Maybe it's that over the "hump" feeling. Maybe it's the "If I get caught up today then maybe by Friday I can work just a half day."

Maybe Wednesdays are just out to "get me".

That's got to be it. Can't you just see Wednesday chasing me down. I have to be more vigilant now. I move quite a bit slower and if I trip, Wednesday will surely get me. I have no idea what Wednesday will do to me if it does get me but I'm sure it's something wretched like putting moths into my wool or breaking all my wooden needles.

Wednesday's a bitch folks.
Don't let it fool you.
Wednesday is a tricky day. Lulling you to believe its all lollipops and sugar plums with it's "humpday" title. One would think that something called "humpday" would be a fun day. It's very misleading.
Watch out, I don't want Wednesday to catch you either.

I realized I haven't shown you what I've been knitting on lately. I haven't had much knitting time. With the heat making it impossible some days and my sleepiness make it hard the other days, not much is getting done. I can say it's all socks and kids clothing.

It's not the best picture but it was taken yesterday while I was still running from Wednesday. Let's hope I don't have to run away from any other days of the week.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New car

You might think this has nothing to do with the fiber arts but it absolutely does. You'll just ahve to wait or be naughty and skip the juicy sexy details of the story to skip to the bottom and read my fiber loving reasons.

To make a long story short, or to start the long story off in a quick way, our truck blew a spark plug about a month ago. This tore up the threads on the cylinder head, making it necessary to install a new cylinder head. This rendered the truck useless. Unless we shelled out lots of money, it wasn't going to go *vroom vroom* again.

I'm not even going to mention how yucky Ford has treated us over this. I won't even mention how this is a valid defect in this particular engine where the same thing has happened to many many people yet they haven't done a recall on it. I will mention that this is a 3 year old vehicle with 55K on it, not an older vehicle where a problem might be expected. Most people that have had this problem have it around the same mileage mark. It's a shame. I spit in their general direction.

Naturally we thought we'd just trade the big red paperweight in and let them deal with it while we drove away with another vehicle. Nice plan if you live in the land of the impossible. The Ford dealer we've used for the past 3 vehicles couldn't help us with that either. Do you know who was nice? Chevy. I danced on the salesmen's desk when he told us the deal they were going to offer us.

It was sad watching them load the big red truck onto the wrecker. Queen M almost cried and sang a sad little bye bye song. Later we drove home in a black Chevy Equinox It seems like a decent little car. It's going to take a little while to remember I'm no longer driving a truck. This thing can actually turn on a dime.

How does all this relate to fiber?
1.This is what will take me on my shopping expeditions for stash enhancements that I haven't been able to do for a while.
2.This will cost us a lot less than the truck so I can buy more yarn. I might even be able to get that new wheel I've been mooning over. No, saved money doesn't go to bills, we all know it must go to fibery goodness.
3. This will take me to knitting group in July and maybe to the newer kntting group in the area I haven't been able to check out, or maybe I'll find time to go to the Halcyon spinning/knitting group.
4. It will also be good to get groceries, doctor's appointments and all that other crappy mundane stuff that really doesn't count because it has nothing to do with fiber. But I could always take a little detour once I'm out the door. This car will suck up less gas so I think detours are required.
5. It turns better. If I see a new yarn store it's easier to make a U-turn in the road or if I've got the eagle eyes working I'll catch it quick and will be able to make a quick, sharp turn into the yarn store lot. These things were not possible with a big truck.
6. It's black. Much better than red if I'm to be one of the *looks around* shhhh. Secret order of Shadow Knitters. Mild mannered people by day. Ninja knitter at night. If you hear the clacking of their needles, it's too late.
7. I can go visit the Irish Ewe, it's a new yarn store that I haven't been too because they opened up just before all the lack of transportation started. I might just have to go out to Korner Knitters too.

