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Its all true, the boogie girl is real, and you've found her. She knits, sews, spins, does pottery and writes it all down in this blog.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Old Knitters never quit

My neighbor isn’t exactly old but this past year she suffered 2 strokes within 2 months. She always knitted dishcloths and little kitchen towel thingies and gave them out at Christmas. I had bought myself some kitchen cotton thinking I was going to need to be knitting my own this year. I was surprised to get some (I was told I got the nicest ones out of anyone else in the neighborhood, I feel special). Marge is a sweet lady and she has persevered. Some of the cloths are very nice and others are very odd shaped and with holes, still usable but not pretty. I’m going to take one of these and put it in the back of my drawer. Not because its ugly, I’m happy to use it along with all the others. I’m saving it to remind myself of how precious our talents are and if something ever happens to disable me I hope I can look at this and find some strength.

Knitterly: I’ve got the first sleeve of Sonnet done. Moira tried on her sock and it looks good but her foot is bigger than I thought. Yipes. So I have a ways to go. Mom helped me wind up her sock yarn yesterday, I just need to pick out a pattern, I don’t want to do a plain sock I want something a little fancierJ made a smartass comment about sweaters so while I was going to start on his sweater soon I’m going to make another for me once Sonnet is done, I’m going to need to do another swatch for gauge since Moira thought the little square of material looked fun and lost it somewhere in this house.

Most of my time is being taken up with the sewing and yesterday I made some stitch holders. I had made a set for myself over the summer because I hated my red and blue plastic ones, not to mention that I constantly lost them. Nice handmade ones don’t seem to get lost as easily, or I at least keep track of them better. So I made a few more to sell along with the needle rolls and knitting carryall bags. I took a few pictures but they look fuzzy. I need to work on my picture taking before I get them on ebay or to even show here.
Jay just gave me my birthday gift. Tickets to go see Henry Rollins spoken word in February. Very cool. Now I know why he was asking what dates I had free. He’s seen Rollins a couple of times but this will be my first, well I did see him and the Rollins band on their tour doing Black Flag songs, this is different. We have a bunch of CD’s and I think one video of his spoken word so this will be cool to see him live. It’s a big venue too, at least we have seats at 2nd row.
So it’s the last day of 2003 and I feel I need to mention it. Goodbye year, don’t let the door hit your shiny hiney on your way out. I’m looking forward to a good new year. This is the year I get rid of my debt (I hope). I’ve decided to quit Weight watchers for a while. I’m a lifetime member having hit my goal and kept it for a year and then I get off the BC pill and my weight goes crazy. So I’ve been paying the penalties for a while and I’m sick of it. It will be cheaper to pay the re-registration fee in March or so and hopefully I will be at goal. Mom didn’t help by giving me a cake yesterday, my weakness. So now I’m getting back on track and maybe I’ll fit in my jeans and sweaters soon.


Monday, December 29, 2003

Don't eat this post, dammit

So this is my second time writing this - I hope blogger doesn't eat it again.

I started my day with a nice happy lil' shopping trip. I needed some coordinating fabrics to go with some lush and pretty new material for all the knitting accesories that I sell. Click on the pics on the right to see the prettiness that I was able to finish and post.
After I got the essential stuff out of the way I wanted to go to Quilt Essentials (they sell yarn too) I needed yarn for Lisa's baby gift since I got outbid on ebay. I didn't really need 12 skeins anyway. *gasp* I know, I just admitted that I don't need to add to my stash. Now I just need to actually believe that. I ended up getting some soft pretty green yarn, enough to make Cutie Patootie from Berroco. And just as I thought I was done. My mom threw some sock yarn on the table. She just can't resist a wall of sock yarn and they just got in some Fixation, but that stuff is wrapped in plastic and doesn't look as appealing as this stuff does.

So she asked me to quit working on the gloves and make her a pair of socks. This stuff is sooooooo nice. I don't care if the item is for me or not, I just want to knit with nice yarn. Yes, I know this means I have the sickness. The knitting sickness. I don't think there is a cure, but every now and then I hear it may go into remission. Maybe I'll convince her to get some Stampata I've been looking at so I can make Miss M a sweater. She is definitely a sweater girl.

