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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Because we aren't talking about the gloves.

Thank you SP3.

You are so sweet and so is that candy. Mmmmmm. Caramels are my favorites!
The roving is something my SP3 dyed and its gorgeous. There is also a great card and a little toy that maybe I'll give up to my little M. And don't forget the toe ring. I don't think I mentioned that someone hit on me this past summer using the line that I had nice toes. Wearing that toe ring will make them all fancy and I'll be driving the boys wild with my toes! Thank you SP3!

A couple of weeks ago Ann and I decided to trade some yarn. It's always nice to compare ones yarn with others so Ann picked out the Rave stripe Romney and she made me that skein above. Plus she sent me a bit of indigo so I can try my hand at organic dying. Her yarn is very pretty, I can't wait to get started on another scolf. Thank you Ann!

Finally, I need to fess up that I took a shopping trip.
To make a short story long....Today as I was getting M ready for school I realized she had somehow grown another inch or 2 overnight. The child was already 43 inches tall! If she keeps growing at this rate she'll out grow me in 3 years. So after spending far too much time changing pants and tops that didn't fit, I realized I needed to get a few new things for her. On any normal day I avoid Walmart, but their kids clothes are priced right for a child that will outgrow them in a month. If you have tall girls then maybe you have noticed that all shirts are belly shirts. She is 4 but I need to buy size 6 tops to cover her belly. The thing I noticed today is that a 4T in the boys department is longer than a 6 in the girls department. HUH?

To keep going with my long and rambling story here.... If a store has yarn I have to look. Its a rule. I know they don't have really nice yarn but sometimes I just want cheap and easy. Yeah, I'm just that way.

This is cheap, it remains to be seen if its easy. It is acrylic but its ridiculously soft. It does border on novelty type yarn so it may get flung across the living room.

This is the last thing I have to say, I promise.
You bagaholics should fly to your Walmart. Kids school bags were on sale for $2.00. How could that get better? I know, I make bags so why would I buy one and why would I send you to walmart instead of my store. I am insane and if you don't know that, you haven't been reading for very long.

This is the bag I got. Its pink and orange! It will be good because I can stuff my stuff in there and M's stuff when we go somewhere. Plus its pink and orange! I'm going to take off that CD case (which is good to carry circular needles) and keep it with the rest of my knitting stuff. Did I mention the bag is pink and orange?

Random Comments


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

WWE update

I've been spending time wrestling with my yarn instead of knitting with it.
Just call me Rowdy Roddy Knitter.

You see it all started when I started talking "smack":
"You there! Blue yarn! You are going to be a pretty set of gloves. I'm gonna knit and purl and use some mean fair isle techniques and you will be a gorgeous pair of gloves. Grrrrrr." Yeah, I growled at my yarn. I don't know why, I just thought it might make it want to work really well.

I now realize its not very productive to wrestle yarn. Yarn doesn't like a Smack Down. I'm not a pro wrestler and I obviously know nothing about wrestling what-so-ever. From now on I promise to talk sweet nothings to my yarn and make up cutsie little pet names for it like "sugar booger" and such.

I do take some small consolation in the fact that I beat the guts out of the yarn.
If you can't handle seeing yarn guts, don't look at the next photo.

The photo the guts are resting on is a sample of what the completed gloves should be like.

My gloves won't look like that picture. Since I've insulted all the blue yarn in my house I will be working with other colors.

The green one will be known as "baby poo coochee coochee coo"
The variegated yarn will be known as "pumpkin wumpkin my little lumkin"
I hope that's sweet enough to get me a pair of gloves.

I also wanted to thank you all for making me feel so lucky. I'm lucky to "virtually" know all of you and be the recipient of your random comments and kindness.

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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Seems to be a lot of posts about this and I didn't understand.
I am a little "slow". Can I blame it on cold meds?

If I got this right, some people who joined the RAOK ring are feeling left out. I'm not a part of the ring so I don't know the exact story. Its too bad that something that was meant to be so beautiful has this little cloud hanging over it. It happens in the Secret Pal ring too. Why?

Maybe I'm a few chocolate chips short of a cookie.

I pointed you all to Norma's blog the other day. Did you go? I thought she had yet another beautiful post and hit the sentiment of RAOK right on the nose. I commented to her that every nice/funny comment I get is like a RAOK. Those that read and don't say anything, I don't feel any worse. I write for enjoyment. I hope you get some sort of entertainment value from reading and there is no need to comment if you aren't compelled. You're all special to me either way.