***note about the graphics... Can you tell I learned to animate pictures over the weekend? Yes I know my boobs are pictured perky and high. A girl can dream ***


Monday, June 27, 2005

Lots of Wool

You know you dye too much when:
You're cooking some cookies in the oven for a change and your 4 year old daughter says "Our oven can cook other things than wool?". And she wasn't trying to be sassy. She really was surprised to find out our oven isn't just for wool. Then she even made me open it up and prove there was something other than wool in there.

It's nice to see it all air dried and ready to spin spin spin.

Of course it's also pretty pleasing in a giant rainbow heap. I could probably lose a child in there. Good thing no one is allowed to play in the sudio with this stuff. I used to think I kept everyone away for the cleanliness of the wool. Now I understand a mountain of wool could fall at any time. If you shouldn't hear from me in a day or 2 don't bother to send a rescue party, I'll be happily pinned under a mountain of wool.

I also got around to dying some wool for me. Blue Faced Leicester wool to be exact. Can I get a collective "Mmmmmm" on that? I wish you all had touch screens because this stuff really does need to be fondled. Anyway if you notice there is a book showing some mittens under the wool balls. Those would be the Mitones Ivenos from Andean Knits. As soon as I get the yarn made I'll start those mittens. Of course, this will be after husbeast's socks are done. OK Husbeast? I think he's been feeling sock neglected.

**I've noticed that if you read this in Internet Explorer there is something wrong with the format. I use Mozilla so I didn't notice it. I'm trying to figure it out.**


Friday, June 24, 2005

Little Amy King

Little Amy King sat on a ring,
knitting a pizza pie,
Went to the post, pulled out the most,
And said "What a lucky girl am I!"

Can you tell I might be listening to far too many little kids rhymes? I think that tape played over and over and over and over today. It might just turn up missing in the next day or two if this pattern should continue.

The rhyme did have a purpose though. It's my, not so, clever way of introducing some new gifties into the house.

First my Mom came home from running errands with a little gift. She said she couldn't pass it up and I agree. If I had a vehicle, I would have driven back to Kmart and cleaned them out to send as gifts to my favorite sheep lovers.

What is it you ask?

Check out that flame!
It's a refillable lighter for the grill.
Isn't it the coolest lighter ever?

Next I got a package from Roxie.

She's just too sweet. Thank you oodles. This will surely keep the Boogie Babe warm this winter. I loved this hat when I saw she was knitting it. It's also her handspun yarn. She sells this yarn folks, very nice colorways. She also didn't forget the Queen M. I had to wait until M was busy so I could take a picture, she didn't want to give it up.

My last surprise of the day came from the ever wonderful husbeast. My Dad thinks that husbeast spoils me. I tend to agree but I wouldn't ever tell him to stop. Don't you say anything either, ok? My super man was buying himself a book and decided to throw one in for me. Amazon kicks but with their wish list and how you can rate what you want.
He bought me Andean Knits
This book is truely very cool. I think my next small knit will be mittens instead of socks. I just need to get going on spinning some yarn to make the "Mittens from Ivo" then maybe I'll use some of the CVM I got from Spirit Trails to make "Socks from Ivo". This book has just added a whole slew of knits to my want list.

If all men were this sweet, there would be a world full of happy enabled knitters. That is my wish for all you fiber enthusiasts out there. I want you all the be fully enabled and happily so.

Yes, I am one happy enabled spinner/knitter.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

1 Done, 1 to go

I tried to put it on my foot and contort myself to take a decent picture so you could see the lacy pattern. I tried holding the camera out ...here... and I got this:

Then I tried over ...there... and got this:

So I moved it in again and got this:

Clearly I need more yoga or some muscle relaxers.

Then I gave up, yanked the sock off my foot, slapped it on my keyboard and took this:


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I know I've mentioned my theories on cleaning, or rather not cleaning, many times before. I've validated your desires not clean in comments and I've mentioned it in forums many times. Cleaning is evil.