Tomorrow is the big day. At 7 in the morning I hit the next decade of my life. yup 30. Nothing special planned. Normally I pretty much ignore my birthday and I have no reason to believe this year will be any different. I need to work but I have been wanting new hair. I wanted one last picture of the magestic mohawk before I let it go. So maybe I will spend the day playing with my hair and sewing, it will keep me busy and away from cake at least.


Sunday, December 28, 2003

Everyone likes to click

I'm working on more clicky goodness for this blog. I'm creating pattern pages, picture pages, and soon selling pages. Over there to the left are all these little goodies. At the moment all are in creation and I'm trying to find some pics. Many pics are gone or I just dont have pics of some of my projects. SOme of the pictures are clicky and sometimes its just the text that links to a picture page. New so far are links to my ebay stuff, WIP pics, pattern page and a finished project picture page.


Saturday, December 27, 2003

Smart Donuts?

Moira (3 yrs old) was show us how smart she was by showing us the 4 doughnut holes in her bowl and saying if I take one away then I have 3, and so on until she had them all gone. She plops them back in the bowl with a satisfied look waiting for praise. So we tell her how smart she is then say what if we give you one more doughnut. Her response - OK! and runs to go get another doughnut to add to her bowl. I guess she showed us.

Knitterly: Cast on for mom's gloves. Made in this stuff

I plan on taking the gloves with me today, and a hot water bottle cozy. We are going to Jay's cousin's for another xmas celebration. I'm half way through the first sleeve of my Sonnet. Meanwhile I'm dreaming of the next sweater. I'm having a hard time deciding if I deserve another quick one done in bulky or if I should start my husband's sweater. I'm heading back to it, I just had to make note of Moira's smarty pants comment.


Thursday, December 25, 2003

Holy cheese batman

Good xmas parties. Jay's Family last night and mine today. They were both very nice. Moira made out like a bandit of course. But she wasn't totally overloaded like she had been in past years.

I brought my dad's socks with me last night and I got the short row heel completed and then petered out. So after the gifting this morning I continued and even brought the sock with me to my parents. I finished the kitchner toe just before we were to start eating. So I quickly wrapped it up and threw it into my parents present basket. It was nice to see mom and dad both immediately don their socks. Dad was really happy and mentioned how much he had always wanted his mom to make him socks but she refused to, saying they were too hard. So I promised to make him more if he liked these. I like making socks and I don't really think they are hard to make especially since I keep a pair to work on constatnly while I do other projects.

Somedays I am amazed at the time I seem to have to get stuff done, but other times I am disappointed in my complete lack of energy and feeling like a slug. I've got to try and find something to help bring my energy level up. Well, I plan on starting to knit for xmas 2004 soon. I need to make xmas stockings. I think I'm going to do some felted fair isle ones. I'll post patterns to share once I get working on them and I'd like to have a few things made to just have on hand for emergency gifts or for next years festivities. I need to make Lisa's baby present too. At the moment I have cast on for the first sleeve of Sonnet. I spent tonight working on Sonnet weaving in ends and crocheting around the hem and neckline on the body. I swatched for Jay's sweater and got this opinion on what he wants so I will write that soon. I really like bulky lambs pride and now I really want to buy that 10 skeins of Loden. For my take-along, small project I will cast on for my mom's nose-pickin gloves.

I hope everyone had a fun and peaceful holiday. Jay has the rest of the week off so it should be nice. We're going to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. Just a quiet night out.


Wednesday, December 24, 2003

A boob a day will help get you fat.

So we baked santa cookies last night. Santa got chocolate chip (no booze). I did decided to add a few dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses. Well, and they came out as boobies which may garner more favor than booze cookies.

And through the wine to keep me relaxed and the coffee to keep me awake, I finished the shawl. I didn't even stay up late but I really am a daylight person and feel so sluggish this time of year. so without further ado - this is the little shawl that seemed to take forever (it really wouldn't have taken that long had I steadily worked on it)

And a close-up

Now that its done I am working at finishing dad's final sock and then move on to Sonnet sleeves. I got my 30 skeins of lambs pride in and am dying to start on a new sweater. But I also know that my mom got me a Noro pattern book with a pretty pattern for some Noro yarn I splurged on a ways back. So many sweaters. My mom also wants a pair of booger pickin gloves but they only take a day or 2. oh, and of course a replacement pair of slippers. I wasn't too upset about it. Thank you for the sentiment over my lost handiwork, if it had been my wool peacoat we might be having a doggie funeral (just kidding). I love that dog despite her goat-ness.

