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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


We had some sun this weekend!

We've been about ready to build an arc. We got the wood, the hardware and all of the items necessary. We even had a little plastic roof for the tiny building in the middle of the arc. I mean, we were all set and started to build.

What a glorious arc it would be. As the rain would continue to pour we'd be in a comfy wooden hull with our little building on top, safe and dry. We'd float away with our family and pets. Seasick, we'd at least be prepared.

Then we were hit by the glorious sun.
Screw the arc!
We have sun!

Still, we should continue building this arc, surely the sun shining is a trick from fickle mother nature. Surely this is a joke and we would still need the arc. We continued to build and toil.

No playing until the arc is complete.

We must finish this.

At any time the skies could open up and buckets of water would pour down, drowning all who are not safely in their arc.

We did. We finished our arc.

Our arc:

Ummmm, right. That doesn't look like an arc. We had a problem. Somehow the sun affected our brains and the arc became this swing set type of a thing. I'm not sure how it happened. I guess when you buy arc parts but don't have instructions, anything at all can happen. The queen child of the house seems to be much happier with this than with the idea of an arc.

It rained overnight Saturday and during a BBQ we had on Sunday but they all passed quick enough to make us think the swing set/not an arc was still ok. Yesterday was another story and today it's overcast as is becoming the norm. I wonder if that swing set will float?


Friday, May 27, 2005

Queen M and her fiber blends

A new big machine sitting on the kitchen table is just too irresistable for any 4 year old (or 31 year old). Miss M just couldn't resist it, she was immediately drawn to the new drum carder. I understand that I might be raising a fiber-aholic, but seriously, this thing is irresistable. Just look at it's pretty wood, the shiny metal and those gorgeous red details.

It's just begging to be pet everytime one goes by it. It screams for attention and to be fed MORE WOOL! The morning after I got it, husbeast asked if I'd used it yet. I thought a better question might have been, "is there any wool in the house that hasn't been fed to it yet?"

I figured letting M play with the new toytool while being supervised is the only way to keep her from using it unsupervised. We had to treat the wheels the same way. She knows she can use them, but I have to be there and most of the time, this theory works. We grabbed some dyed wool and away she went turning the handle until her wool was all blended and she had a couple of pretty batts.

Then the memory kicked in and I remembered a bag of Angelina that I had. If it sparkles then Queen M must have it. So we blended some of that into it too. Maybe a little to much. The kid knows nothing of moderation and I was just following orders.

This will be new sparkle mittens for the winter. She wants a hat too, but I think that will reqire more wool. Aw shucks, back to the carder. *grin*


Thursday, May 26, 2005

NO need to card that

There I am surrounded by all these beautiful corriedale fleeces. White, greys, grey with tans, and so on. So many color combinations, so soft and luscious. All these fleeces were so neatly bagged and set out on the grass around me. It was as if while I was standing there, all these fleeces to choose from suddenly popped up around me.

I put my hands into one bag after another. Fine crimp, amazing color, soft feel and almost VM free! I was just flabberghasted, which one should I choose? How will I ever be able to pick? I looked at the price tags and they weren't there, just the weights of each bag. Surely because these are so fine and there is no price, then they must cost an arm and a leg. Still, I bet I can afford one. I started to weave my way out of my wool circle to find the owner of these fleeces.

Just as I took my first step, someone appeared. A kind looking woman ready to answer my questions. Yes, these were her fleeces. She said they were amazing and led me out of my maze of wool over to a table where she had one laid out. This is when she explained to me that this was a special wool that once it was washed, it fluffed right up and acted as though it had been carded. No carding was necessary.

She had to be messing with me. This can't be right. She showed me her wheel and the fleece, then said to pick away. Indeed the fleece looked almost as if it had been carded. I had to test this, I sat down and I spun. And I spun and I spun. This stuff totally kicked butt!

I had to have it. What's the price? I knew they had to be expensive, but I could get just one and be happy, right?
Wow. Well, that was more than I expected. To which she explained and pointed to the 15 bags or so and said $100 would take them all............

huh, what!?!!
Dammit, *fall asleep again* *fall asleep again* *fall asleep again* *fall asleep again* *fall asleep again* *fall asleep again*

Ok, so I couldn't fall asleep again and now I need to card my fleece for real. I do have one yummy corriedale awaiting my attention.