My list of 20:

1. Cleaning and organizing make it hard for me to find patterns and yarn. Things should not be put away. I like being able to find my stuff.
2. Cleaning makes me sneeze and wheaze. Blegh, dust.
3. Cleaning means there is less dog hair on the floor, therefore less cushioning for tired feet.
4. Cleaning makes the dogs tired, they have to run from the big bad vaccuum and then when I'm done it takes quite a bit of effort for them to make things dog stink comfortable again.
5. Cleaning scares the dogs. At their advanced ages, I'm afraid one of these days they'll have a heart attack from the fright.
6. I have to pick stuff up like rugs, toys, dog beds, etc.
7. I have to put everything back when I'm done.
8. If you aren't going to do it right, why bother. I don't move furniture and when I dust I don't move stuff. See, I'm not worthy enough to clean.
9. I could slip and fall on a wet tile floor. Cleaning is a hazzard.
10. The vaccuum uses electricity, conserve, don't vaccuum.
11. Cleaning chemicals are bad for the environment.
12. The money spent on cleaning materials would be better spent on yarns and fibers.
13. Cleaning doesn't mean it stays clean. Everything just gets dirty again. Doesn't it really make it seem pointless.
14. If I clean, I'm putting a housekeeper out of work. No, I've never had a housekeeper, but I do dream of one.
15. If I start cleaning and don't get to finish, it just makes the areas left over look that much worse.
16. Dirt needs a place to live too.
17. Organizing makes me look anal. No one wants to look anal.
18. The dogs can clean the dishes, why should I have to?
19. Contrary to popular myths, missing things are rarely ever found by cleaning.
20. Cleaning is a complete waste of time. I could and should be doing other things like knitting, spinning, or shopping for more yarns and fibers.

I know you probably have a million reasons why you hate cleaning too. Really it's a horrible activity that should totally be abolished. Lately I've scared the heck out of myself. They say pregnant chicks do what is called nesting. People clean the oddest things when they're nesting. I never nested when I had Queen M. My mom came over and cleaned my house while I was in the hospital so that my baby wouldn't come home to an unlcean house.

I'm scared. I'm nesting. This is horrid. I've cleaned the house twice in a two week span. I've organized my patterns. I've organized my yarns and cloth. It's all quite frightening. I fear I've finally lost my last hold on sanity. Even husbeast is getting worried about this whole cleaning thing I've fallen into.

Someone help me, I'm cleaning. Please tell me it will pass. Please tell me as the placenta goes, so goes the cleaning/nesting problem.

I don't want to scare you too much. I did find time to go to my LYS's anniversary sale. It was a nice little stash enhancement expedition.

The first enhancement of the day was a pattern and yarn for Reynold's Blossom Cardi or Pullover. I blame the hormones for everything I had to get.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Finished with time to spare

Happy late Fathers Day to Husbeast, Papa and all the wonderful Dads out there.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the tan husbeast socks. Husbeast had to settle for a DVD set and some cute homemade gifties from Queen M. In my defense I did pick up the tan socks and looked at them a few times over last week.

I was able to finish Papa's socks Friday night. I didn't even need to stay up late. I just put the hands on high speed and finished them off.

Pattern: Chutes and Ladders (May 2005)
Pattern Source: Six Sox KAL
Yarn: Regia 6 ply
Needles: US2
Notes: I cast on 50 sts and away I went. They'll make the perfect warm boot socks for my Dad, aka Papa.

I'll try and work on tan. It is the next pair that will get done in the series of UFO socks. I do have a more exciting sock on the needles as well. I'm using the sock yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks and the Nancy Bush pattern "Unst"


Thursday, June 16, 2005

No knitting?

I'm looking around at all my UFO's. Various stages of socks, baby garments and my half done shawl. I'm not knitting all that much and I couldn't figure it out.
Tired? Yes, but I don't think that's it.
Busy with work? Yes, but I don't think that's it either.
Hot? Well it was too sticky to knit for a couple of days but not so now.
Spinning? Ahhh that must be it.