I was just interupted by my daughter. She has decided to decorate her bedroom walls with crayons and markers. I had painted part of her room pink and hand painted flowers all over it, the parts that were left white had furniture in front of them or were up higher. The pink is washable, white is not. Yes, she colored on the white. She climbed over furniture and wrote in the spaces of white that she could reach. Now she's sitting in the corner. Kind of a ballsy thing to do on Christmas Eve day don't ya think?

MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, HAPPY KWANZA and for everyone else HAVE A GREAT WHATEVER or just HAVE A NICE DAY. I'm off to go make chocolate ship cheesecakes for my in-laws and for the post office (they are so nice to me). And i still need to finish up cookies for Mrs Claus *wink*


Tuesday, December 23, 2003

pencils down, times up!

With xmas closing and that shawl and a pair of socks sitting in my knitting bags. Unfinished. Right now I'm sitting down with lunch so its *bite, type, search, type, bite, bite, read, post, list, bite* I've looked a few other blogs and I'm amazed at the work that people get done. All night knit-a-thons? At least one sweater a week? Where do they get the time. I don't know these people but I have work and a child and a husband. That's my excuse but I hope to have my knitting done for xmas and I really really want to get more knitting done period. I have so much yarn (and more on the way) and so many ideas but I run out of time and dammit I'm tired. *sigh* My fingers are just itching to try these 3 new patterns I've written. I've bought some bulky yarn which I normally dont use, maybe that will speed things ups, especially on a sweater for my giant husband. Why do I always use such tiny yarns? Holidays are so tough to get fun things done, but I need to work to pay bills right? So I'm off to work more while my daughter runs around in her undies because she has discarded all her other clothing. I wouldn't mind if it weren't below freezing. Time to turn up the heat and pour a glass of wine. then we'll ba making xmas cookies for Santa, who this year has requested rum balls made with jaegermeister. Ummmm chocolate chip cookies it is.


Monday, December 22, 2003

mmmm Wool tastes good, can I have seconds please?

I had given my mom her fulled slippers early this year. They are pictured a little further down. I dyed the yarn in koolaid so they still smelled a little fruity but I didn't think they would be edible. You see my parents took my brothers dog when he got divorced and his wife threatened to put the dog in a shelter. Good thing too because I'm not sure anyone would keep this beast but my parents. This dog happens to be a goat disguised as a black lab. Eats everything out of the trash cans - plastic, paper, carboard, what ever. 2 weeks ago she put a hole in the wall in the dining room, not a small hole at all, it was about 10 inches across. Well, I bet by now you guess what she did. She ate part of my mom's slipper. They caught her or it would have been gone and my mom might have thought that she lost it. (that might have been a little funny) Luckily for this dog she has the sweetest little face.
Granny knitter
You may not be a granny, but you've got the
mentality. Hard work and artistic vision lead
to your beautiful knitted results.

Are you a knitter?
brought to you by Quizilla

I just had to post this quiz result. Very funny. I don't look much like a grammy and I am only 30. although, I am creating quite a nice butt imprint in my gliding rocker (where I usually knit). My boobs are getting saggy but I've not tucked them into my pants waist band yet. I couldn't tell you if my hair is going grey as i color it fairly frequently (well, what hair I haven't shaved on my head) Actually I'm thinking of shaving it all off. mmm bald. haha


Sunday, December 21, 2003

Soy, Soy. The musical fruit. the more you eat, the more you toot

Like you need that insight.