I bought this last year at Maine Fiber Frolic and my goal was to get it all prepared before this years Frolic. Something about some stupid rule I made up that the old fleeces had to be prepped before I could get a new one, blah blah blah. I had procrastinated because the thought of hand carding all million pounds of it seemed like hell. recently I decided to take it outside and pick it/clean it anyway but we've had non stop rain since it warmed up this spring. Rain was such a good excuse and could have been the loophole in that "new fleece rule". I am now tempted to lay it out and pick it over inside. I can't wait to get to carding this.

Why the sudden change you might ask?

I want to use this from the incredible husbeast....

Yup, that's a drum carder and it's all MINE. Next to it is a new ball winder. People that say don't take your hubby to a sheep and wool festival are crazy. Husbeast got to see how the drum carders work and realized how much I lusted for one. Then he saw how sucky my 20 yr old ball winder was and how cool this one was. I didn't even know that I wanted a cool new ball winder.

I've used the drum carder on some wool for the husbeast sweater. It was in horrid condition, partially felted and needed some help or I wasn't going to spin it. 2.5 lbs of it got that help yesterday.

I've also been tempted to wind every last hank of yarn I have but I've found restraint (ok, so I'm lazy too). Yarn is neater and easier to store in hank form. Yarn is neater and easier to store in hank form. Yarn is neater and easier to store in hank form. That's what I keep telling myself and I'll stick to it. I just need an excuse to wind something now. Don't I need to start a new project that requires winding, or maybe one of the ready made skeins should be re-wound... yeah, that's where you'll find M and I this afternoon. Crazy girls rewinding all my sock yarn.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Where do I start?

My day started with a notice that my website had been shut down. Oh great. So I searched for reasons why and quite unsuccessfully. I'm computer literate and that's as far as it goes.

The great knight Husbeast rode up on his trusty stead, a Dell computer, and saved my day. The website had been shut down because of its bandwidth usage. I thought for sure that someone was stealing my bandwidth. This made me very angry. Grrrrr.

My hero on Dell-back said that he could find out what was up and he'd let me know. Well, it didn't take long but the great hero of our story conquered all and helped to save my day.

It looks like there might have been a few minor infractions of stolen bandwidth, so if you'll notice on the left, several buttons are now gone. People, really, save the button to your own server. How many times do people need to ask you to do so?

I say those were minor, because that alone wouldn't shut down my site. They make me angry but didn't really flip out my day. So what did? The country of Japan decided to download the Boogie Bra. I say the country of Japan because it was This site that linked to my Boogie Bra and caused over 70K hits overnight. They completely shut me down and I had to remove it from my server. I can't afford the bandwidth it takes to provide a country with a free pattern. It may get put back up at some point, but for right now, I can't do anything about it.

Then Anne came over and brought me cookies. YAY! cookies! Thnk you, they were just the right pick me up.

I taught her to use her spindle. Really, this time I wasn't a pusher. She wanted to spin, I swear officer, there was no coersion involved. Anne did a great job making her first yarn. If I was a better blogger, I'd have a picture for you.

And then Anne drove us to Halcyon! YAY Halcyon! Where all I got yarnwise, was sock yarn to make my Dad's Father's day gift. I'm sticking to my guns here. But I do have another couple of baby sweaters to make too. If you're reading this Amy, I have you in mind.

Then my knight in shining husbeast armor bought me something incredible. I can't even get you a good picture of what I looked like. I was trying to do a cross betwee the happy face and the angry face above but I think the happy face won out. Close your eyes and use your imagination. No, it's not a pretty picture. But I'm not fessing up what it is just yet. This is like the teaser on the news; And more on the nude knitters in the next hour.....

I do have one last thing for you today:
My super friend Anj is riding for the American Cancer Society this July. If you have anything you could offer to sponsor her it would be greatly appreciated. We all have had people in our lives effected by cancer. To read about the person she is dedicating her ride to, or to donate please go here


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Baby Sweaters
A rant - designers beware

After finding out the sex of our new babe, I really felt the need to start knitting a sweater. I remembered I had a credit at my LYS so off I went. I knew I wanted to make one sweater from a previous pattern of mine. The baby sock sweater out of this yarn on the left:

and then I saw the pretty yarn on the right.
I figured that I'd find a pattern online or in a book to make use of it.

