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Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's all coming up tan.

I can't seem to think of any other color than tan at this point. You may have thought it was one sweater and one pair of socks. Really how bad can that be? I only wish the tan stopped there. I think tan has come to take over my life. I'm obsessed with tan.

As I look at projects I want to do in the future I'm thinking of a heathered tan shawl, a tan sweater for the babe, a variegated tan pair of socks for mom, a tan hat for dad, a cotton tan tank top for me.

I've been doing a little clothing window shopping and I'm beginning to think the tan stuff looks good. Not black or red like I usually go for, tan. Tan pants, tan tops, tan bags, tan shoes. Well, not the tan shoes, I haven't gotten that far into the tan sickness. I'm wondering if I'll be able to escape. All I can think is tan.

I used to have dreams in color, now they are all sepia. That's tan if you didn't know. I was thinking of painting the baby's room in tan and sage green. When I go to dye wool I keep having mishaps and the wool comes out in shades of tan.

Tan diddy tan, tan, tan.

Do you remember the Tootsie roll song?
Whatever it is I think I see.....?

This would be my version, sing along if you dare.

The world looks mighty tan to me
'cause tan and sepia are all I see
Whatever it is
I think I see
Becomes a thing of tan
to me.....

Do you know what color a Tootsie roll is?
That's right.
Dark tan.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I have proof!

I'm hoping this will publish. I couldn't get it to publish yesterday and then I couldn't get into blogger this am. Sheesh

I have been knitting. I know I haven't been showing much, but I swear I wouldn't lie to you. Well, I wouldn't lie much. I finished a sweater a couple of weeks ago that I couldn't show off. Now I have the back of another sweater done. This time I can show you the back but that will be it for this baby.

Proof that I'm knitting.

I'm giving myself until my vacation on April 20th to finish this. I have a little longer but going on vacation will eat up the rest of the time I have so I have to get my hands in gear and get knitting. It is taking a while. Tan isn't my favorite color to knit so it makes it a bit ore difficult.

So what do I do to break up the monotony of this project?
I cast on tan socks!
Not too bright but husbeast wanted some socks and he likes tan. The North Sea stole has become too big to drag around everywhere so it will be on hold until I return from CA the end of April. I'm going to need something bright and obnoxious after all this tan is done. I see another day glo sweater for M on the horizons.

Thank you for all your help with the stash.
Unfortunately the room still seems hopelessly full. I'm going to need to get rid of some books too, I hate getting rid of books. In a week or 2 I'll hopefully have a new list for you.


Monday, March 28, 2005

Stash SALE!

Come paw through my stash.

If you find something you like email me

First come first serve and all that. I went through one stash hideout and part of another. I might put up more, I might not. I want to keep the rest but I have no idea if it will all fit. As I move stuff around and try to cram it all in make it all fit nicely, I mayfind that I have to sacrifice more stuff.


Friday, March 25, 2005


That is the only word that can describe the past couple of days. The weekend looks like it's going to be just as busy. But mostly I've been working. Letting myself be sick has gotten me quite behind so there's no more of it and I'm working to try and catch up.

Since I didn't get to the SPA I have a bunch of stock that can be sold. I've started to list that on Ebay.

Bags, bags and more bags.

and then I have a new series of kits that I was going to take with me.

There are a bunch of backpacks (going up today)

and spindle bags too.

I have a ton more to list and about 30 bags half finished (Metro, Acadia, Spindle bags and Collegiates). Slowly but surely those will get done and listed. Most are fabrics that I picked up specifically for the show and aren't listed on the website.

Then comes the stash clearance.
Pregnancy came as a shock. I had just just turned our 3rd bedroom into a fiber room and stocked it. Well, now I have to move it all out and there is no where for it to go. Large lots of roving that I had set aside for sweaters and several smaller lots that I had planned to use for socks. Not to mention there is just so much yarn. I'm going to try and whittle the yarn stash down by as much as I can. We'll see what I'm actually able to let go of. I'll give you a heads up when I have more of that done. I might try and put up a page here instead of heading over to ebay first. You guys deserve a first chance for reading my prattle day in day out.

Last but not least I picked up a line of spindles to go with my roving. Cascade Spindle Company is just about finished creating my order and they should be arriving in a couple of weeks. They will be listed on the Spunky Eclectic site.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cheater's Quilt?