As I've been strolling around blogs today I keep seeing other posts and some are showing a less than postive side to the RAOK thing. I feel bad for those that are left out. It may be that popular bloggers get more attention, at least that was someones idea and maybe they are right. It may just be that getting a little gift for someone that is well known is easier to pick out than it is for someone that you know nothing about. For me I like to get people stuff, but I want to try and get them something they will like and use. I'm sure that no one is being left out on purpose.

I feel bad for those that are feeling left out of the RAOK ring and those that aren't hearing from their Secret Pals. It sucks that you are feeling ignored, its not fair. For all of you, I'm sending out a big internet hug and I hope you all are on the receiving end of some kindness soon.

If you know someone that is feeling left out, go give them a nice blog comment or send them a sweet email. You don't need to belong to the blog ring to practice "Random Acts of Kindness". Random means anyone can do it. RAOK's don't need to cost money either. You can brighten someone's day just by saying something nice to them. Go out in your neighborhood and tell someone they look nice. You can make someone's day without spending money. Actually I prefer RAOK's that don't cost someone money. Thoughts are special as they come straight from the heart. I bet you didn't know I could be this mushy, soak it up, it doesn't happen often.

Here's a bunch of links so you can send free E-cards. We're all busy but take a couple of minutes and make someone feel special.
Hallmark E-cards
More E-cards

Now lets all go spread some sunshine.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

Woo woo, I'm a little blue train

While I didn't manage to make a post yesterday, I was able to sign up for 2 new knit alongs. Priorities, right? Once I start signing up for these things, its hard to stop. More, more, I want more knit alongs! Okay, not really. I'm bad, very bad. I sign up for knit alongs and only half the time do I finish. I did finish the Kate Along and so far I'm doing ok with the "six sox". I have failed on the Zoo Along. And I have been avoiding others I want to do as I know I will fail at those too.

So if I'm a bad knit alonger then why am I signing up for more. I can't help it. Seeing a knit along is like a drug right to the system. I get excited, my blood starts pumping, pupils dialate, heart palpitates, hands get clammy.... Well, maybe not that dramatic but I do excited. I want to join. I want to knit that too. I think this time I joined ones that I couldn't possibly fail at.

First up is the Man Along. How could I fail at this one? Easy right? But I won't. Really and truely. I want Husbeast to have a sweater. I'm fairly sure he will wear it too, even if its only to wear it to hockey games. Can I finish it in time for the first game on October 17th? Is that a challenge? Here's a progress pic:

I'm showing it on top of a sweater that already fits him. I have lengthened it and I'm close to the arm holes and I will need to recalculate those as well.

The second knit along is for gloves I have that sad solitary glove:

It needs a partner. Its suppose to be a Christmas gift. Can I finish it in time? Will it count as a finished object if I don't weave in all those blasted ends. I also have a couple of other gloves I want to make as gifts and a pair of mitts for me so I can play in the snow.

I'm going to be the little blue train and say "I think I can", "I think I can", "I think I can". Just for giggles I might chugga chugga around the living room a bit. I'm going to think myself right into keeping up with these knit alongs.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Please think of the Husbeast

Won't anyone please think of the husbeast?
Well, a couple of you have and he appreciates it.

The cry has been heard.
Its not heard often but I hear the plea and I feel bad that poor husbeast is walking around sweater-less. I had my excuses and I still stand by them. The beast is huge!!! And making a sweater on 6.5mm needles was killing me. I couldn't do it. I knit about 10 inches up the back and I had to throw in the towel sweater.

I sat the husbeast down and forced him to look through pattern books. This is something that I could do (and have done) all day long. Not so for the husbeast. This is certainly not a task the man loves, but he was a trooper. He made the pattern search more tolerable by looking at the books in-between computer games.

Two finer gauge sweaters have now been chosen.

This one is the favorite of the two he chose. Its from Men in Knits. The only problem with this one is that I need to spin the yarn for this. He wants the yarn to be exactly like it is in the picture. I have taken the challenge and I will "get 'er done".

Since it will take me a while to spin up about 3200 yards of yarn for the cardi I decided to console him with another sweater in his favorite hockey teams colors. The consolation sweater is the Manly sweater from Stitch and bitch. I have most of the yarn already and I've started to knit.