I searched and searched for a raglan sweater pattern in worsted weight that is NOT a v-neck (necks need to be covered up in a Maine winter after all). I found a ton of patterns but no worsted. I turned to my library of books. Bingo! A Debbie Bliss Raglan sweater. I sat down to read the pattern....

What the hell!?!!?

Excuse me Debbie and all other designers out there that do this. Why the hell do you find the need to make things more complicated then they need to be. A raglan sweater should be easy and NOT, I repeat, NOT, a pieced sweater. Is there something against knitting things in the round with minimal finishing? It's a teeny tiny baby sweater for F's sake. Why oh why does it need to be made in 4 seperate pieces? Why?!?!?!? *These were all words that I said out loud and either husbeast was ignoring me or thought better to stay out of it. I might have scared the poor guy. Actually, I probably scare him on a daily basis these days*

I understand the use of this technique if the sleeves are a different color or something like that. You designers that write those patterns are off the hook. But frankly the rest of you are trying to make too much work for me. Why can't you do it all in one piece? Well, that's what I've done folks. I know someone will probably have an urge to reply to this post with a link to an online pattern, DON'T. I don't need that kind of agravation at this point. I made my own sweater and I wrote up the pattern to share.

Just click the photo to see a bigger picture and to get to the pattern.
It's nothing earth shattering but it's the pattern that I wanted.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Ooh La La, A new look

So what do you think? Do I not look great as a blonde?

This was my final gift from my fan-ta-bu-lous Secret Pal. I was sorry that I didn't get to meet her at MDSW but this gift was worth waiting for. A new Alpaca wig, wooden antenae, Jute necklace and a toga printed with balls of yarn. My Pal certainly knows my affinity for dressing to the nines.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't meant to be worn in such a manner.
My secret pal has certainly been paying attention to my blog. I've fallen in love with shawls lately. In fact I have a ton of patterns in my wish list. There are 2 or 3 that will perfect in this beautiful alpaca lace. Right now the top contender is Inky Dinky Spider Stole. Just the name alone gives me giggles. The straight needles are beautiful handmade wooden ones that will perfect to knit the Inky Dinky Spider Stole with. I almost want to throw North Sea aside and start this. But I won't. It helps that I don't even own the pattern yet. If I had the Inky Dinky Spider Stole pattern I probably wouldn't be able to contain myself.

If you look at the rest of the gift you'll see a set of really nice sheep cards and my "toga" which is really cute fabric patterned with balls of yarn. I have so many ideas of what to do with this, I'll have to show you all what actually happens with it. I doubt it will continue being a toga. Last but not least did you notice the ORANGE card. That should be the big hint as to who my SP was.

Still don't get it?
My SP was none other than the fabulous Michelle at Orange Yarn Please
Really I should have figured out who my SP was weeks ago. Elisa was the one that told me my SP had left early and I didn't even put 2 and 2 together that Elisa was going with Michelle. I think it was the wool-drug overdose that caused me to be so dense and not figure it out. Really it was a great surprise.

It was a great surprise.
Thank you Michelle for being a great secret pal!!!

I don't think I ever mentioned who I gave gifties to.
The Queen of the Snow Cows
Go check out her blog. Her knitting is really nice and she makes incredible sculpted dolls. Well worth the read if I do say so. And I say so.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Elvis Revealed!

The Yarn Harlot received the most votes for being Elvis reincarnated. I wonder why she's been keeping it a secret from us. We want to see those hips in action!!

She was followed Closely by Elvis Knits, Lala, and ChicKnits.

There were so many other entries I couldn't possibly name them all. Most people had great explanations and such adoration for the people they thought were the new Elvis. There were some really convincing arguments and the only conclusion I can come to is that the spirit of Elvis is many.

Then there was Dan. I think Dan has started to believe he might really be Elvis. Dan knits and spins and I hear his hips might be illegal. While Dan didn't win the random drawing, I'm going to send him a runner's up prize of some hand dyed roving.

Who did win the random drawing?
Isn't it cruel of me to make you read (or skim, you naughty thing) through a whole post just to find out who won. This person is a true sock-a-holic so I know this yarn will go to good use there. The winner is Susan from I'm knitting as Fast as I can.