I put a bunch of it on Ebay. Seems as though I'm on a yarn binge. Most pregnant ladies binge on food. Me, I binge on yarn. At least we're over the browns. I'm not quite over the sparkles, though.

I also have some pale pink on the bobbin and next will be some blue with sparkles. Then I'm tragically out of sparkles. I suppose it's not such a bad thing. I could go on forever with this sparkle addiction.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lookie, lookie!

oooh look what I just got in.

Do you know what it is?

If you guessed roving you're right, but a big pile of roving isn't anything special around here. This is special stuff. The big bag is roving that I wanted. Blue faced Leicester. So soft. I'm dying to get to work on it. The other smaller bags are some silk that the drum carder has been wanting. I think she's getting tired of sparkles since she started to ask for silk, I carded in all the silk I had but the greedy thing just wanted more, more, more. I can't have an unhappy drum carder.

There was also another little package in there. The evil wondeful Adrian sent me some cashgora. I think I need to order some of this stuff next. She knew I wouldn't be able to resist.

How could any human being resist this stuff?

Maintenance note:
Crazy Haloscan isn't sending me all my comment notifications so I think I've missed a few. If you were expecting a reply, poke me with a stick, I might not have received it.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Report

I met, I saw, I bought.
I think that should be the new tag line for fiber festivals.

I met....
I met a few bloggers and tons of interesting people. Unfortunately because I'm lazy or forgetful, I never pulled out the camera to snap any shots. I'm beginning to wonder what kind of blogger I am if I can't take a few photos. Anyway, Hi Dan, Anne, Kristin and everyone else that I don't remember your name because I never took your photo. I didn't even get a photo of Jen and her booth, I was only there all day.

I saw....
As you can imagine I saw quite a bit, even for a small festival. My favorite sites of the first day were all the animals in pens with fans. The llamas looked so majestic with their hair flowing about their necks streaming in the wind. I imagined them riding in a car with their heads stuck out the window like a dog. No, no photos of that either.

I bought...
I went with very little money and it's a good thing. Seriously, it could have been another MDSW and I'm still recovering from that. At Spirit Trails I walked away with some CVM to play with:

and I couldn't leave without some of her amazing hand painted yarns. I left with a bit of mohair:

When I went back on Sunday I chose one, yes that's right, ONE fleece. There were several that I wanted but I opted for one in a breed that I have yet to play with. It's a white Border Leicester.

I pulled that piece off and washed it up yesterday. Oooooh, the shine. I wish I could have gotten more but there was no need to break the bank. I know the farm that had all the fleeces I wanted.

At one point I thought we might be heading home with some goats. My Dad found great interest in one of the goat farms. We all know I want sheep but I think I'd be ok with a bunch of Angora goats, little mohair making machines. My Dad used to be a farmer and I know he misses it. He grumbles when I talk about getting more livestock but now he's into the idea whether he's ready to admit it or not.

Queen M liked the looks of the little Angora's but she fell in love with the Cashmeres. You can't tell me this child doesn't have good taste, sometimes.
I didn't get a picture of any of the goats but I did get one of M feeding the little Cashmeres.

Alas none of the goats or other livestock followed us home. Maybe next year.


Monday, June 13, 2005


Smuggling this bowling ball behind my belly button is getting tiring. The babe is now sitting out front *duh* Supposedly she will soon be sitting back on my pelvis. This is when I really start that waddle. If it waddles like a duck and the thighs slapping together sound like quacks from a duck, doesn't mean I've become a duck.

I had a great but hot, no, that would be HOT! weekend. The Frolic was great and I did little else over the weekend. Being a booth babe for Spirit Trail Fiberworks was great. Who wouldn't love being surrounded by all that gorgeous yarn and fun fiber? I'm glad I didn't bring a lot of money with me or she would have just been packing up my truck at the end of the show instead of her trailer.