I've got the first of 3 xmas parties this afternoon. Giving away pottery and that Nessa vest. This will be the best xmas party as far as Moira is concerned. No, its not about gifts, this one is the only one where she will have other children. Its sad, I remember when I was a kid and we had a family xmas party there were tons of kids all over the place. Well my brother has children but they live in hawaii with his x wife so I haven't seen them in over 3 yrs and Jay's sister doesn't want kids and until recently really hasn't seemed to care much for Moira. So today will be good for my little only child, getting to see her cousins, second cousins actually but they might as well be called cousins as my cousin Bob is my "adopted" brother since his mom is a bitch - long story, but she's the reason I have a fence in my yard. Even longer story. My cousin is getting pottery (they are collecting a whole set of my stuff) Jacob is getting a Bruins hockey jersey and hat and this really cool Quesy bake oven (yes its suppose to make really gross things that you may want to eat) his sister Nessa is getting a barbie doll as well as her vest and some earrings

Ok so she's not getting this barbie but I still would have liked it as a kid. I altered many of barbies any way - some say destroy and I say decorated

On the knitting front - The shawl is almost done. Thank god. I had put in a life line, I'm not sure what made me think of it because I rarely ever do that. I ended up frogging to that 3 times and decided to say screw it and not do the last 4 pattern rows. Instead I added 2 garter rows, then did the eyelet row and now all I have left are the 10 garter rows to finish it off. Piece of cake. I only have one sock finished for my dad. ah - he'll be ok with one sock and I'm sure after the hell of the holiday stress I can finish it right off next weekend. I was going to take pics but I left the camera downstairs in my sewing room.

Jay's computer died and we tought this one did also. Stressful day. Who needs that at the holidays. We both use our computers for business so its not just a pleasure issue. My "Willdelplato" died in October and Jay bought this one and we were going to try and fix willdelplato but we aren't sure that we can now. Yesterday his is officially dead (hmm I dont know what he calls that one). Unfortunately his died before he could back anything up, so many irreplaceable photos and other info is gone. We thought this one "otherwhitemeat" was gonna kick it too. It is in fact laboring pretty hard , especially for a brand new computer (but at least its warming my lap). We thought we got some uncharted virus. We've ceaned it up best we can but there is nothing charted for what we think we got. It will be interesting to see if something comes up in the next few days. We seem to get viruses before they are even known, which is why I rarely ever open attachements unless I am expecting something.


Friday, December 19, 2003

Eeeee I've gone nuts!!
Its not a long walk, really

Why am I nuts? I just bought 30 skeins of Lambs Pride and I want more. The seller actually asked if I needed more. Gee I hope not! Yipes. What am I going to do with 20 skeins of black and 10 of red? I'm so glad you asked. I'm going to knit sweaters. Suprised? ok its early and I'm being a pain the ass to myself. I've slated the biggest chucnk to go to Jay's sweater but I think I should be able to get 2 sweaters for me as well. We'll see if there is any left over. I have the pattern chosen for my sweater but I have yet to figure out Jay's. I thought I had figured it out, but he didn't like the idea. I can't just design it, I have to find a picture to show him what I mean. Hopefully in a month or so I can start on that. I haven't had much time for knitting lately but Anita's shawl should be mostly complete. It may be about 10 rows or so short of the pattern buts its already fairly big so I'm not worried.

I might have a truck again!! Its not easy not having a vehicle around here. Jay's company may give him a company vehicle. Well, they are willing to give him an "extra" vehicle they have if he fits in it. Being so tall, he fits but is uncomfortable, which is why he owns a big truck. So I don't where this leads to but I'm keepig my fingers crossed. It will save us money and the dollars I've saved for a new truck may be able to be put towards a spinning wheel, this one to be exact

Although the saved money will most likely go to bills, its still good to dream.

Went to Halcyon and got my pattern for my Noro sweater, I'll start it as soon as Sonnet is done (it wont get done if I'm not working on it - I know this). Or maybe I'll start my skull sweater. So many sweaters so little time. My mom got me a gift certificate. So at least I know I've got some money to spend there. It will all go towards the wheel. I also met a man there that has a flock of sheep, angoras and alpacas. He will contact me in March and I will get some fiber even if I don't have a wheel. I'm running low on fiber to use one my drop spindle. But talking to him, my mom likes the idea of getting an alpaca, and I think he'll need a little lamb to keep him company. :D so next spring we'll fix the corral fence and if we have time and money start on a little barn for little furry yarn making creatures. I like that she wants these creatures too. It will be so much easier having 2 of us responsible and caring for them. I dont think we will get creatures for a couple of years but we can start getting the farm ready. Mom and I have been wanting new creatures for a while now.


