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Friday, April 29, 2005

No time for tan

That was my vacation motto. Actually I almost had no time to knit at all. Plane rides were for playing games with Princess M and trying to sleep. While on vacation it was time to play with kids and try to sleep. Do you see a theme popping up here?

Here I am with the 3 kidlets at the San Diego Zoo. If you could see the photo larger (which you can't) you'd see I have a confused look on my face. At the moment the photo was taken, I was neither being rowdy with kids nor was I napping. Mmmm, naps. Whatever happened to the 2nd trimester energy boost? Did someone else nab my energy? If you have it, would you kindly give it back for a couple of weeks? I'll be your friend.

I did get one sock done in California

Skittles is a funky looking yarn. I haven't decided if I like exactly this yet, I do have several new dying ideas from this though. I like the brightness and I will happily wear them.
As I was working on these someone asked me "what are you knitting?"
Normal enough question to which I respond "socks".
Now comes the response that I've never in my life heard. She then said "oooh those are bright! It's nice to have bright socks to wear around the house so you don't wear out your good white tennis socks for when you want to go out".
This, I had no polite response to. The thought of leaving these gorgeous treasures at home in favor of plain white socks stunned me.

Poor tan has been sitting at home though.

That's all that was done and I hav no excuse other than, but they're taaaan. I'm so not into tan anymore. I need a tan break. The skittles socks have provided that but I'm almost done with the second sock and I'll need to move onto a new project. Do I finish the tan? Or do I do something happy?

A big shout out to my Secret Pal!
Thank you for the wonderful gift. Again!

Cloth for which I have plans for, a little bag with gloves in a bottle and a book thong that didn't make the photo, it's already in use. The little postcard has a recipe on it that looks like even the picky eaters might like it.

Have a good weekend.
I hope to take lots of naps (and mow the lawn, and get the garden ready for planting, and do some weeding, and catch some tadpoles).


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It is NOT 10am

My little clock is blinking at me. It's little red lights trying to bore into my eyes. It's telling me it's almost 10am as I write this. I swear to you it's not quite 7am. What is this 10am bull? Who are they trying to kid?

My body says it's just barely time to get up and Miss M's body has told her the same thing. We can't both be wrong. In fact M will tell you that she's never wrong. The dogs think they need to go out again and they think it's way past due feeding time but what do they know? It's still really damn early.

Yes, we've returned from California where it really is almost 7am and my body will swear to you that it's still there. Maybe it's a little colder here in Maine, but not enough to make my body remember where it is.

Now you know I'm back but I don't really have anything good for you at the moment. The cameras are still packed with my head in one of the suitcases. When I unpack, I'll be sure to post something semi-fabulous. Until then, HERE is something cool to check out.


Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm back for the day

I skipped posting the end of last week because I was in a crappy mood. Gotta love those moods swings. However, this is my last post until the end of next week. Tomorrow I'll be spending the day cleaning, packing and finishing up some work, Wednesday we leave for our vacation. I will be lost without a computer for 7 days.

The Tan sweater is almost done, she will stay at home. I think tan might get air sickness and I would want that.

The tan socks and Skittles...

are sitting in my carry-on bag and are looking forward to their plane ride. I always pack more yarn than clothes, especially since I don't know if I'll have time to hit a yarn store in case I run into an emergency like running out of yarn. So I'll probably also pack a couple of extra balls of sock yarn. Not having a project would be devistating. It might be more devistating for those around me that would have to deal with my fidgeting, hyperness, and incessant talking. Knitting stops all of that and makes me quite a calm, almost pleasant human being.

There you see an extra project and travel bunny. The bunny I've had since I was a little kid. He's small enough to put in a pocket or hide him in a bag. He has travelled back and forth across the US many times. Travel bunny always goes with me. The extra project I've had lying around since last July. I finished one sock and promptly lost interest in it. If I actually finish them, they'll be a good gift for my mom.

What are we up to so far? 3 sock projects.
Let's add a few more just in case.