Thank you all for helping in my frivilous Elvis hunt. It's good to know the wild spirit is still alive. Have a "Blue Hawaii" weekend.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Oath

I do solemny swear to finish up at least 2 of the 3 pairs of languishing socks before I start a new pair.

Left to right: Stripes - 1+ done, Sockotta - 1 done, Taaaaan - not quite 1 done.

Except for the pair I need to make for Dad for Father's Day and unless I find a new sock yarn that must be moved to the head of the pack. Ok so I swear to finish up one pair before the end of the month and before I start my Dad's socks. And I swear I'll finish the other 2 pair before the end of the summer 2005.

How about I just promise they'll get done before I turn 40 or I'll frog them?

I did however finish the socks I posted in my Half post.

These are for Mom's Birthday on Saturday.

Elvis contest ends tonight. I'll announce the winer of some yarn tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hump day giggles

This is just too funny. If you haven't seen it then you need to. It's a huge download but believe me it's well worth it, if for nothing else then to see the broccoli.

Store wars

And for those wondering about results from yesterday's appointment...
I think I'll be making some baby things out of this:

or maybe this:


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The House of Halves

Half done this,
Half done that,
Sometimes half assed.

I feel like everything is half-sies lately.
Half the North Sea shawl is done:

Half a pair of socks is done:

And then I half assed it at cleaning the house. Not that it's abnormal for me to do that one though. Husbeast might ask "you cleaned?"

And then the baby is half baked this week. 20 weeks done, 20 to go.
Today is another ultra sound. Lets hope the kid wags it genitalia at us so we know if it's a girl-boogie or a boy-boogie. I did an "old wives tale" type of quiz the other day to see if I could beat the ultra sound in getting the results. Half the answers proved I was having a boy, the other half proved it was a girl. The only conclusion I came up now is that I must be having a spinning wheel as Rachael suggested a few weeks ago. But I just want to know if the wheel has a distaff or not. Is that to much to ask?


Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday is Yarnday

Click for yarn for sale

I haven't had much knitting time the past week because I've been dying and spinning like mad. Above you can check out all the yarnage and below you'll find a link for all the handpainted wool madness.

Click for wool for sale

In other news.....

I'm having fun with this Elvis contest. I'm getting some great answers! Many of you think you are Elvis. I think from now on Dan here might need to have a new name. If only I knew Elvis's spirit lived so nearby. There are also quite a few answers with great admiration for someone else. In case I forgot to mention, the new honorary Elvis and the winner of the yarn will be announced on Friday.

For those that are confused, there is no RIGHT or WRONG answer. No matter who you choose as your Elvis, you'll get a chance at the yarn - the drawing is random. This is all just for fun. You see, I'm crazy andsane but I think Elvis is now alive posing as a knitter/blogger, but I'm not sure who it is. I need your help in this theory of mine to sniff out the Elvis amongst us. Who do you think is Elvis reincarnated as a knitter? Tell me all about it


Friday, May 13, 2005

Where's Elvis? CONTEST

I wanted to do a new contest for you since I seem to have a bit of fiber overload. I feel the need to share. At first I thought of taking a picture of the windshield and making you guess the number of bugs smashed there. A long drive to PA and then MD caused quite a few bug deaths. Frankly, I didn't want to do that contest because I didn't want to actually count all the smashes myself. Yes, I could lie. I'm not above lying, I just have a bad memory right now and I'm sure I'd let it slip that I lied and that's where it all just goes downhill. So I had to think of something else.

I've decided that Elvis indeed might have died but has been reincarnated into the form of a knitter. Yes, you know it's got to be true. Elvis is now a knitter and a blogger! Excited aren't you? Or did you already know this? Are you Elvis?

Don't step on my blue suede yarn.

Here's your job and your entry into the contest.
Who is the knit blogger that is Elvis? If it's you, then you must fess up, but I'll keep your secret if you like.

EMAIL me and let me know who is ELVIS. I really need to know. I'll pick a winner from all who apply (at random) and then let you all know who ELVIS is, unless Elvis has asked to remain anonymous.
The prize for the winner:

I've heard it's hard to find handpainted Opal in some areas. So that's what you'll get if I randomly choose your name. Isn't it pretty?


Thursday, May 12, 2005

New Stash Flash!