I'm going to waddle off to work and I'll get you photos and a better report tomorrow. I do have some fiber to show off, and yarn, and hand spun, and I started that sock that I was having trouble settling on a pattern. I'll try to find the camera today and get you some photos.


Friday, June 10, 2005

Fiber Frolic

I've had that ticker up there, tick tick ticking away the days.
Do you notice what it says today?
Yup, tomorrow is the day.

I'll be there all day helping Jen at the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth. Stop in and say "hi". Then oggle at all the rare breed wools and the gorgeous handpainted yarns.

Speaking of Jen's fabulous hand painted yarns....
I'm planning my next pair of socks using some of her fabulous yarn that the fabulous Anj got me for Christmas. I can't believe I didn't knit with it right away, I think I had "too many sock shock" around the holidays. Now I just need a pattern to use with this:

The patterns in the running are:
1. Crusoe from Knitty

2. The beaded socks like Margene did (and I didn't) along with the six sox knit along.

3. Clover lace rib socks like these that I did for M last year.

4. Something else enitirely.

I'd like to start these over the weekend, assuming I finish Dad's socks (or not). We'll see what I decided on Monday.

You see my lucky 4 leaf clover plant. It's grown a few with 5 leaves. Miss Pippi Knee Socks, I'm bringing a few of these with me tomorrow. Let's see what amazing thing I can find in the used equipment. It just has to work.


Thursday, June 09, 2005


Please excuse my absence yesterday. I had been melted into a puddle. Going from really cold weather to really hot weather with 90% humidity melted me. I didn't think it could happen. I always thought it was a statement used by the dramatic; "I'm just gonna melt if this heat continues". Well, now you can say you know someone who melted in the heat.

It really isn't easy to get all those molecules back into human form either. It took several tries but now I at least know what I'd look like if my arms were on top of my head instead of at the ends of my shoulders.

My arms seemed to be the hardest thing to position right. At one point they looked to be in a good position to cut my hair. Unfortunately I think my brain was still in the puddle somewhere. One bald spot later and my head is a lot cooler. Unfortunately I didn't hide the scissors after the cut (too busy getting the arms right) and Queen M had decided she'd be cooler with a new 'do' as well. She may feel cooler but she doesn't look 'cool'. I have to try and fix that today which may involve the clippers or just leaving her that way until it grows out, again. I had a talk with her about not cutting her own hair for the fourth time. Someone might need to have that talk with me too.

I've been working on a couple of projects. Baby sweaters, spinning sparkly yarn, and socks. The baby sweaters might be for publication so I'll have to hold off on showing those. I'm hoping for yarn photos tomorrow so today you get socks.

The next sock for the Six Sox Knitalong was announced last week. As soon as I finished the spirals I started on the sock for that. I've missed so many of their socks because I got too busy with other projects. I can't believe I neglected socks. I should be lashed a thousand times.

It may not be the best picture but it is the best picture I'm going to post at this time.

Now I need to go work and try not to become a puddle again. I've heard that if you've melted once your molecules are much more used to the heat and you won't become a puddle again. I'll let you know if it's a lie.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blue Jean Girl

I love my blue jeans; worn, boot cut, low rise, comfy, fraying hems, real blue jeans. I don't want to wear anything else. With a heavy heart I know I needed to set my old friends aside and wear maternity pants. Just the sound of it "maternity pants", makes my butt sag. Yes, it's the pants that make my butt sag not gravity.

I've been wearing maternity type pants for a month or so but not the real ones. After I set my blue jean friends aside, I got a few pairs of the still semi "hip" looking boot cut maternity jeans. These didn't have that giant tummy panel in the front. They had an elastic waistband. Surely these will last me through pregnancy.

Increasingly I've had more belly aches. I've come to realize that part of the problem is the low rise early pregnancy maternity pants. It's not an easy realization. I know the tags said to wear them only until month 6 but I'm not even there yet. If you took a gander at the picture I linked to above, you'll realize how really unattractive that is. Many maternity tops will cover those panels but not all. The only solution is to make my own pants.