I even did a swatch! Aren't you proud of me? I did it just so you could see the colors I'll be using. It had nothing to do with needing gauge.
I'm doing this sweater in Paton's Classic Wool on size 4mm needles. Much easier on the hands and will be done much faster than a bulky knit.

Go read what Norma has to say today. It's worth it. Well, it's worht it everyday but if you don't go everyday, at least go today. Wise words.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Sweater wins!

You've all decided just what I realized I wanted to do anyway.
You're so smart.

But before I go any further - Thank you all for the sweet compliments on the "Diamonds are Forever" sweater. And Ann,we like to say that our daughter got her attitude from our siblings. Somehow the bad attitude gene skipped us and went right to her.

I'm going to do the sweater first. Here's the yarn

Only about 900 yards to go. Its coopworth that I dyed up in olives, limes, and browns and spun into a worsted single. We are still trying to think of a name for it. My first thought was "Olives hold the pimentos" but Husbeast seems to think "Pea soup and Ipecac" is a better option. I admit, it looks a little like baby poop but I like it anyway.

This is my second attempt at a sleeve and I'm liking it better. The cables will run up the sleeves, be at the waist and neck but the body will be mostly stockinette.

Because Marta asked and more of you may wonder, I'm going to be showing the progress pictures. I hate keeping this stuff secret. If someone wants to publish my stuff then they can contact me to get permission but doing all that submitting (and waiting, I'm not patient) is too much like work and I don't want knitting to be my "work". I want to share and enjoy. Every now and then I still may submit something or sell a pattern, but for right now I'm just knitting and having fun.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

Where's my runway?

Here we have The fabulous Boogie just smiling away looking so dashing in her new sweater "Diamonds are Forever"

She just couldn't sit still so here she is wiggling away and whooping it up. No, I have no idea what the deal is with the tongue. Make your own caption.

And the final shot of the day is a serious look. Every fashion needs to have that serious look, right?

Before you question it, I do beleive Boogie has legs.
It is rumored that the house has too many children's toys and a child that should have picked them up, but didn't and got sent to her room for being mouthy.
It is a lucky thing that Boogie didn't break her leg on a plastic horse while she was wiggling away.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Fo Friday!

You knew I had to finish it last night. I wondered if I should take a picture of it on or should I block it out. The blocking won out because the sleeves were bugging me. Seems at the sleeves always feel weird until they've been washed. At least I think so.

Diamonds are Forever
Lets hope the sweater last a while too.
Pattern: Boogie
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US6 (4mm) and US7 (4.5mm)

Now what am I going to do?
I've started to spin the yarn, which may not be a good thing while I'm sick, its coming out a bit uneven. I figure it doesn't matter, its only yarn for me and I'm ok with uneven handspun.
I'm working with Coopworth and its so soft, I'm in love with stuff. But I do have a problem.

See that swatch. The original idea was for a cardigan with fair isle bands in that olive green and ivory. Yes, the fair isle bands are going to be bigger but I hate swatching so I do tiny swatches, squint your eyes and imagine it bigger.
Now that I've got the swatch and I see how nice a fabric this is I'm thinking maybe it will be good as a sweater.
Do you want to help? What do you want to see me do?

What do I knit
stick to the plan stan - cardi with fair isle
Stick the plan but change the fair isle colors
Do a sweater instead.

Free polls from Pollhost.com

***I added the poll back because what is screwing up the blog is my own server. We are trying to figure it out but in the meantime you gt the poll back. At least my blog isn't hosted through them***

For a little more info:
The cardigan will be raglan sleeves with a big ribbed collar. The ribbing will be textured (not the regular 2x2 that I do) It will be shaped and will be about hip length.
The sweater will have a textured ribbing that is at least 4 inches, it will be somewhat fitted but not tight, not boxy and not cropped. The neck will be maybe something like a faux t-neck. I hate turtle necks (so confining). So it will be loose, have you seen these sweaters, I like that neck and the neck will have the same textured rib.

I'll probably do what you suggest. Unless I can't wait and I start something anyway. I'm bad like that. Naughty to the core. Monday I'll let you know the verdict.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

I'm here today, sort of

Did you notice the new button on the sidebar?
Which button?
This button

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I figured I've been pretty erratic this week about posting and that I owed you something. I'm trying to get used to this new schedule and I've ended up with a cold on top of it all. Once I get well and get used to it all, I hope I can make the posts more regular again.