But before I flash I need to let you know I'm an idiot. I knew I would meet Amie at MDSW and I did. I even brought her a little gift all the way from Maine. She was really nice and every bit of a "junkie" as I thought. Gosh I love hanging out with junkies. I just didn't get to see her as much as I would have wanted. I can't believe I forgot to mention her.

Ok, now I know you want to be flashed.

The only items purchased on Saturday was a gorgeous pattern from Spirit trail for this stole:

and a new Bosworth Mini with some Pima Cotton

Spinning cotton is every bit of a pain in the butt as I was told. It's certainly not as fast as working with wool and I may be working on this 2 ounces for the rest of the year, but I like the yarn it's making and I'm happy to work a little slower to learn to work with a new fiber.

Have you ever heard the phrase "once you break the seal..."

Sunday the dam burst in a big way. The gang went to put Anj's wheel in the truck and I didn't feel like waddling up the hill so I stayed behind to play in the booths at the main gate. They left me alone far too long (yes sometimes 5-10 minues can be too long). I got 3 pounds of Alpaca Wool blend. Then as we walked around I found this amazing llama fleece. I love llama llama.

No! the alpaca wool is not TAN! it's ecru and I can dye it. It was a deal not to be passed up just because of the color of ECRU. But yes, the llama locks on the right do have tan in it. It was from a variegated llama in white, tan, red, and grey. I'm going to spin this as is, because I can, and it's going to make a gorgeous variegated yarn.

Then this was purchased:

In there you will see 2 kits from Shelridge Farms. The Spider Shadow scarf and the Shadow Shawl. Neither were available as a pattern and I had no choice. They needed to come home with me. The 2 patterns in front of the kits are the one from Spirit Trail and Paradoxical Mittens also from Shelridge. That yarn waiting to be pet is the color that coordinates with black for the shawl.

I also made one final purchase for the day at Indigo Moon.

I don't think I need to say anymore about this fiber. If you know them, you know what I'm talking about, if not then you need to get some. The batts aren't half as amazing as the yarn they create.

That summed up my purchases (not a ton but a decent amount), wanna see what husbeast bought?

He got this for his mom. No, she doesn't spin, it will purely be decorative. It will replace one that was broken a long time ago. As you can see I haven't even set it up yet and it's living in the garage with my new spring plants. I don't want to play with it, I know it has to leave.

Husbeast also purchased a walking stick but he didn't pose with it so I didn't take a picture. I did buy him something while we were on our walk about in Philly.

Recognize the lamp from a Christmas Story? It was just screaming to come home with us. Yes, the wall it's plugged into does really need to be re-painted. I had to show you the lamp, I know some of you would really like it, M is enthralled with it.

I swear that's it for the stash porn.
No more.
I'm done.
You'll have to look elsewhere if you want more. I'm going to try and make it to NH Sheep and Wool this weekend, but I won't be buying anything since I need nothing at all at this point. Did I mention that I fell in love with a Strauch drum carder and the Majacraft Rose wheel?

Contest tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More Maryland

I've seen great reports listed all over the place, but I need to add more of mine. If you read Purlewe then you've read about the same stuff.

Husbeast and I set out for Philly to go stay with Anj and Sue. They have a cute apartment and very comfy. They made us feel right at home and Anj makes yummy foods. We spent most of the night getting settled and talking a ton. Ok, so we talked a ton all weekend.

We did the fabulous tour of Philly. I can't believe how much we walked around that day. We got to see a good amount of Philly and it's definitely a great city that I wouldn't mind visiting again. Then at night we went out to a Drag King Contest. What a hoot! We all had such an amazing time and I got to meet Ella who was going to MDSW with us and Jay got to meet Tony (Ella's husband and Jay's "man-date" for Saturday)

Anj, Ella and I set out for Maryland while we left Tony and Jay asleep with the idea that they'd meet up later. The drive alone was fun. Giggles and chatting never stopped. The second we got through the gate the "spawn" started to groove. Can you say "fiber babe"? After marveling over the possessed looking belly, we started up slowly looking at the tents on the way, trying to make our way to the bathroom line (we figured why not get in line first thing, it can't be that bad that early). Almost immediately we were found by Rachael and Lala.