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Oooh---it's picture day

Johnny get your finger out of your nose!

these are what I've been making lately - knitting project bags.

They and the needle rolls have been keeping at the sewing machine and away from my needles and yarn. But not too far away. I'm taking a knitting day today because I've run out of some important material. Hopefully I'll be able to get more tomorrow. My elann order came in

I got 9 balls of the salsa. I was thinking a tank top and now I think I want a cardigan so I may get more. oooohhh decisions decisions. I dont' think I have anything else I'm waiting on. I want to go to Halcyon and pick up some mohair and specific pattern, I'm also thinking of starting to get yarn for Jay's sweater - I think I will need about 1200-1600 yds of worsted or maybe I'll do chunky. hmm maybe I wont pick it up since I can't decide what I'm going to do. I don't think he will like what ever I do anyway. the only thing that I've ever made him that he wears are his pj pants, he's very picky about what he wears outside the house and I just dont think i hit the mark. I also need to get Moira's xmas pics. Christmas is so busy I don't know how i get anything done. But here are both of my fingerless gloves on

I had to set the camera on the fridge and raise my hands to get a pic. I have a tripod somewhere but I think I've gone half blind as I couldn't find it. I also finished Vanessa's gift. I want to keep it a suprise, I don't know if her parents even know where to find my blog but on the off chance they do find it - this is the only hint.

Maybe that sweater is why I'm so down on eyelash and foofy yarn. I mean its cute and all but I hate working with it and I do tend to dislike the trends anyway. I didn't mean to bag on that store I went into. I bet a regular non trendy store wouldn't do so well in that spot. I'd be happy just to have a yarn store. To bask all day long surrounded by yarn. I'm drooling just thinking about it. And I cannot forget, my friend from KR, Anj sent me some pics of her in the pretty little hat that I made her. She's so cute.

Her pics made me giggle. looks like she was having a good silly time. I wont even show you the popcorn one. :) although it is my favorite.
I'm heading back to my sewing machine now. I still need to make Moira a new dress and maybe another pair of PJ pants for Jay.
I almost forgot. I tried on my sonnet again (the body) and I've decided to keep it. It makes my boobies look good. So I hope to finish that soon after the holidays.


Saturday, December 13, 2003

Eyelash? ribbon? Foofy stuff - I'd rather knit boogers.
In other words, color me disappointed.

So I needed to find a thing of sock yarn and I wanted to look at some yarn for a new project I'm working on designing. I was near a new yarn shop and I thought "hey, lets stop in". I walked in and it just didn't have a comfortable atmosphere. I got strange looks (ok I'm used to that at some stores, but not yarn stores, they like everyone) but much of the yarn was foofy stuff. all you see when you walk in is eyelash yarn, ladder yarn, ribbon yarn. You go a little further and there is a big rack of rowan stuff and vitadinni. Then mohair and more foofy yarn and finally some basic 75% acrylic stuff - it was pretty but certainly not what I was hoping for. Then I saw sock yarn (usually my weakness) and they had Sockotta and Jaeger. hhhmmm ok. Not much that I was interested in, not much for patterns, no homey yarn store feel that I have become accustomed to. Yes I like some of the Rowan and some of the Berroco and Vitadini but I can't afford most of it and there were no prices that I could see. A few things here and there had some pricing and I could tell by those items that the prices were going to be way more than I would have to pay at Halcyon or Quilt Essentials. This new store (I couldn't even tell you the name of it) was just not at all what I wanted. I'm sure it met the need for the usual clients, once I looked up and actually looked at who was shopping in there, not to be mean but it looked like the "I knit because its fashionable" crowd. If I ever wanted to pay high prices for some popular yarns, I will go to this store. Otherwise I will just keep going to my usual haunts. ----now that I've said this do you think I'll read it again and maybe avoid this shop... but it has yarn..... I wanna go in.....(sometimes I'm so whiney)

On a lighter note I gave my mom her slippers. I'm so bad at waiting, I just couldn't help it. She liked them. She wouldn't even put them down. She was amazed at the process. I think she might be starting to like the idea of learning to knit. I'll get her hooked yet. bwaaahaaahaaa

I'm falling so much in love with my Anj-made scarf that I'm thinking of froggin my Sonnet (done in soft soft merino wool) and re-doing something similar in Classic Elite Gatsby. This is amazing to me that I'm willing to do this as I hate to frog. I'll have to take a picture and maybe take a poll on lj or something - see what people think of the cardigan so far - I have the body done but was thinking of working on the sleeves to finish it to wear at xmas parties. Now I'm not so sure. I have to go try it on again, yes now.