On top you will see 3 commercial yarns, all leftovers from my socks that are enough for baby or toddler socks. then on the bottom there is a navajo three ply in fruit stripes (you can't see but it is purple, orange and pink) and the 2 ply in More pie please. Five sock projects bringing the total to 8. Eight. I didn't feel crazy until I did that total. No I don't think I'll have enough time. In my defense, if I choose to work on kid socks, those do go quickly and I could get a couple pairs done.

We have new workbooks and coloring books for Miss M. There are plenty of snacks ready to be packed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll find the time to make a few new shirts to cover the expando-belly. If not, I'll have to find some time in California to go shopping. The important thing is that I got my yarn all ready to go, the clothes are just a secondary item.

I hope you all have a good week and I'll post all about it when I get back and start getting ready for Maryland Sheep and Wool. Have you noticed the ticker at the top of the page? Less than 3 weeks.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005


You have no idea how excited I was the other night when I opened the box that contained these spindles. I could barely contain myself. As I opened the individual packages I just about peed myself with excitement. Never have I had so many gorgeous spindles in my house at one time. The best thing, for the moment, they are all MINE! bwaahaahaa. MINE!

Do I start to post them on the site?
Do I pick one and spin?
Which one do I pick?

I was sure when I placed the order that I'd want a Mt.Shasta or a Mt.St.Helens. Now that I have them in my little wooly mitts, I can't possibly decide. I don't need one of each. But one of each sure would be nice.

I quickly refrained from playing and put them up on the website. Why? If I didn't list them, I'd keep them all. I can't really afford to do that, even though my greedy little wooly heart wants to do just that.

A little more about them:
They are from the Cascade Spindle company. This company had a spindle on the cover of Spin Off Spring 2005 (Mt.St. Helens) as well as a feature within the magazine. If you have never seen these in real life you are missing out. They are absolutely amazing.
Click Here
If you click on the link you will be taken to my website where you can see larger photos and get more info on these items.

Until April 19th, if you tell me in your purchase comments that you "BOOGIE" you will get a free bunch of roving to play with at no extra charge when you buy a spindle.

I also have new listings of hand painted rovings.

To top off my spindle day... The amazing Betsey just traded me her navajo Spindle.

Isn't it a beaut?!?! Now I just need to learn how to use it.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm your secret pal!

Yes, I'm your's, and your's, and even your's.
I know, it would have been nice if I notified you all with a cute little card. Really I'm just too lazy. By my calculations, there would just be too many cards. I hope this little entry will be enough.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed as I left a comment for someone that I was logged in as Secret Pal but with my web addy. I have no idea how many comments, or to who I left them in this manner. I'm thinking if I left a ton of these comments all over the place then it must seem like I'm a total boob and now you all think I'm your Secret Pal.

So, if it works for you, I'm you're Secret Pal. I hope you liked all the gifts I've been showering on you. If you haven't gotten anything, it's not my fault.

Now for some fiber....
I've finally been able to start dying wool that isn't tan.
This little number is going to be my salvation from the tan-capades.

ahhh, it's not tan. I should have a nice flight to California, not working on anything tan. Unless something comes up and tan sucks me back in. Tan is tricky, it can do things like that you know. Ever been stuck in mud? Mud is tan or brown. I rest my case, tan can be very, very dangerous. Beware of Tan.

If you were one of the rabid yarn buyers a few weeks ago, you might be interested to know that I sent a few more yarns to Knit Pixie.

I think I jynxed myself yestaerday. I shouldn't have been so excited and flaunting my spring weather all over the net. Right this minute it's SNOWING! Once again I've been bitch slapped by mother nature.


Monday, April 11, 2005

How was your weekend?

Mine was super, thanks for asking.

We had our first real weekend of spring! I know some of you have had flowers and sunshine for a while. I was tired of being taunted with all the happy sunny pictures while it's clearly mud season here. This was really the first time I could go outside and be comfy. I was even in my Berkies without socks! Without socks!!!