Can I just say that these 2 are way cuter and cooler than they seem on the net. And they already seem awesome on their blogs. Fabulous gals, we ran into them constantly over the next 2 days. In fact the last time we saw them for Saturday Rachel and Lala both were carrying large bags and Rachael was strapped to a wheel. They were definitely my heroes for the whole festival. I didn't see anyone else with such an impressive haul.

Then we found Norma and after a princeton hug with Anj

she whisked us into the Main building where this photo was taken:

Left to right is Ella, Anj, Me (with spawn) and Jen of Spirit Trail who is helping a customer. She needed to be in the picture but was just to busy (which is a good thing). The spirit trail stuff is awesome. I made my first MDSW purchase there.

At this point we checked on the boys who were going to raise hell in Philly and go see yucky things at the Mutter Museum. They seemed almost as giggly as we were. Well, boys don't get giggly of course but they were at least having a good time while all of us gals were getting wool high.

Then I met a million other people. Clara, Laura (who gave me an awesome little pink tail for miss M), the Philly Knitters, and so many others. I know I left names out and I'm sorry. I had people over load. My memory isn't exactly what it used to be (pregnant brain) and I'm not that good with names anyway. Sorry, you can always stab me with a comment and remind me. I should have taken more pictures. I'd be sure to remember then.

I was woefully informed (can you see the big pouty lip?) by Elisa that my secret pal was at MD but didn't see me. Even the tail didn't help. Next time I'll have to move slower and carry a large sign. Go see Elisa's site, there are links to most of the people I met as we were leaving the festival.

This is Ella and Anj petting the teddy bears with long legs, AKA Alpacas.

We walked around a ton more. Anj tried out everything that spun. Mostly I watched until we got to the Robin wheels. I'm drooling right now just thinking of them. I wanted to beg him to just let me stay in the booth for the rest of the day playing with the wheels. Anj and I didn't buy much, saving ourselves for Sunday, but we got to enable Ella in her purchases. Ella got some great things, of which I have no pictures of. I was in such a wool-drug haze that I kept forgetting I even had a camera.

I'm not going to keep blabbing, even though you know I could. I had so much fun with Ella and Anj. I hope to see Ella again sometime and I KNOW I'll be seeing Anj again. In fact we are thinking of Rhinebeck 2006. Now I'll stop babbling and give you 1 final picture.

Left to right is Stephanie, Lala, Rachael, and Anj. Can you see those ginormous bags in front of Rachael?!!?!
It was a pleasure meeting everyone, I'm sorry I don't have all your names and links here. Yarn Harlot, thank you for the good luck baby tap.

Tomorrow I'll show off the new stash and Friday I have a little contest.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Over this past weekend I learned something very important. I always knew I was a knitter and spinner addict. Addicted to my drug of choice and I always enable people in this drug. I passed the joint around, no bogarting. I learned that I am no longer a simple addict. I've become a pusher.

The story starts on a normal corner in a wool neighborhood. But there isn't a normal girl on that normal corner. There is a dubious character standing there, she looks a little rough, sunglasses on, and leaning against a lamp post. Around her are a couple of bags of fiber. As she stands there she casually spins a spindle.

As a passerby walks near you can hear her say:
Choo wanna spin some wool? I hear choo reallly like de wool. It's soft and you know you wanna touch it. It comes in all kinds of colors. I have quality stuff too. Mernio, Corriedale, Alpaca. I can get choo what you want. I can make choo feel real happy wit de wool. Choo make yarn. Come on, choo know you wanna.

It's how I reel them in. One after another. See this Bosworth spindle? Isn't it pretty? You know you wanna make yarn with it. Come on, I'll help you.

Knitting is the gateway drug---The Yarn Harlot

This is a public Service announcement. I want you all to know that you need to beware. If you see me or others like me, coming near you at a Sheep and wool festival, you need to run the other way.

Knitting = Marijuanna
Come on, pass the joint yarn around.
People all over the sheep and wool festival were ooohing and ahhing at yarn. Women were dragging friends into booths saying "look at this!"! Others were holding friends arms in the hopes of not passing out in yarn over load. Druggies Knitters that never inhaled did large projects, were now thinking they needed to make sweaters.