Friday, December 12, 2003

No fingertips!

Mom - Why don't these have fingertips, I mean that's the first place that my hand gets cold?
Me - this way you can pick your nose with out having to take a mitten off.

I'm making these with regia sock yarn on a size 3 needle. They look a little odd. I wanted them to be really funky and odd so I didn't work to make any color hit a certain spot. The second glove starts with yellow so they will be really mismatched. I want them to be really silly for those days when you just need a little pick me up. I might make a "pretty" pair after these are done. You can see on the orange part there is a green yarn running through it, I haven't decided yet if they are going to be convertible mittens or not, that yarn marks the spot to start at. I tried to take a pic of myself wearing it, I am seriously uncoordinated, they do look much better on a hand.

Last night I wrote a patten for a new fulled tote, I just need to find the right yarn now and start testing out my pattern. I was thinking of dying some more yarn with koolaid (I love how the fuzzy feet came out) or maybe using the ever popular noro. I jsut don't know yet. I also got a fabulous hank of fingering weight yarn the other day that I've been trying to decide what to do with it, I had an idea come to mind for a tank top. I sketched out my idea and I will hopefully starting putting the pattern on paper as soon as I get the details worked out in my head.

Today: I've been busy busy busy sewing needle rolls and hats. I love to sew and I really like my designs but sometimes I really just want to knit. I've also been finishing up some pottery orders. I've got the last batch in the kiln (I hope). I'm going to sit down and try to unwind before I have to leave to go to a wake, its for my cousin's wife's aunt. It will be Moira's first wake. The child doesn't understand death at all. I love the simplictic idea of go to the doctor and then you can come home. ahhh if it were only that simple.


Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Just a little fuzzy goodness. I need to be off this computer. mom's slippers and the yarn for dad's which I'm going to start once I finish his socks. But silly me cast on for my new gloves this morning. I just couldn't help myself.


Tuesday, December 09, 2003

That is a fabulous scarf from my KR knitting buddy purlewe. Isn't she fabulous. Yes I know I look a little crazed. I just wish it showed ow beautiful the scarf really is. I'll try and get better pics later.

I've finished the slippers for mom, got the yarn rolled for dad's slippers and worked more on his socks. I took pictures of everything this morning and then went and did errands, shipped orders, did some work for my mom. When I came home I wanted to take pics of the snow and I wasn't getting the right settings so a couple of pics into my little adventure I inadvertently erased everything on the cam. smart huh? So I shipped the bags that I took pics of, they were pretty nice and I know they will enjoy them but no one else can see them. Not that I don't make this stuff all the time and in fact I have 2 other bags in the works. Just no picture goodness of all that stuff.
I'm off to color with my girlie and maybe do some knitting when she tires of playing with me (which doesn't always take long)


check it out, ham sandwich

Annies blog

I'm not sure if anyone looks at my blog but I wanted to make note of Annie's entry on 12-8-03. This woman has amazing patience. More than I would have. I almost want to buy the hat kit from her just to support her - I just don't know who I'd make the hat for. I also applaud Melissa in her efforts for her first published pattern. What was Knitty thinking? I would feel so bad if I published a pattern that someone else had done before me. I hope it all works out for everyone involved.


Monday, December 08, 2003

Stinky feet, booger faces, and grilled cheese please.

So Moira had her xmas pics taken, what a funny bunny she is. I'll post a pic when they come in next week. After the picture taking event, and the even bigger event of taking Miss Wild Child out to eat we took her to Halcyon Yarn. This child is such a wild and crazy being in a yarn store, even moreso than I am sheesh. Wanna see what I came home with?

No, I didn't buy it all. My mom is worse than I am and she doesn't even knit. she spent $50 on sock yarn for me to make her socks after xmas. She was in love with one pair there but they had no more yarn, she was bummed, I already made her a pair like it and wasn't sure she would like such a color. She's so funny, everything I said I wanted to make and everything she saw finished there, she wanted. And to think I only went to pick up those 2 hanks of blue Bartlett wool to make felted slippers for my dad.