Until then, if you sign up to the bloglines link provided up there (all free) then you will get an email notification when I publish my blog. There is another way to be notified of new postings. If you have a Live Journal account, I'm syndicated there. Just go here to BoogieKnits and choose "add to friends list" and when your friends list updates, my blog post will show up. If you choose that, remember that I don't see comments left to the LJ syndication account, you need to come here to comment. How many of you are reading and never comment?Hmmmmm?

Here's the sweater "Diamonds are forever". I almost didn't take a picture at all. I'm so close to finishing that I almost saved it to show then. So many of you seem to like to see the insides of these things. I hope my sweater makes you feel good about your sweaters. My inside isn't pretty.

My Do's and Don'ts
I mattress stitch the sides and under arms.
I do a 3 needle bind off for the shoulders using a crochet hook for the 3rd needle.
I backstitch the arms onto the sweater body.
I knot my ends then weave them in(obsessive much?).
I pick up neck band stitches with a crochet hook.
I totally "wing it". If the pattern isn't working out the way it's written, I change it so it works for me.

comment here if you dare


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

That Special Kind of Stupid

Yesterday was that “special kind of hectic”. I won’t make you read all the hectic details, but it was so hectic in fact that I didn’t have time to eat and I actually forgot to do so. This happens to me when I’m really busy. If I’m not super hungry, I forget to eat. But the stupid doesn’t end there. At about 5pm I was in a grocery store getting M a treat for being a “special kind of good little girl”. Grocery stores make me hungry even if I’ve just eaten. That’s when I realized I was a “special kind of hungry” (duh) and knowing that I had my knitting group at a bar, and I wanted to have a beer, I better eat something. What do I choose? Soup.

I choose to scarf down soup. It’s not regular soup, though. It was soup already prepared and hot from the salad bar. What is it about salad bars that keep their soup at some “special level of scalding”. Hot? Hot doesn’t cover it. But I am that “special kind of numb” (beyond stupid here). I ate it and ate it fast without feeling it. I’m not sure it even touched my tongue as I can’t even remember if it was good soup or not.

Before I go any further, and this fits right in here, I want to thank my secret pal! THANK YOU SECRET PAL. I got this t-shirt yesterday in the mail. It fits. It really fits.

If you can’t read it, the bolded parts say “ I am always warped, twisted, strung out, hooked, dyeing for my needle habit.” It’s very cute and very appropriate for me to wear! Thank you.

There was knitting done yesterday. As mentioned briefly above, the Sea Dog knitters met last night. We have grown from 3 people to I think 14. WOW! Next month I'll have to try and remember the camera so you can see us all. Emily has done a great job of getting it all together. Dee brought me my soap order so I stink pretty and she gave away a ton of her fleece. I got enough to do a sweater! How sweet was that. Betsy and I benefited the most. Betsy is someone I had been talking to through emails, it was really nice to finally meet her. She was working on Booga bags and brought along Chrissy (I know I'm probably spelling names wrong, sorry). I got to meet Nissa from KR forums who was working on a great scarf from Elann's alpaca, soooo soft. Mary Ellen was working on a great Wallaby sweater and Amy had a very pretty scarf. Then in walked Suzy who gave me tips on Navajo plying and had some gorgeous yarn of her own. Emily and Dee were working on their six sox project in Making waves. Everyone else at the table, the table was long and I was at one end, I'm sorry, I can't remember what you were working on. If I bring the camera next time I should at least be able to look at a picture and remember. Unless I'm a "special kind of numb" again and forget the camera. At least I remembered my knitting.

That is some single ply, Lopi-lite type of yarn that I'm working on. I was going to do a cabled sweater but after I got that bag of white cooopworth yesterday I decided I'm going to do something different and integrate the white (dyed of course) with the grey in some sort of design. I'm all giddy to work on a new sweater, I just need to try and finish the others on needles already.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

What I did on my Summer vacation

An essay with pictures by Amy Boogie.

This post can also be known as my Monday morning post. I know I won't have time to do it tomorrow so I'm doing it now. Tomorrow is M's first day of school, I'm suppose to start running, there are appointments and then knitting group. There, that's my excuse. For any of you Mainers - knitting group is 630pm at Sea Dog Brew Pub in Topsham.

On to the essay. Maybe not so much of an essay. A well written essay seems like too much effort for a Sunday morning. It's only that I like you all so much that I'm here writing this anyway. Well, my love for you and the fact that I'm constantly talking, and blogging is just another form of blathering on.