Spindling = Cocaine
You twist the dollar bill into a tubespindle and inhale the powder draft out to make yarn
Sitting on the grass spinning after lunch there were quiet voices from people in our circle saying they always wanted to learn to spin. I swear they asked! Anj and I taught one person each to do their first line of cocaine spin on my new bosworth. Both girls ended up getting their very own Bosworth and fiber. However, by Sunday night I had trapped one more person into spinning. I don't think Sue even saw it coming.

Spinning on a Wheel = Crack
One hit spin and you are hooked!
Anj picked up her very own wheel this weekend. You know she's hooked good too. We looked at all the wheels and tried them out. She made a great educated decision and ended up with a really nice wheel. Anj is also super smart. She knows she is now hooked on smack spinning wheels. She knows you can't stop at one wheel. Anyone else have their eye on a Robin? If you don't, you haven't spun one.

I think the need for crack spread to husbeast. He thought the electric wheels looked like fun. His comment "why didn't you tell me about electric wheels. You want me to get fiber involved, electric ones look like fun." I think this house may end up with a fourth wheel sometime soon.

The Flock of Fiber Animals = Heroin
Once you get your first injectionflock, you know it's a serious addiction
I saw people walking out with lambs. I wanted to walk out with lambs! I did check on prices and I have my 5 year plan. I'm hoping it will be more like 3-4 years though. As a consolation prize, I did come home with this:

Lest you forget the dangers of a fiber addiction you need to see this:

This is what could happen to you too. Let this be a warning. A full day of fibery, wooly fun with yarn and wool purchases, then learning to make yarn, can really set you off the deep end.

More Maryland tomorrow, it just can't all fit in one entry.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

See you in Maryland!

I've been running around like crazy to get orders out and get my bags packed. We're on our way to Anj and Sue's. I tried to take pictures so you would know what to look for but they were woefully bad and blurry.

Look for the funky pregnant chick with the devil's tail.

I'll be back here on Tuesday.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Just a tidbit

I'm spending my day working trying to get all shipments out before I leave for Maryland Sheep and Wool. Have you noticed the ticker up there ^. Oooh yeah, we're getting close now.

So I don't leave with absolutely nothing... Some of you may have seen this already, but if you haven't, here's a new online knitting Mag. Go take a look. I love that scarf!

Ok, back to work!


Monday, May 02, 2005

Happy Feet

Last year I had declared it to be the year of the sock. The beginning of this year I declared 2005 to be the year of the sweater. Sure, I've completed 5 sweaters and only 3 pairs of socks, but should it really be "The Year of the Sweater".

In the past 9 days I've done 2 pairs of socks. I had forgotten how great socks really are. I feel like I've failed my sock yarn. Poor lonely sock yarn. Sitting in its little plastic jail cell, all alone and dejected by the year of the sweater delcaration. Not to mention the poor cold feet. Oh, those sad little toes!

No more sad feet, please!

I want to show you some happy feet.

My little tootsies happily living in a pair of handspun skittles socks. I've always made socks in 2 ply but this time I decided to live on the edge and make a pair from balanced singles. Yes, this is what living on the edge looks like. Thrilling isn't it? The pattern is just plain ole making it as I go along (see living on the edge) and using 2.5mm DPN's.

This I did over the weekend for some happy little feet. Miss M now has a fantastic new pair of socks in Bernat Hot Sox. I based the pattern on my Toddler Socks pattern. I used 2.5mm needles (I knit loose, normal knitters use US3 or 4) and cast on 40 sts, then I continued the ribbing down the top of the foot.

But not all feet in the house are happy. I'm sad to report that these feet live in this house:

Yes, poor husbeast has sad little feet. Well, the feet aren't really little. The problem is that these feet like tan. The other day I must have been looking mighty tired with the tan sweater sitting in my lap. Husbeast walked into the living room and lookd at me very concerned. "I think the tan has sucked the life out of you." He said. I think he was right.

Tan has sucked the life out of me!
No more tan!

Husbeast feet are looking mighty sad right now, and I truly feel for them. Go ahead, scroll back up and look at those sad things. Pitiful aren't they. I'll plug away at the tan but I'm afraid if I work on them too steadily I'll be completely lifeless before they're finished. The saving grace might be that I need to work on Mother's day socks. I only have a week afterall. Mom will wear garishly colored socks. Garish socks should offset the effects of tan. Right? Is there a doctor in the house? One that knows about tan sickness?


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