Here's my moms fuzzy foot that I got done last night and the piece of the second one that I did, I haven't touched them today, on the road I was working on a pair of socks. I really like the color of the wool (Its koolaid dyed - I love koolaid)

Last but not least, I finished my new pretty needle roll today. Its all black and grey, fish on the outside and spider webs on the inside. I love it, its so pretty. I have enough material to make one more, so instead of being greedy and having 2, I will probably ebay the other one.

All in all it was a good day. I spent most of my free time at home sewing the commisioned bags and needle rolls. They are all pretty and done. I know they will be pleased, I really like them. I think I need to make more for ebay or for shops. No pic yet. I will try to remember to take one before I ship them out tomorrow. I hope to finish the fuzzy feet tonight so I can start on my dad's fuzzy feet. Then maybe a pair for Jay if he likes them. Mom really likes the idea of water bottle cozies so I'm gonna try to make a couple of those. Its almost xmas, eeps. My family knows I don't give a ton at xmas but I give gifts all year round. I like special little tokens when there is no "reason"

I almost forgot - the new knitty is out and I am in love with that shawl. The more I think about it, the more I think I need to buy that yarn I've got on my knitpicks wish list. I need that shawl. I like the non mitered corners. I'm not keen on the ties but I like the different shape. I was thinking about charting out a miter but I think I like them the way they are, its a little different. I want a nice warm shawl but I do like it when this stuff doesn't look too plain or same ole same ole.


Sunday, December 07, 2003

snow? snow? naaaahhhh its dog hair. Lots and lots of pretty white dog hair.

That was just a little lie my husband told my daughter, she didn't believe him, she thinks daddy is really funny.

I had a hat to finish and I couldn't work on it because someone posted something on LJ about these cute lil slippers and was looking for a pattern and I wanted to know how to knit it. I didn't want a pattern that already existed, I had to have my own. So I put everything aside and made this

and if you want the pattern that I came up with (personal use only) go here. I know it needs work but I felt a my need extinguished after making it and I needed to continue with my xmas knitting.

I finished the blue hat for the order and started on my mom's fuzzy feet. yeah yeah, everyone is making them but she wanted slippers and I have been dying some pretty wools. I did give away what I thought was the best of the wools that I dyed, but I think the one that I'm using now is ok too. I'll post pics tomorrow of that, hopefully I'll have the first slipper done.


Saturday, December 06, 2003

Xmas List: A shaving tool

But not just any tool. Someone to come in here and shave my legs for me. I'm too busy to do it myself. I've got knitting to do. I'm suprised I even bother to take a shower. That's 5 minutes wasted. I could have gotten a couple of rows done. Yeah, I don't sound too obsesive do I?
I've been sewing so much lately that I just dont have much time for all of this. Those knitting needle holders are so nice. I just got in new material and I can't decide what I want. I think I'm going to make myself one with spider webs and with fishies. I have one holder I made myself, a prototype and its awful, pink and blk plaid, green strips, grey camo and a bit of blue ribbon. Yeah its awful, I found out its a good holder but now I want something pretty. My knitting bag is a yellow plaid but I wanted something a little different for my holder. I love this holder especially (the one i have is for straight needles only)

This one has deserts all over it. Stop eating and knit instead. If I don't go out an buy myself icecream I will have more money for yarn!
Its just starting to snow here. I'm looking forward to a weekend by the fire knitting and spending time with my family. We are supposed to get lots of snow, blizzard conditions and its going to last all day and into tomorrow. Pics will happen. I do have some sewing to do. I was commissioned to make 2 knitting bags with matching needle cases. I'll take pics as soon as they are done. I have one almost done but I dont like the lining, so I need to brave the snow in our big ass 250 pickup and get a better lining - I need to ship it the begining of next week. More pics of that when they are done.