I made myself a new knitting case. I've been trying to think of something for a while and I made a couple of prototypes that I didn't like. Finally yesterday I got a wild hair and grabbed the good fabric and went at it. A little bit later I had this:

It's got a zipper and everything. You see, I've realized that I like straight needles. I still hate metal straights but the wooden ones are A-ok! I actually prefer to knit my lace on straights for some reason. Really, I don't know what's wrong with me. Fickle is the only way I can explain it. I suppose the amount of projects will also describe my fickle nature. Moving on...
With the flash, you can't really tell what the intarsia is. It will just be more of a surprise when its finished. The real surprise may be that it gets finished at all. I've remembered that intarsia is not my favorite technique so this little project is going a bit slow.

I made a little headway on the socks for my dad. I had other "take along" projects I've been working on, so these only got half of my attention on a ride we took the other day. I did dye more in this color way so I can share the yarn. Of course, the yarn is prettier in person. Do I even need to state that anymore or do you all understand that already?

I think I mentioned that I started Charlotte. I couldn't stand it. Once I started contemplating how my handspun might measure up to the pretty Koigu ones, I had to start it. Of course I think its pretty. Well, the blob isn't so pretty but my blob looks just as good as everyone elses blob.

Finally I did this the other day. I've been spinning and sometimes sell my yarns. I've decided that since I do so many of my own patterns that wouldn't it be neat to sell kits. So I've got a few on ebay now and a few more coming up. This hat and bootie sock set will be a kit too. I will put some on my website but ebay seems to get far more traffic.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

We have a winner!!!

Barbara Jean of Lizard Knits has won herself a bit of handspun lacy singles with a pattern for a scarfscolf.

Thank you to all that entered. I have some lace ideas to share with everyone.

Fibertrends has some great shawls, one of which is the Leaf Shawl. I just spent a bunch of time looking at their stuff and I particularly like the shoal waters shawl as well as the leaf one. I would have started the leaf one already but I'm having yarn dilema's.

Then we had Lily of the Valley Shawl from "spin off" magazine, and The thrice cursed scarf. I thought I had that spin off, but I don't. The scarf looks like a nice easy knit but pretty.

Cascading Hearts Shawl from Heartstrings. If you have never poked around Heartstring's site, you need to set up a time to do so. They have some amazing patterns over there. Not just shawls either, they have great sock patterns too. I just had to work socks in here didn't I?

Then there are IK summer 2004 patterns, the Gibson Girl sweater and the Victoria Tank. Did you see Teresa's tank top in August? Don't forget the clover lace socks that are featured as the first sock in the six sox knit along (see my sidebar for that link). Easy to remember lace that looks so cute on socks. See how I worked more sock talk in here? I'm wondering if I have many entries at all that don't include socks.

There is a really pretty shawl at Fiddlesticks. Its the Creatures of the reef. Gorgeous huh? Fiddlesticks has a bunch of pretty knits. I bet you could wast some time there.

Of course a few people mentioned Charlotte's Web which I just started. Let me give me you all a hint, you are knitting from the top down, it took me a moment to realize that one. yeah, I had a real "duh" moment the other night. If you look on my sidebar you will see a button for the knit along that goes with this one.

Once or twice Madli's Shawl was recommended. I'm linking you to the knit along. Lots of great pictures of the Shawl there in case you dont have the IK Summer 2004.

Another shawl was The Flower Basket Shawl form IK Fall 2004. Margene at Zeneedle, see the Sept 8th entry, just finished hers and its so pretty. The knit along is being hosted Sarah Elizabeth See the Sept. 2 entry to see her finished one.

I think the project most mentioned was Caryl's Kercheif. You may remember seeing the many gorgeous ones that Emma has knit. One skein of Koigu makes this pretty little scarf. I can see how knitting these might get really addictive. Go Here if you want to buy the pattern.

Some great ideas about designs with no links were also given. Some cardigans, socks, shawls, doilies and dishcloths. There are some really creative people out there. A few people even mentioned spinning thier own yarn for their custom projects. My hat's off to you all.

I think I mentioned everyone's. I didn't get a ton of emails but I'm sorry if I missed anything. Have a great weekend working and dreaming about all your lace projects.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Did I mention we are on vacation?
Techhnically husbeast is on vacation, not me. It was a spurr of the moment, I'm tired of being stressed out, I'm taking a week off vacation. So there are no plans other than trying to remove our butts from the couch every now and then. Gotta shift that butt divot around.