Kayleigh came into this world a bit early and only weighing a little over 5 lbs. Right now she's spending time in an incubator but when she comes out soon this will keep her warm.

I call this Cheater's quilt because it seems like such an easy way to do a quilt. I pieced the top (notice the squares with sheepies), then machine quilted it onto a polar fleece backing. Lastly, I edged it in satin that all kids seem to really like. Every kid I've ever known, except little M, has loved blankets with this edging. And for a little extra I appliqued little fleece hearts in each corner.

I want one of these for me. I think is going to become my signature gift to give to new babies. It was quite simple and it seems like it will be so warm and nice. the perfect Binky to carry around and around until it falls apart.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Grammy History 101

There were a few comments made here and there in the past about gram and I just find this lady to be absolutely fascinating. I hope you find her entertaining too, but I'd like to have a few of these stories for a record. Today's essay will be an abreviated history. If I went in depth I'd be here for days. I do promise more stories.

Gram is 91 years young,having been born in 1914. She married my Grandfather when she was 21, which seems a little late for the era she grew up in. Gram started to have children when she was 26, she said she waited to have kids so she could have time alone with her husband, save for a house, and grow up more before she started to have kids. That seems far too sensible for many people. Over the span of 12 years she had 6 children, the last child was my mom. These six children gave her 12 grandkids and we, the grandchildren, have so far given her 14 great grandkids with 2 more (including mine) on the way.

When Gram was 11 she immigrated here from Poland with her parents and older sister. I have some stories about the older sister but many are not flattering so we'll leave her out of most of them. Gram was schooled here and worked in the mills of Lewiston, Maine. I've gathered that she was spunky and liked to have fun. Not that she's changed much, maybe a little slower physically, but I get the idea she was a bit wild for the time. My Mom got that wild spirit and in turn passed it on to me.

When Gram married my Grandfather (another mill worker) she found out he still had a couple of payments left on his car. She didn't like to owe money so with money she had saved from work, she paid off his car. Since then, they only paid for things outright. The first bit of savings helped start a small farm. When she got pregnant she quit working in the mills and spent her time doing farm chores. In fact I have a story about her birthing the baby in the morning and running out to tend to the milking cows in the afternoon. I think I got that story because I was in the hospital for 4 days after my c-section with M. Yeah, I may have her spunk but I'm not going to be milking cows after squeezing out a kid.

I think my favorite story is of how she got the farm that she lives on now. Actually many of us live on that farm. The land our house was built on was part of the original farm purchase. Gram had her eye on this farm for some time and had saved until she had enough to buy it outright and waited for her chance for the owners to be willing to sell it to her. Finally the day came when the farm was up for sale and she of course bought it in cash. Then when the family living there didn't leave on time, she moved them out. Lesson #1: Don't mess with Gram.

Because this is a fiber blog I should also mention that this is the lady that patiently taught me to sew, cook, paint, knit and crochet when I was just a child. I remember sitting for hours on their green old carpet or sitting in one of their orange chairs working diligently with a small ball of yarn. Somedays I'd be sitting at the blue and metal kitchen table surrounded by the peach and blue formica walls learning to cook perogee or paint. I mention the colors of the place because I used to think it was so normal to have a house in those colors. Thinking back on it, the clashing makes me giggle a little. I can't imagine having a house in those colors now ut it seemed uniquely Gram's house.

This is really way too short, but it might give you an idea of what Gram is like. I'll collect some accurate dates and stuff and write down more stories over time. I'm sure most of all of our ancestors have interesting stories to tell, I feel very fortunate to have a gram still around to tell me these stories. Just yesterday she gaveme a low-down on how she used to make corkers for her kids using wooden thread spools from the mill and finishing nails. I wish she still had some of the old original ones she had made.

I also should write down stories of my grandfather. He was an absolute character. I don't mean to leave him out at all. Gone but not forgotten. There are a few stories that should bring a chuckle.


Monday, March 21, 2005


A while ago I bought this pretty sparkly little pink corker. If you don't know what it is, it's a little doodad that makes I-cord. Ours has an adapter to do 3 st I-cord or 6 st I-cord.

The little lady learned to use this machine Friday morning before school. She has been tickled pink to be knitting finally and is carrying it all over the place with her. She finished one 2 foot long piece and then started another one. We even brought it with us when we helped my mom set up for a show on Friday afternoon. She got lots of smiles from other vendors as she sat there looking very serious working on her little project.