I spent Saturday in Dog Poop Alley. That's right. Dog Poop Alley. In the summer I clean off our back yard for the kids to play. In the winter, the dogs do their thing and a fresh batch of snow comes along and makes it all pretty again. Easy clean up, easily forgotten. Until spring, when all the snow melts from between the layers... At least a bunch of it was near enough to the property line that I could just rake it onto the neighbors lawn.

See how happy the pups are to have a clean lawn.

Or maybe they're just plotting where the next "sweet spot" is.

I did get all the patio furniture out and had lunch outside. Then on Sunday, I knit outside. See, I have my knit bag, my coffee and my trusty swing.

I think I knit faster outside. Or maybe I just don't see the clock so I think I'm faster. Whatever it is, I'm glad to be outside again



Friday, April 08, 2005

Picture Day!

First up is the unborn. I now know that I'm officially 14 weeks and 2 days along. At least that's what the Ultra sound machine told us. At least that thing knows when we had sex, considering I can't remember.

Next is an adventure in hair cutting. Not mine, the only shorter mine can get at this point is to shave it. I don't think I'll be doing that this summer. I figured with the extra weight I'll be carrying, it will be nice to have some hair so I don't look so much like a bloated tick.

This is the fabulous Miss M in the chair as the first cuts are made. Check out the expression on my Mom's face. M was excited, she's wanted her hair cut for a while.

M (and you can see me too) looking in the mirror, she's loving the cut.

last but not least a shot of the back. She really is pleased with it and 11 inches af pretty blond hair will be heading out to "Locks of Love". Giving her hair to LoL was M's idea. She wanted her hair cut but she liked the idea of helping out little kids at the same time.

Right, knitting blog....
North Sea shawl is 8 repeats along, not worth a photo.
Tan is about half done, you can't have a photo.
Socks are sitting there ignored.
I'm hoping for a productive knitting weekend and to take Husbeast to Sin City.

I'm also hoping that by Monday blogger has it's problems solved or I'll be searching for a new home. I've been trying to make changes and post since Thursday.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Get Real

There is one thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's post or on the reconstruction page. If you are going to make clothing for yourself the most important thing isn't good scissors or lots of sewing knowledge. The most important thing is to "Get Real" about your size. Once you jump that hurdle, you'll make beautiful clothing.

If you make sweaters that fit you probably already figured this out. I've been sewing clothing for myself, longer than knitting them, so my realization came a few years back when looking at the patterns in a store. I've been sewing for a long time and it still it took me a while to drop the size standards and learn my measurements. My current measurements. They do fluctuate with every 10 lbs or 5 years. First and foremost, pattern sizes run differently than sizes from retail stores. I was stuck on that one number I was used to seeing inside my retail clothing. For a while I made things that didn't fit well and was disappointed in my lack of abilities. Or at least I thought it was my lack of ability.

I'm not a small or a medium or a large top. I am a 36/38 inch chest top. I needed to forget the designations I was used to and really learn my size. I think that is the key thing to making your own clothing weather it's knit, crocheted or sewn. Once I got that down, I had an easier time making clothes taylored to my body. The clothes look good too, not frumpy or too tight. Going by MY measurements, I can make clothes that make me look even better.

If you're picking up a pattern for a template or because you want to make something for yourself, remember, no one knows the size designation except for you. You can make your own tag for your item and call your size 38 chest an "XS" if it makes you feel good. Just make sure to measure yourself and make the size that fits. You'll be happier with what you create, I know I have been.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Clothing

I remember someone said the second child starts to show quicker in pregnancy but I thought it was a nasty rumor. The thought of having to put on frumpy, frilly, flowery, and pastel clothing does not excite me. Thankfully maternity clothing has improved a bit in the 5 years since I was pregnant with the Fabulous Miss M. Still, I prefer to make much of my own when I'm not too lazy.