Cut out pants....check
The serger was there, just not willing to work. What a pain! I want my serger to work. So naturally I call it every name in the book. I stare at it. I threaten it. How do you threaten a serger? Why with doing something like THIS. Isn't that an ingenous use of a sewing machine motor. Miss Pippi Knee Socks rocks.

Anyway, it scared little Miss Serger into working. It worked on one seam and then it crapped out again. That's it! I got Mr. Screw driver. It's going to be a working wheel if it won't work to sew!

I open it's little doors to see where to begin. And what did I find?

My serger has been eating bunnies. I had no idea.
I appologized for all the swearing and name calling. Then I cleaned out all the bunnies. I sat down and had a heart to heart talk with little Miss Serger. We've discussed it and agreed that a vegetarian diet will be much better. I've also agreed to take Little Miss serger out for runs more often. I think with the dietary changes and regular exercise, she'll be much healthier.

By the time I finished cleaning I was too tired to do any actual sewing. Cleaning wears me out faster than anything else. Geez just thinking of it is making me yawn. I do have a couple of shirts that I completed a while ago.

Right: Ramones reconstructed "t" with a V-neck lapped bodice
Middle: I love NY with a skull, boat neck and ruched sides.
Left: Batik material using a commercial pattern Simplicity 5106

Hopefully Little Miss Serger and I will be getting along today and I can show you some sexxxxay pants that are worn well over the belly. Oh yeah, I'm hot stuff.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Gone with the Sock

I finally finished a project for the 6 Sox Knitalong. It was the mocking sock spiral sock. Oh, if I wasn't a lady, what I wouldn't say to that sock. Ok, so I'm not that much of a lady. I did say some nasty things to the sock.

Oh, spiral sock! I love you. I love you, I do. The pattern is an ingenious way to stripe without jogs. Still, it's not right that such a sock mocks a lady through tangles and giggles. It's enough to drive a lady right into the cotton fields. I know I heard the sock mocking me. Fiddle-dee-dee.

Frankly my dear sock, I don't give a knit!

As Knit is my witness, as Knit is my witness they're not going to mock me. I've knit through this and now it's all over, I'll never be mocked by socks again. No, nor any of my favorite blog-folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As Knit is my witness, I'll never be mocked by socks again.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

White Rabbit

I'm late
I'm late
I'm late for a very important date!

I feel like the crazy white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

As many have said Alice in wonderland is all about drug addictions, we are talking about my drug addiction. That's right, I'm not just a pusher but I'm also a user. I freely admit. I use wool and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Have you noticed the ticker at the top of my page? The Maine Fiber Frolic is coming up next weekend. I want new fleeces, but there is a rule. I need to finish/start processing last years fleeces before I get new ones. Damn rules. Always rules. And I never break rules. If you believe that then I need to keep around so I can have someone blindly back me up in whatever I say

I feel like that ticker is ticking really LOUD and I'm running late.

Well, the sun is shining and the wool is calling. Today I'll pick over and wash my Corriedale from last year. With that done, I can get a couple more fleeces.

Shut up white rabbit. I may be late but I'm gonna get it done.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Queen M has convinced me to wear pink, to paint a bedroom pink, and in general make more pink things. Pink has always been that girly color that I shied away from. I have bits of pink all over the place these days.

Now she has me in love with sparkling yarns. I'm looking at all the wool I have and I want to card in some Angelina. Everything needs sparkles! That yarn of hers was so nice to spin and it really is pretty:

The picture may seem odd to some. It's was my "frosting" entry into Fiber Friday. As coincidence may have it, this is pretty close to how M wants her Birthday cake to look. Sparkly and pink.

After we dragged her off her new swing set Saturday night because it was raining, I gave her the yarn. I think it helped to console her that she wasn't on the swings. She spent the rest of her night hugging yarn and looking out the window at her swing set.


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