Now that M's thinking she's the cats meow, she wants to start spinning yarn. She is successfully treadling Barbie so it might be about time. I'm proud of her fiber love but I do have to mention that she is also intelligent....

The other day I explained how the truck we have belongs to both Husbeast and myself. I asked her what part she thought was his and what part was mine. After thinking for a while the answer was ..."The driving it is Mom's half and the paying for it is Dad's half". See what I mean? Super Smart.

In other news, my friend, Miss Pippiknee socks, has a brand new blog. If you love pretty yarns you have to take a look. Yes, I said you have to.Lookee I'm probably jumping the gun here but I'm excited to be pimping her new blog so I can't help myself. She also has a yarn shop. If you didn't think you had to check out the blog then you really have to see the yarn shop.


Friday, March 18, 2005


I wanted to post this Wednesday but I've been knocked down again and only doing the minimum. I thought M made me sick. Wow! Is this kid gonna be a doozie!

Thank you Secret Pal!!! You outdid yourself again!
How cool is this, check out the loot:

Sugar free gummy things. mmmmmm.
Yummy Shetland fiber that is going to make an amazing shawl.
Check out that sheepy cookie cutter! I think I'll make some cheese biscuits in the shape of lil' sheep.
I think I'm going to make a little wall hanging with the spiders. I love spiders.
Thank you secret pal, you rock!

The first baby gift has rolled in. Gram is such a fast crocheter. She immediately made me a baby blanket upon hearing I was preggers. Do you think she might be a little giddy with the thought of yet another great grandchild? Our little one will be her 16th great grandchild.

I've been too ill to do much else, so that's all there is. Hopefully I'll do something worthy of a photo for Monday


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tons of yarn

Ok, ton's might be an exageration. It's more like a few pounds.


and more is heading to Knit Pixie.

I'm setting aside the Inishmore spinning for myself and starting on some super soft Merino. I have a big girl and a baby sweater to do. M wants the star sweater (Hero) from Pipsqueaks. She has chosen black with a blue star. The only thing I've decided about the baby sweater is that it will be green. So many sweaters, so little time.

I'm also making progress on the spindle spun Dorset pink/Romney Grey. Not so much progress that it's worth a photo though.


Monday, March 14, 2005

Thank you

Wow! I don't think I've gotten that many comments in a month. Thank you all for the wonderful congratulations. It must be the new Haloscan commenting system. I'm glad I switched. Over the next year I'll be sure to complain keep you updated.

There was a mention of funky pregnant clothing. Most of my clothes from the last time got reconstructed into non-pregnant lady clothing. I need a ton of new stuff. I'm going to start cruising the thrift stores for t-shirts and pants. When I have a few I'll put up a tutorial on reconstruction. Reconstruction is the only way to get really unique and cool clothing to cover the ever expanding belly. It seems like there are a ton of pregnant gals out there right now so if you have requests, let me know and I'll see if I can add it to the tutorial (it helps if you have a photo or a link to what you are talking about). I also have an idea for a knit tank, we'll see what I have time for.

Speaking of funky....Did anyone notice the Boogie bra is back? I won't even talk about how I lost it when I took it down and all the fiasco surrounding that. Then all the emails of people wondering where it went to. No more worries, it's back.

Finally, the North Sea

I'm on the middle of the 7th repeat and made an executive decision about my little easy project. The pattern calls for 14 repeats but I'm going to do 13. This time it's not because I'm supremely lazy, it's because 13 is a lucky number for me. Husbeast was born on the 13th not to mention other good things having to do with that number. So, I'm halfway through this side. I might do an extra repeat in the middle section to make up for the approximate 4 inches I'll lose by dropping a repeat on each side.

I started a new sweater. It's my own design for a contract. This time I have a little over a month to finish it. Mostly for the next few weeks this will consume my time. I need to finish it before I head out to MDSW. I can do that.

Tomorrow I promise pretty yarn photos.


Friday, March 11, 2005

The Diagnosis

Well, the diagnosis is in.
We know what's wrong with me.
We also know that I will continue to feel sick for a while.
Like 8 more months.
Then another year of sleepness nights.
And plenty of grey hairs.

Caught on yet?

Got any good baby clothing patterns?

For those of you that are slow and still not "getting it".
I'm preggers.

1.Due in October

2.We weren't trying to have another child so this is a suprise (a happy one).