I still have orders to fill so I can't technically be on a real vacation but I'm only working half days. I'm getting in lots of spinning time. I'm still working on those 2 sweaters. As this contest is going on I keep adding more to my list of lace knitting. I really need to get on my butt and do some serious knitting here if I want to be drowning in lace soon.

I did finish M's mittens. Strike that off the "need to do for winter" list.

I wound up more yarn for a pair of socks for dear ole' dad. He kindly hinted that he will be working on construction outside this year and is going to have to find some warm socks. Subtle right?

The yarn is a new colorway I'm working on (click to embiggen), I hated it in roving form, but as a yarn its really pretty. I'm excited to start knitting it. I'm calling it "the lake" because it reminds me of a whole ton of lakes up near the Forks in Maine. This is the way we wind yarn around here.

I've got a few other yarns finished. One of my favorites is Sorbet. Its sock yarn and I haven't decided if I'm keeping it yet.

Ok so now I'm going back to vacation life. Send me your contest entries, it all ends on Friday. Which is when I'll be back to announce the winner.

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day

Firstly I need to thank my Secret Pal (from SP3) for the cute E-card. **THANK YOU**

I finished my socks on Saturday. It feels like they took forever to do. Is 3 weeks forever? I have a feeling that the next pair is going to take me longer. I have found lately that I prefer to knit with my handspun and the next socks are cotton ones for my MIL. I cast on but that's as far as I got.

I cast on for some handspun mittens and those are almost done, just 2 thumbs to go. See how much I love that handspun. I did finish another little project

Seen one washcloth, you've seen them all. Too bad I just made you look at another one.

Don't forget about the contest and the sale will go to ebay after Friday.

I know most of you outside the US have to still work today but for the US folks on a holiday....Grab a beer, have some BBQ and relax. You earned it. Actually, everyone in all countries earned it. Take the day off, play hookie and relax with us.

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Friday, September 03, 2004


Its the back to school and I haven't a second to think about anything else contest. Many of us have kids going into school and many of the rest are heading back to school themselves. Here's an easy gratifying gift. I wish I had enough to give to all of you.

What do you get?
Enough handspun singles and a pattern to make yourself a scolf. I have the exact color that I used to make my scolf, but I'm going to give you a choice of yarns.
Northern Sundown Maine Wool

Ivory Corriedale

Mandy Red dyed Corriedale

Rave stripe Romney

Spumoni Merino

In case you were wondering what I've been doing, I've been spinning.

What do you have to do to be entered in this contest?
Since this is lace yarn, I want to hear about your favorite lace project. Can be one that you have done, one that you want to do, or just one that you think is the prettiest thing around. Or just send me your name if you can't think of anything. I don't want to make you work too hard. If you are sending me a link it can be a free or a paid pattern. The only thing that is really important is that you make sure to put in the subject line something about being for Boogie's contest. I delete alot of unknown emails without subject lines, I get sent about 3 viruses each week so I'm really careful.**edit** I almost forgot. It ends next Friday and the winner will have their name chosen at random from a hat.**

Now that is my frivilous contest. Wendy has a contest going and her's is far more community conscious. So go check it out and think about what you can do.

Have a great holiday weekend.

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Thursday, September 02, 2004


Why haven't I done Charlotte's Web?
I like the pattern, I signed up for the knit-along, and more importantly I already own the pattern and some yarn.
Finally, I think I figured out why I haven't even entertained the idea of starting it.
The Yarn.

While I like the yarn I chose it doesn't seem to fit Charlotte and I think it would do much better as a candle flame shawl or even a leaf lace one. I now know I need to use my own yarn. I got a ton of merino over the weekend. Merino isn't my favorite wool, but they didn't have much else in white. I've dyed up what I think will become my Charlotte.

It's my "bruise" colorway. That's one of the things I've been spinning. My spinning has taken on the personality of my knitting, a million projects going at once.

That's 1 ounce of it. The actual yarn seems far darker without flash. It's more purpley than I was shooting for but I really like it anyway. Now if I can just finish these 2 sweaters I'm working on, I'll get going on Charlotte's Web.

About spiders, Thank you for all your comments. Murderous Mom hates spiders so much that she even trained her dog to stomp on them. It was the funniest thing to watch a dog stomp a spider and come get its owner for approval.

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