I've finished 2, but this one I have a tutorial for you. This is probably the easiest T reconstruction type, very simple and a perfect one to start with if you've never done this before. You don't really need to be pregnant to reconstruct your T. Just use a regular sized template if you want a non-preggie top. HERE are the instructions.


Monday, April 04, 2005

The Stash Aftermath

The mess I call stash does seem impressive. It's all that tonage of undyed wool. I had just gotten that order in and in a few months, most if not all, will be gone. There, that doesn't sound as bad right?

Thank you for all the comments. I hope those of you showing your SO's my stash, in an effort to make your stashes look small, get to add to your stashes. I didn't cruise around to too many stashes on Friday, I found that looking at all your yarn and fiber just made me want to add to mine and really, I don't want to do that.

If you go to the Knitty Boards you'll see that some people do have more impressive stashes. I think Miss Hello Yarn has an amazing stash. If you want to see a stash full of luxurious fibers, you need to see Abby's. She put up several pages, you may need to scroll to get to the post by "afranquemont". Truly it's worth it for a very impressive stash. But that's where I stopped. The desire to go shopping after that was too strong, I think some of you might know what I mean. How many of you increased your stash over the weekend?

I got myself another cold over the weekend. Really I'd trade some of this stash if I could be guaranteed not to be sick for a few months straight. Spawn is getting huge and I've had to graduate to preggie clothing already. This is a shock because I didn't need to with Miss M until I was almost 6 months. The good news is that I might be 2 weeks further along than we originally thought. I go in for an ultra sound on Thursday to find out for sure. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm still knitting along on Tan. The front is almost done. That means blocking and I can start putting it together. I'm not the patient type to wait until the whole thing is done. I put sweaters together a little bit at a time, that way I don't have all the seaming hell in the end. I have 16 days to meet my goal in finishing this.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Flash my Stash

I wasn't going to do this. But I feel I need to. So many are generously showing off their studios and stash. Well, you deserve to see some of the mess I call home. I say some because I can't take pictures of all the nooks and crannies that I hide yarn and fiber. Ok, I can't remember all the places it's hidden. I swear the next people to live here will be finding wool and yarn 10 years after I'm gone.

Lets start with the Spawn's room that is not even close to cleared out.

Yes, each of those boxes has fiber or yarn. It is 3 boxes deep. There is one wheel and wool in the living room at the moment and the other wheel is on the other side of this room. More stash will be cleared soon

Now we'll go downstairs where I'm trying to fit all the stash.
This is in the sink area where I do all the dying.

That's about 50-70 lbs of wool. I can't believe I admitted that. Yes there are bags on top of bags and some under the table and over.

This is one of the corners where bags of wool are stuffed. These are for my use but I might let some of it go so I can stuff some of the boxes from Spawn's room here.

Now we head to where I do my sewing and all. It's a long basement room.

To take this photo I'm sitting on my cutting table that has a big file of my patterns and has 4 boxes of specialty fabric and current projects waiting to be cut. What you see is the machines to the left and more current projects (back up/really old machines under the table. Boxes of fabric and projects. What you don't see to the right is a row of 6 foot high shelving. Currently there are 3 filled with cloth and I'm going to get 2 more so hopefully the wool can live there happily too. Does this stuff still count as stash if it's used for work?

This is the closet at the end of the room where most of the yarn and fiber personal use is.

This is the door with a shoe rack full of small yarn quantities and you can also see the top shelf of boxes with yarn and fiber.

This is one side of the closet. I cut off part of one shelving thing (not on purpose). Sadly there is more stashed away behind each of the shelving things.

The other side. You can see yarn, 2 rows deep in parts and then raw fleeces waiting for summer to be picked and washed outside.

I think the only large stashy place I didn't show is my chair in the living room. I sit in a corner with books and a hutch (filled with yarn) to one side, the other side has 2 baskets of porjects in the waiting. And behind the chair there are a few projects. There is no good way to take a picture and really, do you need to see more stash?


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