3.M is oblivious. She got tired of waiting for a sibling so she made up 5 or 6 imaginary ones of her own. Her response is "of course, I'm having a brother and a sister". I told her to start wishing for one or the other. If we have one kid and not twins, I told her I'd get her a puppy hopefully that will work.

I've switched commenting over to Haloscan. Everyone is having a hard time with blogger so I've gone back to Haloscan and it should be easier for everyone.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sea Dog Knitters

Have I mentioned that I feel lucky to be a member of such a group. Our group has some amazing talents. Amongst having the most amazing knitters, there are designers, master spindlers and spinners, and just the greatest group of people all around. If you brought a question about almost anything fiber related, these people will know the answer.

Monday night I tossed my newest spindle around for all to see and Susan (a spinner, yarn designer extraordinaire) played with it a bit. It's nice to see that someone else can spin on it and I'm not just favoring it because it's mine. I might actually be making a decent spindle.

Rudy was Naalbinding and offered to teach me some time. I love his stuff, so very unique looking. If you don't know what it is, you should look at the link. I could watch Rudy work on his project all night. There's something so interesting about it, I suppose that's the same reason sometimes I catch people staring at my hands when I'm knitting. When you don't know how to do it, it can be really amazing to watch others go at it.

On the way out Miss Betsey offered me her Navajo spindle. You know how spindle crazy I've been lately and I'm just loving the idea of a chance to learn more spinning/spindling techniques.

I didn't mention everyone so I'll send a shout out to De, Libby and Mary Ellen because they are also damn cool knitters. One of these days I'll have to bring in my camera so you all can see the amazing things these people knit.

I still haven't been feeling well and I'll be heading out to the doc this week to figure this out. Needless to say I haven't done much because of it. I'm on the 4th lace repeat of the North Sea shawl. Sad isn't it? I should be further in.

I did do some re-designing of the website to include a new line I'll be carrying. Check it out if you're curious.

Ok, that's all fo rme for now. Maybe I'll have some photos tomorrow, I've doing a bit of spinning.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Suck? Don't suck?

Lately Margene has been talking about her sucks (sox). It really just sucks to work on sucks that suck. Personally I love the look of these socks but I'm tired of the tangling. I finished one and I've started the 2nd one. I went to pick them up yesterday to work on them and I couldn't do it. I knit 2 rows, looked at the tangle of yarn and set them back down.

These are just going to keep getting tangled and I'm going to spend half an hour untangling. I've set them aside. The sucks socks are supposed to be my relaxing little take a long project but I don't want to knit 5 rows then untangle for 5 minutes.

So what am I going to do about it?
I'm haphazardly tossing these babies aside and I started a new take along project that is pleasing, easy and there is NO TANGLING of the yarn. At least no tangling yet. I'm even using a million little stitch markers to make it even easier and more brainless.

This is the North Sea Shawl from Folk Shawls. The yarn is Elann Baby Silk. Yes, it is that nice. I meant to use this yarn for Clapotis but in my typial fashion, I changed my mind. This lace pattern is super simple. I will do half the shawl set it aside, do the other half and then graft it together. I won't ever have a giant expanse of material at any one time. Perfect take along project.


Monday, March 07, 2005

My mittens don't fit!

The beginning of winter they fit but now they press on my finger tips.
What's up with that!?!?

I took them off to hollar at my hands because they shouldn't be growing. I'm a grup, this shouldn't happen. I know I didn't shrink the mittens. That's when I noticed something truely odd. Something that I almost never see.

Working in pottery keeps them pretty short and if they get a chance to start to get long, they just break off. I've avoided the pottery studio since I've been sick. I've become a weekling and a mildly heated shop with my hands in freezing water is not where I want to be.

Where do I want to be, knitting, sleeping, eating. Not necessarily in that order.

Knitting: I got my large project finished over the weekend. Phew. I'm actually on time even though I was a sickly little gal. I haven't knit much on the socks, I was only knitting on the big project so hopefully I'll finish the socks soon and I can get onto the next big project.

Sleeping: Well, that happens in cat naps. I still have the dizzies and only a couple of positions are comfy so I end up waking up when my nose, the side of my head, my ear is all tingly or owie. On the light side, I'm getting to see a lot of late night TV. Now I know more about makeup, pilates, rotissieres, ab crunchers and zits.