Friday, December 05, 2003

A hat a day will keep the doctor away

I love hats. Hats hats hats. I think its evident in how many hats I make. how many hats I want to make. or maybe i'm just in search of the perfect hat for myself. Maybe I'm turning into the crazy hat lady. Many people might remember that I've had a hat "thing" for a long time but I dont look good in most hats - getting better now that I have some length to my hair. You see, I am the idiot in all the stores trying on all the hats and vogueing in the mirrors, sucking in my cheeks, arms on my hips, dancing back and forth, dramatic turns, ending finally with that sexy glance over my shoulder, *mwah*. Throw the hat back ont he rack, grab another and do the routine all over again.
I made the kitty hat pattern last year and that was perfect then, still making them for everyone. Now I'm, feeling like I need a new hat. I love the hat I made for Anj, My knitting penpal and KR secret santa. I think I might look in my vintage milinery books for some more vintage hats. One of them might work for me, or maybe I'll make one similar to that of Anj's hat. I'll post pics here as soon as I know she has it - can't ruin any suprises. I did knit another cute hat I put up for sale. (i'll reduce its size after its gone)

I plan on posting the pattern for this too, once i get it written. I have my notes for all these things but I'm not sure how many people can follow my scramblings.


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Stick and stones may break my bones but I simply cannot knit them

So here I am I've been slaving away today. Working on this stuff for ebay and I'm going to put up some stuff adjacent to this blog so I can sell them off of ebay. Can you believe that some people don't like ebay ::shocked expression:: ok so maybe not that shocking, but I live in the country and buying yarn on there is just so easy and I don't have to leave the house.

Here's the shawl that I really need to work on. The fabulous Miss M is watching her cartoons and doesn't want to play but I know I cannot concentrate on the lacy shawl. So here's what it looks like so far.

Its from "folk shawls". Its so much prettier than the pic in the book. I'm wondering if the picture in the book was taken of the back side and not the front. because the back of this looks like the pic in the book.
Anyone that says acrylic doesnt hold up is silly. I took it as a challenge to knit some and see how they lasted, plus the yarn was only 1.66 per skein and one skein will make 1 pair for me plus one small sock for miss M. These socks have done better than most that I buy from the store. Hotsox is definitely an ok buy.

I need to try and find some doll knitting patterns, as if I don't have enough to do. M got an early present, a doll that she is in love with and I think it needs some sweaters. Sweaters that are for the doll are definitely lower on the list of xmas presents to finish. I think this afternoon when M takes a nap I'm going to finish sewing her pj's, jeans, and maybe figure out some dress for her. Anyway, since I'm overloading this thing with pics I figured I'd post this as well.

On to knitting, I hope to finish the hat with a bow today and maybe Vanessa's sweater since its so close to completion (I just can't bring myself to work on it. I hate eyelash yarn).


Tuesday, December 02, 2003

12 cats sitting with three gloom buggies will always eat pancakes

I should be knitting right now, obviously I don't do the things I should do.
I figured I'd post a project pic. Since this pic was taken I finished the brown socks and have worn them several times. I love them. The blue ones are for my mom. The sonnet is just waiting for December 26. The koolaid dyed wool is still just sitting around, my mom fell in love with the purple/green/orange one and I've made more of that and I think I'm going to make her some felted slippers for xmas. so here's the pic.

I'll take a new project pic soon since things are getting done here and there. And that pic didn't include a couple of the WIP's.


Take a booger, stretch it out as far as it will go then fold it in half ....

I couldn't sleep last night so I spent some time doing a little customizing of this thing. I hope to be able to upgrade it and have some really good info here to share. My momma taught me well, I like to share and everyone likes free stuff. So here's what's on the needles now (look to the right) I'm going to sew and knit and be generally domestic for a while and I'll search for more computer goodies later.


Monday, December 01, 2003

Pine needles are grilling hotdogs in a curtain

Just starting this and I'm too lazy to make a real post. maybe I'll edit later or maybe I'll just make a new post. I hope this will be a new good home to my knaughty knitting, silly sewing and the daily domestics of my little ole life


A copyright is a copyright is a copyright. Don't copy copyrighted things without permission. You'll notice my stuff is all copyrighted. Its all for personal use and that's cool. That's sharing. Copying and selling my pattern is stealing. Same for all designers and their patterns. Play well and don't break copyright law. Share nice.

Sharing certainly doesn't mean you can Steal bandwidth. Hotlinking is very bad.

Share nice and I'll be your buddy, be a troll and I'll torch all your needles.

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