Eating: I have a recipe for you. Peanut butter granola
I make it with less honey and more PB because I like it to crumble good and eat it with plain or Vanilla yogurt. So if you want more traditional granola double the honey and add less PB

4 Cups of rolled oats
1/2 jar (or more, depends on my mood) of Natural PB (not skippy, I use the good stuff you know where the oil and PB seperates and there's no added sugar.)
4 Tablespoons Honey
If your PB is dry add a bit of peanut or vegie oil.
You can also add some crushed peanuts if you want more crunch

Mix well. Spread out on a baking pan/sheet. Cook at 300 degreesF for abotu 20-30 minutes. I usually check at 15 to see how it's going. You don't want to burn it but you want it crispy. Let it cool. It's also good as a topping over ice cream if you're so inclined. And if you really want to go all out you could add chocolate chips.

This is tonight:

I'm hoping at the end of the day I'll have enough energy to make it.


Thursday, March 03, 2005


Spindle, spindle, spindle
You know how if you say a word a million times it starts to sound weird? Spindle doesn't take long to get weird sounding. Spiiiiindle, spindle, spinnnnnnndle. I swear I'm not high, really.

I've had spindles on the brain lately. I wanted to get a new spindle at the SPA retreat. I want to become a better spindler and maybe I'll take a class if I find one. I think I'm fair at it but I'd love to become proficient. All I've been talking about seems to be spindles. Well, I'm not talking out loud or anything. Spindle, spindle, spindle has mostly been my internal monologue for weeks.

I made a new spindle, spindle, spinnnnnnnnnnnnnnndle....
And I took a craptacular photo too.

Click to see the spindle spindle large and in charge.

I'm really happy with this pottery spindle but I can see myself dropping it on our cement patio and killing it. I want a good wooden one. I've been asking around a bit. Yes, the asking has been external, it's the only time the internal dialogue has been external. Spindle spindle spindle.

I got a lot of info on what people like for spindles and now the decision is to get one now or wait until MDSW. Can I wait until May?


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Grandma's Blocking Wisdom

I know I said I wouldn't be here every day but I still need to take breaks. I thought I'd finally be well enough to work a full day through but it turns out I'm older than I thought.

I was visiting Gram (do you remember that she's 91?) and we're sitting and chatting and she asked if I'd like a new afghan, she has a few done. Of course I do, wouldn't you? She says one is just about finished blocking and gets up. I'm thinking that she's going to go pull it off the bed (where I thought she blocked her afghans). Nope.

She was sitting on it to block it. Gram isn't exactly a small lady and she fits the chair edge to edge. I suppose it's a very efficient way to block for her. Remember that the next time you have something you need blocked. Just sit on it!

Have a Happy Hump Day.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Snow dumb

You've probably heard of people becoming snow blind but I think I've become snow dumb. I mean really how long can I blame this on my illness. It's time for the snow to take some of the blame.

I've been replying to comments that people leave me through email but lo-and-behold the way blogger is set is that I can't reply to comments. Duh! Why didn't I check this months ago. I've replied to so many of you and you don't even know it. Sorry all. I'm snow dumb. Kate I've been trying to reach you so if you could drop me an email that would be cool I don't know how else to get ahold of you since blogger won't give up your email addy.

Wanna see the blasted snow. I took them especially for Miss Fathom and her sunshiny self.

This is from my back door. You can see my fire pit and the black bucket covering a bush. For all you southerners, we have to do this to keep them from being crushed under a ton of snow. Not that you can see the flakes but it is all hazy because of the storm and tons of snow coming down.

This is from my shop door. You can see my giant pine and the pink house accross the street. It's not really pink. Well, yes it is pink now but that's just the insulation. Winter came before they could get new siding on the place.

I've never claimed to be a good photographer and this probably proves it. Some of you take gorgeous scenic pictures and I take these. Of course, I still don't feel much like leaving my couch let alone my house, even in the search of a decent picture.

I've been trying to work but I need to take frequent breaks, which is why I'm here. I've been dreaming of SPRING and my garden. I've ordered seeds and I'm just dying for a decent tomato. Above all the veggies in my garden I covet that first tomato. I'm so sick of these watery pink things in the grocery store. What is up with that?!?! Tomatoes should be RED. Of course I'll still give the store too much money for a tomato in the hopes that it doesn't suck, but it always does. Please spring, come soon.


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